Forgot Xiaomi Mi a1 unlock pattern

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Method 2. Phone call

This method works on older versions of Android OS. Try calling the locked phone from another device. After accepting the call, the smartphone will automatically activate and you will not need to enter c. In the same way, you can bypass the input and other types of screen lock.

If new versions of the operating system (from 5.0 and higher) are installed on your smartphone, you will not be able to restore work with a simple call. However, you can restore access using third-party PC programs that automatically delete the saved key script. Examples of such utilities:

The essence of the work of these programs is that it is installed on a smartphone and on a PC. Using the gadget’s remote recovery function, you can start the process of resetting a file on your device from a computer. Reboot your phone so that the key settings are gone.

If the Bypass utility was installed on your phone in advance, to unlock it, it is enough to send an SMS to the device with the text “1234 reset” (without quotes). Bypass will scan the message texts and, having found the secret text in one of them, will restart the smartphone and remove the graphic element.

After restoring access, immediately go to the phone’s security settings and disable the lock function.

Through the service menu

We will simply reset the smartphone through the console menu. If you have an account from Google, and it is linked, then you can not be afraid of resetting, because after rebooting and entering the “login-password” from the account, all data will be synchronized. We need to run the console:

  • Samsung, Xiaomi. hold down the buttons: volume up, power and “Bixby”. Xiaomi may have a Chinese menu. see the instructions below.
  • Huawei and Honor. hold down the button or increase or decrease the volume (try two options) along with the power button.
  • Google Pixel and Nexus. everything is done with the smartphone turned on (if it is turned off, turn it on). Press the power button and volume down.
  • Lenovo. hold all three buttons.
  • LG, Meizu and Other phones. just hold the volume up and power button

ATTENTION! When you see the phone’s branded logo, immediately stop pressing the power button. The rest of the buttons continue to press.

After that, this menu should pop up. Using the volume buttons, select the “factory reset” section.

A menu in Chinese may pop up, then you need to find similar characters, as in the picture below. This button is usually located in the lower right corner.

And after changing the language, select the menu “recovery”. “factory reset”.

Method 8. Deleting a key using an additional account

This method is only suitable if the phone has several authorized users and root rights. Each user account must have the SuperSU utility running in multi-user mode.

A specific pattern combination can only be installed on the account of one user. If you try to put the same shape on the lock screen of another account, the system will not allow it. Thanks to this option, you will always be able to access your phone, even if you forget one of the keys.

Log into the account of the second user and run SuperSU. Go to the dataàsystem window and delete the file that contains the pattern, as well as objects with the extension db, db-wal and db-shm. objects of the phone’s local settings.


  • Click on the little man in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, you will be asked to enter your Samsung account username and password. If it is not there, then you can try using a google account that is tied to a locked phone. click on the button just below.
  • The menu in your personal account is constantly changing, so you need to search through it and find the “Find my device” section.
  • At the very end, just click “Unlock screen”. At this time, the phone must be connected to the Internet. On the connection, I have already told a lot of options in the first method. look there.

What to do if you forgot your unlock pattern. 4uKey for Android professional utility

Cases of a forgotten password / pin code / pattern are not uncommon, so the 4uKey for Android program was created just for such situations. The utility allows you to remove the lock of your Android device with just a couple of mouse clicks without using additional data.

Install the 4uKey for Android program on your PC. Connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable.

Run the utility. In the program window, click “Delete”.

Then put your phone into recovery mode. The program window will display step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

If your device is not automatically detected, select it manually from the list of available devices. Select the “Block” option.

Enter the new password for your smartphone twice and click “Lock” again.

Now enter the new password on the locked phone. After that, you can set up a new pattern or any other type of lock in the device settings.

How to unlock the screen by entering safe mode

If you use a third-party application to lock the screen that offers additional features (for example, taking a picture of the front camera when entering the password incorrectly 3 times or using your own text in the slider, etc.), then you can disable the screen lock pattern by entering the device in safe mode.

Activate the shutdown menu on the smartphone screen. Press the “Power off” button and hold it for a short time.

A notification will appear on the screen that the phone is in safe mode. Select “OK”.

After booting the device in safe mode, go to Settings, then select the app that locks your phone and uninstall it or just clear the data.

After starting the smartphone in normal mode, the unlock pattern will be disabled.

A forgotten unlock key on a smartphone is an extremely unpleasant situation. You can prevent it by installing a special program and obtaining ROOT rights. In addition, thanks to the vulnerabilities of the Android system, it becomes possible to turn on the Internet and log into your Google account by removing protection quite legally.

Unlock Any Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi/POCO Mobiles Pattern Lock Without Data Loss | Unlock Mobile Password

If you have recently used a smartphone or tablet, do not set a complex pattern or a long password with many characters. In any case, try to remember at least part of the security scheme. Android will provide 10 attempts to enter every 20 minutes. Of course, if you enter the wrong codes all the time, the device will be blocked, and then you cannot do without authorization in Google.

Method 10. Instructions for gadgets from Sony

The universal recovery methods that are suitable for any device, regardless of manufacturer, were described above. However, in some cases, it is better to use the unique methods that are developed for your phone model. Consider the instructions for phones and tablets from Sony. Recently, the company has developed software to unlock the phone using firmware. In this case, all data and other settings will be saved.

Sony devices are restored using the Flashtool program. It is installed on a computer or laptop. Then the phone is connected to the PC and through the interaction of interfaces, the user can restore the device or perform its firmware. You can download the application from the manufacturer’s website at the link.

Download the official version of the password reset utility. This can also be done through the Sony website.

Run Flashtool on your computer and connect your locked mobile to PC. Then follow the instructions:

  • Open the Tools window;
  • Click on the Bundles field and then on Create;
  • In the window that appears, fill in the fields for the firmware location, device model, installation type, and utility version. An example of data to fill in:

Now flash your smartphone through Flashtool. Instead of updating, choose the file created above. After restarting the gadget, the key on the lock screen will disappear.

If you have any difficulties with repairing your Sony phone, use the step-by-step instructions in the video.

Method 11. Hardware failure and service

Mi A1(MD12)Hard Reset||Unlock Pattern/Pin/Face/Password/Fingerprint Remove 100%Working By Tech Babul

Sometimes, unstable operation of the lock screen is the result of hardware failures. The user can enter the graphic key correctly, but due to problems with the display module, the sensor does not correctly recognize touches on the screen.

If you have problems connecting to both the mobile Internet and the router network at the same time, this may indicate a malfunction of the antenna module. Often it breaks after the phone is dropped or hit. Contact the service center for a detailed diagnosis of your phone.

Proven Ways to Reset Pattern on Android Phone Without Losing Data

If you have a Samsung a5, Meizu, Honor 9, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei, or another phone locked with a pattern key, and you forgot it or maybe didn’t know at all, you can remove such a lock.

Only you need to take into account such a paradox: Google, like smartphone manufacturers, is doing everything to reset the pattern without losing data was impossible, and enthusiasts are just the opposite. they are looking for all sorts of loopholes-holes.

Yes, they find them, only their 2 competitors find out about it very quickly. Google / manufacturer and immediately close the shop.

Google through the release of new versions of Android, and the manufacturer through their protection methods. this is how the struggle turns out.

Why am I leading this. That the methods provided by me may not work at the time of reading, but at the same time it is possible that new ones have already appeared.

Therefore, if on your phones Samsung, honor 10, Xiaomi and so on, they turn out to be ineffective, then just drop a line in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев indicating the model, and I will quickly take care of another one who will definitely be able to unlock it.

Only the method of obtaining is different for everyone, so if someone wants to, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and I will try to provide individual instructions on how to do this.

The second way to unlock the phone with a pattern key without losing data

Second way to guess. Users usually post patterns that match some letters. Try the combination corresponding to the letters V, D, Z, N and it might work.

These methods are quite experimental, all that matters is your luck. Either you get lucky or you don’t.

Such a removal is, of course, 50/50, but believe me that most, because of the fear of forgetting the complex drawing of the removal of which becomes impossible by the selection method, do not put.

If both of the above methods don’t work, try another way around it.

The first way to lose data is to bypass the phone lock with a pattern

One of the distinguishing features of android is the ability to use a characteristic graphic pattern as a phone unlock code.

This is slightly more convenient than entering a PIN code, and is also more secure from a technical point of view. This method of unlocking your device requires you to swipe your finger across the screen.

If the smartphone owner has slightly greasy fingers, then just look at the screen against the light to see which route the finger took. Based on this, you can specify the formula.

However, you can not only look against the light. the main thing is to somehow fix these movements, because slides were usually done many times.

The third way to crack the phone lock with a pattern key without losing data

It is very easy to remove the lock from the phone without losing data if you have ROOT rights, but since I am sure that there will not be such visitors here, I will omit these options.

The essence of those that I propose is to find yourself in the phone settings in any way. How can you get there?

Try to perform any actions to discharge the phone. if you do not dismount, then you can wait.

After that, as a rule, you will receive a notification that the discharge is at the limit. it is at this time that you need to open the battery status, after which you will move to the settings and turn off the graphic key.

As I wrote above, cracking the key becomes more and more difficult with the release of new versions of Android. For example, now on everyone except Samsung, in order to hack, you need to reset the bootloader.

The last option is the developer service. There they can really remove the graphic key. Good luck.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your unlock pattern

Before you start unlocking your smartphone, when you forgot the pattern, you should understand that this process can take you not a single hour, since there are many ways and not all of them will suit your gadget. In this article, we tried to make the maximum coverage of simple and reliable ways that will help you unlock a locked smartphone.

We have prepared several methods that will help you reset any pattern that you forgot (the methods are universal):

  • Remove unlock pattern with incoming call
  • Unlock pattern through battery drain
  • Enter the graphic key, remembering the password from your Google account
  • Unlock the graphic key by turning on the Internet through the service code
  • Deletion via additional user
  • Go to service center
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There are only two effective ways to help you remove the unlock pattern from your Xiaomi smartphone: the first. with the preservation of your data and files, the second. erase all your information from your smartphone.

  • After five unsuccessful attempts to enter a pattern on a Xiaomi smartphone, you will see the inscription “Forgot password” (highlighted in the picture)
  • Now you need to remember at least one password: either from a Google account or a Mi account. Only then can you remove the pattern without losing data.
  • Did you enter the correct password? Then the Xiaomi smartphone is successfully unlocked. Not? Then the following method will solve the problem.
  • Turn on the smartphone
  • Press the volume rocker up
  • We get into the Mi Recovery mode
  • Next, select the “Wipereset” option and click “Wipe all data”
  • We wait a few minutes, the smartphone turns on

The gadget will be completely empty, as it was when it was first turned on, but it is unlocked!

Removing a picture password through an additional user

This is the most difficult method presented and it will only work if the following items are present:

Several users (Google accounts) have been registered on your smartphone

  • Connect smartphone via USB to computer
  • We go into SuperSU, find the settings, make the following add-ons (as in the picture)
  • We go into the “Other user” mode
  • Download the Root Browser App

Remove unlock pattern with incoming call

A way for the dexterous and resourceful. Unfortunately, this solution is suitable for smartphones running Android 4.2 and below, however, this can also work. What’s the point? You need to call the phone from another number, the call will go through. You pick up the phone, the system is temporarily unlocked. At this very moment, you need to get into the phone settings (the fastest way to do this is by pulling the notification curtain down). If it works, you need to go to the security settings and disable the unlock pattern. This method may not work. There is a second option: open the application by minimizing the call and already in the program itself, pull the notification curtain and get into the smartphone settings.

I forgot the pattern on my Samsung Android smartphone, what to do

With smartphones from Samsung, everything is a little simpler, but one condition must be met. you must have a Samsung account. There is? Then please do the following:

  • Go to Samsung account website
  • Go to Content and Services
  • Choose “Find device”
  • Click on the “Unlock screen” button

Your Samsung smartphone has been successfully unlocked!

Forgot pattern, how to unlock forgotten pattern on Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu

Unfortunately, human memory is not perfect. we keep forgetting things. Graphic key on a smartphone. this is clearly not a priority memory goal for the brain, especially when the password has just been set. Yes, it is during the first three days after installing a pattern that users of their smartphones forget how to unlock it. However, you should not fight in hysterics and worry about your smartphone. there are several options that can unlock your phone if you forget your pattern. In this article, we will tell you about the most versatile unlocking methods, as well as go through the most popular smartphone companies: Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu.

After you have tried to unlock your smartphone ten times with wrong input, Android system will prompt you to sign in with your Google account. To quickly do this, you need to enter the pattern incorrectly 7 times, wait a few seconds, wait for the window where it says “forgot the pattern?”. Enter your Google Account password. smartphone is unlocked. Important note: this method will only work when your smartphone is connected to the network. Below we have described a method that will help you connect a locked phone to the network.

Do you remember your Google account password, but can’t log in because you don’t have internet? It doesn’t matter, here is a way that will solve this problem:

  • On a locked Android, go to “emergency call”
  • Enter the following values ​​##7378423##
  • We go to the Service tests menu. WLAN
  • Connecting to WI-FI

This method is simple, reliable and proven.

Unlock via Find My Device

The method involves the use of Google services. To do this, a search engine account must be connected in the smartphone settings, and the user must remember his login and password.

  • Use another Android mobile device and sign in with your Google account.
  • Open the Play Market, find and install the application “Find My Device”.

Pattern removed, you can start using your phone.

Forgot your Xiaomi pattern password? 3 ways to unlock your device

The protection of personal data occupies an important place in the creation of the operating system of a mobile device. The developers provide a choice of method for blocking access to the phone: graphic symbol, password, fingerprint, face recognition. In addition to the obvious benefits, closing access to a mobile phone can play a cruel joke on its owner. In this article, we will look at how to unlock Xiaomi if the user has forgotten the graphic password.

Pattern entry is required each time the phone is unlocked. But if you forget it, then the device remains in a locked state.

Wrong combinations will only lead to limited actions for a while.

There are several ways to unlock. They depend on the version of the operating system and the availability of additional data about your account. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Unlock via standard function

The standard method involves using the “Forgot Password” option after repeatedly entering the wrong combination. Please note that the recovery link does not appear in MIUI 8 and above, so in this case you will have to use the alternative options suggested below.

If the phone has MIUI 7 firmware or lower, then to unlock it is necessary:

Reset data via Recovery Mode

Therefore, before proceeding with actions, it is better to try again to remember the access code. If this failed, you will have to use the instructions on how to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the graphic password.

First of all, you should unlock the bootloader of your smartphone. This is done as follows:

After unlocking the bootloader, you can proceed to the next step:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the volume down and power buttons. Wait for the “Mi-Recovery” menu to appear.
  • From the presented items, select “Wipe User Data”. Then confirm the action by clicking the line “Wipe all data”.

The main methods have been described above on how to unlock Xiaomi if the owner has forgotten the graphic password. However, there is an alternative option to reset to factory settings using a special application.

Reset timeout

The method does not directly relate to how to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the graphic password, but it will be useful in another case.

Often the mobile device is used by the younger members of the family, who, not knowing the access code, can enter it incorrectly several times. This will temporarily block the phone and make it impossible to use it. But what if you need to urgently call or write a message? Go to the trick and turn off the lock. For this you should:

    Make an incoming call on a locked smartphone, answer the call and minimize the conversation window.

In some models and firmware, the method may not work.

From the information provided above, we can conclude that it is easier to remove the lock on earlier versions of the OS. In new firmware, you will have to resort to resetting to factory settings with data loss.

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password?

If a person has forgotten the code, he will not be able to enter the device menu. How to remove the gadget from the block? There are many options for action. The user can select the desired method. Unlock.

Some options are based on minimal intervention in the settings. Others are deep and radical. The choice of method should be based on the conditions. These are the factors that led to the failure. If it is a lock, a generic instruction can be used. It will help you quickly return the code.

If you forgot the graphic password

If you lose the code, you should try to enter. On the fifth approach, Forgot Password will appear. Recording needs to be enabled. Next, easy steps are carried out on how to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password. The following manipulations are performed:

  • In the field, enter the name of the owner of the Google profile and a combination from the registered profile.
  • This is an account assigned to a smartphone.
  • After entering the data, click on Login.
  • A prompt will appear. register a new combination.
  • The code is entered and remembered.

If there is no connection, you can perform the following manipulations:

  • Change of SIM card. It should be inserted into a device with activated Internet;
  • Turn the gadget on and off. Between them you need to pause for two seconds. At this time, the curtain moves and communication is activated.

If there is no data from the profile, you can also act through Forgot password. In such a case, you need to rely on hints.

The presented option does not return access to gadgets of version 4x, 5, 6a. Here the password from the Mi-profile is reset. To carry out a recovery operation, you should write to support. This method is suitable if you have important information on your device. If there is no secret information, a method based on Recovery will do.

The problem in support is considered for three days. In order for her to decide, it is worth providing information that the phone belongs to the applicant. The provision of packaging, receipt or IMEI will do. If the method does not work, you will have to delete the Mi account.

From Mi account

When solving the question of how to unlock a Xiaomi phone if you forgot the graphic password, you must follow these instructions:

  • Go to Developer Portal.
  • Download and install Mi Unlock software on PC.
  • Phone is connected to it.
  • Mi account login.
  • The gadget turns off by holding down the power and volume.
  • Switching to Fastboot.
  • The device is connected to the PC and the Unlock button is pressed.

This scheme restores access. Does not cause information loss. If there is no access to Mi, you will have to perform a system reset or Hard Reset. The operation deletes contacts, files and applications. For this reason, it is worth saving the information on a third-party medium. Another condition is charging the gadget up to 80%.

Having completed these preparatory measures, you can proceed to the reboot. This process is carried out in this way:

  • At the same time, the volume buttons are pressed;
  • Hold should be up to 10 seconds, until vibration;
  • Recovery and Wipe data are selected;
  • The phone is rebooting. Device data is cleared, codes are removed.

If you have the skills to work with software, you can act through ROOT rights. This is a Safe Reset Guarantee.

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password: from a pattern key, Mi account and without data loss

How to unlock the phone if you forgot the Xiaomi password is a question faced by the owners of these devices. The manufacturer offers users to protect information by setting a password. The code is a graphic or numeric sequence of characters. To access the information, the password is entered on the screen. But what to do if the code is forgotten? The answer to this question is presented in the note.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your Xiaomi password without losing data?

There are ways to recover without losing information. This can be done via email or mobile number. They must be linked to a profile. Here is what the user needs to do:

  • Switching to Mi account.
  • Click the Forgot password option.
  • Resetting the combination on the phone is confirmed.
  • Enter box information.
  • Enter captcha.
  • A link is sent to the mail. To mobile key.
  • You need to go through it and register a new code.

If the verification information does not come, you should contact Support. You will need to write a letter in English. You can not be puzzled and not set a password initially. Then you don’t have to restore anything. It’s convenient, but not safe. If the gadget is lost, the information will fall into the hands of scammers.

At the same time, do not go to extremes. When setting security levels, you need to keep in mind the difficulty of regaining access. There is a risk of resetting access data. To prevent this, you need to regularly synchronize your smartphone with a PC and the cloud.

Through Recovery

This method allows you to unlock the graphic key on all Xiaomi devices, however, it is quite laborious and time consuming. This is due to the fact that the operation involves a rollback to the factory settings. And this will require the presence of Root-rights, which can only be obtained through an official appeal to the manufacturer.

If you have ROOT rights and the bootloader is unlocked, then you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Turn off the device, and then activate the fastboot mode (simultaneously holding the “rocker” volume up and power);
  • Next, click on WipeReset, and then Wipe all data. As a result, the settings made by the user, including passwords, will be deleted.

After restarting the product, it will be possible to enter it in the standard way and then set a new lock method.

How to unlock the pattern on Xiaomi through the search service

The method will work if the user has a Google account and is logged into it on a mobile device.

  • Open on any device with Internet access the resource where to log in with your account;
  • In a new window, enter the data of your smartphone, after which the system will offer several options for action, including deleting all data.

Activating this option allows you to reset the settings and thereby unlock the graphic key. However, the user will lose personal information, therefore, before the procedure, it is advisable to remove the external memory card, as well as the SIM card.

If you need to unlock a Xiaomi smartphone running on the MIUI 7 shell, then just click on the Forgot password button on the locked screen. This will take you to the Mi or Google account page. It depends on what data the user previously entered.

For authorization, you need to specify only your registration data, and then you can already change the password.

Disabling Input Barring

In some cases, if the password is repeatedly entered incorrectly, the smartphone is blocked for a long period of time, after which it is allowed to re-enter the security pattern.

In order not to wait until the system allows you to use the device, just call your smartphone from another phone. Next, you need to accept the call and, without dropping the subscriber, minimize the conversation window. Then open the settings and uncheck the box “Graphic password”. After entering the correct combination, it remains to click “OK”.

This will allow you to remove the lock and continue to use your mobile device.

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the scheme?

Unfortunately, you have forgotten your lock pattern and your Xiaomi remains idle. Some will search and hack their own Android mobile if they forget the schematic. The solutions offered in this guide are for unlocking by the owner of the mobile phone. You recently changed the schema and forgot about it. How can you unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the scheme? In this article, you will get to know various solutions to unlock Xiaomi in case you forgot the lock pattern.

Previously, Google offered the option to replace the current lock mode with a password. This method is no longer offered by Google. However, the location service of your Xiaomi is still possible.

Despite several attempts, you cannot find your pattern. A somewhat radical decision to restart Xiaomi. Be careful, this method will delete all your information. Don’t forget to backup your Xiaomi regularly. So if you have to restart your Xiaomi unexpectedly, you won’t lose your memory images, all folders, all contacts, etc. To unlock your Android, we will see the steps to reset it to zero. your Xiaomi:

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Your smartphone will be rebooted as when it left the manufacturer. You just need to restore all data when opening Xiaomi.

How to remember the scheme of your Xiaomi, so as not to forget it?

Choose a scheme that is easy to remember. There are other security methods for Android. You can choose a passcode or unlock your phone with your fingerprint or even your iris.

How to remove a lock pattern?

Read our article to find out how to remove pattern on your Xiaomi. If you are ever looking for other information about your Xiaomi, we invite you to go to the guides in the category: Xiaomi.

Unlock Xiaomi Mi A1 via Google Account

It should be noted right away that this method is not relevant for all devices. The list of verified models includes models on “pure” Android, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, as well as some Xiaomi.

If you enter the wrong key 5 times in a row, but the display will show a lock notification with a timer. Below is the button “Forgot your unlock pattern?”, which you should click on. The system will automatically offer authorization to the Google account to which the phone is linked. It will turn out to enter your own mail and password only if you have a connection to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. If there is a network, and authorization was successful, the smartphone will be unlocked and all data will remain in place.

How to unlock Xiaomi Mi A1 phone if you forgot your password or pattern

There are many reasons why you need to unlock Xiaomi Mi A1. The graphic key is an auxiliary tool for locking Android smartphones. The operating system suggests installing it to work with a fingerprint sensor or face unlock tools. The exception is budget versions of smartphones, in which the graphic key is offered as an alternative to the usual digital password. Compiling too complex a graphic combination can lead to problems. multiple erroneous input automatically leads to blocking the device. Understanding how to unlock Xiaomi Mi A1 if you forgot your password or pattern (depending on what you prefer to lock your phone) will work out by knowing some tricks of modern versions of Android.

Usually, after entering the key incorrectly, information about blocking appears on the phone display. Here, the operating system offers the user several solutions. Among the main ones are the SOS function, which is necessary to call the rescue services, as well as a means to restore access. Let’s look at the last option first.

Reset to factory settings

The problem can overtake the user at the wrong time. in the absence of the Internet. In this case, authorization in Google is not possible. There are two ways to deal with this circumstance:

  • find a place with Wi-Fi that is stored in the device (relevant if the automatic connection option is activated in the settings) and follow the steps discussed above;
  • perform a factory reset through a special smartphone menu.

The latter option deserves more detailed consideration. In almost every Android model, a standard Recovery utility is preinstalled, designed to carry out service settings. It is through it that you will have to unlock it. Before performing the actions, it should be clear that after a reset through Recovery, all files are deleted from the device’s memory. The fate of the elements on the MicroSD card depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, before performing any action, we strongly recommend that you back up your phone data.

  • Turn off your phone completely.
  • Hold the mechanical buttons “volume up” and “power / unlock”.
  • After the phone vibrates, release the power button while holding the “volume up” until the engineering menu appears.
  • After opening Recovery, release the button and select Wipe data / factory reset.

Most often, the menu in the Recovery is touch-sensitive, respectively, clicking on Wipe data will turn out as in normal device control. However, on older models, the menu may not have normal sensor operation. Management in this case is implemented as follows:

After the reset, the phone will reboot and prompt you to perform the initial system setup. Once again, it is worth recalling that resetting to factory settings will delete all user files stored in the smartphone’s memory.

How to unlock Xiaomi phone if you forgot pattern

All Xiaomi phones have several security methods: fingerprint unlock, pin code or pattern. And often a situation arises when users forget the password from their smartphones, and repeated incorrect entry of the combination only worsens the situation, blocking the device for several hours or even days. From the article, the reader will learn how to unlock a Xiaomi phone if he forgot the pattern password.

How to reset a pattern password

There are several ways to unlock your smartphone in the absence of a pattern password. The first option is the simplest, while resetting through recovery cannot be done without data loss.

Recommendations from the article are relevant for all smartphones of the developer, including Redmi 4X.

Standard way

The principle of operation differs depending on what firmware is installed on your phone:

  • for smartphones with MIUI7 and below. Open the password entry screen, and at the bottom of the display you will find the inscription “Forgot password”. Click on it to proceed to unlock. On the page that opens, you will need to enter data from your account in your Google or Mi account, then put a new code or change the unlock method;
  • for smartphones with MIUI 8 and later. On such phones, there is no “Forgot password” button, so to solve problems with logging in, use other methods from the article.

Through the recovery

A radical way, which involves returning the phone to factory settings through the recovery menu.

In certain models of Xiaomi phones, the menu call is available immediately after purchasing the device. But it is possible that you will need to ask the manufacturer for permission to unlock the bootloader.

Note! After resetting the settings in the recovery, any user information, including downloaded applications and photos, will be deleted from the smartphone. Therefore, we recommend that you remove the memory card and SIM card in advance.

To reset settings, do the following:

  • turn off the phone;
  • hold down the volume up and power buttons of the device. Wait for the recovery menu to appear;
  • on the screen, find the item “WipeReset”, then select “Wipe all data”;
  • the phone will reset to factory settings. Any user information will be deleted from the gadget, including the graphic key will be reset;
  • wait for the device to reboot and enter the data from your Google or Mi account. You can use your smartphone.

Through the search service

To reset the settings and continue working with your smartphone, you need data from your Google account. If you remember your username and password, then you can reset the graphic key remotely.

  • Sign in to your Android account.
  • Install an application that allows you to remotely control your gadget. To do this, select your gadget in the list and install the application on it.
  • Log in to Device Manager, select the desired phone and click on complete wipe.
  • After that, the gadget will be reset to factory settings, while the unlock pattern will be deleted.

Before performing the action, we also recommend removing the memory card and SIM card from the device, because during the removal process, all information will also be erased from them.

Unlock with is a cloud service developed by Xiaomi specifically for its smartphones. In many ways, i.Mi repeats the service from Google, so there will be no problems working with it.

Attention! You can access if you have a Mi account. For owners of Google accounts, the previous method is relevant.

To reset the pattern key, do the following:

  • open a browser on any device and go to;
  • a welcome window will appear on the display. Enter the data from your account and log in to the system;
  • after successful login, click on “Search for device”;
  • Devices linked to your account will be displayed on the screen. If your phone is among them, click on it. For successful completion, the phone must be connected to the Internet;
  • on the right side of the display, click “Erase data” and follow the instructions.

At the end of the reset, all data will be erased from the smartphone, so we recommend taking care of the safety of information.

Interesting fact! Resetting settings remotely is a great way to save user data in case of loss or theft of a smartphone.

Resetting the password box

It often happens that the phone is blocked for several hours or days due to a large number of incorrect password entries. For example, the buttons themselves could be squeezed in a. or the device was in the hands of a child. Of course, waiting a few days is not an option. If you remember your picture password, but the system does not allow you to enter it, you need to do the following:

  • call your number from another phone;
  • accept the call and swipe the conversation window;
  • after that, go to the device settings and open the item with changing the password;
  • disable the old unlock pattern, unlock your phone and install a new security method.

Note! To do this, you must remember the graphic code, because when you turn off the password, the system will require you to enter it.

Now you know how to unlock your smartphone if you forgot the graphic code. If you remember the code, but due to accidental entries, the phone is blocked for several hours or days, then just call your number and turn off the screen lock in the gadget settings. While resetting the settings is recommended only if you remember the login information for your smartphone account.

How to reset pattern using ADB

If you forgot the pattern on Android, one of the options to reset it is to remove the lock using a computer and ADB. Also, this utility has many other functions, so you should install it.

We already wrote about the Android Debug Bridge and the basic ADB commands in a separate article, so I advise you to read it. From it you can find out what the utility is and what you can do with it. In this manual, it is worth noting that ADB is part of the Android SDK, so in order to install ADB on a computer, you need to download the SDK.

I also advise you to read the manual for resetting the lock on Android, where you will find some more effective methods for removing a password or pattern.

Attention! USB debugging must be enabled on your device. Fortunately, on many Android phones and tablets, when you connect the device to a computer, you can activate this item.

If, before you forgot the unlock pattern, this option was not activated in the For Developers section and when you connected the mobile device to the PC via USB, you did not see the option to enable debugging (see the screenshot above), reset the unlock pattern using adb you can’t.

The method has been tested on older versions of Android. below Android 5.0. It was not possible to achieve results on smartphones with new firmware. most likely, the vulnerability was fixed in Android 5.0 or even in Android 4.4.

So, after connecting the device to the computer, unzip the downloaded archive from the Android SDK to any folder. ADB is located along the path sdk/platform-tools inside the archive.

We will work with the program through the command line. To do this, select Run from the start menu, type cmd and press Enter.

Write down the path to the folder with ADB and enter the commands in sequence. Press Enter after each.

adb shell cd /data/data/com.Android.providers.settings/databases sqlite3 settings.db update system set value=0 where name=lock_pattern_autolock; update system set value=0 where name=lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently; quit

At the end, just restart your Android tablet or phone.

adb shell su rm /data/system/locksettings.db rm /data/system/locksettings.db-wal rm /data/system/locksettings.db-shm reboot

Mi A1 Unlock Pattern, Pin, Password, Hard Reset

After the reboot, just enter an arbitrary graphic key (if it is displayed).

This article is based on materials from XDA-Developers. This is not a 100% solution to the issue of device models, and I cannot guarantee that at least one of the ways to reset the pattern given in the instructions will work for you. But the article helped many, so try it. there is a high probability that you will also be able to remove the graphic lock in one of the ways!


On many phones, when you first turn it on, it is proposed to use two authentication methods: through a pattern and using a four-digit PIN code. But many continue to use the graphical method. Remember. did you install the second way to enter the smartphone menu?

You just need to enter the password incorrectly using the graphical method, and after several unsuccessful attempts, a window will pop up where you need to “choose another method”. Click on the button and enter a 4-digit code. If you forgot it too, then try your date of birth or the first digits of your phone number. they are most often set as a password. You can also try combinations: 1111, 1234, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888, 9999, 0000.

For old Android version 2.2 and below

We call the phone and after the reset, quickly go to the “Settings” section. Next, we look for the “Security” item there, deactivate the “graphic password”. On new smartphones, this feature will not work, but you can try. On some older phones, it is possible to enter the settings in this way:

  • You go to the dialing menu, call and immediately hang up.
  • During the reset, the main menu starts to appear for 1 second. you need to quickly click on “Settings”.
  • Then comes the screen lock again. Next, we perform steps 1. 2. Until you get to the “graphic key” menu and turn it off.

Just like in this video. Here we use the Android system bug, so you need to look at the OS version. With old soap dishes sometimes rolls.

Google account

This method helped me personally with my not so old “Xiaomi Mi A1” to unlock the pattern. It is quite simple, but be careful and do everything strictly according to the instructions.

  • To reset the graphic key, you can try to enter the wrong combinations several times. While you’re doing this, try to remember what happens.
  • After attempts 7-8, a little to the right, you should see the button “Forgot your pattern?”. We click on it. Now you will need to enter the details of the Google account (e-mail and password) that is associated with this phone. If you enter your login and key correctly, you will be prompted to disable authentication, or come up with a new combination.

NOTE! If you just forgot your mailbox password, then you need to restore it already on your computer. Just go to the Google site and try to enter it. After a failed login, click the “Forgot Password” link. Next, follow the instructions to restore the box.

There may be problems if your internet is turned off. Then you will not be able to connect to your account, and the phone will not accept your E-mail and password. To do this, you can try to restart your phone, and while turning it on, open the top curtain and turn on Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Then try to connect again.

If the Internet cannot be turned on in this way, then you can try to do this through the service code.

  • If there is a “Service tests” menu, then go there and go to the “WLAN” section and then connect “Wi-Fi”. In this case, you must be near the wireless network to which you have previously connected. for example, home.

There is another way to connect your smartphone to the Internet without Wi-Fi and mobile Internet.

  • To do this, you need to go to the store and buy a special LAN-USB adapter. I immediately warn you that not all smartphones and tablets support such a connection. But after the purchase, if it does not suit you, you have the right to return it to the store. So don’t throw away the check.
  • The connection is quite simple, one end of the cable is inserted into the phone. On the other side of the adapter there is a USB input, where we connect another adapter to the LAN port. You just have to take the usual compressed twisted pair. You can see the general connection diagram in the picture below.
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Through the service menu

We will simply reset the smartphone through the console menu. If you have an account from Google, and it is linked, then you can not be afraid of resetting, because after rebooting and entering the “login-password” from the account, all data will be synchronized. We need to run the console:

  • Samsung, Xiaomi. hold down the buttons: volume up, power and “Bixby”. Xiaomi may have a Chinese menu. see the instructions below.
  • Google Pixel and Nexus. everything is done with the smartphone turned on (if it is turned off, turn it on). Press the power button and volume down.

ATTENTION! When you see the phone’s branded logo, immediately stop pressing the power button. The rest of the buttons continue to press.

After that, this menu should pop up. Using the volume buttons, select the “factory reset” section.

A menu in Chinese may pop up, then you need to find similar characters, as in the picture below. This button is usually located in the lower right corner.

And after changing the language, select the menu “recovery” “factory reset”.

If there are additional users

On a tablet or smartphone, there must be a second user and Root rights.

  • We go through the second user and set him administrator rights (SuperSU).
  • In the same place in the “SuperSU Free” menu, turn on “Multi-User Mode”.
  • In Google Play, you need to find and install “Root Browser”.
  • After installation, go to “data”, and then click on “system”.
  • Now you need to delete these files: db-shm, gesture.key, locksettings.db-wal, locksettings.db. Reboot and log in as the main user.

Via device search

We will hard reset your phone using the new Find My Device service. After that, all data will be completely deleted from the smartphone. But they can then be completely restored after connecting a Google account with re-authentication. The phone must be connected to the Internet.

Battery low

To unlock the pattern, you need to wait until your phone is almost completely dead. After that, a notification about the battery discharge by a certain percentage should come out. Click on the battery icon to enter the settings. Next, carefully click on the arrow in the upper left corner. Now you are in the smartphone settings. go to the desired section and disable authentication graphically.

Through recovery

Occasionally, the recovery menu on Xiaomi is available without performing additional steps. Most often, you need to send a request to the manufacturer to obtain permission to unlock.

It will not describe in detail how to access the recovery menu, but it is important to remember that such interference threatens with the complete loss of all personal information.

Before starting the procedure, you must remove the SIM card and memory card from the gadget. This is an important manipulation that should not be forgotten.

Step-by-step instructions for unlocking using recovery:

  • Turn off gadget.
  • Use two fingers to simultaneously press the volume key and the power button.
  • Wait for the recovery menu to open.
  • Go to the Wipe Reset item, and from it to Wipe all data. This step will remove all personal data and files from the device and restore the settings to factory settings.
  • Reboot your phone and turn it on normally.
  • Return the SIM card and memory card to their slots. The graphic key has disappeared, if necessary, it can be reinstalled.

A graphic key is an option to replace the usual digital password to unlock a smartphone. It is a specific sequence of points that the user needs to connect with straight lines.

Three main advantages of a picture password:

  • no need to memorize a complex combination of numbers or letters;
  • input speed. It takes 2-3 seconds to continuously draw several straight lines with your finger on the screen;
  • configurable degree of security. The user, at his discretion, can create a combination of points in the range from three to ten pieces.

It is not possible to completely reset the pattern while keeping personal information on the phone. However, there are several methods that allow you to regain access to a locked smartphone, while minimizing the loss of information.

Trite, but the easiest and most effective way is to get distracted.

If the brain is busy processing other information (when watching a movie or playing a computer game), then muscle memory will come to its aid.

Fingers will automatically draw the correct combination, entered by them hundreds of times already.

The method works only with a long-established password, which for some reason flew out of my head. It will not be possible to reproduce the newly created key in this way.

Via smartphone search

The method is suitable only for those Xiaomi owners who have a Google account authorized on their mobile device. If this condition is met, then you need to proceed to the following steps:

  • Go to using any device with internet access.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Allow the system to search for a Xiaomi device.
  • Select “Set up blocking and clear data” from the list of available actions and confirm its execution.

All settings set by the user will be deleted, including the graphic key will disappear. For the safety of personal information, it is necessary to remove the memory card and SIM card from the smartphone in advance.

Standard way to reset a key

If you forgot the Xiaomi pattern password, you should first try to use the standard method to unlock it, applicable only to Redmi phones.

To complete it, you must wait for the message that the smartphone is locked, and click on the button at the bottom of the screen “Forgot your password”.

As a result, you will be automatically redirected to the page with the choice of an account for unlocking: Mi or Google. After the user enters the correct login and password for the selected account, he will be given access to manage the graphic key. Now you can turn it off, change it or choose a different blocking method.

This standard option only works on smartphones with a firmware version lower than 7th. In more modern models, the “Forgot password” button is simply not on the main screen.

One of the following options will help solve the problem (they also work for passwords consisting of letters and numbers).

How to reset the password block

In a situation where an incorrect password has been entered several times, a message appears on the phone display about exceeding login attempts and temporarily blocking the entry of new key options.

This can happen without the knowledge of the user, for example, when accidentally pressed in a or when children play. The time of such restriction can last from several hours to several days.

If the correct password is known, then you should not wait for the restriction to expire. Just call Xiaomi phone and answer the call.

Then minimize the window of the current conversation and find the function to disable the password in the main menu. An important caveat: to unlock, you will need to enter the correct combination; without it, disabling this security feature is impossible. After the manipulations are over, you can end the conversation and use the phone without limiting functionality.

How to create a pattern password on a Xiaomi phone to lock the device

Of the available methods for protecting Xiaomi from strangers, a graphic password is the most reliable method. Fingerprints are not always convenient, especially in the cold season when hands are in gloves. Face identification suffers from the same problems: it takes a long time, depends on lighting, and if you put on glasses or a hat, the phone will not recognize you.

To create a graphical pin code, enter the “Settings”, find the item “Lock and protection” there. Among the options, select the “Device protection” menu. Now click on the “Security Method” button, select “Pattern” and follow the instructions on the screen. If everything went well, when you unlock your phone, you will see a special window for entering a pattern, which looks like this. If you forget the pattern and try to remember it by going through similar options, after several attempts, the Xiaomi phone will warn you that it suspects an intruder and will block the ability to enter a password for several minutes.

Each subsequent erroneous attempt will increase the blocking time. Therefore, if you have already made 7 attempts, but you have not remembered the key, you do not need to continue, you can ensure that the phone is blocked for a day or even longer.

What to do if you forgot the pattern password on your Xiaomi phone, how to reset it?

A graphical password is an analogue of a regular password, which was created for ease of entry on mobile phones with a touch screen.

A distinctive feature is that there is no need to memorize and enter letters, numbers and special characters. A set of dots appears on the screen, the connection of which in a special sequence is the password. This method is very convenient for the speed and error-free input. It has high reliability, provided that the owner was not too lazy and connected not three points, but ten. In this case, it is almost impossible to pick it up and unlock Xiaomi without the knowledge of the owner.

Is it possible to completely securely reset the pattern password on Xiaomi smartphones without losing data or access to them?

I must disappoint you, but if you forgot your password, then there are no safe methods to disable it and keep access to personal information. Yes, you can make the phone forget about it, but only by completely clearing the memory or changing the firmware, which is even more difficult, but the result is the same.

Before following further instructions, I recommend that you try to distract yourself from trying to remember the desired shape of the pattern to unlock, watch an episode of your favorite TV series, play games on your computer or wash dishes.

The fact is that we remember a graphic pattern automatically, but unconsciously, for this reason, if we distract our consciousness with something, and then try to enter the password automatically, being distracted, there is a high probability that the hand itself will draw the correct pattern and Xiaomi will unlock. This is how I enter passwords for my mail accounts or messengers, if I don’t think about it, my hands themselves type the correct letters and numbers with the help of mechanical memory, but as soon as I think about it, input errors will immediately occur, and instead of one attempt I will have to do two or even three, provided that I remember perfectly and know what to enter.

I am sure that advice will help many. to be distracted. But this must be done honestly, i.e. not pretend to watch TV, but really watch it. turn on what you are interested in, and not the news or the program “Good night, kids.” Only what is interesting is honestly distracting.

What to do if you forgot your Xiaomi unlock pattern and you need access to your phone urgently

Let me tell you, there are no easy ways. Protection for that and protection so that it cannot be hacked and access to the owner’s personal data.

I will describe three reset methods, but each of them involves the complete removal of user data:

  • Using the “Fast Boot” menu from the smartphone itself
  • With the help of Google service and application “Find My Device”
  • Using Xiaomi cloud service and Mi account

Reset the phone lock using “Fast Boot”

This method is suitable when you yourself are the owner of Xiaomi, hold it in your hands, but you just can’t remember the password.

All personal data will be deleted during the reset process (photos, videos, messages, mail, notes, music).

Turn off your phone. After the screen goes blank, wait about 10-15 seconds for the operating system to complete all processes. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys for 10 seconds.

The Fast Boot menu logo will appear on the screen. Wait until the download is complete, after which you will see a menu of three items. We need the “Wipe Data” item. The menu is navigated using the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” keys, the selection is confirmed using the “Power” key. Select “Wipe Data”, confirm your choice and wait for the end of the process.

After completion, Xiaomi will automatically reboot, the reset was successfully completed, but all information from the device’s memory was deleted. But every cloud has a silver lining. now you have access again and the ability to fully work with your smartphone.

Reset pattern using Google’s “Find My Device” feature

Deleting data from Xiaomi memory to reset the password can be done remotely if you lost your phone or it was stolen.

Now I will not talk about what to do if the Xiaomi phone is lost, but you remember the password. We are only interested in the reset, and therefore we will immediately proceed to the description of the process.

For this method to work, Xiaomi must already be connected to a Google account. If you’ve used this company’s services on your phone, such as Gmail, YouTube, or Chrome, it’s likely that your account information is in your smartphone’s memory. The device must be connected to the Internet.

From any available device connected to the Internet, launch a browser and enter the following in the address bar: You will be prompted to enter your Google account username and password. Enter it (I really hope that you remember this password), after which you will see a list of devices that are assigned to the account. In my case, I only have a Mi 5 phone. Select the device on which you want to reset the key and click on it. We will be shown a new menu, at the very bottom of which there is an item “Delete all data from the device”, which is what we need. Click and follow further instructions. Now, even if you lost the device, or it was stolen, although you will not return it to yourself, you can be sure that all your personal data has been successfully deleted and no one will ever get access to it. Well, the password was also removed for the company.

If you forgot the graphic password, you can reset it using the service is Xiaomi’s own cloud service, which duplicates Google, but does it on its own, which means that it can be more convenient for many.

Access to is possible only if you registered a Mi account on your phone and were identified through it.

On an accessible device, launch a browser and enter in the address bar: “”, after which you will see the welcome page of the Mi cloud service, where you log in with your Mi account.

Now we are interested in the menu item “Search for device”, which is indicated by the map icon. Click on it, and you will be taken to the search menu for the lost device. A message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen with a list of phones that are assigned to your Mi account. If among them there is one on which you need to reset the graphic key, select it. Of course, it must be connected to the Internet. A new menu will appear in the same upper right corner, in which we will be interested in the “Erase data” button, select it and follow the further instructions. Return

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