Flash Blocked Xiaomi Mi5

Sierogodnyi rejected garn new news all the owners of the new Redmi 4 Pro / Prime smartphone, or 3/32 GB with the Qualcomm 625 processor.

Unsuccessful for the entire smartphone, the global stable firmware has been entered with the code name V8.1.2.0.MBEMIDI.

Of ofitsіyna global stable firmware. In this silent advertisement, there are 20 movs and including all of them, as before they came up with development firmware.

It’s Nagada, but, it’s not marvelous, development globally for a smartphone is dumb.

Alas! Qia firmware is not praц on Redmi 4 and Redmi 4A!

Ale rozrobniki obtsyayut, scho y і additions nevdovzі otrimayut global firmware.


I can not update to this firmware. Writes that the update can not believe. worth China stable

Unlocked bootloader? Sew through my flash.

You can try the account only from rank to rank, stable to stable. This firmware is stable. I put this on my stable. I got up without problems.

Dobrich of the day! Help me be affectionate, how can I update my firmware to V8.1.2.0.MBEMIDI without a computer on Xiaomi redmi 4 prime? I can’t know the way I’m already a dyak for information!

Zavantazhtete firmware on a smartphone, i flash through three dots, as it is written in the instructions. Zrobit before tsim backup and cleaning.

Yuri, you can return to the previous firmware 6.12.15 By updating today to the “stable global” I lost connection. Thanks.

First, try to backup, and then Reset to factory settings (without clearing the memory). Then set everything all over again (language, region, Mi account, Google account) and restore the backup. It might help.

If not, make a backup, reset and flash 6.12.15 or 7.1.5, but they will be Anglo-Chinese. or then you have to flash localized with xiaomi.eu.

Perhaps there will be a global development, and then all the torment will stop. Or they will release a patch for this. If there are errors in it, the Indians will now give them hell and they will release corrections.

Do not update it worse than you have

Ht having already tried onovitsya?

Flash Blocked Xiaomi Mi5

On w3bsit3-dns.com, they have been discussing for several days and there are installation instructions.

After flashing to the antitu test the size is less than the minimum for the old firmware, what is the reason?

Do not hesitate! Could you possibly play the role of a powerful RAM?

After the update, there is no access to Contacts, Telephony, and SMS. Rebooting the smartphone, the region changes to “Poland.” This is a failure. I am without a connection.

Dumb, read the forums. How to update, how to update You do not know how, do not meddle, go to the specialist, and do not meddle with your clumsy little hands, and then blame the person who advised you.

I decided through MiFlesh and the norms work, not a glitch.

To flash, do you need to unlock the bootloader?

First, try some other player, for example, poweramp or some other. if it plays normally, the point is in the application, which means firmware.
secondly, most likely, when playing music, the application pulls up covers, text, and other information from the Internet, which, with a narrow channel, slows down music. Solution. Prevent the Music application from accessing the Internet. You do not listen to music from Chinese servers?
thirdly, try listening to the radio. if everything is fine there even via mobile internet. then again the problem is in the application.

Interestingly, this problem is only with a locked screen, with all the rules active. If you connect the headphones also everything is fine. Even with the screen locked. When you turn on the speaker in the radio, then everything plays without interference (but the headphones are connected)

yes, strange. some process creates a processor load. I don’t even know what to say, from a distance it just is impossible to figure out.

Tell me please, can I try to flash the phone? If so, which firmware is better? Thanks!

you have so far the only global firmware for this phone. another wait for no one knows how much and at least until February 8th.

You can flash localized firmware with xiaomi.eu, for example. but for this you have to unlock the bootloader, because it’s just that it won’t be sewn.

You can flash Chinese weekly, it will be flashed to a locked bootloader, but there is only English from the clear ones.

Well, that is, the options to choose are not very good.

For the experiment, mono would be to flash the Chinese weekly, but then it will not work to return to the global with a locked bootloader. will need to unlock.

You can do one more thing.

make a backup in Settings, additionally, restore and reset.

then reset to factory settings without clearing the memory.

then set up your accounts again and restore the backup. no matter how panacea, but it may help.

also with interference (cracking, jams), music from the VK is played through applications (VK, Keymobile) with the screen locked.

I have exactly such a problem, did you manage to solve it?

Will there be global firmware on Xiaomi Redmi 4 (2/16)?

until they promise

It is strange that Redmi 4A already has firmware (although this is a younger model), and on Redmi 4 only China or custom Well, there’s also a buggy Vietnamese that costs almost everyone, as far as I understand By the way, there is an official firmware on the Russian forum but I’m not sure that it will work with us

it all depends on that. What markets is the device designed for. and there are all sorts of legal options, such as that in India it is impossible to sell equipment with MTK processors. Thanks to this, international models appear on Qualcomm. and everything would be only Chinese.

In short, as I understand it, you need to shield some sort of custom MultiROM and wait for the global, because unauthorized reboots and incomplete translation from Chinese are already tired And if you can still live with reboots, then I did not learn Chinese at school)))

and what’s in Chinese? if the themes or, then it is loaded from Chinese servers and will be in Chinese on all firmware. the rest should be at least in English.