Find iPhone via iCloud

How to find a stolen iPhone by yourself

These methods have helped many users to find their lost iPhone. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

One popular method which is mistakenly considered the most reliable. However, it is impossible to find iPhone by IMEI on your own, without the help of law enforcement agencies. The most you can know is the state of your phone: for example, whether it’s on or off.

Do not be fooled by the offers of various sites and programs that promise to help you find your smartphone by IMEI for “token amount”. Access to the location of the phone through an international ID can only be provided by the mobile operator at the request of the police.

Trying to find iPhone by yourself using IMEI is a bad idea. The company and the operator will not give you access to the location of your smartphone without the support of the police. However, there is another, much safer and more effective way.

Logging into your iCloud account through the official website

The easiest way to sign in to a cloud storage account without an iPhone is through the official site of the company that developed it. A user can easily activate their account on any PC, for example, if they need to open backups of documents or photos.

To open an account, you will only need login details: your Apple ID and password. The following storage features are available through your computer.

  • Ability to track the location of the gadget if it is lost.
  • Remove data from gadget.
  • Lock access to your device if you suspect it is stolen.
  • Record a voice message to ask for it back, etc.
  • View, download, upload, edit selected files in iCloud media library.

Cloud storage account is available on any computer running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Use the following instructions to sign in online.

Info! Via this page, any user can restore the data of his account if he forgot his password or login, to register a second account

This will open an interface that will give you access to all the tabs of the storage.

  • Your mail. You can use your browser to send and receive correspondence, save messages and documents.
  • Calendar. In the browser you can adjust the dates of events and put the option “Automatic notification”.
  • Contacts. If necessary, you can copy and move all data to “Downloads” PC through vCard format.
  • Media Library. Through the PU, you can still view photos, videos in the appropriate tabs of the storage, copy them to a PC, delete them, and send them to their recipients. Files are synchronized automatically on all devices.
  • iCloud drive. Service feature lets you store files created on third-party resources.

In addition to the main options in the cloud storage, you can open additional office blocks of text editors: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and design documents with the possibility of general editing.

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iCloud mail interface

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

A distinctive feature of the Apple iPhone is the fact that they discharge quickly. So if your smartphone is lost, it will shut down in just a few hours. How to be in this situation? Will I have to forget about being able to find the device through another phone or computer?

As Apple says, the standard phone search function works even if the phone is turned off. This happens because the iPhone shuts down with little battery power. In theory this fact should help you to find the device.

So, you can use the methods previously presented in the material, which help to find the iPhone. That is, you will need to open the iCloud, log in and use the “Find iPhone” option.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable confirmation that the iPhone can be found even after several hours of being turned off. After all, geolocation is used for searching, which consumes a large amount of power. So there is a probability that the iPhone will not be found.

If you find yourself in exactly the same situation, we recommend that you read the rest of this material. In conclusion, we’ll tell you how to find iPhone if none of the previous methods helps.

Search for your phone with “Find iPhone” enabled

If your mobile device has been stolen or lost, but you’ve activated the “Find iPhone” feature, it’s easy to trace. It is enough to do the following:

  • Follow the link to the page and enter your personal account information.
  • Go to “Find iPhone.”.
  • Find your device using a similar function, which will provide geodata in addition to the location.
  • Once the device is found, you need to activate the function in the “Missing Mode” settings. It will automatically lock your device and any ability to conduct financial transactions, providing complete security to all your data.
  • Now you need to go to the law enforcement authorities and report the loss, providing the data that you received and the serial number of the device.
  • For better security, use the remote wipe function, it is available on a similar site, the link to which is provided above.
  • It is recommended to call your mobile operator and report the problem so that they can block your ability to make calls and send messages.

Important! Act quickly, so that the intruder does not have time to use anything. Search, delete photos and credit card information. How to enable and how to disable the necessary functions, everything is presented in this instruction

Now you know how to use the best way to track your iPhone. And if you want to find your iPhone via iCloud from Android, there will be no problem with that, as these instructions only require that you have the Internet at hand. And it doesn’t matter what kind of device you use.

Locking your device in offline mode

You may find that your cell phone is not connected to the Internet. This means that all the changes you made using the above instructions may not work right away. But it should be borne in mind that to use the service or any function of the cell phone will need the Internet.

And if you make all the changes, the first time you connect online, they will all be accepted, and the intruder will still not be able to use anything

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How to stay safe from scammers

In an effort to find a lost iPhone, don’t forget about security. Since blocked Apple gadgets are impossible to hack (and thus sell) dishonest people can try to take advantage of the owner of a smartphone in other ways.

If a stranger called you and said that he was able to find an iPhone that belongs to you, or an SMS message was sent to the phone number, indicated on the device’s screen saver using the function described in the beginning of the article, be vigilant:

  • In case you are offered simply to return a lost gadget, do not agree to meet in a deserted place, or at night, or at least do not go alone.
  • People who ask you to send them money first are definitely scammers, ignore them, otherwise you will simply lose your money.
  • If they offer you to buy back a gadget at a personal meeting, also choose a crowded place and come with your friends, or even better. with law enforcement officers: according to the law, such actions are a direct extortion.
  • Sometimes it happens that the owner of a lost gadget receives an SMS saying that his/her device is turned on, and is offered to go to the site and enter the login and password of the Apple ID for clarification of the information. This is also fraudulent. using fake pages that resemble the official iCloud criminals collect users’ personal data. If you enter information. you will forever lose not only your phone, but also access to your account.

If you enable Apple’s search in advance, and test it at home, then the question of how to find a lost iPhone will not be a problem for you in most cases.

Disabling Find iPhone

It is possible that the Find iPhone app has been activated by accident, or it is possible that someone else has access to your Apple ID account. Of course, no one wants to track your location, but you can fix that by turning off the Find iPhone app. There are 3 ways to do this.

Disable the feature by disabling all iCloud features

  • On the Home screen, find the Settings shortcut and go there.
  • Click on your name and go directly to iCloud.
  • Find “Find iPhone” and move the slider to the inactive state (it will become gray instead of green).

How to disable it using an application

  • On the Home screen, find the “Find iPhone” shortcut and log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  • Under the map with your smartphone’s location, you’ll see a list of all the devices that have “Find iPhone” enabled through your account.
  • In order to remove the device from the list, it will be enough to select the desired device and swipe it from right to left, after this action a red “Remove” button will appear, click on it.

You should know that the device you want to erase from the list must not be connected to the Internet (Offline), otherwise the legendary “Delete” button will not appear.

This is exactly the disadvantage of this method, because as soon as the remote device connects to the Internet, the function is reactivated. Therefore, you can permanently disable the “Find iPhone” function only in the iCloud settings.

Disable on Windows and Mac OS X computer

  • Open the iCloud in the browser on your personal computer, and log in with your Apple ID.
  • In the panel at the very top, expand the “All Devices” tab.
  • From the opened list choose the device, on which you will disable the.
  • The next step will open full information about your device and you need to click on “Remove” and confirm your action once again in the window that will appear.
  • In the additional window that opens, enter your account password.
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After these simple steps, your smartphone will receive a confirmation message about the deactivation of Find iPhone, and it will be deactivated immediately when you connect your smartphone to the Internet.

How to enable the “Find iPhone” feature?

You have a new iPhone, and you want to be as safe as possible? Great, then you need to enable the “Find iPhone” function. Here are the instructions:

Keep in mind that the “Find iPhone” only works when the Internet is on. Otherwise, you can not find your device on the map.

What is “Find iPhone?

“Find iPhone” or Find My iPhone is an official Apple service that offers a number of features to protect the company’s devices from loss and theft. In the present you can work with the service through a mobile application with the same name and web-service iCloud.

  • determine the geo-position of the device on the map;
  • Play a beep to help you find your smartphone or tablet if it is somewhere nearby;
  • activate the mode that blocks your iPhone, iPad;
  • Remotely erase all information from the stolen device.

Assistive features

The above feature has a lot of useful auxiliary functions:

  • If the device is close to the computer where the tracking is performed, the program plays a special sound. And even silent mode will not stand in its way.
  • If there is a chance that your iPhone was lost in a public place and you need to protect all the important data, just set a four-digit password. After that, no one will be able to unlock it. In particular, this procedure is relevant when it is necessary to find a stolen gadget.
  • If a lost device can’t be found, you can delete all the information down to the last file it contains. However, if the iPhone is found after that, the files can easily be restored from the backup that is generated by the iTunes app each time you update.
  • All operations described above can also be performed in case of loss of the iPad.

Note that this question and many others have other solutions, all demonstrated in this

That’s it, I’m going to wrap it up. I hope you already know how to iPhone iCloud from your computer. Don’t forget to post your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we’ll discuss everything there. At the end you can read where you can download a friend around on your computer, or why not updated Kaspersky, and how to configure Skype on your laptop. Wishing everyone great health and peace in their families.

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