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How to Turn on Find My iPhone

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This wikiHow will teach you how to enable the Find My iPhone feature on your phone to help you track your device in the event that it is lost or misplaced.

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Samsung, Xiaomi and others. Who is ready to install Russian software on smartphones?

Apple is basically unable to comply with the new prescription. The iOS operating system is closed, and the ability to pre-install software from third-party developers is not provided in it. It is not known what fate awaits Apple in Russia when the application preinstallation law is passed. There is a version that the iPhone will cease to be officially sold in our country.

Apple pre-installed Russian apps. What’s stopping you from doing it again?

The Russian government obliges device manufacturers to pre-install Russian applications on the local market. The law can play against Apple. according to company representatives, this is technically impossible, because iOS is a closed system and by default there is only proprietary software there. What will happen to smartphones, TVs and computers, what will Apple do. in the material of Life.

The Russian government has decided on the rules for mandatory software for smartphones and other devices in Russia. They will come into force on January 1, 2021.

In accordance with the adopted law, 16 Russian-developed applications must be installed on all smartphones and tablets produced after the New Year and sold in Russia.

Photo © TASS / Sergey Savostyanov

In addition, changes will be made to other devices. For computers, three applications are required, for TVs with support for Smart TV. four.

So far, only the categories of mandatory applications have been determined, it is not known what specific software will be required for preinstallation. The ministry will compile a list of such applications based on the applications submitted by the developers. According to the department, he has already received applications from developers of browsers, search engines, online maps and navigators, cloud storages, e-mail clients, instant messengers, voice assistants, news aggregators, applications for accessing online broadcasts and applications of other categories. Applications are accepted until December 1, until December 15, the Ministry of Finance will send recommendations on the list of programs to the government.

What is the meaning of the bill?

The bill was passed in December 2019. According to him, amendments were made to the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. As conceived by the authors of the initiative, the new law should provide Russian IT companies with the opportunity to promote their products and technologies.

The law provides for the pre-installation of services and programs only in those categories where Russian manufacturers have an analogue to a foreign one with similar capabilities and comparable quality. Many domestic services and programs are more convenient for the Russian audience.

Why is this “law against Apple”?

After the State Duma adopted the amendments in the third and final reading, the RATEK Association sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin. It includes Google, Apple, Samsung, Intel, Dell, M.Video and many other companies. The letter said that the law would negatively affect the development of the industry and lead to monopolization in the field of application development.

Life spoke with smartphone brands about this initiative. Samsung, Vivo and Xiaomi do not oppose it and are ready to cooperate. Other vendors have not commented on the changes.

The anti-Apple law will go into effect in 2021. What will change and will the iPhone disappear?

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Technologies. the main thing

How to find out about the prescribed benefits on the “State Services”. Two ways to find them and one is to prove

The cost of the iPhone 12 has become known

Analysts and experts say Cupertino cannot pre-install third-party apps on iPhones and iPads. Apple compares the process to a jailbreak. jailbreaking a device to make changes to the file system. But at the same time, there were cases when the company installed third-party applications.

IOS 5 had a icon; prior to iOS 6, iPhones came with Google Maps and YouTube preinstalled. Later, the relationship between Apple and Google worsened. and these programs disappeared, they had to be downloaded from the App Store.

over, the Russian application “Yandex.Maps” was preinstalled on the iPhone, and the “Yandex” search engine was preinstalled on iOS 7. And this application was promoted in the Russian market as an alternative to branded Apple cards.

If you looked for an object on Apple maps, then the Info on Yandex button could appear in the detailed information about the object, and clicking on it opened the Yandex.Maps application and loaded the information about the object. Apparently, this was used for greater accuracy, Apple Maps is one of the most problematic products of the company.

The list of pre-installed apps is still changing in China. There, the local search engine Baidu is uploaded to manually search and work with Siri.

How Apple products adapt to specific markets?

Products from AliExpress may not arrive or be disappointing. 5 ways to get rid of problems

How to enable Find My iPhone?

Apple recommends that all Apple users activate the Find iPhone feature. If this feature is enabled, it takes five minutes to find a stolen device. The article will tell you in detail how to activate “Find iPhone”.

Apple mobile devices running iOS version 5.0 or higher are equipped with the superior Find My iPhone security mechanism. The function allows you to remotely block a lost / stolen gadget and find out its location. Thanks to Find iPhone, the number of reported thefts of Apple devices worldwide has dropped significantly. in London, for example, by as much as 50%.

Russian users, alas, have not yet “tried” Apple’s “anti-theft” function. many of them do not believe in its effectiveness; some even assume that in this way America is following the Russians. In fact, Apple’s search engine is powerful. It makes sense to give up paranoid prejudices in order not to shed tears after stealing an expensive device.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

You can set up Find iPhone on your mobile device as follows:

Go to the “iCloud” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Enter your Apple ID and password. if you haven’t done so earlier.

Then click “Login“.

Agree to merge data stored in iCloud and iPhone. or opt out if you want to separate “flies from cutlets”. Also allow iCloud to use iPhone geolocation.

These two prompts will appear on the screen in sequence, one after the other.

Scroll down the screen and look for the “Find iPhone” slider.

Move it to the active position.

A notification appears on the screen that Find My iPhone will be activated. Click “OK”.

It remains to check if the Find iPhone feature is enabled in Location Services. Go to “Settings” again and follow the path “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”.

In the section “Geolocation Services” there is a subsection “Find iPhone”. visit it.

Make sure the toggle switch of the same name is activated.

This check is very important. If Find My iPhone doesn’t use geolocation, you won’t be able to see your lost gadget on the map.

We have an article on our website on how to disable Find My iPhone.

iPhone 11: How to Turn On Find My iPhone

What is Activation Lock?

A useful add-on for the Find iPhone service called Activation Lock (or Activation Lock) first appeared on iOS 7. The add-on allows you to “tightly” lock a mobile device associated with an Apple ID account. that is, in fact, turn the smartphone into a “brick” “. Neither flashing nor recovery in DFU mode will help to reanimate the gadget.

I Found a Lost iPhone 11 Pro Underwater That Was Still Working! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

“Activation Lock” is, in fact, the “Lost Mode”, which was mentioned earlier and which can be enabled on the iCloud website.

With the current “Activation Lock”, you will have to enter your Apple ID every time you need to do the following:

    Deactivate Find My iPhone. Delete information from the gadget. Reactivate your smartphone.

That is, an attacker who stole a gadget will find that he has a device with which he cannot do anything. It would be most reasonable for a thief to contact the owner and, pretending to have found a gadget, offer to return the device for a symbolic reward.

The user needs to be careful and activate the Lost Mode only after the Apple ID password is written down in all kinds of notebooks and computer programs. If he loses the password or forgets it, then he himself will not be able to return the device to work. In such circumstances, service centers, Apple support, and even computer hackers will be powerless.

How Find My iPhone works?

The Find iPhone service allows the user to:

    Find out the geographical location of the lost gadget. You can only find out where the device is if it is connected to the Internet. Remotely delete all contents of the smartphone. Activate Lost Mode on the device. It is impossible to use such a gadget. it will be possible to sell it only for spare parts and then for a pittance. Remotely trigger a loud beep on your smartphone to make searching easier.

The function can be used only if it is activated on the mobile device itself and if the owner of the gadget remembers the password for his iCloud account.

After losing the Apple smartphone, the user can go to under the account data that is activated on the device, select the “Find iPhone” section and see a city map on which the gadget’s location is marked with a green dot.

The owner of the lost “mobile phone” only needs to turn on the “Lost Mode” and go out in search. It’s better to take a friend with you who also has an Apple device. but only with the Find iPhone application installed. Through the application, you can reproduce a signal on a lost device.

A person who has activated the Find iPhone feature on their mobile phone will have to take the privacy of their Apple ID credentials very seriously. If the data ends up in the hands of intruders, they will be able to block the gadget and, by changing the iCloud password, blackmail the owner of the mobile device. This fraudulent method is not “fantasy”; lately more and more users suffer from such illegal actions.