Factory settings Samsung j5 2017

Hardware problem

If the Samsung Galaxy restart cycle persists, the problem may be caused by one of the device’s hardware components, it may have been improperly installed by the manufacturer or damaged after leaving the factory.

To test this, you need to do a factory reset to determine if the phone is in working order, especially if it’s a new device. However, you should remember that this action will delete all personal settings and other data that you have stored in memory, such as passwords.

If you have not yet backed up your data with Dr.Fone. Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device), do it now before doing a factory reset. You can also write down your various passwords in case you forget them. because as you know it is easy to do!

How to perform a factory reset if your Samsung Galaxy restarts over and over:

Turn off your device and press the Volume Up key, Power button, and Home button at the same time. When the phone vibrates, release only the power button. Keep the other two buttons pressed.

This action will bring up the Android recovery screen.

factory, settings, samsung, 2017

Use the volume down key to navigate to the “Clear data / factory reset” option, then press the power button to confirm your choice.

Then you get more options. Use the volume down key again and select “delete all user data”. Confirm your choice by pressing the power button.

The screen shown below will appear. Press the power button to choose to reboot the system.

Recovery Mode Samsung J500F Galaxy J5 as on

How to enter recovery mode in Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to open recovery mode in Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to Boot Recovery Mode on Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to use recovery mode on Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to Exit Recovery Mode Samsung J500F Galaxy J5?

Android 5.1 Lollipop’s hidden mode called recovery should allow you to perform a hard reset. clear cache partition or Android 5.1 Lollipop update. So, follow the instructions from the recovery mode guide:

  • First of all, turn off your phone by briefly holding the power rocker
  • After that, press and hold the Volume Up Home Power button for a few seconds.
  • Success! You should now be in expected mode.
  • You can navigate here using the volume buttons and select options using the Home key.

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Hard Reset Samsung J500F Galaxy J5 How To

How to factory reset Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to wipe all data in Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to bypass screen lock in Samsung J500F Galaxy J5? How to restore defaults in Samsung J500F Galaxy J5?

This guide shows all methods of master reset for Samsung J500F Galaxy J5. Check out how to hard reset by hardware keys and Android 5.1 Lollipop settings. As a result, your Samsung J500F Galaxy J5 will be just as new and the Qualcomm MSM8916 core will run faster.

Reboot Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) with buttons

Android provides an emergency forced reboot option, which is performed the same way on almost all existing smartphones. The option can be activated using the following hotkey combination:

  • Hold down the power (unlock) and volume up buttons.
  • After the display turns off and the phone vibrates. release.

If the option with the volume up button did not give a result, then you should reboot using a decrease. Of course, this approach is relevant if the mechanical keys are working properly.

keeps rebooting. Dr.Fone

Incompatible third party application

Apps that are incompatible with system updates will crash when trying to open. If your Galaxy has stopped automatically rebooting in Safe Mode, the problem is most likely due to the fact that you have installed an application that is incompatible with the new firmware.

To fix this problem, you will have to uninstall your apps or reinstall them while you are still in Safe Mode. Most likely, the culprit will be one of the applications that were open when the updates were installed.

Question answer

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Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Hard Reset

Hello computer geniuses. Help me. The model of my phone, Samsung C8, really needs to restore photos and videos of everything I did from this phone. I recently, with the phone turned off, entered the Android program and pressed the reset button, reset the phone to factory settings. then I restored my account and all the programs that I needed.

Is it possible to somehow return these photos and videos that have been deleted from the phone? By the way, I also had photos that were important only to me in a protected folder. the program itself is installed but the photo and video are removed. But I remind you all these shots were once taken with the same phone. I hope for your understanding and look forward to your ANSWER.

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I found a smartphone, made a hard reset with the volume and power buttons, with the help of a special program, I reset all settings including Google Account, again hard reset, turned it off, turned it on, tried to register for myself it works without problems!!

Question: Can the owner find his phone?

Samsung galaxy J5 (2017) Hard Reset

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I removed the SD card and SIM card from the phone (Samsung a3 2016 SM-A310F) did a data reset after factory reset. Put the SD card back and write (Decryption of this SD card is not possible because encryption was carried out on another device. Decryption is possible only on the device on which encryption was carried out. Decrypt the SD card on such a device, then insert it into this device and try again.) Very personal and important information on the SD card. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello, my Samsung Galaxy DUOS phone has turned off, I had to do a factory reset, is there a chance now to restore my files? I tried it through Rekuva on my computer, but this program does not see my phone, maybe I can somehow try it through a mobile application, but so that it does not affect the phone’s warranty

Hello, I reset my Samsung Galaxy S8. Android 7.0 After the reset, I restored my Google account, but realized I had lost access to the Google Authenticator app. When I launch the application, it is only offered to create a new account, but I need exactly that one, because important data is saved there. What to do?

After resetting the settings, I turned on the phone, everything went well, but then it only showed a panel that shows the battery, time, Wi-Fi, etc. The rest of the screen is gray (lit). I can turn it off and on without any problem, it doesn’t help. Thanks in advance

I reset my Samsung Galaxy j6 to factory settings, now I can’t update Android. He dropped to 7.0. Very uncomfortable. How to return 7.1.2 or at least 7.1.1? Thank you.

I deleted the account on the Samsung Galaxy A5 and the phone was reset to factory settings. After that, languages ​​†‹вЂ‹ disappeared, including Russian and Ukrainian. How can you get them back? In the browser, you can set Russian, but in the settings of the phone itself there is no such thing, only English and a few more

Factory reset Samsung smartphones

A modern Android smartphone is a complex device both technically and programmatically. And as you know, the more complex the system, the more often it malfunctions. If hardware problems for the most part require contacting a service center, then software problems can be corrected by performing a factory reset. We will talk about how this is done on Samsung phones today.

Service code in the dialer

This cleaning method is possible using the Samsung Service Tag. Works only on some devices, and it also affects the contents of memory cards, so we recommend removing the USB flash drive from the phone before use.

    Open your device’s dialer app (preferably standard, but most third-party apps work as well).

27673855 # The device will immediately start the reset process, and after it will reboot.

The method is extremely simple, but fraught with danger, since no warning or confirmation of the reset is provided.

Summing up, we note that the process of factory resetting Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to those described above, there are more exotic reset methods, but most ordinary users do not need them.

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Step by step Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy phones

There are several ways to do a factory reset on Samsung.

If the device does not turn on after a reset, a Google account is required

Starting with version 5.1, Google has implemented anti-theft protection in Android. Google FRP. If you do a data reset, and do not delete your Google account before doing this, the device will be locked. When turned on, you will be asked for the account that was on the device before the reset, and the password from it. To turn on the device, enter the Google account that was on it before the reset.

If you do not remember which account was on the device before the reset, contact a Samsung service center. Be sure to take with you documents confirming the purchase (check, completed warranty card, loan agreement). If there are no documents, you cannot unlock the device.

Factory Recovery

This hard reset option is applicable when the device cannot boot the system. for example, during a cyclic reboot (bootloop).

  • Turn off your device. To enter “Recovery Mode”, simultaneously hold down the buttons for turning on the screen, “Volume Up” and “Home”. If your device does not have the last key, then just hold down the screen turn on plus “Volume Up”.
  • When the standard screen saver appears on the display with the inscription “Samsung Galaxy”, release the screen power key, and hold the rest for about 10 seconds. The recovery-mod menu should appear. In case it did not work out, repeat steps 1-2 again, while holding the buttons a little longer.
  • Once you have access to Recovery, press the Volume Down button to select Wipe data / factory reset. After selecting it, confirm the action by pressing the screen activation key.

This system reset option will clear memory bypassing Android, allowing you to fix the bootloop mentioned above. As in other methods, this action will delete all user data, so a backup is desirable.

How to Factory Reset Samsung

Many of us are happy owners of Samsung phones. High-quality, durable, functional. they have been popular for many years, serving their owners faithfully. But there comes a time when they start to fail and fail, and then an effective solution to restore their functionality is to reset the device settings. How can this be done? Below we will analyze in what ways you can reset your Samsung smartphone to factory settings. And also what is the procedure for implementing this operation.

What is a data reset for?

Resetting device data (reset, hard reset, factory reset) is the removal of all data from a smartphone or tablet: contacts, messages, downloaded applications, photos, music, mail settings, alarms. After a reset, the smartphone or tablet returns to the factory state.

Usually, data reset is done in the following cases:

Before selling or giving a device to another person;

If a problem occurs on the device that cannot be fixed by other methods;

After updating the device software (firmware).

Possible problems

Have you used Hard Reset to get rid of problems with your device? If rolling back the settings did not help fix the problems, then you can try flashing. Additionally, you need to seek help from specialists at an authorized service center.

Does the device freeze and slow down after a reset? You must also contact the service center. You may need to perform an OS update so that the owner can continue to use the device.

If the device asks for a password from a Google account. then you need to enter it. Forgot your credentials? Then they need to be restored through the official website. https: // accounts. google. com / signin / v2 / recoveryidentifier source = esir flowName = GlifWebSignIn flowEntry = ServiceLogin. If you do not remember your username and password. then you need to contact an authorized service center. by providing documents. confirming the purchase of the device.

There are situations when you need to quickly clean your phone and return it to its original settings. In this case, you need to know how to reset Samsung to factory settings, what you need to do before doing the work, and what the consequences of such actions may be. Let’s consider these issues in detail.

Factory reset via phone hardware keys

  • Android OS won’t start,
  • locked screen of Samsung device,
  • no access to settings.

So, in order to reset the settings without booting the Android OS,

  • Turn on your mobile device by pressing the hardware Power button. It is usually located on the side or top.
  • Press the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons at the same time. If there is no Home button, just hold down the other two buttons. If you have a Bixby button, you also need to press it.
  • Release the Power button as soon as Samsung Galaxy appears on the device screen
  • Hold the remaining buttons for another 15 seconds until Recovery appears.
  • If there is no Recovery label, repeat the previous steps, holding the buttons for a longer time.
  • Use the Volume Down button to navigate the menus. Find Factory Reset.
  • Click on Factory Reset by pressing the power button.
  • Press the volume down key to confirm the deletion (Yes).
  • Pressing Power, restart the device.

After these steps, the data will be reset to Samsung.

How to Factory Reset Samsung

How to factory reset Samsung? On Galaxy tablets and smartphones, you can easily complete this procedure. After reading our material, you will learn about possible methods for Hard Reset and receive instructions.

What is a data reset and why is it needed?

Not only Galaxy, but all Android smartphones have a full reset. When this function is activated, the device is rolled back to the factory settings. You get your phone completely clean, just like out of the box.

Important! When this option is activated, all user data is deleted. These are applications, files, contacts, correspondence, system settings, additional components, etc.

  • Transfer all important files from phone to flash drive.
  • Make a backup. It will allow you to restore information, save the user a lot of time.
  • Go to settings and delete your Google account. Otherwise, the smartphone will ask you to log in to this account after turning on.

Why would a full reset and factory reset be required? Let’s list the common reasons:

  • There are problems with your phone. If they cannot be solved by standard means, then it is recommended to perform a full reset. It is not uncommon for a system rollback to factory defaults to help users.
  • You are about to implement an old device, or give it to someone else. Naturally, it is better to erase a huge amount of personal information so that third-party people do not get access to it.
  • Before or after OS upgrade. The developers recommend performing a “clean” installation so that errors from the old version of the operating system do not migrate to the new one.

How to Factory Reset Samsung? Consider the main ways to rollback the system on devices from a Korean manufacturer.

Preparing for a factory reset

Before doing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy, please make a backup of any data that is important to you, as it will be erased.

Be sure to delete the Google user profile. otherwise, after a hard reset, the device will ask for a username-password. If you (or the new owner) are unable to enter them, the Android download will fail. How to do this, read the link:

In extreme cases, you can unlock the device in the proprietary service “Samsung”, but you need to have documents with you that confirm that you are its buyer.

Android won’t update after reset

I reset my Samsung Galaxy j6 to factory settings, now I can’t update Android. He dropped to 7.0. Very uncomfortable. How to return 7.1.2 or at least 7.1.1?

samsung galaxy j5 2017 factory reset

Answer. Try updating through Samsung Smart Switch. You cannot download directly on the Samsung website, however, on you can find firmware files and update the device manually.