Features Of iPad Pro 11.0



The new iPad Pro is available in 2 standard colors (Silver, Space Gray). The tablet is made all in the same stylish and discreet “apple” style. All new, modern technologies are imprisoned in a thin aluminum case. As always, the material is strong enough and pleasant to the touch. But to ensure the complete safety of the device, it is recommended purchase a protective case. Dimensions of the device are 247.6×178.5×5.9 mm. With such dimensions, you can take the tablet anywhere. And thanks to the capacious battery, the tablet will last up to 10 hours without recharging!


Liquid Retina technology. Edge to edge display. You get not only impressive image quality, but also many advanced technologies such as ProMotion, True Tone and ultra-precise color reproduction. In addition to the unsurpassed picture, the display instantly responds to any of your actions and touches. Using such a device is really nice.

Features Of iPad Pro 11.0

  • Resolution 2388 × 1668;
  • High-precision color rendition;
  • 120 Hz, ProMotion technology;
  • Brightness 600 cd / m3;
  • Special coating that minimizes glare;
  • True Tone Technology
  • Wide color gamut P3;
  • Oleophobic coating;
  • Laminated display.

Thanks to the high resolution of the screen, any image, film, text file will be displayed clearly and without any distortion. Your eyes will not get tired. The device can be safely used throughout the day.

The tablet is equally convenient to use both for games, work, and for ordinary surfing the Internet. The price of the new iPad Pro 2020 is reasonable, and the specifications exceed all expectations.


What they did the most work on and what they really surprised is the new dual level Pro camera. Excellent symbiOSis of a 10 megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 12 megapixel wide-angle output cameras show excellent results. Namely. They allow you to perfectly frame the frame and take photos of incredible quality!

The main addition is the LiDAR scanner, whose function is to detect and determine the range using light. This technology is created and used by NASA. It measures the distance by the duration of the flight of light to the object and back, and also with high speed reads thousands of points on objects in the scanner area, and the Neural Engine System of the A12Z Bionic processor forms a 3D model of the scanned zone. The reaction speed is a matter of nanoseconds! It works great both outdoors and indoors. This technology will be useful to every user, whether you are a professional or an amateur.

The scanner interacts perfectly with cameras and motion sensors iPad Pro and easily determines the depth of space. The mixture of all technological components allows us to say that the iPad Pro 2020 is a modern device for augmented reality.

The developers did not forget about the. To shoot in 4K resolution, quickly edit and send it to its destination has become even easier and faster. The tablet is suitable for all lovers of photo and, without exception. And with the 7 megapixel TrueDepth front camera, you can use Face ID, shoot high-quality selfies, 1080p, create Animoji and Memoji, and much more.


And, of course, the heart of any device is its processor! A12Z Bionic, together with the built-in M12 motion coprocessor and the Neural Engine system, show excellent processing speed of any information, data and everything else. Any task for him is not a problem: from simple everyday tasks to working with complex graphics and mathematical calculations. Great for both professional activities and for use in everyday life.

  • 8-core graphics processor;
  • Internal storage from 128 GB to 1 TB;
  • The presence of Wi-Fi, on some 4G models and other wireless technologies;
  • IPadOS operating system. For simple and quick work in multitasking mode;
  • 4 speakers and 5 studio-quality microphones, and more.


The all-new Magic Keyboard is the perfect complement to the iPad Pro. With it, typing on an iPad is more convenient than ever. The integrated trackpad opens up new possibilities for working with the iPadOS. The USB ‑ C port on this keyboard allows you to charge your iPad. And Magic Keyboard protects the device from both sides. This specially designed keyboard magnetizes to the iPad Pro and keeps it on its weight. At the same time, you can smoothly change the angle of inclination to find the ideal position.