Find out where a call came from by phone number

Find out where the call came from by phone number. Location of the person. Check on a special site

Add the Region by cell phone number bot in Telegram

Add the ability to recognize numbers copied from calls to iOS, the format 7 (968) xxx-xx-xxx, with all the spaces, brackets and dashes. And because the service does not recognize this format, we have to strain ourselves and remove spaces, dashes and brackets, which takes a decent amount of time)

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Choosing a Search Option

At the moment there are two ways of getting the data: they are absolutely official and will guarantee to get the data about the unknown number that the subscriber is interested in:

  • Online services to find out if the number belongs to a telecom company and in which region the number was purchased.
  • Contact center of the operator, whose SIM-card the subscriber uses.
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How you can use each of the above-mentioned ways and find out where your phone number is from, will be discussed below.

Find an operator by phone number by looking at the numbering plan

The main Russian document, according to which operators receive telephone numbers is the numbering plan of Rossvyazi. In it all the details are clearly spelled out: what codes and numbers belong to which operators in what regions. What’s nice, the Rossvyaz directory is freely available on the rossvyaz

The directory was put out in two formats at once, which is very nice of Rossvyaz. They are updated once a month

There are four files inside the numbering plan: three for landline numbers and one for mobile numbers. The difference between the contents of the files is noticeable if you look at the prefixes in the names:

  • “ABC-” means that there are landline numbers in the file. Actually, “ABC” is a designation of numbering zones, defined by geography;
  • “DEF-” is the file with mobile numbers. The prefix means numbering zones, not geographically defined.

The number 7 495 999-99-34 can be a direct mobile. Or maybe it is the office that buys fixed-line numbers from the mobile operator. only the operator knows.

But I digress, let’s get back to the numbering plan. Inside the files everything is very simple. a table with six fields.

The order of the fields is: ABC- or DEF-code zone, the beginning of the range, end of the range, capacity, operator, region. Capacity is simply the number of numbers included in the range

Searching through the numbering plan for the region and operator is a pleasure.

  • Pull the numbering zone code from the desired number.
  • By code we choose the appropriate ranges from the directory.
  • Leave the phone only what comes after the area code. the number itself.
  • We are looking for the range in which the number.
  • Success! We found a region, operator and type for the phone.

Sometimes the phone does not fit into any range. This means that the number is wrong. There are no exceptions. I have to say, this is where the above-mentioned Google library gets screwed. it just accepts a seemingly correct phone, without matching it with a numbering plan.

Before this step was the end of the search. But in 2013, the authorities passed a law abolishing “mobile slavery”. Since then, the phone numbers are nailed to the operators are not so strong.

Now the law allows it: change your operator, but keep your number. But attention, only within the region. You can’t take your phone out of the region provided by Rossvyaz. How you can’t and “break” the number distribution ranges. So, if you are only interested in the region of the phone number, you can read no further. And I’ll go on and tell you how to find numbers that have changed operators.

Ways to Identify Numbers by Region

We found five really working tools that allow you to quickly “check” the number for regional affiliation:

  • By calling your operator’s hot line for trimmer.
  • Through the site of one of the cellular operators.
  • With the call details received at the office or in the personal cabinet.
  • With the help of various Internet services.
  • Via applications.
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Let’s look at them in more detail and pay attention to the little things.

Calling operator

The easiest way to get information about the region of service by mobile number is to call the hotline of your mobile operator. Get to a “live” adviser and state your problem. After that tell your telephone number, which you need to “check” for belonging. In half a minute you will receive the required information. At the same time here you can clarify cost of call for the given destination, if you do not remember billing conditions of your tariff plan.

Please note that you can’t find out who this or that phone is registered to, neither at the information desk, nor at the nearest customer service office.

Through the sites of operators

As an example, take the official site of Bilain, where there is a corresponding form of verification. It is universal and works with any operator and any Russian region. In order to clarify the region, you simply need to enter the phone code you are looking for followed by the seven digits. You also enter a security code and wait for the result, which will appear on the screen directly under the request form. it is not highlighted by font and not immediately visible, there is an operator and area.

Megafon has a similar service, and it can be found here. Enter the number you are looking for, and after a few seconds we get the answer highlighted in green. If you have no access to the Internet the USSD-command 629# will help: after you dial the number you are looking for, you will see a box on your screen. In a few seconds the display will show the results of the regional affiliation, along with the operator.

Through details of calls

A good way to specify the region. But it is effective only when the call is already completed. For example, we will use personal account of Megafon:

  • Authorize in the self-service system.
  • Go to “Spending, top-ups and itemization.
  • Press “Order details” button.
  • Specify in the form the start and end dates, choose the form of report (for example, in the form of XLS-file).
  • Enter e-mail address, where the itemization will be received.

Then confirm your intentions via SMS and wait for the receipt of the report, the details must specify the regional affiliation of the phone number.

Third-party services

The Internet is full of additional services allowing you to get quick and free information about the region. You can find them in search engines. The disadvantage of this methodology is that no one knows where the information in these services comes from and how often it is updated. The most up-to-date information on the regional binding of phone numbers can only be obtained from the official operator’s sources.

One more disadvantage. after checking the number may end up in some spammer database, it may receive some intrusive advertising. Recently the cases of such mailing have been rare, but it is better not to take the risk. But such services will help you identify cheaters. they often publish reviews of certain numbers. No need to call back. you don’t know what it will lead to.

Mobile applications

Take another example. this is the application “Cellular operators” from the developer Gleb Zakaev for Android operating system. It can show not only regions, but also cities. To start the search, you should download the application to your smartphone and enter the requested number. The information will appear on the screen in seconds.

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Checking the number in Sberbank

Sberbank is the most popular bank in Russia. Almost everyone has a card there. So it is not unreasonable to try to find the person here as well.

Open the Sberbank app and try to transfer money by phone number. At the last step, before the transfer, the system will display the first name, middle name and the first letter of the last name. Do not forget to go back afterwards to cancel the operation.

Name, page in. region, address. Telegram bots will tell you

AVinfoBot searches for the number among car ads.

There are plenty of bots in messenger that can provide information about a person by phone number. Here are the main bots to punch the number :

▶ determines the number of the car by the phone number of the owner

▶ retrieves username from e-mail databases

Check the number through online services

Opening your browser right as you call and typing the number into a search is the first thing that comes to mind. Phone scammers are usually quickly calculated and made famous all over the Internet.

Services that collect user reviews of various numbers can also help:

Services are free. They have one disadvantage: if the owner of the number is very offended, he can write a dozen unflattering Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

It’s up to you whether or not to trust the reviews, but the spammer services calculate with a high degree of probability.

Free services

Some sites and services not only help to find out where the call came from, but also provide other useful functions:

  • At you can see on the map the location of the region from which you received the call.
  • Russian subscribers’ data identifier “Who-calls.”contains an extensive database of visitors’ Комментарии и мнения владельцев about numbers used by fraudsters and advertising spammers.
  • Free protarif offers to install the application of the same name on your cell phone, so you can see the information about the region during incoming calls.

Most sites offer users full directories and databases of telephone numbers by codes and names of operators, as well as by cities and regions of Russia.

To find out the region of the phone number you are interested in call your network operator

This solution allows you not only to identify the region where the number you don’t know was registered, but also to get information about call costs per minute when calling this number. This data is provided by the operator to any customer. It is worth noting that the operator does not distribute information about the owner of the number. it can only provide the above-mentioned information.

So, the four largest mobile operators have the following customer support numbers:

If you use other operator, the number of free consultation can be found on the official website of the company or in the documentation, given to you together with the SIM-card.

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