Explay Power Bank Copy Contacts From Phone

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Housing LG P520 is made of plastic with a small number of metal inserts. A large insertion by the manufacturer is implemented under the buttons for working with calls. In addition, several smaller inserts are traditionally arranged in the form of edging connectors on the side faces.
The lion’s share of the front panel is reserved for the display. The display is big enough. 2.8 inches. Call buttons are implemented on a small metal insert. Their course is clear, without sticking. The battery is traditionally located under the cover, and a little to the side of it parallel to one another are slots for SIM cards.

Display and widgets
The display in the LG P520 is based on a TFT-matrix. The matrix is ​​resistive, which means navigating the access menu, either with your finger or with any other sharp object.
The color rendering of the display is good even in direct sunlight. the colors fade, of course, but this fading is far from catastrophic. the information remains perfectly readable. The start page of the display in the P520 is designed as two pages independent of one another. Pages are easily turned between themselves by a finger of a hand in any of two directions. The user is free to place a certain number of widgets on one of the pages, and on the other create a list of so-called hot contacts, that is, a certain number of numbers of the most frequently called subscribers.
There are about twenty pieces in the line of icon widgets, but only nine can be displayed on the panel. As for the list of hot phone numbers, on the page they can be formed in the amount of eight pieces. just as many of them in the line.

Menu LG P520 is implemented in the form of three pages turning among themselves. The icons on each of the pages are not grouped by any of the sub-directions. Pages between themselves are freely flipped by ordinary dragging with your finger to either side.

The Internet browser, which is the first in our list of communication applications, is a fairly advanced application with a huge number of settings, the ability to create bookmarks, save pages, etc. The manufacturer integrated an RSS reader here. In the sub-menu of the Options menu, the manufacturer offers a special sub-menu of the Connection menu, in which, in turn, the user can configure Internet access profiles, USB connection and much more.

Explay Power Bank Copy Contacts From Phone

Music and near-music applications: mp3 player, fm receiver, voice recorder, as well as content storage.

Dual sim
After the user inserts the SIM cards into the slots and starts the phone, a message will be displayed on the screen that will prompt the user to copy the contacts from the SIM cards to the phone’s memory. This must be done with only one purpose. it’s more convenient to call. For example, if the contact is on the Primary SIM card, it is impossible to call from the Secondary. If all the contacts are located in the phone’s memory, the user can simply drag the slider from the primary SIM card to the Secondary and make a call. The same in the SMS message menu. When creating a message, select the phone number and set the slider to the SIM-card, from which we will send SMS.
Since the P520 has two GPRS / EDGE modules, the user can travel across the Internet, both from the primary and secondary SIM-cards. All settings and features are saved in the submenu of the Options menu, Connection section.