Forgot Apple ID what to do how to recover

Check your iPhone

Your Apple ID is used in several places at once on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To get to it, simply open the Settings app on your device and tap on your first and last name. Here’s your Apple ID!

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Forgot Apple ID and password, what to do, how to reset or recover

Apple ID is a key element of all Apple services. We use it on iOS devices and on Mac, with its help we enter iCloud, FaceTime, Calendar, iTunes, App Store. But what if the username or password from your “ID” has not been used for a long time and has been safely forgotten?

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Go to the site of the intended email address to which your Apple ID is linked

If you at least remember which email service was used to register your Apple ID, try going to its home page from your devices. For instance:

if @ mailbox was used. go to

@ or

@ or inbox, ru,

With any luck, the email address will be displayed in the upper right corner.

In the Find iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad

If you only have a friend’s or family’s smartphone at hand, open the Find My iPhone app (download link) and do the following:

Make sure the device owner is signed out of their account.

Click the link button Forgot Apple ID or password?

Enter your Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions to reset your password.

Check your Mac

The same story. many applications on Apple computers cannot do without an Apple ID. For example, in the System Preferences application, you just need to select the iCloud section. information about your ID will be displayed on the left.

On a Mac with two-step verification

Click on the Apple menu (in the upper left corner of your screen) and click on System Preferences.

Select iCloud → Account.

Click on the Security tab → Change password.

Enter a new password, confirm it and click Change.

Try to recover Apple ID through Apple websites

If nothing works (you don’t even remember the first letter of your mail, which the Apple ID was registered with), then there’s nothing to do, go to one of the official Apple sites. or Apple ID and click the Forgot Apple ID button or password?

On the next screen, you can try to enter the email address that is most suitable for the role of “correct”. Also, the Apple website will offer to find your ID. for this you need to click on a special link.

How to create an Apple ID on an iPhone, iPad or computer (2019 guide).

Apple ID password recovery via email on computer

It is imperative that you retain access to your email address if you lose your phone. If a fraudster gets it, he will have every chance of finding out your password. Therefore, it is important that your email password is not only different from your Apple account password, but also quite complex. To recover your password using email, you need to do the following:

    Open the Apple ID creation site. There you will see the ability to both create a new account and manage the old one. Click the “Reset password” button next to the transition to account management.

Click on the “Reset Password” button on the Apple ID Management site
In the next section, you will be asked to choose a password reset method. Select recovery by email.

Select “Authentication by e-mail” to recover your password using your e-mail

  • An email will be sent to your email address, where you will need to follow the link and set a new password for your Apple ID. You will then have full access to your device.
  • Of course, this is the easiest way to recover your password. But it will be completely impossible if you no longer have access to your mail.

    Using Apple ID

    • buy and install applications on your device;
    • download music or videos. applications such as iTunes will also become completely inaccessible to you;
    • change important settings on your phone. it is impossible to change billing information or owner name without access to Apple ID;
    • regain access to your device. Apple ID is used in many security features on Apple devices. For example, to restore access to a computer running macOS.

    Apple ID data is used to recover macOS password

    To put it bluntly, the one who owns the Apple ID also owns the phone. That is why, after the theft of the device, the first thing a criminal will try to find out the password from Apple ID, otherwise he will not be of much use to him. It should be understood that the Apple ID password is also a password for other services. That is, if you are asked to name the password from iCloud, it will be the same password and it can give the fraudster full access to your device.

    Apple ID password requirement

    Of course, Apple’s developers understand how important an Apple ID password is. That is why a number of requirements that are not the easiest for the user are presented to it:

    • the password must be more than seven characters. the longer the password, the more difficult it is to crack it;
    • the password must have at least one digit. more of them are allowed, but if there is not at least one, the password will not be accepted;
    • one of the letters must be capitalized. more capital letters are also allowed;
    • the password must be different from the Apple ID login itself;
    • if we are talking about changing the password, and not creating a new one, it must be different from the previous one.

    At the same time, while entering the password, the dynamic input system will prompt you which of the conditions you did not fulfill.

    An online password generator will help you create a unique password, check its reliability and answer how long it will take for attackers to crack it:

    In addition to the above conditions, the verification system also requires that the password does not match the common combination of characters. Roughly speaking, it must be unique:

    • 12qWer34ty is an example of a non-unique password. It completely fits all the rules, but these are just a few characters and numbers from the keyboard, entered in order;
    • fDs5543qcJG. and this is a unique password that no longer makes sense and pattern.

    After you come up with a password, it is extremely important to remember it. After all, it is on him that the safety of your personal data, photos or even the device itself depends. It is worth taking care that ill-wishers do not learn this password. Well, if you yourself have forgotten it, then you will need to use the password recovery procedure.

    Do not save the password from the device to the device itself. This is the easiest way to give an attacker access to it.

    8 Easy Ways to Recover Apple ID: Instructions for All Possible Devices

    It is very important to protect your iPhone, iPod or other Apple device well. After all, expensive and prestigious devices are often the target of cybercriminals. And the main protection here is the password from the Apple ID account.

    Two-step confirmation for password recovery

    This method is available if you have enabled it in advance in your account settings. You need to do the following:

    • On the official website, go to reset your password again and enter your username from your Apple account.
    • If two-step verification is available to you, you can select the appropriate item. Then you will need to enter a special recovery key. It was when you activated two-step verification that you were given this key. You should have saved it and now use it for recovery.

    Write down the recovery key in a place convenient for you

  • After entering the correct key, you need to indicate to which device the code should come, confirming the password reset.
  • You should receive a message with this code. Just enter it in the request and confirm the entry.
  • After that, you can enter a new password instead of the old one. you have regained access to your account.
  • In case of successful password reset, you can log into your account using the new password.

    The difficulty with this method is that you must take care of your safety in advance. On the other hand, hacking in this way is impossible, unless you yourself provide the recovery code to the attacker.

    Forgot iCloud password. what to do? Restoring access

    There are two standard ways to recover your iCloud password: via e-mail and by answering security questions. If these methods do not work, there are two options. contact support or stop using iCloud services.

    • Recover iCloud password via mail
    • Recover iCloud password if there is no access to mail
    • Identifier recovery
    • Contacting support or opting out

    Recover iCloud password via mail

    The easiest way to recover your iCloud password is by emailing a reset code. To do this:

    The code will be sent to the main and backup mailbox if you added it. If the letter does not arrive, look in the “Spam”. To be sure, add to your address book by mail.

    The password will be reset when you follow the link from the letter. You will be prompted to enter a new security key from iCloud.

    Don’t forget to visit website. all about breakdowns in Apple technology from professionals

    Identifier recovery

    To recover your iCloud password, you need an Apple ID or login. If you don’t remember him, follow these steps:

    If you try to pick up an ID, after several attempts, a notification will appear that the Apple ID has been blocked. To release the lock:

    As you can see, the circle closes, so that in the end you can end up with a blocked Apple ID and no iCloud password.

    Recover iCloud password if there is no access to mail

    What if I forgot my iCloud password and can’t access my primary or backup mail? Answer security questions.

    If 2-Step Verification has been enabled on your phone and a trusted device is connected, you can use it to regain access.

    If you enter the key obtained when setting up verification, a code will be sent to the trusted device that will help you reset your iCloud password.

    Contacting support or opting out

    The question of how to remove iCloud without a password has a clear answer. no way. In iOS 7.0-7.6, it was possible to bypass the ban by replacing the Apple ID password, but now there is no such loophole. Therefore, if you do not remember any data, then all that remains is to write or call Support. Contact information can be found on the page

    Before contacting Support, you need to prepare a photo of the box, which shows the serial number, the serial number of the phone itself, as well as the purchase receipt. If it is possible to prove that you are the rightful owner of the smartphone, the lock will be removed after activation and you can set a different password.

    If you can’t sign in to your iCloud account, turn off all related services on your phone.

    How to find your Apple ID and password

    One of the easiest ways to remember your Apple ID is two-step verification. To protect the iPhone, the company has developed a system that improves the protection of the phone. For this item to work, you must activate authentication in advance. The procedure is performed as follows:

    • Go to the tab “My Apple ID”, enter the identifier, click on the words “Reset password”, click “Next”.
    • The next page will open, on it you need to write the verification key. You should have it written down, it was sent when setting up two-step verification. Indicate the device to which the code should come.
    • Enter the code you received on your PC and create a new password.
    • If the verification code is lost, all that remains is to contact customer support.

    How to recover Apple ID by serial number?

    Apple ID password requirements are high. When creating it, many users come up with difficult combinations to memorize and may eventually forget it. Recovery includes certain steps, but if you created your account yourself, you can easily go through all the steps. An account allows you to use the company’s services and remotely block a gadget with an active “device search” function when it is lost.

    • Go to the account management page, tap the “Reset password” link. It is located at the top of the screen.
    • Check the box next to the “Email authentication” line. Click “Next”, enter the email address previously specified during registration.
    • You should receive a message containing instructions on how to recover your ID and replace the password.

    What to do if you forgot your Apple ID

    The company is trying to combine all its devices into a single network so that a person can access files and data while sitting at a computer using a tablet or iPhone. To log into the app store from all these devices, you need one pair of login / code, but what to do if the user has forgotten the Apple password or personal identifier? All devices, provided that you have logged into your account at least once, save your ID. Instructions on where to see Apple ID:

    If this method does not help, the company’s technical support service has prepared several options for how to recover the Apple ID password:

    • Using the e-mail that you specified when creating your account.
    • Recover using security questions.
    • Through the two-step verification service (provided that you have activated it previously).

    Password reset

    What to do if the password is lost and you can’t remember it yourself? Try to restore EpD ID on iPhone. There are two ways to reset the key: via mail or by answering security questions. Both treatments are available on any platform, be it iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC.

    Recover Apple ID password

    For every owner of Apple devices, a personal ID is an integral part of the system. It opens access to the iTunes Store, App Store, the ability to create backups, allowing you to transfer data from one device to another. A person can forget his ID and then it is necessary to perform Apple password recovery.

    Reset via email

    First, let’s figure out how to reset your password via email. The procedure is implemented according to the standard aLGorithm, it is almost impossible to get confused during execution:

    • Connect your mobile device to a network (Wi-Fi or 3G).
    • Open the “iCloud” section in the settings. Click the Forgot Apple ID or Password?
    • Enter your Apple ID. the primary mailing address used to register your profile.
    • Choose to recover your password via email.

    You will receive a message in the mail with a guide to resetting the security key. If a backup e-mail is specified in the profile settings, then check it. there should be a similar message here. If the letter does not arrive, make sure that you enter the correct email address and look at the “Spam” folder. some services, by default, accept automatic mailing for unsolicited messages.


    Find the link “Reset password” in the email. Clicking will launch the browser with the reset page open. To restore access to all Apple services, you need to enter your new password twice and click on the “Reset” button. Done, you can now download free apps, shop and sync your device with iCloud again.

    By the way, pay attention to who the email comes from with the reset link. The sender must be Apple Corporation with If the message came from a different domain or you did not try to reset the security key at all, then do not open the message or follow any links. this is a phishing attack aimed at gaining access to your device.

    If you need to reset the passcode on a Mac, then you need to do the same: in the settings or in iTunes, click on the “Forgot your password?” Link, write an email and go to the page for resetting the security key.

    As already noted, you can reset your password on any platform. If you suddenly have an Android smartphone or PC running Windows at hand, then to recover the key, you need to go to the control page in the browser at and click on the already familiar link “Forgot your password?” and then follow the steps described above to reset the security key.

    Answers to security questions

    Quite a difficult recovery method. Many users, when registering an Apple ID, indicate random questions and give equally random answers. But, if you remember exactly what you indicated during registration, then you can safely answer the questions.

    Go to the Apple ID password recovery page.

    Enter the Apple ID login (email, which was indicated during registration) and select the Reset password item.

    Choose a recovery method Answer security questions and click Next.

    We indicate our date of birth, entered during registration and click the Next button.

    We answer security questions, after that Apple ID password reset will become available.

    Through 2-Step Verification

    The easiest and most convenient way to recover your password is available only to those who have previously activated this function. Read how to do this here.

    Go to the Apple ID password recovery page.

    Enter the Apple ID login (email, which was indicated during registration) and select the Reset password item.

    Choosing a recovery method Using two-step verification.

    Enter the recovery key and select the trusted device to which the confirmation code should be sent.

    Enter the confirmation code that will come via SMS or iMessage.

    Specify a new password and click the Reset password button.

    Thanks to re: Store for the capacious and comprehensive instructions.!

    We wish that your memory does not let you down and that you have to reset your password only as a last resort.

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    What you can’t do without your Apple ID password

    • you do not download an application from the App Store or content from iTunes (if Touch ID authorization is disabled);
    • you won’t download a Mac app or game from the Mac App Store;
    • you won’t be logged into iCloud;
    • can’t activate iPhone or iPad after restore or reset.

    You shouldn’t store your password in an accessible place, for example, in your notes or in a photo on your iPhone. If an attacker gains access to an unlocked phone, it will be unlinked from Apple ID in a minute.

    Store passwords in code-locked or Touch ID-locked apps such as 1Password or VKarman.

    How to recover Apple ID password

    Apple ID is becoming more and more valuable every year. New iPhones or iPads are linked to the account, apps and content are purchased.

    Before the advent of the Apple Touch ID scanner, we remembered our tricky passwords by heart. Now, not everyone can remember the code.

    By email

    The most affordable way to recover your password, suitable if you can check your e-mail.

    Go to the Apple ID password recovery page.

    Enter the Apple ID login (email, which was indicated during registration) and select the Reset password item.

    Choose a recovery method Get a message by e-mail and click Next.

    An email with a link to reset your password will be sent to your primary or secondary (if it was specified during registration) email address.

    Follow the link and specify a new password.

    How to recover your password

    This can be done in three ways:

    • By email.
    • By answering security questions.
    • Through two-step authorization.

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    Resuming access with a key on an iPhone or iPad

    You can resume access to Apple ID on iPhone only if you have a recovery key and a trusted gadget.

    Update 2020!! iCloud Disable Apple ID iCloud Activation Lock Forgotten ID/Password Factory Unlock

    • Open the Apple ID accounts page and select the “Forgot password” line.
    • Enter your ID and go to the code reset section.
    • Enter the recovery key in the field provided and select the required device.
    • Enter the code that came to the specified gadget and continue the reset procedure.

    If, during the described actions, the system offered to reset by phone number, you should enter the requested data and follow the recommendations on the screen.

    After removing the old code, you will need to log in to the system using the new password on all devices.

    Apple ID password recovery

    You can recover and reset your Apple ID password with Extended Authentication connected from any device connected to your account. If you cannot use a trusted gadget, you can use any Apple device.

    Resuming access using email

    If the user does not know how to remember the password for the account, you can resume access via mail or using security questions. For this:

    • Open the Apple ID accounts page, click on the “Forgot username or password” line and enter your Apple ID details.
    • Go to the “Reset password” section.
    • Select the required method of access renewal and follow the suggested instructions.

    After the performed manipulations, the system will offer to enter the account using the new password.

    Important! On all devices used, you will need to update the password through the “Settings” menu

    Resuming Access on a Mac Laptop

    When working with a laptop, go to the Apple settings section and carry out the following manipulations:

    • Go to the “System Settings” section and click on the iCloud line.
    • Open your account settings, go to the “General” section and click on “Change password”.
    • In the window that appears, enter the cipher used to unlock the computer and follow the further instructions of the system.

    If iCloud is not authorized, click on the line “Forgot passwords or Apple ID” and perform manipulations according to the recommendations on the screen

    Resuming access on iPhone

    You can recover your account password on a gadget with any version of the operating system.

    • Open the “Settings” section on a trusted device.
    • Click on the line with the user’s nickname.
    • Go to the “Password Security” section.
    • Click on the line “Change the code” and proceed according to the recommendations on the screen.

    If you encounter difficulties, it is recommended to check the iCloud authorization and repeat the proposed steps

    Applying a recovery key on Mac

    To resume access to your Apple ID:

    • Reboot your device.
    • Click on the required account.
    • Click on the question mark next to the field for entering the code and select the line “Reset using the recovery key”.
    • Enter the key in the proposed window and follow the recommendations of the system.

    In the absence of a key, it is not possible to use the proposed method.

    Apple ID password recovery methods

    If a person has forgotten their Apple ID password, they will not be able to use Apple’s internal resources. You can restore access to your account using email or another device.

    The method for restoring access to your Apple account depends on the security level you set. You can recover your password using the email attached to your account, trusted gadgets or standard password reset procedures.

    • Apple ID password recovery
    • Resuming access on iPhone
    • Resuming Access on a Mac Laptop
    • Applying a recovery key on Mac
    • Resuming access with a key on an iPhone or iPad
    • Resuming access from a third-party Apple device
    • Recovering the identifier if it is impossible to reset the code
    • Resuming access using email
    • Possible difficulties

    Resuming access from a third-party Apple device

    If the user does not have access to trusted gadgets and does not remember the code, then any iPhone or iPad device can be used to resume access.

    • Open the Find My iPhone app.
    • In the window that opens, make sure that the “Apple ID” line is not filled in. Third-party data should be erased.
    • Click on the item “Forgot your ID or password” and follow the recommendations suggested by the system.

    Note! If the login window is not displayed, you should log out of the activated account and follow the described steps