Failed To Activate Xiaomi Sim Card

Often, the simplest details of the settings of a smartphone cause difficulties. it is not clear what to do with them, it is impossible to fix the problems, etc. You may encounter such a situation when you receive a notification about a SIM card activation error. Why this happens, and what to do, we will discuss further.

sim card is not activated xiaomi

Why do I need to activate a SIM card

Sim activation is a process that is necessary to establish and enhance the protection of a smartphone using the Xiaomi system account. Mi account.

As a rule, when placing the card in the phone, the smartphone itself activates it, if you previously registered the number when creating the Mi account. But sometimes failures do happen.

Sim card is not activated on Xiaomi: reasons

If the SIM card is correctly placed in the phone, it means the settings or the operation of the phone. There is no single prerequisite for an activation error. Therefore, it is possible to determine why it was not possible to activate the sim card only by the last committed actions.

Why sim activation error comes:

  • Activation via SMS message sent abroad;
  • Mi account does not contain a registered phone number;
  • Problems installing the language on the phone;
  • Problems in the firmware.

Even if you are sure that none of the above happened with your device, it is recommended to check all items.

How to activate sim card on Xiaomi: system message to another country

Let’s start with the installation of sim from the first paragraph. The problem here is that, as a rule, a SIM card is activated by sending a message abroad, and mobile operators quite often block such SMS.

Failed To Activate Xiaomi Sim Card

There are two solutions:

  1. Call the operator and clarify about blocked SMS;
  2. Check for a phone number through the Xiaomi activation service if the SMS does not go away at all.

Also check your balance just in case, all of a sudden, this is exactly what failed.

With the first method, everything is clear. But the second is worth taking only when absolutely no SMS is sent from your phone.

Usually, when you put a SIM card in the gadget, the phone itself enters the number of the mobile operator in a specially designed place. But sometimes failures occur, and you have to act yourself.

  • Open “Settings”, scroll to the tab “System Applications”. go;
  • At the end of the page, find the “Advanced” tab;
  • In the “System” section, find the “SMS Center Number” or “Short Message Service (SMSC)” field;

5. Enter the mobile operator number in the field:

  • Yota. 79585370690;
  • MTC. 79168999100;
  • Tele2. 79043490000;
  • Beeline. 79037011111;
  • Megaphone. 79202909090.

Register phone number

Often, the SIM card is not activated due to the fact that when creating the Mi account you specified the mail, and not the mobile phone number. In this case, you just have to bind the number to the account.

  • Go to the official website of Xiaomi. “account.xiaomi.com”;
  • Go to your account. enter your username and password;
  • Open the settings menu;
  • Enter the mobile phone number in the special field;

sim card is not activated xiaomi. Register phone number

  • You will receive a confirmation code on your phone, which will also need to be indicated on the site;

Change the language on the phone

A rather urgent problem when a SIM card is not activated when Russian is installed on a smartphone.

  • First you need to exit Mi account. open “Settings”;
  • Go to the page “Mi account” and log out of the account;
  • Go back one step and find the “Advanced” / “Advanced Settings” tab;
  • Next, go to the “Language” and change Russian to English;

Firmware check

It is possible that the activation problem lies in an outdated version of the firmware. over, this is possible if everything worked properly before.

The way out is to check MIUI for updates, and, if any, replace the firmware with a newer version.

Manual number entry if SMS does not work

There is another way that helps to fix the problem if all of the above methods did not work and in addition to everything else, the inability to send SMS is added.

When the notification “SIM card is not activated” pops up again, click on it, then click on the “Repeat” button 4-5 times. A window will appear where you will need to enter a phone number, after which activation should occur.

sim card is not activated xiaomi

In the event that not a single solution worked, contact the service center, since the problem may already be in the mechanical details of the phone.