Find the lost phone on the number via satellite

How to find a lost or stolen phone

How to determine the location of the smartphone on Android or iPhone and increase the success of an independent search for a lost phone, what IMEI is, which applications and services will help to find a mobile phone. Read about all this in our material.

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Where to look for your phone if it is not in the usual place? Hurried and left at work? Accidentally dropped while they drank coffee on a bench in the park? They put it at home somewhere, and a smartphone on soundless mode? Fell out of his and lies under the seat in the car? They dropped on the road to the store when they leaned to tie the lace? There are few places where your smartphone could be. Or maybe he was stolen? If such questions arise in the head often. This is an occasion to prepare in advance for the loss of the phone.

How to find a phone yourself

To begin with, how to find a gadget without using IMEI. Self-tracking is effective if the device is connected to the Internet 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi, and SIM card in place.

ATTENTION! When you turn off the connection or physical damage of the device, extracting the battery and the removal of the SIM card, the detection methods described below do not work.

Google account

Modern Android devices cannot be fully used without Google Account. The presence of the profile allows you to download applications and updates. And to search for the missing phone, the account will also be useful.

The “Finding device” function is usually turned on by default. Another condition is the active mode “Location” and the Internet connection.

  • To detect the device, or at least delete all the data from it and block it, go from the computer to the site https: // wwww.Google.Com/Android/Find.
  • Information about the current location of the phone or the point where it was identified will appear on the map in the window.
  • Using the “call” option, the smartphone is easy to detect, for example, in an apartment or in a park.

Remote locking and cleaning memory. A guarantee of personal data protection.

How to find lost iPhone

Apple devices are in great demand not only among users, but also among robbers. The devices are expensive and many will not refuse to purchase a restored device for half a price. For this reason, manufacturers took care of the possibility of returning, blocking the device and all the data stored on it.

To do this, immediately after the acquisition of the iPhone, activate the special function in the safety settings, selecting the appropriate item. After loss, theft of the phone in remote mode, unfortunately, it will already be possible to enable this option.

If during the initial setting you did not activate the “Find iPhone” option on the iPhone menu, you can also tie your iPhone to a personal account, being a client of the ICLOUD cloud service (“Settings”. User.Name.Icloud). If the attackers do not drop the iPhone settings to the factory, they will not be able to activate it. All that remains them is the implementation of the iPhone for spare parts or a return to the owner for remuneration.

To find the missing apple tree, you need to configure the Find My iPhone service. For this:

Using the Apple service, you can track the coordinates of the device by performing several actions to protect personal data, personal information. To find a lost mobile phone you need:

find, lost, phone, number, satellite
  • Go to the ICLOD search page.Com/#Find on Mac, laptop, PC.
  • Enter the Appleid identifier.
  • Select your iPhone.
  • Activate the “Find iPhone” application.
  • Turn on the loss mode.

Important! Using the ICLOUD service, going to the ICLOD website.COM, “Find the iPhone” applications can be remotely controlled by any “apple” devices (iPhone, iPad, mas). Make sure that the latest current version of the OS is on the device. Above the seventh, bypass the activation blocking mode in iOS is impossible.

Having done above the described actions, you can find out where your iPhone is located at the moment or determine the last location until it is turned off, block it, display a message with contacts for communication, a request for a return, other information.

Through the site “Find My iPhone”, you can enable sound reproduction mode, vibration, activate the mode of loss of the device, monitor the movement of the iPhone on the map.

If bank cards have been added to the Apple Pay service, activating the loss mode for some time will suspend the opportunity to make payments on the lost device via Apple Pay. You can download the program on the App Store.

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The only restriction. The service only works when the device is turned on if it is online.

If the “Find IPhone” option has not been previously activated, change the Apple ID identifier password to protect the data, change passwords for other accounts on the Internet (gaming Akki, Email). Contact the mobile operator to block the card, Apple support, contact law enforcement.

GSM Positioning to search for a stolen phone

You can find the approximate location of the on a mobile phone due to the so.Called positioning. For this, two different methods are used:

  • Positioning of the device using the base station (GSM).
  • The positioning of the phone using the GPS system (most modern smartphones are equipped with a GPS system).

The error in determining the location, in the case of positioning using GSM networks is approximately 100 meters (taking into account the presence in the search area of ​​urban buildings and houses, the error may be higher). In this case, the location of the phone is determined in the form of a certain distance from the nearest base station of the operator and the direction of the sector antenna.

Important! It is worth noting that special services that could search for a gadget by phone number do not exist. Only the mobile operator is able to determine the location by number using GSM positioning, provided that the subscriber gives his consent to this.

Search via cellular networks

Tracking the location and finding a device that is not equipped with a GPS system and the operating system is not easy. This is due to the fact that it is usually impossible or very problematic to install special tracking applications on such a device, which the user can control the remote way. To find a smartphone in this case, you need to seek help from your cell operator.

Thanks to the geolocation service, which is provided by mobile operators, the user at any time convenient for him can make a special request to track the location of his gadget. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the geolocation service is tied directly to the SIM card. Therefore, in the case of the theft of a mobile apparatus, they ate attackers remove the SIM card from the device, finding a smartphone in this way is unlikely.

It is worth noting that the geolocation service is necessary to pre.Order from the operator, and it is also paid. For example, the mobile operator Megafon has a similar service that allows you to find the location of the smartphone via SIM. A map, called. “locator”. To activate it, dial the following combination: 148.Number of phone#. This service is activated only after the subscriber gives its consent to its use. The cost of this service for each individual region of the country is different.

To connect such a service for tracking a MTS mobile operator via a SIM card, you must send a message to the subscriber to the short number 667. This operator has for 30 days of use.

Reference! Services that allow you to track the location of the gadget are provided by all popular mobile operators (Tele2, MTS, Beeline, Megafon). To track the location, you must give your permission to search for a device from another number.

Ways to search for a lost phone

The smartphone uses three modes of determining its location:

3 Ways How to Track Your Phone Without Internet

  • Orbital groups. A module receiving signals from satellites is mounted inside the device. Common groups are GLONASS and GPS. This mode provides the most accurate information. The navigation error is only a few meters.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi. The location of the phone is determined by the networks to which it is connected. Measurement errors reach a radius of the action of resources.
  • Cellular. Tracking the device is carried out along the towers, the signals from which it accepts. This regime is the most inaccurate. The error is measured in kilometers, especially in rural areas.

Accordingly, all these tools are used to search for a phone if it was lost. Each of the modes has its own conditions. So, to determine the location of the device, the inclined geolocation is needed; To search for Internet networks on a smartphone, data transfer or Wi-Fi should be enabled; Search for cellular communications, if there is no SIM card in it, it will also be useless.

IMEI code

IMEI is a serial number assigned to the device at the factory. Using this code, the smartphone connects to the network for the first time. You can find out the cipher in several ways:

In the case of the theft or loss of the phone, you can look for it by serial number. Nevertheless, this method is closed from the inhabitants. Only the telecom operator is engaged in the search for IMEI and only upon request from law enforcement agencies.

IMEI code

On a note. Search for the device only by serial number is ineffective. The communication station fixes the release of the apparatus on IMEI and the SIM card signal. Therefore, if the card has already been pulled out of the smartphone, the chances of finding it are quite low.

Determine the location of the phone, if it is turned off, even harder. Some applications show the last fixed location of the device on the map, but find out where the smartphone is now, if it is turned off, is very difficult.

find, lost, phone, number, satellite

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How to track lost phone using IMEI number 2021

SIM card number

Most of the sites offering paid services for finding a device by SIM card number-scammers. This kind of service is provided only by the operator at the request of the police. Nevertheless, you can take care of such situations in advance and connect the function of tracking the phone.

MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and Megaphone operators offer such services as parental control. With the help of the service, you can not only find out where the owner of the device is now, but also access the percentage of the battery charge and sometimes to the statistics of application use.

Service “Parental Control” on Megafon

  • Low accuracy. The quality of information directly depends on the number of communication towers located in the area of ​​action. In large cities where the antennas are enough, the error reaches 300 meters. In small cities or rural areas, this indicator is several kilometers.
  • Price. As a rule, the service has a free period, but as a result, for determining the location, it will be necessary to pay the operator every month.

On a note. There is no point in connecting a service in case of loss or theft of a phone, because there are more accurate, effective and free tracking methods.

Google account

You can determine the location of the lost phone according to the Google service both from another device, through the application and from the computer, through the website.

To track the device through a mobile application, it is enough to activate one Google account on two gadgets. If one of them is lost, on the second you can go to the Google Maps app and click on the button “Where I?””. Two points will be displayed on the map corresponding to the location of two devices.

To find out the location of the device from the computer, use the “Remote control Android” function. On a site loaded through a browser (you can do this on a mobile gadget), you need to enter a login and password from the Google account activated on the device. The mark on the map will show where the device is located, and a notification about the entry of the account will come to the smartphone. The service offers several interesting functions:

  • Valin. The device will play the signal at full volume for five minutes, regardless of the volume settings.
  • Screen blocking with the output of the message about the loss. If the smartphone was found by a respectable person, then there is a chance that it will work to return the gadget.
  • Removing all information from the phone. Useful option in case the device was stolen and back there is no chance.


To send data data, satellite navigation systems are most often used. Among the Google services there is a “chronology” function used for remote location of the device. In the application you can not find out where the smartphone is located right now, but you can trace the gadget routes for a certain time.

This function will help to understand whether the smartphone is in someone’s hands or lies in one place, for example, forgotten on the street. Also, using the service, you can find out the last location of the Android phone if it is turned off.

History of the locations “Chronology”

Working with the site looks as follows:

  • We need to go to the page “Chronology”;
  • Enter data for the entry of the Google account activated on the device;
  • Choose an interesting date and time.

A route will appear on the map for the introducted segment.

Special applications and services

When working with such programs, you need to consider two important things:

  • On many devices, copyright applications are included in the basic installation, that is, by default they act on the gadget. Some models. Especially on old firmware versions. Are not equipped with such programs. You can install them from open sources: Play Market for Android and AppStore for iPhone.
  • When cleaning the device from unnecessary applications, it is important not to delete the author’s program, otherwise, in case of loss of the smartphone, it will not be easy to find it.

What is IMEI code

The abbreviation of four letters (have) is deciphered as “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. Translated from English IMEI means “International Mobile Equipment Identifier”. All smartphones that go on open sale are equipped with a certain code.

find, lost, phone, number, satellite

IMEI is assigned to the device forever. It cannot be changed or removed, and the code numbers hide a lot of interesting things in themselves.

IMEI code


The main task of IMEI is to give a complete idea of ​​the mobile device. The code consisting of 15 digits can talk about which model of the smartphone is in hand, and what is its serial number.

Note! In some cases, have represented by a 17-digit number.

With the help of the digital year, it is possible to understand whether the device is stolen or fake. In addition, the owner gets the opportunity to determine the location of his phone by IMEI. Thus, the code, among other things, allows you to track the device.

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How to find out the device code

There are many different ways to search. The easiest is to take a closer look at the packaging of a smartphone. Typically, a sticker is applied to the back, where the model, IMEI and the serial number of the device are indicated.

Way Instructions
USSD code If there are no boxes, then on the device based on Android or on the iPhone it is recommended to open the maintener and enter the command #06 #. After clicking the call button, the identification number will be displayed on the screen.
Settings of the device Another option involves the use of the standard “Settings” application. There you need to open the section “On the phone”. Among the usual data like the gadget model, the full of is the full, which can be found by the heading of the same name.
Smartphone case Digital code is often applied to the smartphone itself. It can be registered on the back cover or tray for SIM cards. The user will easily find him if he looks at the inscriptions on the case.
Through the Internet This method of determining IMEI is intended only for iPhone. To search, go to Appleid page.Apple.Com and pass authorization under your Apple id. The code will be displayed by clicking on the image “iPhone”.

Find a person with only his phone number, is really possible even for ordinary citizens. With what technologies?

  • Most mobile operators offer a geopois function.
  • There are a number of mobile applications that allow you to find a person or device using the phone number.
  • Some online services provide the opportunity to track the location of a person.
  • Often the device search function is in the mobile devices themselves.

Legal and illegal methods

To begin with, we will pay attention to fraudsters and their sites, who assure that for a certain fee they are ready to find a person by phone number. On YouTube, for example, there are dozens of videos where they tell how easily and simply to track the movement of the right person. A link to the video can be sent to a site where it is proposed to purchase useless software. Which is more important. For the use of such illegal programs, you can bear criminal or administrative responsibility.

The only legitimate way to track the location of a person is with the consent of the subscriber himself. What to choose and which method will be really effective? Let’s try to figure it out.

Other search methods

Google Maps

This is an integrated Android system application. It allows you to track the location of the subscriber for a certain period of time. A day, week, month. The route is indicated by points and lines on a linear graph and automatically maintained by the system.

Find My Device

Another development of Google. Registered users can track the subscribers listed and exchange SMS messages with them in built-in chat. With it, you can find a missing phone. But with the geolocation turned off, data accuracy is significantly reduced.

System function “Find the device”

Both on iOS and Android devices in the gadget settings, you can connect the “Find the device” function (the name of the function may differ on different models). Be sure to connect to the Internet and on geolocation. In the phone menu, you need to find and activate the “Remote Search” option. In order to find the device, you need to go to the site “Find the device”.

On iPhones, the function connects in this way.

So that the attackers could not turn it off, put the passwords on the corresponding sections in the settings or mark the checkbox on the “Prohibit change” tab.

Tracking by IMEI

Each gadget is initially assigned an IMEI-Nomer (international mobile equipment identifier). When first connecting to a mobile network, this number is automatically fixed in the database. This code can be found: under the battery, in a warranty coupon, on the original box, introducing a special combination of characters and numbers on the device.

With a phone/tablet loss, you can contact law enforcement agencies. They will look for a gadget by IMEI number. But they will provide information to you only if you have original documents and boxes, as well as with significant arguments in favor of the need to search. There are also special tracking programs for IMEI.

Online services

Online services are convenient in that they do not need to download them, often they are simple and convenient to use. However, fraudulent sites often come across that do not actually work or use illegally obtained information. Be carefull!

Services and applications that monitor the whereabouts of a person by phone differ in their functionality and functionality. There are paid and free options. It is more convenient for one users to use the services of mobile network operators, others. Install a separate application on their device. The main thing is to remember that it is legally to follow a person only with the consent of the subscriber.

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