FORKPLAYER Widget installation on Samsung Smart TV

How to install Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV

The modern multifunctional Samsung Smart TV, in its capabilities, is approaching the status of a full.Fledged computer. Gives him such an opportunity a wide selection of available software. On any Samsung Smart TV, you can download and install a huge number of various applications and widgets

The main superiority of Samsung Smart TV over ordinary TVs is the ability to connect such models to wireless networks and to the Internet. But, since this device is, first of all, a TV, the capabilities of a standard Internet browser do not support all the technologies used on modern web pages. In other words, many sites elements are inaccessible to users.

Установка ForkPlayer 2021 4 способа на телевизор Samsung от 2014 года

The solution to this problem is the installation of the FORKPLAYER application, which will serve as an alternative to the standard web browser, but with wider possibilities. If you have difficulties, you can always contact the Samsung TV repair center for professional advice.

How to set the FORKPLAYER widget on TV Samsung J and K series on OS Tizen

Install the Ian TV widget from the markete in Smarthabe (look for the one that begins with the lowercase I in the market). 2. We go into the state of the network 3. Change the DNS to 85.17.Thirty.89 for Forkstore (unofficial application store including Forkplayer). Or for starting directly forkplayer 4. Turn off and enable TV 5. Find in the Lifestyle section and start Ian TV. FORKPLAYER/FORKSTORE 6 should start. Starting through Divan TV after its updating is more unavailable (he previously worked at DNS 85.17.Thirty.89, not recommended, no mouse support)

Change the DNS to or 85.17.Thirty.89 or 2. Turn off and enable TV 3. Launch via Divan TV if Divan TV is absent in applications change the Smart region to Ukraine

Attention! On Tizen J series 2015, the widget flows after turning off TV detailed video instruction installation on the Samsung Smart TV K-series 2016 Tizen. Download the Forkplayer project for Tizen and save it on a computer. Install JDK http: // www.Oracle.COM/Technetwork/Java/Javase/Downloads/Index.HTML and SDK Tizen http: // Developer.Samsung.COM/TV/Develop/Getting-Started/Setup-SDK/Installation-OF-TV-SDK/On the computer we open Tizen Studio and create a new File project-New-Tizen Web Project. Replace the project files with files from the downloaded archive in p. 1 Register on http: // Developer.Samsung.COM/TV. In Tizen Studio / Tools / Certificate Manager we get a certificate, start the widget on TV

Samsung Smart TV Tizen 2016 (J series via Divan.TV) starting through the setting of Hosts router (OpenWRT, DDWRT and the like)

If you have Openwrt firmware

In the Network / Hostnames tab, enter Hostname and IP Address Smart fields.Divan.TV 85.17.Thirty.89 Smarttv.Divan.TV 85.17.Thirty.89 n.Divan.TV 85.17.Thirty.89

If you have DDWRT firmware

On the Administration tab. “Commands” insert Echo ‘127 into the text field.0.0.1 Localhost DD-WRT 85.17.Thirty.89 Smart.Divan.TV 85.17.Thirty.89 Smarttv.Divan.TV 85.17.Thirty.89 n.Divan.TV ‘/etc/hosts kelall.HUP DNSMASQ and click “Save Startup” turn off and turn on the TV launch via Divan TV if it does not start propagating the prescribed Hostname in response to the IP if Divan TV is absent in the applications Change the Smart region to Ukraine

How to install Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV

FORKPLAYER installation on Samsung Smart TV may vary depending on the TV model. The instructions will not be very different among themselves. Consider the procedure for each Samsung model for the year of release.

Series C, D, E, F. Year of release 2010-2013

If there is a series of series C, D, E or F, falling under the year of release 2010-2013, follow the following:

At the end, you should leave the Smart Hub system and re.Input. As a result, the widget icon appears on the main page of the applications.

Series H. Year of release 2014

  • Enter Smart Hub.
  • Go to Samsung Account, accept an agreement and click OK.
  • Then then enter the profile, where indicate the Develop as a login, and leave the field with a password empty.
  • After the entrance, enter the cursor to any program and click the Tools button located in the center of the cross. Go to the IP Setting tab.
  • Indicate. 85.17.Thirty.89 or To exit and save the entered settings, click on the OK button.
  • Squeeze the button in the center again and wait for the additional.Menu in which select. Start User App Sync.
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At the end, complete the re.Entrance to the Smart hub, after which ForkPlayer will be installed.

Series J. Year of release 2015, Tizen system

The instructions submitted below are not suitable for all teliks of this series. It is not suitable if you use J4500 to J5205 models, they will have to use the procedure described above.

For other models of the 2015 line, you will need a flash drive. Previously, the installation was carried out through the standard application Divan TV. Now this method does not work. Instructions explaining how to set the FORKPLAYER widget:

  • Pre.Download the installer on the computer.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into the computer and perform the formatting procedure.
  • Create a folder with the name “Userwidget” and transfer to it a downloaded file. No need to unpack.
  • Then insert a USB device into the TV and open the file. Installation will be automatically carried out.
  • At the end, it is recommended to restart the telly.

Do not forget to extract the flash drive, otherwise the widget can be re.Set.

Samsung TV 2016. 2017 (Series K, M) OS Tizen

The next instruction involves a change of DNS:

  • Go into the parameters.
  • Go to the “network state” section and replace the address with one of three., 85.17.Thirty.89 or
  • Turn off the telly, and after a couple of minutes turn on again.
  • Open Divan TV. You can’t find it among the programs? Change the region in the parameters of the TV to Ukraine or

Next, to start the browser, just open Divan TV.

If you have questions or have complaints left. Let us know

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Samsung TV 2016. 2018 (series Ku, MU, NU) Tizen OS

It is worth noting that the next solution is difficult and requires the use of TIZEN SDK. Procedure:

forkplayer, widget, installation, samsung, smart
  • Initially, you should download the program. Www.Oracle.COM/Technetwork/Java/Javase/Downloads/JDK13-Downloads-5672538.HTML.
  • Tizen Studio should also be installed.
  • If an error associated with the directory occurs, create a folder and put the name “Tizen-Studio” on any disk. Then click on it, go to the “Properties” tab, and then in the “General Access” section put checks near all points. After that, try to install Tizen Studio again.
  • Open Package-Manager.Exe and install Tizen SDK Tools.
  • Next, start Tizen Studio and click on File/Import.
  • Select Tizen and click in the drop.Down list on Project.
  • Leave a checkmark near Archive File and download the installer.
  • In the “Profile” line, select “TV-Samsung”.
  • Launch Develop Mode on TV.
  • Open “Apps”.
  • On the remote control, click the numbers from 1 to 5.
  • Turn on Develop Mode by dragging the slider to the position “On”.
  • Then return to the computer and click the key combination. “Winr”.
  • Enter “CMD”. This will open the command line, where it is necessary to indicate the command. “ipconfig”.
  • Thus you will learn the current IPV4 address. In the future, it must be entered in the parameters of the telik in the “Host PC” section.
  • Turn off and turn on the telly.
  • We return to the computer again and in Tizen Studio we go to Device Manage. Click on the image with a magnifying glass.
  • Next, make scanning by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • The system will detect the device. In the Connect column, pull the slider into the position “.””.
  • In Studio in the top panel, you need to select the name of your TV.
  • Then click the start button. Run Empty, which will open the project on the telly.

After the actions done, the application should appear in the list of standard programs on the TV.

FORKPLAYER installation options for Samsung Smart TV

Before configuring Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV. It is necessary to determine what series the TV is talking about. South Korean manufacturer marks various series of techniques with Latin letters or syllables: D, E, F, H, J and T.D. Therefore, it is extremely important that the user knows the exact name of the TV model. The series is indicated in the technical documentation.

As noted earlier, the FORKPLAYER application installation process on Samsung will change in accordance with the TV series. Be sure to update the Smart TV firmware to the latest version, and only after that proceed to the installation of the widget. The application can be installed with a flash drive or by changing DNS. Now we will consider the most practical options for TVs of different series.

Installation on old Samsung models 2010-2013 (series C, D, E, F)

If you use the TV series C, D, E, F, then for the correct installation of fork player on Samsung Smart TV, adhere to a simple step.By.Step instruction:

  • Take the remote control, click on the “A” button. This key is indicated in red.
  • A notification will appear on the screen with a proposal to leave the account, select OK to confirm the action.
  • A form of authorization will open. In the column “Samsung accounting” you need to prescribe the command “Develop”. The password is installed by the system in automatic mode. When all the lines are filled, you need to enter the account.
  • Take the remote control, and then click on the “Tools” key. Go to “Settings” and switch to the “Development” tab.
  • Accept the terms of the user agreement. In the menu you need to select the line “IP Settings”. Enter the following address in this column. When everything is done, you can click “OK”.
  • The system will redirect the user to the previous tab of the main menu. Here you need to choose the command “Synchronization of applications”.
  • Wait for the completion of the process, and then deactivate the Smart option. The next time the TV is turned on, several new FORKPLAYER TV applications will appear on the main page. Immediately after the opening of the widget, you can start using it. Registration is not a prerequisite.
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2014 Samsung TV, series H

The technology for installing fork player on Samsung TVs 2014 is exactly the same as in the series C, D, E, F. The difference is only in the menu integration, the settings procedure are as follows:

  • Open the TV menu and find the “Smart Hub” item.
  • Next, you need to find the line “Samsung Account” and click “OK”.
  • Find Log In and enter the account under the following data: Login. Develop, Password is not needed.

If the inscription “I can’t connect to the server” appears, try to drop the settings to the factory.

Wait for the ending of synchronization and leave the Smart Hub and then enter again, the Forkplayer application will appear in the main or additional menu.

Samsung TV 2016. 2017 (Series K, M) OS Tizen

Installation occurs in the following sequence:

  • Open the “settings”, check the state of the network;
  • Change DNS to 54.80.214;
  • Turn off TV for a while, turn on again;
  • Launch Divan TV. If you could not find it in the list of available applications, then change the region to “Russia”.

If the system does not respond to the actions performed in any way, then check whether the Internet is turned on. There may be such an option that the provider blocked the service or there was a breakdown in the settings of the router.

FORK Player for new Samsung models 2017-2018 Series (KU, MU, NU)

If you do not know how to install the FORKPLAYER on Samsung Smart TV of the latest versions, including the 2021 models, then adhere to a simple instructions:

  • Open Smart TV settings. Go to the “General” tab, and then select the “Network” section. Use the function “network state”.
  • The operating system will automatically start the verification procedure. Different actions will be displayed under the main window, select “IP settings”.
  • The “DNS settings” column should activate the “introduce manually” function.
  • After that, the line “DNS server” will become active. It is necessary to click on it to enter the following parameters. 85.17.Thirty.89. When everything is done, click “OK”.
  • The system will automatically apply updated parameters. A notice of successful connection with the Internet will appear on the screen. You can close the tab, and then go to the main Smart TV dialog box.
  • Open “Apps”. Use catalog search. Find the application with the name “Russian music”. This is the FORKPLAYER widget for Samsung.
  • Autominate in the account to start the application installation process. Launch the program and start using it.

Actually, this is the process of installing and setting up.

Methods for installing a Forkpleere on Samsung TV

To configure the reader, use the methods similar to Smart TV from other manufacturers: by changing the DNS address, through the Donor application, as well as by installing from a USB drive.

The first option, however, is more reliable, since restrictions can be used when starting a program from removable media.

Standard method

The image shows a login for the FORKPLAYER widget for Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung television owners with Smart TV function can also apply the FORKPLAYER application function and add free multimedia entertainment.

Installing Forkplayer on your Samsung:

Установка виджетов на тв Samsung SmartTV старых моделей не с официального сайта

  • Press the red button “A” on the remote control to open the authorization window.
  • Enter the name “Develop”.
  • The password should appear automatically.
  • Click “Enter”.
  • Click the “Tools” button on the remote control.
  • Go to the section “Settings”, item “Development”.
  • Accept the user agreement.
  • Open the IP address settings.
  • For synchronization, type (or 85.17.Thirty.89). Sometimes it is necessary to manually write DNS (values ​​above) for Samsung ForkPlayer.
  • Click OK and wait for the completion of synchronization.
  • After the end of synchronization, it is necessary to close the Smart TV and open it again after 10 minutes. With repeated activation, the Forkplayer package will be installed at the bottom of the desktop.
  • As soon as you open it, you will go to the list of sites and tracks with which you can play media for free.

From the flash drive

There is a way to install the program as a separate application. If your version of the TV has a letter j, then this method is for you:

  • Format the flash drive in fresh form on the computer and name it userwidget;
  • Create a folder with the same name;
  • Transfer the uploaded file to the folder;
  • Connect the flash card to the TV and start the application using the remote control control.
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After a while, the application will be installed on your TV.

Installation through DNS shift

This procedure is more reliable. Changing the DNS address provides constant access to content without the need to restart the program every time. To do this, select the administrator mode in the settings and change the DNS server manually. The parameters differ for different brands of Smart TVs. For Samsung TV DNS is, but you can use others.

How to install Forkplayer for Samsung by changing DNS

Installation by changing the DNS for Samsung with Smart TV Tizen (2016-2017, series K, M) is as follows:

The method does not differ in reliability, the DNS address may not function when they are blocked by the provider or in the router settings.

How to install Forkplayer for Samsung via developer IDE

The recommended, although not the lightest way, requiring additional manipulations and a little more time. At the same time, guided by step.By.Step instructions, not the most advanced user will cope with the task.

The instructions are relevant for Samsung Tizen Smart TV TV receivers since 2016:

  • Download to the ComputerPlayer computer (http: // forplayer.TV/Apps/TFORKPLAYER257N_V5N.WGT);
  • We pump and put Java Se Development Kit (JDK), set up Path and Java_Home;
  • We load Tizen Studio;

IMPORTANT. If the Target Directory IS Not Valid error occurs during the installation process, you need to create a folder C: \ Tizen-Studio, go to its properties (PKM on the folder), click the “Safety” tab “Change”, the new window-“add”. Dial in the “All” field (with the title letter) and press the “Check Names” button, after which “everything” will be emphasized, then it remains to click “OK”, note “full access” and apply the settings. The folder also needs to create a directory with the name Data, then start the Tizen Studio installer again.

  • Install Tizen SDK Tools and Extras (if there is extension SDK);
  • Run Tizen Studio. In the program, press File/Import. Tizen Project, mark Archive File, select pre.Downloaded Forkplayer, then in Profile TV we indicate Samsung;
  • We turn on the television receiver and move to the Apps, click on the remote control in turn the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, select ON opposite the Developer Mode;
  • In the Host PC IP field, we prescribe the IP of this computer (on devices running Windows to find it out, the IPCONFIG command is entered in the command line, after which the desired address will be available in the line);
  • Turn off the TV, turn off from power for a few seconds, then turn on;
  • In Device Manager, select Scan Device. When the device is discovered, click on the Connection, then press PKM on the added device and select Permit Install;
  • In Tizen Studio, select our television receiver and start the project.

What is forkplayer and what is it useful for the Samsung Smart TV TV

FORKPLAYER smart browser is a program for TVs and other electronic devices where Smart TV support is provided. The player allows users in a convenient format to find and play the video available on the network in the public domain.

Simply put, at the expense of the application you can launch your favorite films and TV shows over the Internet for free.

For Samsung Smart TV, fork player is available relatively recently, but during this time he managed to become popular among users, squeezing many competing analogues.

By installing Forkplayer, you can use Smart TV almost in the same way as a desktop computer. Thanks to the program, the following opportunities are available:

  • Simple search for films/TV shows and watching them online;
  • Use of social networks;
  • Parental control setting;
  • Creation of playlists;
  • Choosing the topic.

Through the Fork Player, the user gets access to additional programs that make the Samsung Smart TV work as convenient as possible.

In conclusion

Forkplayer is a very useful widget that will expand the capabilities of your TV. The application is absolutely free, but it is worth considering that during installation you can do something wrong and harm your TV, so for all subsequent manipulations with your TV settings, the site administration is not responsible. Information in the article is exclusively introductory in nature.

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