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FNaF Parodies

Using the idea of Five Nights at Freddy some fans create their own games. FoNaF parodies. Some of them are very well realized and have original storylines. Others try to outdo the original by the power of fright created by the atmosphere.Often the principle of 5 Nights with Freddy parodies is used as a basis for survival. you have to cope with the ordeal and survive until morning. Parody creators decide how many nights they have to last to be considered a winner. All NaF Parodies are very different in concept and execution. Sometimes simple flash editors are used, and sometimes professionals get down to business and create their own versions of horror games based on FNaF on the basis of powerful game engines that support 3D graphics and various special effects. Games are created for different platforms. For the most part, these are small trials on the computer, but some create or adapt their creations on Android devices as well. Most often you need to defend yourself with limited resources, but sometimes you can play for animatronics, and then you are not in the role of a victim, and it is also very interesting.

In games similar to 5 Night With Freddy’s Day, sometimes the characters from other games are used, or popular heroes from movies and cartoons. Very often they try to kill your character, and the most frightening feature of many games are loud and unexpected screamers, which have become the hallmark of the entire series of games Five Nights at Freddy’s. On our site we have tried to place the best of the fan games, they form a kind of top parodies of FaNaF, which we are constantly updated with new items. The articles contain interesting information about the gameplay and characters of the parodies, how to survive and what the peculiarities of different parodies are. If possible, we also supplement the information with pictures from the game and the video walkthrough, so that you can give a preliminary assessment of the application before you download it. We hope that thanks to our reviews you will discover many good fan parodies of CNaF, which can only evoke the best emotions when you play on PC or on your phone.

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Features of CNaF 2

The open testing of CNaF 2 allows you to demonstrate the features that will be in the full version of the parody of CNaF. At the same time, you can identify bugs and fix them in time, which saves time testers and developers themselves. Therefore, even before the official release of the final version, everyone can freely and freely download the 3D horror Creepy Nights at Freddy’s 2.

Download the game Creepy Nights at Freddy

The demo version is available for two nights, but even they are enough to see the features of the new fan game. Unfortunately, now we will not be able to move freely. This was a major feature of the first part of Creepy Nights at Freddy’s, but did not appear in the sequel. At least for now, we are forced to sit in one place. at the guard’s desk. and do all the necessary work.

A big difference from the original NaF 2 is a huge improvement in graphics. We can turn around, look up and even under our own feet. The visualization of all processes is much better. Looking at the cameras, we see clearly and beautifully drawn robots. The structure of the pizzeria, owned by Freddy Fazbear’s Entertainment has not been radically changed, everything is in familiar places. A pleasant and unexpected change was the fact that in KNAF 2 animatronics actually walk. Every move they make is animated and they respond to interaction attempts. This adds realism and adds dynamics to the gameplay.

Creepy Night’s at Freddy’s Android Edition

The game still looks great, and the opportunity to wander around the old pizzeria from FaNaF 1 and fight off its revived animatronics will appeal to many fans of the series of horror games. That’s why it’s so great that the Android version of Creepy Night’s at Freddy’s has been released. And it’s practically a full-fledged game, where we can customize the graphics, choose the Russian language and start surviving on the phone. Fully works the ability to walk around the pizzeria, made animation of all objects and animatronics.

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It is worth noting that CNaF on Android needs a 64-bit system and a large stock of RAM, so on an old or weak phone, you can not even install CNaF. If you have a fairly new Android smartphone. then feel free to download the game at the link below and go on adventures!

Creepy Night’s at Freddy’s on Android (64-bit):

Depending on the characteristics of your computer, choose to download the appropriate version from the links below:

What’s new

Everything is so familiar don’t you think? Especially fans of the already known horror will notice it. Familiar to the painful places, all the same characters and animatronics only more detailed elaborated with beautiful graphics and 3D visualization. Since work was carried out using modern technology and graphics in the game is much better than the original through the use of Unreal Engine 4, and this can not but mean that now there is an expanded opportunity in terms of the surrounding space. Now you can walk around the game locations as you want and explore every corner!

What if the hack does not work?

If the game does not work write a comment or request an update (or just a working mod is not there and you can not even look for it). You can also disable the license check via Lucky Patcher and it is highly desirable to get Root rights for the phone.

Whenever possible always posted the russian version. If you have information that the russifier came out. Write to us about it.

Game Features

Dive into this terribly entertaining horror game that will make you nervous and check what you are afraid of more than anything else in the world. Enjoy nice graphics and quality 3D character models that will be with you throughout this game.

Easy controls, will help you complete each new task. Cool visual effects will give you unforgettable emotions for a very long time. The classic gameplay, familiar to almost every player who has already managed to play the previous series of games.

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On our site you can download Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted game for free on Android.

Game Features

FNAF 2: Open Source is a reimagined version of the original second part at the expense of the open source project. The game is easily modifiable from all sides. textures, levels, character models, dialogues, items, mechanics and so on.

The main part of the story campaign, unfortunately, in the “open” version is severely curtailed. currently there is only one fully functional and customizable level, a list of new and old animatronics from the previous game. Also, the enthusiasts who created this code have added a few amusing passages and changes that the most attentive fan of the series will notice. In FNAF 2: Open Source the following features await you:

  • A scarier and darker atmosphere in the game;
  • Characters with customizable difficulty;
  • Increased player reaction requirements;
  • Unique masks to scare away robots.

Game Features

Immerse yourself in a horrible atmosphere, in which you will be chased by various horrible animatronics and each of them will have their most unique attacks. Use against them wisely in a taser and flashlight depending on the situation.

But be aware that your charge in batteries will be limited. Collect different items and costumes to assemble your own animatronics, which you can send out to hunt other players to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Top Plusses

Here you can download and play the hacked version of Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 (FNAF 1). Five Nights with Freddy (hack for money) on the Android platform absolutely free!

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