Forgot Apple ID Password on iPad

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Resetting your iPad

The essence of this option is that we completely “reset” our device to factory settings. then the password is reset and you can use it again.

To do this, you need to do the following sequence of actions:

  • Turn off iPad.
  • Connect it to your computer via USB port.
  • Hold the power button for three seconds, then, while continuing to hold it, simultaneously hold down the “Home” button and hold it for about ten seconds, then release the power button, and continue to hold “home” for the same amount of time. The meaning of these actions is to transfer your device to the so-called DFU mode.
  • Launch iTunes, select your iPad in it and click on the “Restore” button.
  • In the window that appears, select the “new device” option.

After these steps, the iPad should be reset to factory settings.

Attention: all your data will be destroyed!

Restoring a backup

Let’s make a reservation right away that this option is only possible if you have configured a backup of data from your device.

Copying data is possible in iCloud or iTunes. depending on which of these options you use, you will need to view the list of backups either in the Apple cloud service or in iTunes.

The task is to remember the moment at which you decided to put the password. You therefore need the latest backup before you implement password protection. You will have to roll back your device to this backup. accordingly, the data entered after setting the password will be lost.

To restore, you need to complete steps 1-4 from the first method, only then do not create a new device, but select the “Restore from backup” option, and then mark the corresponding backup file.

Recover iPad password

Unfortunately, human memory is imperfect, and, moreover, it has been studied little by science. Therefore, a person sometimes forgets even fairly simple things. The situation in which the user has forgotten the password on the iPad is just one of those, since the password itself is a digital code, which, with constant use, is quite difficult to forget.

Nevertheless, if this did happen, then a way out of this situation can be found, the only question is. what losses will be incurred in this case.

In fact, iPad password recovery can be done in two ways. with complete loss of data on the iPad and without it, but with the possible loss of some of the latest data. There is also a third method, which does not entail any losses, but in most cases it will not work. Let’s consider each of these methods in more detail.

Remember everything

Unfortunately, both the first and second methods described above entail a certain loss of data. complete or partial.

If this is unacceptable for you, then you can try your luck with method number 3. still try to remember the password.

First, if you used it frequently, you might have retained the so-called muscle memory. If it does not work for you, then consciousness can block it. Try to work around it by applying the following trick: go to bed and set an alarm on your phone to remind you to turn on the iPad. When he wakes you up, it is possible that in the “automatic” mode your fingers will enter the desired code.

Secondly, most often the numbers that you specified as a password mean something. Try to think about which digital combination you might have used. Just remember that you will have only nine attempts, since on the tenth all data from your gadget will be destroyed.

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In the Find iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad

If you only have a friend’s or family’s smartphone at hand, open the Find My iPhone app (download link) and do the following:

Make sure the device owner is signed out of their account.

Click the link button Forgot Apple ID or password?

Forgot Apple ID Password on iPad

Enter your Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions to reset your password.

Try to recover Apple ID through Apple sites

If nothing works (you don’t even remember the first letter of your mail, which the Apple ID was registered with), then there’s nothing to do, go to one of the official Apple sites. or Apple ID and click the Forgot Apple ID button or password?

On the next screen, you can try to enter the email address that best suits the role of “correct”. Also, the Apple website will offer to find your ID. for this you need to click on a special link.

Check your iPhone

Your Apple ID is used in multiple places on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To get to it, simply open the Settings app on your device and tap on your first and last name. Here’s your Apple ID!

On an iPhone or iPad with two-factor authentication

Open Settings.

Click on your name at the top of the screen.

Tap Password & Security.

Select the Change Password option.

Enter your passcode.

Enter a new password, confirm it and click Change.

Forgot Apple ID (which E-mail is attached to), how to remember (where to look)?

Go to the iCloud website

Visit one of the official pages. or Apple ID. If you previously saved information about your E-mail, it will be displayed in the window. The main thing is to type the first letters.

If you are logged into right now, click your name in the upper right corner and select iCloud Settings. Apple ID appears at the top of the screen.

Go to the site of the intended email address to which your Apple ID is linked

If you at least remember which email service was used to register your Apple ID, try going to its home page from your devices. For instance:

if @ mailbox was used. go to

@ or inbox, ru,

With any luck, the email address will be displayed in the upper right corner.

Forgot Apple ID and password, what to do, how to reset or recover

Apple ID is a key element of all Apple services. We use it on iOS devices and on Mac, with its help we enter iCloud, FaceTime, Calendar, iTunes, App Store. But what if the username or password from your “ID” has not been used for a long time and has been safely forgotten?

Check your Mac

The same story. many applications on Apple computers cannot do without an Apple ID. For example, in the System Preferences application, just select the iCloud section. information about your ID will be displayed on the left.

How to find your Apple ID and password

One of the easiest ways to remember your Apple ID is two-step verification. To protect the iPhone, the company has developed a system that improves the protection of the phone. For this item to work, you must activate authentication in advance. The procedure is performed as follows:

  • Go to the tab “My Apple ID”, enter the identifier, click on the words “Reset password”, click “Next”.
  • The next page will open, on it you need to write the verification key. You should have it written down, it was sent when setting up two-step verification. Indicate the device to which the code should come.
  • Enter the code you received on your PC and create a new password.
  • If the verification code is lost, all that remains is to contact customer support.

How to recover Apple ID and password via mail

Registration of the iPhone in the system is always carried out with the binding of the device to the e-mail box. The next way to recover your apple ID password will help you do it quickly and easily if you have access to your e-mail. You just need to fill out a letter with a request for a password. The procedure consists of several steps:

  • Go to the account management page, tap the “Reset password” link. It is located at the top of the screen.
  • Check the box next to the “Email authentication” line. Click “Next”, enter the email address previously specified during registration.
  • You should receive a message containing instructions on how to recover your ID and replace the password.

Video: How to Recover Apple ID Password

Forgetting your Apple ID is easy, especially when you don’t have to enter it every day. What to do in this unpleasant situation? Let’s make a reservation right away that you shouldn’t rush headlong into any office that repairs and unlock iPhones, or try to use the services of Internet sites of a similar orientation. They won’t be able to help you! At best, you will lose your money, and at worst, you ruin your iPhone.

You can try to find your ID on the account management page. To do this, click on the link “Find Apple ID”, which is located under the button “Create Apple ID”. Then do everything according to the instructions.

If that didn’t work, call Support Apple. Be prepared for the conversation to take about 20 minutes. The fact is that the operator you call has no access to information regarding your Apple ID. He will make a request to the central service. In order not to go broke on a long-distance call, use a landline phone, or even better Skype. If you and your Apple ID have not forgotten your security questions, you will soon receive a new Apple ID from a support representative.

On the way to obtaining a new Apple ID, inattentive users may face another problem. It is caused by an incorrect email address. In this case, the email confirmation of the new ID will be sent to another fictitious mailbox. You will find yourself in a situation where you cannot log in with the old identifier, but you still cannot log in with the new one, since it is not confirmed.

Do not panic! The fix is ​​pretty simple. Go to the official Apple website and enter your new Apple ID. A window will appear in response, notifying you that your mailing address has not been verified. All that is required is to click the “Change” button and write the correct address. Next, go to your email and follow the link provided in the confirmation letter. Congratulations! You have become the owner of a new Apple ID! Do not forget it, or better yet, write it down in some secluded place.

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Recover apple id password

For each owner of Apple devices, a personal Id is an integral part of the system. It opens access to the iTunes Store, App Store, the ability to create backups that allow you to transfer data from one device to another. A person can forget his ID and then it is necessary to perform Apple password recovery.

How to reset Apple ID by answering security questions

In the absence of access to the e-mail, the lost personal data for entering the company’s services can be restored by another method. to answer correctly the security questions. To do this on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to the account management, in the right corner, click “Reset password”.
  • This time put a tick in front of “Answer security questions”. Click the “Next” button.
  • The system will ask you to write your ID, enter your date of birth, give answers to questions. All of them were formed during account registration.
  • You should know the answers, if everything is entered correctly, it will be possible to set a new password for the account.

Sometimes users are so worried about data security that they pose questions that they themselves cannot then answer. Even if you don’t remember just one of the correct options, you will have to solve the problem with the help of the company’s customer support. The appeal can be made from the corresponding page, for example, in the app store service. Reopen the answers to the questions, but indicate that you do not remember some of them. To confirm the request, you must fill out the form. Then it remains only to wait for the response of the support service.

How to recover Apple ID by serial number?

Apple ID password requirements are high. When creating it, many users come up with difficult combinations to memorize and may eventually forget it. Recovery includes certain steps, but if you created your account yourself, you can easily go through all the steps. An account allows you to use the company’s services and remotely block a gadget with an active “device search” function when it is lost.

How to recover Apple ID?

To restore the user must know his login. If you forgot your Apple ID, you can see its “name” by going to the settings on the iPhone: “iCloud” or “iTunes Store.”. By going to one of the sections, you can see the e-mail through which you are authorized, this is your account login.

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not remember your login and your gadget is blocked, then check the email address you are using. Most likely, registration has been made for it. Look for letters from Apple to be sure. You can find out the login using the serial number. iPhone has IMEI information on the back. You can also find this information in the item “about the device”. There are services on the Internet that give a login ID by IMEI. You can restore access to your account using: email address, answers to security questions and using two-step verification.

How to recover apple ID if you forgot your login. What to do if you forgot your Apple ID

The company is trying to combine all its devices into a single network so that a person can access files and data while sitting at a computer using a tablet or iPhone. To enter the app store from all these devices, you will need one login / code pair, but what should be done if the user has forgotten the Apple password or personal identifier? All devices, provided that you have logged into your account at least once, save your Id. Instructions on where to see Apple ID:

If this method does not help, the company’s technical support service has prepared several options for how to recover the apple id password:

  • Using the e-mail that you specified when creating your account.
  • Recover using security questions.
  • Through the 2-step verification service (provided you have activated it previously).

How to restore your iPad using Find iPhone

In this case, you need to go to and go to the search page to make sure that Find iPhone is enabled on your tablet.

Then, in the browser window that opens, you need to call a list of all devices and, having selected your iPad, click on the “Erase” button to delete the previously set password and unlock the device.

Using Settings Assistant on iPad, you can easily restore erased data from the last backup, as shown in the figure.

How to unlock iPad using iTunes

If the tablet has been synced with iTunes, then you can unlock it by performing a few simple operations:

  • Connect iPad to the personal computer with which you want to sync.
  • If you have previously synchronized with this computer and created backups, then when you start iTunes, synchronization will be performed again, even when the portable device is turned off.

It will look like the picture.

  • Before restoring the tablet, you must disable encryption of a previously created backup.
  • After the end of the backup, it is recommended to go to the “Restore from backup” function, then it is recommended to select the most recent copy in the device memory to unlock the iPad.

Do not forget that you can configure the tablet in such a way that the next time when the password is entered incorrectly ten times, the data itself is erased and the device is restored.

How to unlock iPad if you forgot your password: Step by step instructions

At first glance, it seems strange when you hear that people are looking for how to unlock the iPad if they forgot their password, but anything happens in life.

Surely those people who care about the privacy of the contents of their tablet often change their password.

When the imagination dries up to generate new combinations, you have to use absolutely chaotic and meaningless passwords, which often leads to their forgetting.

Tips not to follow

You can often read tips for unlocking your iPad on Internet forums, but most of them are not effective for models with the latest versions of the iOS operating system.

So, for example:

  • using an emergency call;
  • deleting a file with a password;
  • remote password change.

All of these methods can be completely pointless and ineffective, in contrast to device synchronization using iCloud or iTunes.

It is important to understand that unlocking and restoring the iPad is not a serious problem, either if you forgot your password or when you never knew it (this applies to hackers).

This means that no matter how complex the password is, the device can still be turned on bypassing the security system.

Therefore, it is better to use simple passwords that are easy to remember, and not create inconvenience for yourself by inventing complex combinations, which, moreover, are often forgotten and do not bring a significant effect.

A detailed explanation of the procedures described above for restoring the operation of the iPad can be viewed in the video:

Guide to action

If, nevertheless, this happened, and the person forgot the password to his tablet, then the first thing to unlock it, you must try to remember this invented cipher.

But if this does not help and the person has forgotten the password completely and irrevocably, then it would be advisable to use the hint on how to unlock the tablet.

First, the number of consecutive attempts to enter the wrong password on the iPad is limited to five attempts.

And, therefore, if attempts to enter the correct password end, then the tablet will be locked and on its screen you can see a message stating that the device is disabled.

It looks something like the picture.

In this situation, in order to unlock the tablet, you need to delete information from it. This can be done in the following ways:

  • using the iTunes application;
  • using the “Find iPhone” function;
  • by going into recovery mode.

Advice! Before recovering the password from the iPad, you need to create a backup copy of the data contained in it, since the iOS password removal process will be reinstalled, and all data from it will be erased.

It is also advisable to make backups from time to time, saving the data that is stored on the tablet. Backup is necessary for those who store valuable information on their gadgets.

Because even if the tablet is lost, it’s easy to recover data.

It is convenient to create backups using the iTunes or icloud programs.

The first of them saves all the information completely, and this process can take a long time, while the second creates backups only using wi-fi and the speed of its work depends on the speed of the Internet.

over, it is impossible to use these programs at the same time, since they deactivate each other.

How to use recovery mode on iPad

If the previous two methods cannot be applied, the following steps should be followed:

  • Disconnect all cables from the tablet and turn it off.
  • While holding the Home button, connect iPad to iTunes and turn on the device.
  • When the iTunes program notifies that the device is in recovery mode, click “OK”.

If backups have never been created on a locked device, then restoring its operation will lose all data, programs and applications.

How to reset ipad password?

Hello! Have you forgotten your Apple device password? Do not worry! In this video you will find out!

How to remove Apple ID from iPad using Find iPad (both device and password required)

Alternatively, you can also remove Apple ID by following steps using Find iPad function.

Go to “Settings”. “Your name”. “iCloud”. “Find iPad”.

Here, disable Find iPad by moving the slider to the left. You will be required to enter your Apple ID password. Then choose “Off”.

After that, the Apple ID will be removed from your device, and you can log into another account or create a new one.

How to Reset Apple ID on iPad

Deleting your Apple account may be required to clean your iPad before selling or donating, and before returning it to a service center for repair. Also, you may just want to change the Apple ID on your device. But if you have forgotten your Apple ID and it is not possible to view it directly on iPad, do not despair. We have selected for you several simple and effective ways to reset Apple ID in cases when you remember the password from it and when the password is forgotten.

How to remove Apple ID from iPad using device settings (device required)

Removing your Apple account through device settings is straightforward. To do this, the device must be in your hands, and you must remember the Apple ID password.

Go to “Settings” go to “iTunes Store and App Store”

Click on your Apple ID and select “Sign Out”.

After that you can log in with a new account.

How to Delete Apple ID on iPad via Tenorshare 4uKey

Third-party Tenorshare 4uKey utility is a simple and effective solution to reset Apple account on your iPad if you forget Apple ID or don’t know your account password.

Download the 4uKey installer from Tenorshare’s official website. Install the program on your computer or Mac.

Launch the program on PC / Mac, then select “Remove Apple ID” in the right part of the program window.

In the next window of the program, click “Start”.

If the Find iPhone feature is disabled on your device, then after a few seconds the Apple ID will be removed from the device. In this case, all data of your iPhone / iPad will be saved.

If the Find iPhone function has been enabled on your device, you will first need to reset the device settings (Settings. General. Reset. Reset All Settings). After the device automatically restarts, the program will begin to delete your Apple ID.

After completing the account reset process, you will be able to log into another account or create a new one.

How to find Apple ID or Apple ID password via 4uKey-Password Manager

In a situation where you have forgotten your Apple ID or password from it, but resetting your account is not completely included in your plans, the excellent 4uKey-Password Manager utility will come to your aid. Instead of deleting your account, this program will allow you to find forgotten data.

Download the 4uKey-Password Manager program from the developer’s official website and install it on your computer.

Run the program on your PC and connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

Select the “Start Scan” option to search the device for an Apple ID and password (the utility also scans other passwords that are available on the device and are not associated with Apple ID).

After the scanning process is complete, the program will display a list of detected Apple IDs and other passwords for a preview.

With just one click you can export all passwords and Apple IDs. just select the “Export” option.

Then select the required format for saving data.

So, in our article, we have presented several good and effective solutions in a situation when the Apple ID on the iPad was forgotten. You can choose the method that suits you, depending on whether you just want to remember your Apple ID or permanently delete the old account. Share in the comments which method was the best for you!

How to Recover iPad Password via iTunes

In case of early synchronization of iPad with iTunes on the computer, for example, transferring music, video files, etc., you need to use your PC. However, if the sync is not done before the password is lost, all data on the iPad will be deleted.

And now, in fact, how to reset the password on the iPad:

Connect the device to your PC and enter iTunes.

Now make a forced restart of your device (simultaneously hold down the “Home” button and the side (or top) button). Then hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.

Select the “restore” function. If this procedure takes more than 15 minutes, you will need to repeat all these steps from the beginning.

After recovery, you can set up your device and use it normally.

If the iPad you are using has synced with iTunes before, you can easily get all your data back, even if you decide to erase all passwords and information on iPad. Here are simple steps on how to erase iPad if you forgot your password:

Connect your device to the computer where you used to sync.

Launch iTunes on your PC. When prompted for a password, connect your iPad to the other person’s computer where you also synchronized.

Next, you must use the recovery mode.

Wait while iTunes syncs to your device and backs up.

When iTunes finishes this short-lived process, select Restore Device from the panel.

IOS will open a customization window while iPad recovery starts. Select “Recover from a copy”.

Now select your device in the PC utility. View the date it was created, as well as the size of a specific backup. Find the required file.

Three ways to reset your iPad password if you forgot

How to remove password from iPad via iCloud

The easiest choice to manage your passcode is to use the iCloud method to reset your iPad. Find My iPad allows us to remotely restart the iPad. This “ability” was originally used to ensure that anyone who finds or stole your Apple tablet was not allowed to obtain any of your personal information. Naturally, for such an action you need to turn on My iPad. If you don’t know how to enable this app, follow this step-by-step guide to find your iPad listed:

Enter the website in your web browser.

Click on Find My iPhone. When the list appears, click on “All devices” at the top and click on the iPad tablet icon.

When your device is selected, a window will appear in the upper left corner. In this window, you will notice three buttons “Play Sound”, “Lost Mode” (which locks the iPad) and “Erase iPad”.

Make sure the device name above these buttons is your iPad and no other device.

Click the Erase iPad button and follow the instructions. He will ask you to confirm your choice. After that, the process of complete data clearing will begin.

Your iPad must be 100% charged and connected to the Internet. Otherwise it won’t work.

Your Apple ID password protects the privacy of your personal information stored in iCloud, such as your email address. Your passcode also protects your ability to locate or remotely wipe your device with Find My iPhone. You should change your password regularly to better protect your information.

How to reset iPad password if you forgot. 3 ways

The latest technologies are unwittingly being introduced into everyday life. Therefore, we are used to taking care of the security of our devices by downloading many programs for protecting personal data or using already installed protection blocks (passwords, face recognition, fingerprint, etc.). iPad is a versatile device that simplifies our lives, and information leaks are not welcome. If you are faced with the fact that you cannot unlock your device, we provide you with several options on how to restore iPad if you forgot your password.

How to unlock forgotten iPad password via Tenorshare 4ukey

Using Apple services is reliable because you follow the advice of Apple’s manufacturers. But such a system will not always provide you with such a desired and quick result. If you have already encountered the problem of unlocking your iPad, but did not like the lengthy process itself, we recommend you an equally safe option. download Tenorshare 4uKey. This program is capable of deleting a forgotten password in one click, within a few minutes. But do not forget about the most important thing. all important information on the device will be destroyed after removing the password. Once you’ve been able to remove your iPad passcode, your next task is to set up your iPad in a new way, change your password, Touch ID, or Face ID. If you used iTunes or iCloud services and made copies there, you can easily restore all your personal data to iPad.

We provide you with a short instruction on how to reset the passcode on iPad:

Run the 4ukey program on your computer. Connect iPad to PC using USB cable and follow the instructions to put iPad into recovery mode.

When the program recognizes your device, press “Start” in order to delete erase passcode on iPad.

Then download the firmware package for the iOS program using the Internet.

When the firmware package is downloaded to your computer, click “Start Unlock” to resume the iPad, but without the passcode.

When iPad is working again, the old passcode will be lost. You can now start setting up your device.

Thus, panic should not overwhelm you when your personal data is lost. Online services give you the opportunity not only to increase the amount of memory on your devices, but also to create an online storage of all the information you need.

Update 2020-04-10 / Update for Unlock iPhone

Blocking bypass

If you cannot remove the lock, we will try to bypass it. Ben Schlabs, an employee of Security Research Labs, wrote about a 100% working method. It has been quoted a huge number of times, confirming that the method really works. You can’t call it simple, but you can try. The conditions are: you do not know either the lock code or the Apple ID with a password. nothing.

  • Using Control Center on the lock screen, activate Airplane Mode or remove the SIM card from the slot to disconnect the network connection. This will give you time to guess your password.
  • Choose a four-digit password (10,000 options) or take a fingerprint of the previous owner, if possible.
  • After unlocking the screen, go to Settings. iCloud. Account. Write down the data that is entered in the “Apple ID” field. This is the Apple ID to which the device is tied, it remains only to find out the password from it.
  • Go to the Apple ID password recovery site in a browser on your computer. Enter your Apple ID and click “Next” to proceed with password recovery.
  • Connect iPad to the Internet via Wi-FI for a few seconds.
  • Start the mail client, open the letter from Apple and copy the link to restore access. Disconnect the internet immediately.
  • Launch the browser on the computer and enter the link you received on the iPad.
  • Enter your new Apple ID password.
  • Go to iCloud settings on iPad and delete the old account by entering the new password. The “Find” function will be disabled, and with it the activation lock will be removed.
  • Reset settings and content, then set up your device as new with different Apple ID details.

The instructions may well be used by intruders, but if you know the method, you can protect yourself from them in the event of the loss or theft of the iPad.


How do I release the lock? There are two ways:

  • Disable Find My iPhone in Settings.
  • Unlink iPad from Apple ID.

In both cases, knowledge of the Apple ID password is required, so a vicious circle is obtained. You cannot remove the lock if the function is activated, but you can disable it only if you know the password. But we always forget passwords, what if the honestly purchased device is blocked? Which workaround to use? Maybe the lock will be removed at the service center? Let’s figure out what to do to get an unlocked iPad back.

Contacting the service center or a call to Support will definitely not help: specialists will tell you right away that there is no way to regain access to a locked device, except how to find out / remember the Apple ID password.

Ways to Bypass iPad Activation Lock

IPad Activation Lock protects your device from unauthorized access if it is stolen or lost. However, this useful feature in some cases can become an insurmountable obstacle for the rightful owner of the tablet. In order for the device not to remain in a “brick” state, you need to know how to bypass the activation lock.

How activation lock works

Activation Lock on iPad appeared with the release of iOS 7. The function is enabled when you configure “Find iPhone” and allows you to block the device associated with Apple ID. When the lock is enabled, you will have to enter your Apple ID password every time:

  • disabling Find iPhone in the settings;
  • Sign out of iCloud
  • erasing information and reactivating.

Activation Lock essentially turns iPad into a brick. If you forget the password or do not know it, the device is completely locked. You will not be able to unlock the system on the iPad, even if you reflash it 2 times, nothing will change. When reactivated, the system will require a password from the Apple ID, and if you do not enter it, the tablet will not turn on.

Apple has made this protection to keep users’ personal data safe from unauthorized access, but this feature can be dangerous for the rightful owner. If you don’t remember your password, you won’t be able to sign out of iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone, and activate your device after a factory reset and content reset or flashing.

Using the doulCi service

If you cannot get into the system interface, because you found the activation lock only after the settings were reset, then you will have to use another method. bypass using the doulCi service. Open the hosts file on a computer with iTunes installed. Insert one of the lines into it:

Then connect iPad to computer in DFU mode.

When a device tries to connect to Apple servers to verify activation, an entry in the hosts file will redirect it to the hacker server. On doulCi servers, the activation request will be processed, after which the blocking will be removed, and you can go to the iOS home screen.

This method cannot be used for iPhones and iPads with a SIM card, since after such a bypass they will remain with the functionality of the iPod: you can listen to music and watch videos on them, but the devices will not connect to the mobile network. Nothing will happen to an iPad without GSM, it will work the same way as it did before the lock.

Another disadvantage is that the owners of the doulCi servers receive information about the device, including the serial number and other individual identifiers, as well as access to personal information. So before using this method, think carefully and clean the cloud storage of information that no one else should see.

Reset Forgotten Apple ID or Password on iPhone / iPad

If you forgot your Apple ID or password, but could still access your iPhone or iPad, you can reset Apple ID on your iDevice directly.

Unlock your device and open the Settings app. Find iCloud in the list and click on the email address on the iCloud screen.

Step 2 Click “Forgot Apple ID or Password” and you will get two options. To reset your password, enter your Apple ID and click Next. The Forgot your Apple ID option is used to reset your Apple ID. You can make a decision based on your situation.

Apple will ask for some information to identify you as the owner and then send your Apple ID or password.

Use Apple 2-Step Verification if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password.

Apple launched two-step verification in 2013 to help protect your Apple ID and password. This feature is also useful when you want to reset your Apple ID.

If you’ve set up two-step verification, go to and enter your Apple ID to start the process.

Step 2 You will then be prompted to enter the recovery key that you already received when you set up two-step verification. If you forgot it, the “Lost Recovery Key” link can help you get your recovery key back.

Unblock the trusted handset and see the verification code you received from Apple.

Enter your four-digit confirmation code in the field on the confirmation page; You will be taken to the Apple ID password reset page.

How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone when You Forgot Apple ID

Install iPhone Data Recovery on PC

Scan entire phone for data recovery

Click the “Start Scan” button in the interface; the program will start scanning your phone and looking for recoverable data on it. After entering the results window, you can view the details by category.

Recover iPhone Data to PC

Select all data and important files and click “Recover” button. Then select a folder to save your iPhone data and click “Recover” again. After a few seconds, the iPhone data will be saved on your PC.

Use Apple two-factor authentication if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password.

Similar to 2-Step Verification, 2FA is another way to reset Apple ID.

Step 1 Go to in your browser and enter your Apple ID. If you have configured two-factor authentication, you will get two options: “Reset from another device” and “Use a trusted phone number”.

Step 2 Select the option that suits your conditions and click “Continue” to move on.

Step 3 When you are prompted to trust your device, click “Allow” to start resetting your Apple ID.

Recover lost data as soon as you forgot Apple ID or Apple ID password

When you forgot your Apple ID or password, we were concerned about data loss besides resetting your Apple ID. Nowadays, you need a professional tool to recover lost data from your iPhone and iTunes backup. We recommend FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery because it offers powerful features as shown below.

Recover Lost Data from iDevices, iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup without Resetting Apple ID.

Extract iPhone Data to Computer in One Click.

Data preview according to recovery types.

Supports all iPhone and iPad models including iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS.

In short, FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is the best way to recover data on iPhone when you’ve forgotten Apple ID or password.

How to Recover Lost Data from iTunes Backup When Forgot Apple ID

Switch to iTunes backup recovery mode

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable if you forgot your Apple ID. After installation, launch the iPhone data recovery program and open the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” tab on the left sidebar.

Open iTunes backup

When the program recognizes your iPhone, all available iTunes backup files will appear in the list. Select the latest iTunes backup according to the latest backup date and click the “Start Scan” button to open the backup file.

Retrieve Lost Data from iPhone

Browse and select the iPhone files you want to recover in the details window and click the “Recover” button in the bottom right corner. Your iPhone’s data will be downloaded to your computer without resetting Apple ID.

Reset Apple ID by deleting existing Apple ID

The first method is the easiest when you forgot your Apple ID account and related security questions to factory reset.

You will need a third party software, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. This is a professional device for removing Apple ID if your old Apple ID cannot login due to wrong password or Apple ID cannot be unlocked due to security issue, trusted number, etc. You can have full control over your iOS device after removal Apple ID.

Remove Blocked Apple ID from iPhone iPad and iPod.

Wipe screen passcode to enter locked iOS device.

Recover and Erase Time Limit Screen Password.

Supports iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, and more, running iOS 14/13, etc.

Now let’s simplify the process of removing Apple ID on your iOS device.

Free download Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker by clicking on the download link below. It supports both Windows and Mac computer and you can use it however you like. Run this program after successful installation.

To open the window, you must click Remove Apple ID. Connect your iOS device where you want to reset Apple ID to computer.

Click the Start button and this program will start removing your existing Apple ID from your iOS device.

After that, your iOS device will be unlocked with the original Apple ID so you can reset your new account.

If Find My iPhone / iPad is enabled on your iOS device, you must reset all settings first.

Any iOS devices running iOS 11.4 or later need to turn off Find My iPhone / iPad.

Frequently asked questions about resetting Apple ID

Can I Remove Apple ID from Stolen iPhone without Passcode?

To remove Apple ID from stolen iPhone, you need to use some professional tools like Apeaksoft iOS Unlock. It is a powerful Apple ID removal software to help you erase Apple ID and iCloud password. And it can unlock screen lock, Face ID, Touch ID, digital passcode on iPhone / iPad / iPod.

How to find my forgotten Apple ID email address?

You can go to “Settings” [your name] and then you will see your email address under your profile.

How to change Apple ID password on iPhone?

On your iPhone, open the Settings app, tap your iCloud account, and then tap Password & Security. Select the “Change Password” option. Then enter your current password and enter a new password. Confirm the new password and click “Change” or “Change password” to confirm the operation.

Reset Apple ID password via email or security questions

When you signed up for an Apple ID, you had to reset your recovery email or ask security questions. They are auxiliary tools for Apple ID password reset.

Type in the address bar and press Enter to open it.

Step 2 When you see “Enter your Apple ID”, enter the email address you used to register your Apple account in this field.

Step 3 Select the My Password option and click Next to go to the next page. Here you will see two options: “Receive an Email” and “Answer Security Questions”. If you want to recover your Apple ID password using security questions, select the latter; otherwise, select the first option to get a link to reset your password in the backup email.