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Mobile breakthrough: what, where, why. And the main thing is how long?

I was so imbued with the “customer-oriented” attitude of the mobile network operators towards their subscribers, that after four investigations into hidden mobile subscriptions I decided to go even further and check: how do they deal with the personal data of subscribers?

In the information field, the topic of piercing constantly arises. just think of the “Eye of God”. a Telegram bot for finding information about people through various, including closed databases. Cellular operators They report successes In the fight against this phenomenon. Renowned journalist Eldar Murtazin proves, that it is completely impossible to get access to subscribers’ personal data!

“Subscribers’ personal data is the kind of information that is considered especially important within each operator. And this data is protected, the entire system is built so that no one can get access to it, even if you get to work inside the telecom operator”.

The operators assure that safety of subscribers’ personal data is a subject of their indefatigable care.

“MegaFon: Tele2: Beeline: MTS:. And even:

But I decided to check personally if it was possible to get the personal data stored by the cellular operator, and if so, how difficult, how much does it cost and what does it all look like.

We started with the starting conditions, looking at the options of issuing a formal work assignment to someone from a colleague. Still, it is illegal, so we decided to secure ourselves bureaucratically. After consulting with a lawyer we decided that the safest option was to “punch in” ourselves, thanks to the fact that after previous investigations we all had SIM cards from all operators.

Before that, an employee went to the salons of all the operators and asked for a certificate of the numbers registered in his name, using his passport. Here’s an interesting point: everyone except Tele2 silently gave it away. Imagine with an error in covidual times: in the salon comes the uncle in a mask on half a face and glasses, gives a passport with a photo from ten years ago without a mask and without glasses, and everything is printed out for him. Tele2 did ask to write an application. Perhaps that’s why, as he writes Hacker Magazine, Break into a Tele2 subscriber is more expensive.

Top 10 best phone number finder programs

This phone number recognition software works on both Android and Apple devices. Has a large base of numbers. Downloaded for free, but you will need to pay for the work itself. The gist of it is as follows: You receive a call and an unknown number is shown. You can either pick up the phone or not. But in any case you will receive an SMS message with information about the call. You can either block it or put it on your list.

Free software for phone recognition. Able to find out about 6.000.000 numbers. Checks the number in our database automatically with every call. Gives full information about the owner of this number. Will also provide feedback if it is a number of a private company or government organization. Taking information from search engines and social networks.

How to get details of another person by the example of MTS mobile operator

The phone is a necessity. And the need, perhaps, is the most necessary. Is it possible to imagine that you go out in the street without your vibrating little friend?? “No way,” most modern people will answer. Without the only one phone you immediately get a feeling of insecurity and a kind of loss, which cannot be expressed in words, but you can feel it very well. However, paraphrasing a famous proverb, we can say that “my phone is my enemy”. Just think how much information it carries. We are talking not only about photos and videos that can be stored in the phone, but the calls themselves. Using it you can find out absolutely all contacts and movements of this or that person.

It is not so difficult to do. Let’s look at a few simple and not so simple ways.

Action one. Quick.Suitable for jealous wives and husbands. Here, for example, you ask your significant other: “To whom did you call (a)?”. And she/he will answer you: “Yes, so”. Probably no phrase makes you more suspicious than this.

How do you know who the mystery caller is?? You will need the phone and a minute of free time. At the first opportunity, pick up the machine and dial the simple combination 1521#. Within a minute you will get an answer about the last 5 paid actions of a subscriber. The only disadvantage is that the numbers of incoming calls and SMS are not shown. (But this does not work for all cellular operators).

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Action Two. Popular.The most common way to get the details of another subscriber. Here also need the phone, and in addition to this. access to the Internet.Contact centers and sales offices of cellular companies cannot cope with the enormous flow of requests. That’s why they recommend using the free service “Internet Assistant”, where the subscriber can independently manage the services, enter the promised payments and, most importantly for us, order an itemized bill.

In confidence to the whole world. the Internet-Helper service is included in the basic package of connected services, i.e. 90% of already existing numbers are “owners” of this promoted service.

It’s easy enough to get into a private office: you enter the web-site, choose your region, and then choose “Internet-Helper”, where you type your telephone number and password. Password set from the device by sending the message “25 space password” to number 111. The prerequisite is that the password must consist of 6-10 characters, among which must be at least one digit, one uppercase and one lowercase Latin letter. Sending an SMS message is free (at least at the time of writing this article), so your victim will not know anything.

On the main page of the Internet-assistant in the section “Often required” we choose “Call details”, set the required period and form the bill. Note that it is better to order documents to some pre-created e-mail box, but not to your own. Remember that the security service of cellular companies does not doze off!

If you order the documents to the Internet-assistant, they will hang there for a few days and can be found by the owner of the room. Agree that this may arouse suspicion.

Attention! This service is chargeable for some tariff plans.

Be careful when applying this method to numbers of other mobile operators. For example, at Megafon when a subscriber enters his personal Internet cabinet he receives an SMS notification indicating the IP of the subscriber. Imagine the picture of a person sitting in the sauna not suspecting anything, and then he receives a message saying “You have successfully logged into your account with IP”.

Action three. Labor-intensive.If you have a passport of the owner of the number, you can take a scan of its pages, fill out an application for details, putting a barcode similar to the signature of the subscriber-owner, and send it to the e-mail address of those. support info@ YOUR

Action Four. Illegal.There are times when you really need and want it badly, but cannot get it. Eh, and there is a way out, for not “the hand of the giver will dried up, not opposed to it the receiver”. Thousands of people work at cellular companies and someone will leak information for a fee. There is one, but a very important “but”. All the actions of the employees are recorded. If your object suspects something wrong, an elementary viewing of the number in the system will reveal the name of the person requesting the details. And this is pure criminality, threatening a year in not so distant places.

What to do? Find an approach to a cellular company security officer. It is within their power not only to review the information, but also to “clean up” after themselves. As you can imagine, this is a completely different type of financial reward.

By the way, you can get information about Moscow numbers not only in the capital, but also in the nearby regions: Tula, Tver, Vladimir, Ryazan, etc.

Action Five. Funny.The media is actively advertising a variety of applications for phones. The most popular of them, according to statistics, was the “SMS interceptor”, which monitors all the “communications” of the specified phone number.

“Yes, this is it,” many people exclaim and buy such a thing for at least 300. And what do they get?? An ordinary game for your phone, nothing more! If you have extra money, check it out for yourself.

Action six. The Secret.Make yourself a secret spy, buying a small device for catching all calls and SMS. Up to a million.

Action seven. Elementary!Simply install spyware on the victim’s phone and control it in full, including contacts, movement, conversations, etc.д.

Remember, no one will patronize you for listening to other people’s conversations.

As it is written on some medications: “Use when the benefits of treatment exceed the potential risks. It’s not worth prying into someone’s private life? After all, you would not want someone to do this to you?

Call history is a list of calls and that’s it?

The usual, built-in history of phone calls on Android, which you can see on the smartphone itself is the ability to see: who called, to whom and when, whether the conversation took place or whether the call was missed.

How to see the history of calls in your phone: on your desktop, find the green icon with the handset. click on it. click on “Recent” or “Calls” or “Calls” (different brands of smartphones have different, but similar names). You will see a list of incoming/outgoing/received/missed calls:

  • Incoming calls. arrow in the tube;
  • outgoing calls. arrow on the handset;
  • conversation took place. green arrow;
  • missed call. red arrow.

How to view the history of calls from a particular number. click on the desired call or an arrow near the call. On Samsung it will be “Information” (the icon with the English letter “i”), on Xiaomi the arrow near the call and “Call Log”. Each device may have its own menu, but it is very clear.

You will see a complete list of calls that were made from or to this phone number. There you can see all the information about this phone number, which is available to the owner of the phone.

Unfortunately, you can’t get more information from the phone’s call history.

The way to read someone else’s phone

Read someone else’s cell phone with the installation

VkurSe program is a simple and feature-rich program that allows you to read other people’s Android phones. Installed on the target phone and works in the background (hidden mode). Transmits the collected information automatically via the Internet. If the Internet on the controlled device is turned off, the program collects data, and then, after the turn on the Internet transmits all. In order to start controlling your Android mobile device (phone or tablet), you only need to do 3 steps:

You don’t need to do anything else. The software will do everything for you. It will automatically start collecting and transmitting information to you.

With the help of the program you will be able to read other people’s data from the phone, namely:

  • read correspondence WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Telegram, OK, VK and others;
  • see the location (current, route);
  • Hear phone conversations in recordings;
  • hear voice messages;
  • hear internet calls;
  • see photos (saved and received from the Internet);
  • Make a recording of the surround sound;
  • and much more (see. Features ).

As you can see, the functionality of the program is really huge and it will allow you to read other people’s Android phones at any time of the day. With the program VkurSe. you will always be aware of everything that the person is doing on his phone. It could be your wife, husband, child, or just someone close to you who you are very worried about.

If something is not clear. write to our consultants in the online chat. They will answer all your questions online.

Read someone else’s phone without access and installation

Yes, read someone else’s phone without installing the program is indeed possible, but only if this phone runs on iOS.

If your target phone is an iPhone and you want to read someone else’s cell phone without accessing it (t.е. without picking it up), then we advise you to use special programs. One such software is the program mSpy for iPhone.

And then you can read someone else’s iPhone correspondence, listen to calls and see the location. In short, read and track the iPhone or iPad. The main difficulty of this whole process is the service in English.

You can look up ” Top 10 programs how to read someone else’s phone ” and find there programs that allow you to do this without access to the phone. The main condition, as you have already understood, the target phone must be an iPhone.

Read someone else’s phone number

And there is no such way that would allow you to read other people’s cell phone number, just does not exist. And we’ve said it more than once. And it’s still there. Every day, hundreds of people are asking our consultants, as well as searching in Google and Yandex. but how can you read someone else’s phone number? There is no way to do this.

But the number, the most that you can learn from mobile operators. a location, call list and SMS list. All. No other information mobile operators will not be able to give you. ♪ Get it through your head ♪. And stop constantly type into search engines “how can I read the number of someone else’s phone”. There is no way to do this, period.

How to use GetContact on Android

Set GetContact as your default calling app

Don’t forget to turn on the overlay feature to see who is calling you, right during the call

From now on GetContact will work on your smartphone as a regular “Phone” application, replacing the phone caller that you used before. In general, there is nothing wrong with it, even though you are probably used to your current caller ID. Because now you will be able to see who is calling you, even if you have never talked to him. The service just automatically pulls up information about how this subscriber is recorded by others and shows it to you.

It is important to understand that by agreeing to use GetContact you are giving the application access to your address book. He will study it and verify how you have different people recorded, saving this information in his database. This may scare some people, you never know. But, on the other hand, you yourself want to know how you are recorded by others, and this information is obtained only in this way. So do not worry, especially since GetContact does not indicate who exactly has recorded subscribers in one way or another in their contacts.

How to get Itemized bill without help of mobile operators

There is a program for itemizing calls of other people’s number which in its essence is an anticounter program and it is called VkurSe. This is the example of our software, we will show you. how you can find out details of someone else’s calls and SMS, without involving anyone from the outside, at any time convenient for you.

Originally our anti-theft software VkurSe was created to protect your phone from theft or loss, but its functionality is so great that it has been used for other cases as well (see. Features). Details of calls and SMS of someone else’s number with the help of VkurSe program will come to your office in the Data. Calls (SMS) tab, there you will see:

Yes! Our program for call details of extrinsic phone number will provide a unique opportunity. to listen to all recorded conversations and read the text of SMS. In other words, you can not only know at your convenience who called or wrote to the phone, but also what they were talking or writing about!

So, in order to get the call details of someone else’s number and SMS, you need to take this phone and install anti-vkurSe.

options to track a person on the phone

Variant 1. Myth about phone IMEI

We specifically began our review with this myth, which is firmly rooted in our brains. Many people claim that you can find the location of the phone on the map through its IMEI. We declare categorically. on their own (for an ordinary person) can not do it, only with the help of the police and special services.

To put it in a nutshell, IMEI is a number that is given to a phone when it is assembled. It is unique and contains information about when this phone was assembled, where and by whom. It can be found on the packaging box, in the phone itself under the battery and in the settings. Also by dialing #06# and pressing “call” it will come up on the screen.

Here everything is extremely simple. When the phone starts ringing, the service provider “sees” it through this number and the signal from the SIM card. But mobile operator will not be able to track your phone just by IMEI. Only special agencies will be able to do this, they will take this information and then do their investigative work.

Please remember, if you have a desire or want to know how to establish the location of the phone through the IMEI. you can NOT do it by yourself, only with the help of the police. And if you have found on the Internet services that offer for money to trace the phone on have, then it is definitely crooks. If they have access to the stolen phones IMEI database, which is questionable.

Variant 2. The myth about no software installation

Keep on busting myths. Myth 2 “It’s possible to track a cell phone without installing any software. No, it can’t. Before knowing something, you first have to do something: go, fly over, read, turn on, watch, etc.д. The same is with the programs. Before tracking, the program must be activated. Either on your phone, or on the target phone, or both at the same time. This already depends on the service.

If you come across such services which are rendered on the Internet by certain persons, then close their site. they are definitely cheaters. Remember once and for all. it’s impossible to organize phone tracking over the Internet without installing programs or connecting your phone to geolocation services.

But find your wife by phone number for free you can, as the vast majority of services offer a free trial period. But tracking your wife by phone number without installing and activating it is technically impossible.

Option 3. Via mobile operators

Almost all mobile operators have services that allow you to track the location of the phone number. These are narrowly focused services that will only show the coordinates on the map. Provided by subscriber’s consent.


MTS has three services: “Search”, “ZnayGde” and “Child Monitor”. With the help of “Know Where” service You can watch online by phone number free of charge during first 5 days, and “Search” service works for free during 2 weeks.


Beacon” service is provided by Kyivstart. Dial the phone number and add it to your contact list. This subscriber will receive an SMS, he must agree and in this way, you can track someone else’s phone number for free. It is not necessary to connect anything in advance.


The Tele2 service is called Geopoisk. Tracks both Android and iOS devices. There is a parental control, through which it is possible not only to track the child by GPS, but also to block access to the Internet or to certain sites.


Beeline called its service “Beacon”. It’s possible to set the detection every 5 minutes. It is paid every day. The number can be tracked online for free during the first 7 days.


And for Megafon it is “Radar”. Tracks not only its own subscribers but also a number of other mobile operators. Can track up to 5 phones at once. Price depends on number of devices tracked.

With these services you can really find your phone by GPS. this is online tracking. Only need to take into account the fact that it works exclusively with the global positioning system, and if GPS is disabled, it will not be possible to send coordinates.

If Viber is installed on your phone

You will be able to organize the tracking of people through the geometry of the messenger. You can find out where the person is at any given moment. By the way, it is very easy to do:

Enable location detection on the target phone. Settings. Privacy & Security. Geo-location. Viber. move the slider.

A map with geolocation will appear on the target phone, just like on your phone. During active interlocutor activity (will write a message, upload a photo, etc.).д.), you will see his location.

But, it is necessary to consider one fact with which it is impossible to struggle and do something for the better. though tracking by phone number for free and will be displayed at each action of his in Viber, but the accuracy of coordinates can be very approximate. Sometimes not only another street, but even another city is indicated. There’s nothing you can do about it. that’s the way it works.

If you have Telegram installed

In versions 4.4 and higher you can track by phone number in real time. This requires:

Thus, you will be able to get current coordinates of your interlocutor or send him yours. If the person you’re talking to is coming to a meeting, you can track his or her movement online for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours in a row (you can set the period yourself).

If WhatsApp is installed

Now how to set up a tracker for your phone number if you have WhatsApp. You can track a frozen tag (t.е. certain coordinates), and you can track your route in real time:

So you can track your phone number online on the map. It is not possible to covertly follow, as it is all done together with the interlocutor.

We have provided you with the Top 7 Best Number Identification Programs for 2020. You just have to think carefully and decide for yourself which one you need. The main thing is to answer yourself the question: “Why exactly do you want to install the license plate number identifier??”. Just to know who’s calling or to keep full control of all phone conversations.

find, calls, phone, number

Choosing from the above programs, stop your eyes on the program VkurSe. It is the only one that has a whole list of functions not available to everyone else.

In conclusion we would like to emphasize the fact that any phone detection application is an opportunity to protect yourself from unwanted calls, as well as not to miss the one that you are waiting for.

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