Flashlight not working on iPhone

Understanding the new iOS 14 feature. Back Tap

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Tired of messing around in the dark? With iOS 14 and above, you can easily and quickly adjust your flashlight without even touching the screen! To do this, you need a device starting with iPhone 8, the Back Tap function and a couple of taps on the back of the smartphone. How to do this. we will figure it out below.

What is Back Tap and how it works?

Back Tap is a new iOS accessibility feature that detects physical finger touches on the back of your iPhone using the built-in accelerometer. It is available on all Apple devices with iOS 14. starting from iPhone 8. Just 2 or 3 taps (whichever you choose) can launch many different actions on your phone, including the camera, music, and flashlight. Let’s talk about the latter.

How to create a flashlight toggle command

To turn the flashlight on and off, you need to create a special command using the built-in Commands application. If you can’t find it on your screen, use Spotlight search (swipe down from the middle of the home screen and type “commands” in the search bar).

Go to the application. you will find yourself on the “My shortcuts” page. Click the “” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be taken to the “New Team” tab, where you can fill it with the necessary actions. But first, let’s give her a name. Click on the three dots, tap the “Team Name” text area, rename it to “Flashlight Switcher” (or whatever you like) and click “Done”.

Now click on “Add Action”.

When the “Actions” panel appears, type “flashlight” into the search bar. Select On / Off in the results. flashlight”.

Example of Programmable Settings Using Back Tap

The action will appear on your list. By default, when the command is run, it is set to turn on the flashlight. We want the team to turn on and off the flashlight. To do this, tap “Show more” under the words “Turn on the flashlight”.

In the list of actions, click Switch.

When you return, you will see that the action is now called “Toggle Flashlight”. This means that if you run the command and the flashlight is deactivated, it will turn on. Accordingly, if you run the command while the flashlight is on, it will turn off. Feel like a programmer!

Click “Finish” to complete the creation of the team.

You will then see the Flashlight Switch in the My Commands list. You can check its action here and now by simply clicking on the command.

Now you need to move on to the next step: bind a shortcut to “Touch from behind”.

To do this, open “Settings” and select the “Accessibility” tab in the menu, and then “Touch”.

In the “Touch” tab, go to “Touch from behind”.

From the Back Tap menu, choose how you want to activate the flashlight. by double or triple tapping the back of your phone. and tap the appropriate option.

Then scroll down the list of actions until you see the “Quick Commands” section. Select the newly created Flashlight Switch command.

Make sure you check the box and exit the settings. Now, when you double or triple tap the back of your iPhone (depending on how you set it up), you’ll turn on the flashlight. Tap the panel two / three times to turn it off.

Attention: the function may not work if you are wearing a thick case.

Other Reasons

If the iPhone flashlight still doesn’t work after updating, charging the battery, and checking above, and the iOS device hasn’t been dropped, damaged by water or other physical damage, you can reset your iPhone to eliminate potential impacts.

According to iPhone users, iPhone flashlight not working problem can be caused mainly by iOS update, physical damage and water damage. Here are some examples of people raised in major forums. How to fix it

“I bought my iPhone 6 a few weeks ago and the flash and torch went off at first and then stopped. I have searched for solutions on Google and have been asking Apple for help for a long time. But the iPhone flashlight still didn’t work. “.

“Just installed a new public beta, but only to find the flashlight grayed out and doesn’t work on iOS 10.2.1 Beta 4.”

“My iPhone 7 fell yesterday, then the new screen was replaced at the local repair service. But when I switched the camera flashlight at home, nothing happened. “.

“My sister surprised me and my iPhone 6s at the pool. It seems that everything is fine if the idle flashlight for the iPhone does not work “.

low iPhone battery

Check the low power setting is also a necessary part. This mode turns on when your iPhone is using high power consumption. In this mode, only the basic functions of making and receiving phone calls, including text messages, will exist. Therefore, additional applications and services will be automatically disabled, including the disabled iPhone flashlight. How to fix it

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Easily

There are other reasons that cause iPhone flashlight not working, you can read this post and find the best solutions to fix disabled flashlight easily.

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working?

do not disturb enabled

If you have previously enabled the Do Not Disturb button for meetings or other critical events, the LED Alerts will not work. In addition, the iPhone’s flashlight also does not work in airplane mode. Some people may set the scheduled DND settings to have a good night’s rest, if so, you need to adjust the scheduled time so as not to disrupt the time more flexibly. How to fix it

Why is my iPhone flashlight not working

Let’s unearth the real “killer” that makes the flashlight not work on the iPhone. Some of them may not be visible, but they play an important role in the operation of a regular iPhone flashlight. You can follow these steps to understand why the flashlight can’t work on iPhone all of a sudden.

iPhone is overheating

iPhone will overheat after prolonged use or simply due to a hot environment. For example, if you talk to someone for more than 1 hour, your iPhone will be warmer and warmer, which is bad for the internal components. Sometimes you will receive a notification that the flash is off and you need to cool down before you can use the flash again normally. Therefore, your iPhone flashlight will not work until the digital is back to normal operating temperature. How to fix it

restricting iPhone flashlight settings

Your iPhone flashlight is not working, this is a phenomenon caused by incorrect settings in most cases. You can check the flashlight settings in “Auto”, “On” Or “Off” And take photos under each room. Later open “Settings” and click “General” to get “Accessibility”. Scroll down to make sure “LED Flash for Alerts” is enabled. Or, you can turn off the Camera app, double-click the Home button, and swipe up to close it. Open it to see if the Flashlight button on iPhone is not working or not. How to fix it

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

With the above methods to check iPhone status why the flashlight won’t turn on, it’s time to fix the flashlight issue. You can find related solutions to fix iPhone flashlight problems on next tablet.

IPhone Flashlight Not Working How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Won’t Turn On
1. Check flashlight settings Check your iPhone settings and be sure to enable “LED Flash for Alters”. You can also change the setting to Auto, On or Off multiple times. And don’t forget to enable “LED Flash for Alerts” by selecting the “Settings” and “General” buttons
2. Do not disturb Open Settings and search for Control Center to turn off Do Not Disturb mode and fix flashlight not working on iPhone issues
3. Overheating iPhone Turn off your iPhone to cool it down. Press the Home and Sleep / Wake buttons until the Apple logo appears.
4. Low power mode Turn off low power mode. Open Settings, tap Battery, and then disable Low Power Mode. Or you can charge your iPhone to turn on the flashlight on iPhone
5. Other reasons Reset your iPhone back to default settings again. Select “Settings” and click “General”, find “Reset” and click “Reset all settings”

Note. Updating iPhone to the latest version of iOS can fix iPhone flashlight not working issue. If the above flashlight fix solutions are useless, you can try restoring your iPhone from iTunes backup or iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9 iCloud backup files.

We would also like to recommend you iOS System Recovery.It is the best iOS system recovery tool so that it can help you fix broken iOS system that is causing iPhone flashlight not working.

That’s it to fix iPhone flashlight problem not working on all iOS versions. You can try the same solution to fix flashlight problems on recently released iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini.

This post presents an easy way to turn on your Android or iPhone phone flashlight with the best flashlight app. Come and learn to make life better!

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turn off the camera app

Step 1. Quickly press the Home button twice and swipe up to close the Camera app.

Step 2. Launch the Camera app again to determine if the iPhone’s flashlight is working. You can disable all related apps to make sure it is not a software problem.

2 Methods to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

The iPhone flashlight makes a big difference when we photograph or use it to illuminate the road at night. However, sometimes you just find that the iPhone flashlight is not working or it goes gray in the control center with no response. This issue often occurs when you update your iPhone to a new version of iOS, reset your iPhone, or cause water damage.

In fact, we cannot always introduce these problems into a hardware problem. In most cases, we can solve these problems with simple approaches. With that in mind, this article showcases 12 best ways to fix iPhone flashlight not working. Just keep reading to find solutions now.

  • 5 Basic Methods to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working
  • 7 Solutions to Fix iPhone LED Flash Not Working

close the camera app

Step 1. Quickly press the Home button twice and swipe up to close the Camera app.

Step 2. Launch the Camera app again to determine if the iPhone LED flash is working.

update to the latest iOS version

Updating the software to the latest version can fix iPhone flashlight problems. Make sure your device is fully charged and connected to Wi-Fi before updating for iPhone.

Go to “Settings” “General” “Software update”, check if an update is available for the operating system.

If a software update is available, click the Update Now button to update your iOS version accordingly.

When you fix iPhone problems, flashlight won’t work, you should transfer some important files that haven’t been backed up. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer should be the recommended iTunes alternative for transferring data to iPhone, iPad, iPod and other iOS devices.

Easily sync messages, contacts, photos, music, app data, and more from iPhone or other iOS devices.

Flexibly transfer files from iPhone to computer or iPhone to iPhone. What’s more, you can sync messages directly to your computer.

Without iTunes limitation that you will erase data during sync, you can use this tool to copy all files, prevent iTunes errors, view files instantly.

recover iPhone from iCloud

Go to Settings General Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. After erasing iPhone content, you can restore iPhone to the previous version that the flashlight is running.

And then you can restart your iPhone, you can find the “Hello” screen to check if the iPhone’s flashlight is working now. It will transform the iPhone into a brand new one.

Click “Recover from iCloud Backup”, you can select the iCloud backup file. And then you can restore iPhone from iCloud backup to fix iPhone flashlight not working problem.

Camera (black screen) and flashlight not working in iPhone. how to fix?

Hey! Just recently, I had to update an iPhone 5S on iOS 10 to one friend and everything would be fine, but then I would not write this article 🙂 In general, the next day he came to me and said literally the following: “Apple is all scoundrels They artificially make devices obsolete. they force them to buy new ones. Look, after the update, my rear camera stopped working (there is now always a black screen), and the flashlight does not turn on, it constantly writes about some kind of overheating, although the device is completely cold “.

I can certainly believe that Apple is somehow being forced to buy their new gadgets (for example, adding new chips). But not as barbaric. a simple update breaking cameras. Therefore, it was decided to try to correct this ailment and it worked! How? I’ll tell you now, let’s go!

From the outset, it should be noted that, with regards to this problem, the rear camera and flashlight are dependent on each other. The camera will show a black screen, and when the flash is turned on, it will be written: “The flash is off. Cooling is required before using the iPhone flash. ” This is, so to speak, the main symptom.

So, first of all, I climbed to look and see what people write about this. It turns out that the Apple forum already has a whole thread dedicated to this ailment. And there will be enough such “lucky ones” (with the camera not starting after the update) for the whole town. True, it mainly deals with the iPhone 5, but the 5S, as well as other gadgets on iOS, are also mentioned. Here are some tips and actions we managed to spy on. after completing them, the camera worked again for some:

  • Enable or disable power saving mode (how to do this?).
  • Switch cameras (from front to back) several times. Until the black screen disappears and it starts to turn on.
  • Apply a little pressure around the camera (very carefully!).
  • Close all applications that might be using the camera and try again.

If it does not help, then we proceed with the standard set of Apple technical support tips designed to eliminate any error related to the iPhone and iPad:

  • We do a hard reset of the gadget. How? The answer is here!
  • Full reset of content and settings.
  • Restoring the latest current firmware via DFU mode.

If this does not help, then you will have to climb inside the gadget.

In the event that the device is under warranty, do it yourself oh how it should not.

If the skills of assembly and disassembly are not alien to you, then we check and turn on / off:

  • Camera loop.
  • Battery.

Perhaps they just moved away after a fall or other blow. If the phone has been unofficially restored, reassembled, or has undergone some kind of “handicraft” repair, then very often it can be noted that there is no special film on the cables, which allows you to securely fix the cable in the connector. And at the slightest fall, it just falls out.

Even if everything is in place and it seems to you that they are firmly installed to the end, in order to solve the inoperative flash and black screen when starting the camera, you need to pull them out and insert them. Yes, a simple reconnection is enough in most cases.

It should be noted here that a friend bought an iPhone 5S on the market and who, how, and from what assembled it. we naturally do not know. In any case, if on the previous version of iOS this did not prevent the camera from starting normally, then after the update something went wrong and instead of the subject we saw a solid black screen.

I hope that you will not get to the point of disassembling the device and making the camera with a flashlight work in other, simpler ways. Although there is nothing difficult in the last version, you just need to act carefully and not break anything else! 🙂

Damage to the iPhone flashlight is one of the most common breakdowns caused by mechanical damage, contact of the device with moisture, or a software error. It is quite difficult to fix such a breakdown on your own, since, in most cases, this malfunction also affects the normal functioning of the iPhone camera. In this case, immediate diagnosis is required with the subsequent replacement of the failed camera module.

Reasons why the flashlight on iPhone may not work

There are a number of reasons that can cause the flashlight on your iPhone to break. Only by understanding what exactly caused the breakdown, you can fix it.

  • Contact with water or mechanical shock / falling from a great height. If your iPhone is severely cracked (if dropped) or is visibly wet or hot (if it comes into contact with water). In this case, a malfunctioning flashlight will not be one problem. After contact with water or a fall, the entire camera module suffers, to which the flashlight belongs. Check the camera if it does not work either. you need to immediately contact the service center to replace the broken part.
  • System error. Rarely, but even the iOS system can make mistakes. If the flashlight suddenly fails, you can try resetting your device. In this case, the system will be restarted and the error will self-correct.
  • Incorrect update. Disconnecting the Internet during the update, a sudden reboot or even a small system bug can cause an incorrect update, which, as a consequence, will result in a malfunctioning flashlight. If you try to reset your device to a previous version of iOS, you can fix the problem.

ATTENTION! If the flashlight on your iPhone stops working, you should definitely contact a trusted service center to diagnose the device.

How is the flashlight repair at the iLounge Lab service center

Our technicians from the iLounge Lab service center have already encountered the problem of a malfunctioning flashlight on an iPhone. Here’s how the repair procedure works with us:

  • You come to our service center with your broken device, explain the essence of the problem.
  • The iLounge Lab wizard listens to you and conducts free iPhone diagnostics, tells you the reasons for the breakdown and the necessary measures.
  • If the problem is a system error, our wizards reset, re-update the system and reboot your device. After that, you immediately get your iPhone in your hands.
  • If the reason is a broken module, malfunctioning of the flashlight through a fall or contact with water, the foreman announces the deadline and price of repair / part.
  • After everything is coordinated with you, the wizard proceeds to repair the iPhone.

Be warned that replacing the flash module alone on an iPhone is not possible. In order to set up the normal operation of the iPhone, you will need to replace the entire array of the main camera. However, we want to assure you that our service center iLounge Lab uses only high quality and original parts for iPhone repair. Also provides a guarantee for the services provided and the spare part itself. 6 months.

Update iOS to the latest version

In some cases, the iPhone flashlight not working issue can be solved quite easily by updating the iOS version. Before starting an iOS update, it’s imperative to make sure your iPhone is charged and connected to Wi-Fi. To update your iOS version, follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Click on “Basic”
  • Select “Software Update” If an update is available, your iPhone should display it.
  • Click Update Now.
  • Your iPhone needs to download and install the iOS update.

Why iPhone doesn’t work with camera and flashlight?

Recently, some iPhone users reported that their camera and flashlight were not working after upgrading to iOS 11. They were experiencing the flashlight button not working when pressed. All of this can be caused by software conflicts. We’ll show you how you can fix a broken camera and flashlight in iOS 11 with a few simple methods.

Disable Power Saving Mode

If the Low Power Mode feature is enabled, iOS will disable the features that consume the most power. Flash is one of these features. To fix iPhone camera and flashlight issue by turning off Low Power Mode, follow these steps:

  • Run settings.
  • Find and click on the battery.
  • Disable Low Power Mode.

IPhone Recovery

If all of the above methods cannot help you fix the flashlight problem. You can try restoring your phone to its original state. Please note that restoring iPhone to factory settings will result in data loss. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you back up your device before restoring.

  • Download and install the latest iTunes.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Select the iPhone icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes screen.
  • Select Backup Now to back up your phone.
  • Click Restore iPhone.

After you’ve restored it to factory settings, iTunes will prompt you to restore its most recent backup. You can choose “Set up as a new iPhone” or choose “Restore” from this backup window before choosing “Continue”.

Important: Whatever happens, it is generally best not to try to disassemble your device yourself, as this may void the warranty you have on your phone.

Reboot your iPhone

Restarting your smartphone is a way to fix minor problems caused by conflicts between the system and applications. To restart your iPhone: press and hold the sleep / wake button and slide it. When the phone is off, do the same. press and hold the sleep / wake button to turn it on.

Reset all settings

Resetting all settings on iPhone will allow you to reset all your settings to factory state, you won’t lose documents, files and all installed apps in the process.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down and tap General.

Reinstall Firmware Package to Fix iPhone Flashlight Issues

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on your computer To get started, launch UkeySoft Unlocker on your computer and enter “Unlock screen password” option to start reinstalling the firmware package and start unlocking locked iPhones and iPads.

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode Then follow the onscreen instructions to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode. If you’re using an iPhone 8 or later, you can hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. Hold until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.

Download the Firmware Package to Fix iPhone Flashlight Issues UkeySoft detects your device and displays related information. Here you can re-download the required firmware package via your browser. If you do not want to do this, confirm the device information and click “Download”. The program will immediately download the recommended firmware package to fix iPhone flashlight not working issue.

The download takes some time to complete. During this time you can have a cup of coffee.

Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working and Remove Screen Passcode After you click the “Start Unlock” button after reading the warning, UkeySoft Unlocker will immediately execute the iPhone unlocking process without entering a password.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X Camera Flashlight Not working

When your screen displays “Uninstall complete!”, You should know that the iPhone flashlight issue has been successfully resolved. At the same time, this method can also be used by those who want to unlock a locked iPhone / iPad when they have forgotten their password.

If it’s not a software problem or system errors, the iPhone’s flash memory may be damaged or other hardware has crashed. It is recommended that you contact Apple after-sales service for inspection and repair.

How to check flashlight and flashing on iPhone?

Turn on the camera, click the lightning bolt and then press the flash to turn it on, take flash pictures. 2. Turn on the LED flash for alerts in iPhone: “Settings” “General” “Accessibility”, then you will see that there is an option “LED flash for alerts” in the “Listening” section, turn on the “LED flash for alerts”. Advice. If you want to see LED notification even when iPhone is not working, turn on Blink Silent. 3. Download another flashlight app to check your iPhone’s firmware.

IPhone Flashlight Not Working? Unlock your iPhone to open the flashlight

Justin Sabrina Updated Nov 04, 2020

Can’t turn on the flashlight on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? The battery may be too low, just charge your phone. If the flashlight still does not turn on after charging, the system may be able to prevent forced auto shutdown to prevent power consumption restarting. After all, the flashlight uses a lot of power, and if the battery is sufficient, just restart it. If you cannot turn the flashlight back on, it is due to a system conflict or incorrect settings.

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IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

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How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Issues?

Try updating the system, update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 13. If the downloaded flashlight apps can be used but the iPhone’s built-in flash cannot be used, it may be a system problem. It is recommended that you update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. 2. Restore iPhone to factory settings, go to Settings General Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings. 3. Try restarting the flashlight after resetting all settings, go to Settings General Reset and then click Reset All Settings. If so, enter the password. Click “Reset All Settings” to confirm. 4. Close all applications. If your iPhone flashlight and flash don’t work, the apps might be frozen. Press the iPhone Home button to return to the main interface and then close all applications. 5. Restart or force restart your iPhone, then try turning on the flashlight. 6. If it is system errors such as mobile phone screen not responding, freezing in recovery mode / DFU mode, boot cycles, white screen with Apple logo, etc. Please reinstall the IPSW file (firmware package) to restart the computer. iPhone.

To fix iPhone flashlight problems, you can use UkeySoft FoneFix.To restore iOS system to normal, this powerful iOS system recovery tool can fix various iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / Apple TV system problems and get your device back to normal without data loss. After fixing iOS to normal, the flashlight can be turned on normally. Let’s watch a video tutorial and learn how to use UkeySoft FoneFix (iOS System Recovery).

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Final Solution: Fix iPhone Flashlight Issues by Reinstalling the Firmware Package

UkeySoft Unlocker is iOS system recovery software and iPhone / iPad / iPod unlock tool, it can help you download the appropriate firmware package and reinstall on iDevices, so you can use UkeySoft Unlocker to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck in recovery mode. black screen of death, unlocking iPhone with unresponsive screen / black screen and more.

  • Unlock iPhone unresponsive screen to turn on flashlight.
  • Remove passcode from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Reset Locked iPhone Without Passcode.
  • Unlock Locked, Disabled, Broken Screen, Black Screen iPhone.
  • Unblock Apple ID without password.
  • Fix all system problems by reinstalling the IPSW files.
  • Supports all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the latest iOS 13.

To be able to use Fixppo, follow the instructions below very carefully:

First, you need to download the iMyFone Fixppo program on your PC and run the program interface on it.

Having done this, you should go to the ‘Standard Mode’ selection. The function is located in the middle of the program interface. Then start connecting your iPhone device to your PC with a USB cable. You must follow the instructions as instructed to put your device into recovery mode or DFU mode. Only then will the software be able to detect the mode of the device.

You should now check and download the firmware. The firmware package works to solve any problem on the iPhone, from finding the problem itself to fixing it.

When the firmware package has been downloaded, you have to click on the ‘Start’ button. When the repair process is complete, the iPhone will immediately reboot and return to its default behavior. You can try using the iMyFone iOS program on any iOS device; the program serves all types of iOS versions, including the latest iOS version.

iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery Key Features:

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  • This software can fix system problems without data loss.
  • It is compatible with all types of iOS mobile devices such as iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.
  • All kinds of iOS devices as well as iOS versions including iOS 14 version are compatible with iMyfone Fixppo.
  • Existing range of iMyFone Fixppo drives, software guarantees solution to all problems like iPhone camera won’t focus, Bluetooth doesn’t work on iPhone X, iDevice gets stuck on Apple logo, existing recovery mode, iOS notifications don’t work and many other issues.

Using iMyFone Fixppo for “iPhone Flashlight Not Working”

Existing range of drives iMyfone Fixppo iOS System Recovery Program. A wonderful system recovery program that can be used to solve unexplained problems that occur without warning on iPhone. This program can be easily used to solve wide Spectra iPhone freezes such as ‘iPhone stuck in recovery mode’ ‘black screen of death’ ‘iPhone stuck on Apple logo’, and much more. With iMyfone Fixppo, iOS System Recovery allows you to guarantee 100% data security so that the data files on your iPhone will not be altered in any way.

This effective program can solve your iPhone Flashlight not working problem by simply scanning the device, identifying it, and using advanced features to fix it. In this program interface, you will get three different ones; and no data loss can be possible by using the standard mode function. To list some of them, we have compiled a list of the main functions of this program for your handy information.

Three helpful tips to fix iPhone flashlight not working (for iOS 14 users)

Steps to force restart on iPhone

For iPhone 6S down, iPod and iPad touch: You must press and hold the Sleep or Wake switch together with the Home switch for at least ten seconds. You should release only when you see the Apple logo on the device screen.

For iPhone 7s or iPhone 7 devices: You must press and hold the Sleep or Wake switch together with the Volume Down switch for at least ten seconds. Also, you should only release when you see the Apple logo on your device screen.

Steps to restart your iPhone

You can restart your iPhone to check if the iPhone Flashlight Not Working issue still occurs during the startup process. This requires:

First, you must press and hold the Sleep or Wake button while waiting for the red slider to appear. You can drag the red slider to turn off the iPhone.

Now you need to wait for a while while holding down the “Sleep” or “Wake up” button to turn on the device again.

If this method still doesn’t work to fix the problem, otherwise you can try to force restart.

What to do in the “iPhone flashlight is not working” state

We serve a wider audience of iPhone users and provide our online readers with effective and easy ways to respond to the weirdest and most unusual events on their iPhone. In this particular case, we are looking for new and effective ways iPhone flashlight is not working, iMessages is not working Face ID is not working situation. To ease our reader’s dilemma, we also advocate a rather useful program.

Most iPhone users fall into decay when they encounter unusual events on their iPhone, especially after updating to the latest version of iOS 14. After updating, users often notice strange behavior on their device, such as “iPhone flashlight is not working.” often than not, the main camera stops working normally. In this case, the user can view their drawings, but in a very blurry form. In some cases, the camera can be used again by returning to the front camera; but in some situations even the front camera stops responding normally. In addition, the flashlight function on the control panel may sometimes be unavailable and after that it will not turn on again.!

What to do if iPhone flashlight doesn’t work

If the flashlight on your iPhone stops working, does not turn off or works intermittently. read our instructions to find out what caused such problems.

IPhone users are less prone to headaches with bugs, freezes or breakdowns of their devices than those who use Android devices. It’s all about high-quality Apple hardware and first-class software, which has always been distinguished by the stability of its work.

However, no one is immune from problems, especially if the iPhone is misused. One of the most common mistakes is the incorrect operation of the flashlight. Later in this article, we will tell you what may be the reasons for the malfunctioning and how to fix these problems yourself.

How to get an iPhone flashlight working

Whatever one may say, but iOS is also not perfect, especially if you are using the new beta. While system errors are rare, they can sometimes ruin your nerves. Not all users know that if you turn on the flash in the Camera application and start the flashlight, an unexpected failure may occur in the system, which will prevent the flashlight from lighting up.

Also, due to an iOS bug, the flashlight may simply turn off and not turn off. I personally had this situation on the third beta of iOS 14.

At such moments, only a quick reboot of the system or closing all applications that are running in the background saves.

  • Press the home button on an iPhone with Touch ID, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone with Face ID.
  • Then you just need to close all applications that can create a conflict in the system.
  • After that, try to activate the flashlight again.

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight not working. Complete Guide

If you have a beta version, you can contact Apple Support for a problem. But these guys answer for a long time, so it’s better to try to roll back to the previous version or download a stable backup of your iPhone.

Incorrectly set iPhone settings

Sometimes users contact the service center due to the fact that the flashlight does not work (does not blink) when they are called. In this case, this is not at all a system breakdown or some kind of error, but simply incorrectly set settings.

To turn on the flashlight blinking during a call, you need:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  • After that open the device accessibility tab.
  • Go to the audio visualization menu.
  • Activate flash for alerts, calls.

Also, don’t forget that the flashlight may refuse to work or turn off if you’ve configured your iPhone incorrectly. In this case, you can try to reset the device in the settings.

  • Open the main settings menu.
  • Go down, click on the red reset icon.
  • Select the option “Reset all settings”.
  • Confirm your choice.

Please note that your passwords (unless you have keychain enabled) will be erased.

An incorrect update, an inappropriate iPhone firmware version, an outdated iOS, or an incorrect beta installation can all lead to iPhone malfunctions.

  • If you have not previously followed the correct update rules, which Apple duplicates when each new update is released, if you are still using the iOS 12 firmware version (when iOS 14 is already on its way), if you have rolled a raw iOS 14 beta on your iPhone, your problems are clear and maybe even fixable without contacting a service center.
  • If you have not updated your iOS for a long time, you will need to update the system in the settings of your device. Please note that your device must be at least 50% charged and have a stable Wi-Fi connection. It’s best not to touch your iPhone while it is updating. Just obediently wait for the iPhone to update, and then rejoice at the updated device, which will thank you for good work.
  • If you updated incorrectly. try either restoring a previous backup (if you created one), or reflashing your iPhone.

If you have installed the raw iOS beta, you can roll back to the previous version by following our instructions.

In any case, if the problem with the not working flashlight was in the iOS firmware. it will disappear as soon as you update / restore a backup / roll back to a stable build.

Incorrectly executed jailbreak process

Young craftsmen love to jailbreak their iPhones to try new tricks or install prohibited / hacked programs.

In most cases, iPhone performance and functionality suffers after this procedure. Therefore, it is still better not to make such sacrifices and not risk your device if you do not want to then face poor iPhone performance.

If you have already jailbroken and it affected the operation of the flashlight / camera or other components of the iPhone. you need to reflash your device. For this you can contact the iLab service center.

A sad story that is still a harsh reality. Poor iPhone repair by unscrupulous craftsmen can lead to dire consequences that will affect the entire operation of the device.

Those who repaired the camera module or the display are at risk, since the flashlight is directly connected with these parts and a poor-quality replacement of one of them leads to poor performance of the flashlight.

All you can do in this case yourself is to identify the breakdown.

To do this, just turn on the camera and try to take a photo with flash on the front and main cameras. If this does not work, most likely the problem is a broken / low-quality part that was installed or damaged during repair. You can contact this service center and ask to restore the work, or contact the iLab service center so that our masters carry out a detailed diagnosis.

Dropping iPhone can damage internal components. Since the flashlight (aka flash) is in a very disadvantageous place and it is quite difficult to protect it from damage. frequent breakdowns of this part are simply inevitable.

If dropped, the camera module (connected to the flashlight module) may be damaged. Also, inside the device, contacts may come off, the loop connecting the component with the regulator may be damaged.

To fix problems in the operation of the flashlight, which formed after the fall of the device, you first need to identify the root of the problem. This requires high-quality iPhone diagnostics, carried out by experienced specialists.

Although the new iPhone models have a degree of moisture protection, which allows devices to be submerged to a depth of 1 meter for no more than 30 minutes without much damage to the device. Older iPhones cannot boast of these characteristics. That is why the ingress of moisture is very bad for the subsequent operation of the iPhone.

If your iPhone falls into the water and after that you find system malfunctions, camera / flash or other components failure, you need to urgently contact a service center. In the case of a flashlight, the problem may be oxidation of the contacts, damage to the cable or camera module, and so on.

We strongly advise not to delay the trip to the service, as the “drowned” may stop working altogether after a few days and then you will not help your iPhone in any way.

There are many reasons why the flashlight may not work in the iPhone. In our article, we have collected only the most key problems that could lead to such an unpleasant outcome. Therefore, if you see that restarting the iPhone did not bring any result, if the camera refuses to work together with the flash and no system restore changes anything, immediately go to the Apple iLab service center.

Our technicians will conduct high-quality free diagnostics in order to identify the exact cause of the breakdown, coordinate every detail with you and repair your iPhone with high quality so that it works like new again.