Forgot Pin code on samsung what to do

How to unlock the Samsung phone

Any phone can fail, regardless of which company it is released from. Samsung phones. No exception. Sometimes the user may face a problem when the device does not allow him to enter the system, even just unlock the main screen.

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Samsung’s phone device is practically no different from better well.Known companies, such as Huawei or Xiaomi. All of them are built on the basis of the Android, which is why the main processes will be the same.

Through a safe mode

The very first way is to enter through a safe mode. This is a special menu that helps technical masters a lot. Thanks to him, they perform various work to solve the problems arising from the device. Speaking is quite simple, then thanks to a safe mode or menu, the user can solve his problem in several accounts.

You can use a safe mode, both solutions to the problem, and for more serious tasks. To enter into safe mode simply if you know the mechanism. On the Samsung phone, the entrance to this mode is also possible.

Note! If the user has a telephone of another company, then the entrance to the safe mode may vary. This method is only suitable for phones from Samsung.

To go to a safe menu, as well as further unlocking the device, you need to perform the following actions:

  • First you need to detain the shutdown button for a few seconds. This must be carried out on an activated device;
  • After that, the user will see the dialog box. Using a long tap, click on the disconnection button or on consent with this action;
  • Now there will be a warning about the transition to security mode. It must also be confirmed;
  • Further, the user needs to go through this mode directly to the settings, to the section where all the device passwords are located;
  • In it, the entrance on a password or a graphic key is turned off;
  • Now it remains only to restart the device.

If the user performed all the above actions correctly, then the phone will return to his original state, while the password will not require entrance. This method is more suitable for those who forgot the password. When solving systemic problems, it is worth using other methods.

Hard Reset using keys

This is a hard method. Hard Reset. Hard, he is in the sense that the user when resetting data loses all the information about his device. This method is suitable only in cases where the user saw serious system problems in the device.

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The method has its pros and cons of. The only plus that the user can immediately see is that there is no need to connect the wires. It can also be noted as an advantage of the speed of the procedure.

However, under other criteria, everything is erased. Data and files that were stored on the device, the user will not be able to save., He will lose them.

Note! Before performing the Hard reception, you should make a backup copy of the information on the phone.

To fulfill the successful discharge, the user must perform the following:

  • First you need to turn off the device in the usual way;
  • Now you need to clamp the sound enhance button, while at the same time the power button and at home;
  • A screen will appear that will display the logo;
  • If everything is done correctly, then the engineering menu will appear. Select a item with Factory Reset;
  • Confirm all actions by pressing the power button;
  • Reload the device.

After that, the user phone will become “new”. As soon as the user activates it, he will find that files are deleted from the memory, and the lock password is removed.

Samsung m11 password forgot/how to hard reset samsung galaxy m11

Remote control via Google account

Since Samsung is based on Android, and Android usually depends on Google, this method is also suitable to unlock the phone. Services integrated into a smartphone are perfect to help the user. Do not forget about them, since they can help out in a difficult moment.

The user can remotely control Google using a computer. An account if the smartphone is synchronized with it. The person who sits at the computer can perform actions on the phone. In order to conduct this procedure, the user needs:

  • On the computer, open the official website of Google;
  • Then log in in your own contact;
  • Now the user can go to the section called “My devices”;
  • It selects the desired phone;
  • It is worth slipping to the “passwords” item and then confirm to drop the defense.

The user must restart the device so that the introduced function can set tired. As you can see, this is not so difficult if you know how services work.

Re.Flashing from the computer

This is the most extreme way that can help the user return the password to an inactive state. If it is not possible to reset the device in different ways that are described above, then it is necessary to perform more serious methods.

To flash the device, the user will need a computer, and it is worth downloading a special application called “Smart Switch” on it.

As soon as the user was able to download the program, he should:

Flashing also means complete data removal. A user who has not copied information about the phone in advance risks losing them forever.

How to unlock the Samsung phone using an additional pin code

This method is suitable for cases when the user himself forgot the password. An additional PIN code is a password that the user sets as soon as he decides to install a PIN code or something similar. In order to call this additional pin code, the user needs:

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Unlock using the Google account

In the event that you forgot the graphic key, you can drop it and set the new one by confirming your identity with a password. If you do not remember the password itself, then you will need access to the Google personal account used on this device. In general, follow the instructions below.

Samsung Galaxy a32 reset forgot password. Screen lock,pin, pattern…

    After the fifth attempt to enter the graphic key, the “additional pin code” button will appear on the lock screen. Tap it and enter the code that you indicated in the process of creating the key. If you do not remember this code, select another option. Recovery using the Google account.

Additional PIN code or Google account-only for smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 and below

After 5 incorrect attempts, the item “Additional PIN code” will appear. Click on it and enter a code of 4 digits that you indicated when you came up with a graphic key.

If you do not remember the PIN code, click on “unlock in Google” (“forgot the graphic key?”) And enter the email address and Google password. The same mail should be added on the device that you unlock.

If the buttons “unlock in Google” (“forgot the graphic key?”) No, then the Google account is not added on the device, use other methods.

If you do not remember the password, restore it through a special form and enter it on the device. If the password has not been restored, use other methods.

Hard Reset (Hard Reset)

To unlock the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet, you can apply a fairly “tough” method that will lead to the removal of all data from the gadget. He will clear all the photos, videos, profiles, but at the same time will erase and PIN code with a graphic key. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to configure the cloud storage (Google, Yandex, etc.) so that in the case of an emergency, not to be left without important information.

  • Turn off the device;
  • Close and hold the “volume” and “shutdown” buttons. Retention is made until the system menu appears.

The second method of reset to factory settings:

  • Gadget decontamination;
  • Simultaneous holding of the above buttons (“off” “louder” “quieter”);
  • When the ic psax android icon appears in the form of a green robot, release the key “louder”;
  • After the strip at the bottom of the screen appears, release “quieter”.

Important: Hard Reset. Irreversible operation. After starting, all data will be erased, reboot will be automatically carried out. The user will only have to enter new settings, including updating safe access products.

Types of passwords on Android

The main varieties of the device lock:

  • Text password. A regular combination of numbers (less often. Letters), which must be entered to remove the screen lock. A fairly standard method, which is most often used because of its simplicity;
  • Graphic pattern. I personally do not really like this option, since it seems that it can be easily recognized or simply guessed, since it is noticeable from the side that a person draws. Then this can be used to break the tablet and throw off the password on it. And what’s the point in such a protection that is so easy to get around. But everyone has their own opinion and some users prefer this particular way to protect.
forgot, code, samsung

We delete all the data through the Google account

We remember that you cannot unlock the screen, but there is a Google account to access (you have a password for it). In this case, it is possible to remotely delete all the data, which is equivalent to a complete discharge, after which the phone will resemble a new one, since no personal data will remain.Google offers a service to find a device that is an analogue of Find My Mobile by Samsung.

  • Next, you need to click on the “cleaning device” and familiarize yourself with the message about what will happen after cleaning. If you agree, then press the green button “Clean the device”.
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In the event that you only use the Samsung account, then it is possible to reset the device through the Find My Mobile company service in a similar way.

The main reasons for removing the password from the Samsung phone

The reasons to find out how to remove the password on the old Samsung can be several:

  • You constantly forget PIN;
  • You gave the smartphone to relatives who are difficult to enter the key;
  • They gave you a smartphone or you bought it with your hands;
  • The key was installed by chance and absolutely not needed;
  • The smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen reacts poorly to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already developed a sufficient period, and the touchscreen reacts with failures. The introduction of a password in such a situation becomes a true torment.

How to remove the PIN locking code from Samsung Galaxy


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What else to try

If none of the following methods helped to solve the problem, contact specialized forums where the owners of your gadget model are present.

Contacting the service is usually considered the last means of solving problems with unlocking. But few users know that upon presentation of documents on the phone and checks from the outlet that sold it, they can count on quick professional assistance. In certain cases, the work is done free of charge.

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