Find Location By Phone Number Online

There are a number of reasons why you want to track your cell phone. You can monitor your children in terms of their safety and your mental state, track your phone in case it is stolen. Whatever the reason, there are several ways to track your cell phone.

Find Location By Phone Number Online

There are many programs that allow you to track the location of a person by his mobile phone number, even without his knowledge. Discover the benefits cell phone tracking software.

Using Google and MobileCare

In 2013, Google thought about the loss and theft of phones. As a result, her mobile OS got an interesting feature that allows you to instantly see the location of the phone on the map. This service is called Android Device Manager. Or “Android Remote Control”if you speak a great and powerful language. For the service to work successfully, GPS on the tablet or smartphone must be turned on. Otherwise, the location will either be determined only approximately or not displayed at all.

If you have lost a phone that works with Android, then feel free to click on the link: it is he who allows you to see your device on the map. First, you will be asked to log in using your username. Then Google maps will appear, showing your mobile device as a blue circle. If you use several tablets and smartphones, then they will all be displayed on the map (if the GPS module is turned on).

Now a similar feature is offered by third-party developers. For example, you can use the Advanced Mobile Care app, which you’ll find on Google Play. This is a simple antivirus, distributed free of charge. Also, the program can delete unnecessary files, thereby clearing the permanent and random access memory. The function also looks very useful. “Anti Theft”. It is enough to include it, as on the developers site you can find out the location of the phone, having previously logged in. Even right from the site you have the right to raise an alarm that the robber who stole your phone will definitely not like it. By the way, Google also provides something similar. From his site you can call your phone. Suddenly the robber picks up the phone? The conversation will be done over the Internet. If there are no funds left in the account, then the phone will not receive a call, unless it is in the Wi-Fi zone. However, then the location will not be displayed.

How to find a tablet by phone number? The procedure is similar to finding a mobile phone by its number. Take care of your property so that all your devices are always with you. The status of finding your device can be certified on our website. Find out if the mobile device you are using is original. In case of loss or theft, report this in the Passport section.

Update: mobile operators offer mobile phone search by number. The service is provided for a fee, but may be useful for many cases if other methods are less effective.

Register your smartphone in the database. We can check the originality of the smartphone, and we can also provide a lot of useful information on some manufacturers.

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There are situations when you urgently need to find a person, but besides his mobile phone number you do not have any information about him. Or it often happens that people lose their mobile phone. Nowadays, there are such services that allow you to track your phone by online number.

The principles of operation and the advantages of the mobile phone tracking service by number:

In detectives and spy movies, one can often see a hero using an ultra-precise and secret service receive the coordinates of a mobile device and, almost instantly, see a photo of its owner received from a satellite. Perhaps in the future such developments will be really accessible to ordinary users, but for now, this can only be seen in the movies.

Maximum accuracy of determining the location of the phone in different parts of the world:

Nevertheless, the tracking service still has some minor flaws: the phone by number cannot be found if it is on a CDMA network or if the battery is removed from the phone.

Technical details

Almost every mobile operator has a geolocation service with the same principle of operation. The service of this kind in the “Big Three” of operators is called “Locator” and is provided on a paid basis. The service is implemented on the LDСS platform using the CELL ID determination method. You can connect it using USSD requests, through the voice menu of service numbers, the operator, as well as in the customer service center. At the same time, this can be done both with the consent of the owner of the phone, so de facto and without it: it is enough for a few minutes to pick up the mobile phone of the subscriber. Information on the current location of the subscriber can be received on your mobile phone in the form of SMS or graphically, with cards with markers, however, for this you need to install a special application downloaded from the website of the telecom operator (“Locator” from Beeline, “Navigator” from Megafon, etc. D.).

Connection of the Locator service from Beeline
To connect the service you just need to send an empty SMS to 5166. And download the “Locator” application (works only on Android). The cost of the service is 3 rubles per day. You can track up to 5 numbers, even other operators (MTS and Megafon).

Activation of the Navigator service at Megafon
It is enough to send 140 # from the desired mobile USSD request or on the website m.Navigator.Megafon.Ru. You can see where the desired object is located on the same site. Or using USSD request 1407XXXXXXXXXX # (where 7XXXXXXXXXXX is the telephone number of the desired subscriber). The cost of the service is 3 rubles per day. You can track subscribers of other networks (MTS)

Connection of the Locator service from MTS
The service is activated by USSD request 111788 #. To add monitored subscribers, you need to send SMS to 6677 short number, for example: “DOB Wife 89167654321”. The cost of the service is 100 rubles per month. You can track subscribers “Megaphone”.

Connection of the Geopoisk service from Tele2
The service is activated by USSD-request 11901 #. To enable tracking, dial 11917xxxxxxxxxx #. For information on where the phone is. Dial 11927xxxxxxxxxx #. The cost of 60 rubles per month. It does not work in all regions.

It is important to understand:

  • Coordinates can be given with an error of 100-250 meters in the city center to 1 kilometer on the outskirts.
  • If a person’s mobile is turned off, then they won’t be able to determine his location using the service.
  • This method works only if the subscriber you want to find is located.
  • Coordinates can be determined no more often than every 4-5 minutes. Those. Keeping track of a moving object will be difficult.
  • Determining the location of subscribers is available only with their permission (you need to access the phone to confirm activation of the service).

Spyware for tracking your phone (iPhone, Android)

Beware of scammers

Cheap or free?

Guaranteed free mobile tracking methods work only if you have access to a person’s phone. All of them are described above. But is it possible to get this information for free or for little money if there is no access to the phone? Read the tips below.