Find out where the child is on the phone number

How to track a child by phone

Not all children understand how much parents are afraid to lose them. In this article we will tell the ways that will help to track your child on his mobile phone, through an account in the Apple or Google system. As well as using a special application or Smart hours. Check out the list of the methods we proposed. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев tell us what the most convenient seems to you.

A reliable and free decision can be offered by Apple. The default firmware is built.In the program “Find iPhone”. Even if the device is stolen, it will not work to remove it.

To start using the “Find iPhone” application, you need to activate the Apple ID on icloud. Then enter the password and give the device a resolution to determine geolocation. To change the parameters, go to family access settings.

How to track a phone number for free

Will someone provide an opportunity to see a phone location for free? Yes, but this, of course, is not programs and not mobile operators. These are messengers. True, there is one “but”, the location can only be found out with the consent of a person.

Viber messenger will allow you to track a person by phone number for free. To do this, you need to go into the chat and ask a person to send his location.

Go into the chat. Click on three points from below (near the microphone). Send the location. Send geolocation. The map with the coordinates will be sent to your chat. Thus, you will see where he is.

Whatsapp messenger will also allow you to track the phone number online for free. To do this, you need to go into the chat and ask a person to send his location.

Go into the chat. Press below on a crossbar. Place. Allow access. The map with the coordinates will be sent to the dialog window.

Telegram messenger will also allow you to find out the position of the device on which it is installed. Go into the chat and ask it to either send the current position, or let you track the geolocation of the phone online.

Go into the chat. Click on the crossbone. And select 2 options. If you send geolocation, then a card will be displayed in the dialog. If the location is broadcast, it will be broadcast in its online movement mode.

These were really working methods, how can you track the phone on the Internet for free. There are no more free options.


This is not a secret program to track children. All family members are voluntarily included in it. Capable of combining up to 6 devices.

  • General chat;
  • The ability to send a notification of the imminent arrival of home or to any other place;
  • Alert. The whole family will receive a notification of the problem and geolocation of the sender;
  • Information about the nearby medical points and law enforcement agencies.
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The basic version of Life360 with the main characteristics is absolutely free and available to everyone. There is paid functionality. There is no support data.


The Reds have an application “Search”. There you can track from 3 to 15 people. You will be available: geopolition, route, geozones and parental control function. Parents will be able to view: balance, charge level, turning on/disabling the network, wi-fi, display and aircraft mode. The fee is 3-7 per day, depending on the number of tracked and storage period of history (7 or 90 days).

In Applications stores a whole bunch of different options. They come with a different set of capabilities, paid/free and for any platform. For a choice, evaluate the features of the program, fee, and most importantly. Reviews. It is thanks to them that you will understand whether it is worth the attention or not.

If the operator Tele2 is the Service “Geopois

The service works as a web service or through SMS. To find out where the child is, send an SMS with the number of the corresponding command. In the menu with services, you can request information about the coordinates of the user location. If you want to see a place on the map, use a web service that also stores the history of movements and supports the creation of geozon. Per day.

The service will work if the child and parent use Tele2.

Methods of tracking a children’s phone

The first and easiest method is to use the service of your mobile operator.

Almost every mobile brand has a proposal that allows you to monitor people.

So, Tele2 can use the Geopois option. Its cost is 3 r. Per day, when connecting to the monitoring of several rooms, you need to pay off the ruble for each starting from the second.

  • Monitoring the movements of the carrier of the monitoring smartphone;
  • Installation of geoson (school, house, section) with sending notifications when the child leaves the given territory.

Megaphone offers two “monitoring” tariffs. “radar” and “parental control”.

“Radar” is the most simple application for 3 p. Per day plus one for each additional room. You can get information about the address where the observation object is located on the Radar website.Megafon.Ru or through SMS message.

“Parental control” costs 5 per day. It allows:

Those who are connected by Beeline also have the opportunity to choose one of two tariffs.

The first is Beeline Coordinates. The operator gives a week of free use for testing services. Then the daily fee will be 1.7 r. Per day. This option on request provides data on the point at which the child is located.

The second. “Locator”. Requires connecting a special application or opening a card on the site where children will be noted. The price of such a service is 7 r. In a day.

“Mobile employees”. Per day. The basic set includes options:

  • Request for the address where the child is located, his movements;
  • The task of special zones with a notification when leaving them;
  • General chat with a child.

“Search”. The price for 3 controlled contact is three rubles per day. This tariff provides:

  • Geolocation service, installation of geozon with a notification when the facility exits from them;
  • Viewing data on the balance and charge level of the monitored mobile phone;
  • Control of the number of received and sent SMS, made calls;
  • Notification when connecting a child’s smartphone to Wi-Fi.

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“Child under supervision”. The operator provides two test free weeks of use, then you will have to pay 100 r. Per month. The address where the child is located can be obtained by SMS or track on a map on the MTS website.

Service “Child under the supervision” from MTS

Geolocation from operators is quite convenient, but has a number of disadvantages:

  • Depends on the network coverage area (LSB-road);
  • It requires that the adults and the child be connected to one provider;
  • With the exception of test periods, always paid.

Google account

This is another good, quite simple and free way to find out where the younger generation is located.

To do this, you need to know the data for entering the Google account registered in the phone of the son/daughter. And you need to activate the GPS function in the child’s smartphone, connect the Internet.

find, child, phone, number

If all these conditions are met, then you need to go to Google from your tablet, laptop or phone, entering the name and password of the child. Then look for where the gadget is located, through the “Find the device” service. The aggregator will open a map on which a point with the location of the object will be marked.

The disadvantage of this method is that the adult will have to constantly switch from his account to children’s, which is not always convenient.

All disadvantages can be excluded by connecting an application for tracking a child’s phone for Android.

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Special applications

To use such software, the child should have a smartphone (for example, children’s Xiaomi Redmi Go Blue), on which a utility is installed.

After configuration, the program sends data to the parent device.

There are many applications for tracking a young generation on the network and they are very in demand, because their use allows us to obtain accurate and relevant information for free or at minimal costs.

Tracking children by phone

Today is one of the most convenient ways to find out where the person is. Tracking his mobile phone or smart clock. Using devices does not give a complete guarantee that nothing will happen to the child, but it will be much easier to help the baby with them.

On a note. In order to increase safety, most modern devices send a signal to the parent mobile phone for any attempts to remove or turn off, which allows you to quickly respond and prevent negative consequences.

You can track the whereabouts of a child on a mobile phone using specially designed parental programs, Google or Apple accounts or services from mobile operators.

Reference. Parents are legal representatives of their son or daughter, so the consent to connect the service from the child is not required.

Special applications

There are many programs designed to control the movements of the offspring, environment, Internet and other activity. Most services work using satellite GPS-response technologies, sending information about the location of the device for the parental device.

Google or Apple accounts

These are reliable and functional systems that allow you to highlight the child’s phone or other Android or iOS mobile device (iPhone).

Among their advantages, it is worth noting the convenience of use, the accuracy of the coordinates and the reliability of work. Of the shortcomings. The need to include on the checking television, remote control and a single account for all participating devices. Otherwise it will be impossible to find a phone.

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Services of mobile operators

Services related to the diaper of subscribers are offered by all cellular operators. To connect the service, it is enough to enter the sequence of codes into the child’s phone and further receive data on his location to your mobile phone in the form of SMS messages or to a specially installed application. Such services include:

  • MTS “Search” is a program that reports not only the location of the children’s smartphone (with the definition of geozon), but also about its balance, battery charge, calls, SMS.
  • Beeline “Coordinates”, “Locator”. Two varieties of a program that allow you to determine the location of children by phone (up to 5 people): simplified or with localization on the map.
  • Megaphone “Radar”. Sets the whereabouts, movements, set locations.
  • Tele2 “Geopois” is a paid tracking service that sends the coordinates of the child to the owner of the phone in the form of SMS.

TOP questions to determine the location of the child through a mobile phone

Is it possible to determine the location of the child by phone if the phone is turned off?

No, determine where the child is on the turn off the phone will not work. The device does not accept the device and does not send any signals.

Is it possible to determine the location of the child by phone imperceptibly?

Yes, you can. To do this, it is necessary to install a program that has the ability to hide the icon. In our review of applications that allow you to track the child by phone, we pointed to these abilities.

How to track the movement of the child by phone if he intends to turn off GPS?

How to determine the child by GPS is understandable, but what to do if he intentionally turns off this satellite navigation system. In the overwhelming majority (with rare exceptions), the programs can transmit coordinates only through this global positioning system. And what to do if the child deliberately disconnects her? In this case, our VKURSE app, which will help in any case will come to the rescue.

If GPS is disconnected on the child’s phone, then our software will begin to transfer its coordinates through mobile operators. If this could not be done for any reason, then the determination of the location of the child will go to Wi-Fi Internet access points. Thus, you will always be aware of the child or walks at home.

How to see a child geolocation on the map? I need to download it somewhere?

No, you don’t need to download separately a card. On any of the above services, the card is opened immediately, either after registration, or after installation. All the above applications that allow the child’s phone to monitor, have an intuitive intensity. Therefore, you will learn to use the card quite quickly. There is nothing difficult here.

We have provided you with an overview of the best programs that allow you to get full control of the location of the child. The choice remains with you!

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