Error when starting the Apple Mobile Device service

Error when starting the Apple Mobile Device service when installing iTunes

If the iPhone, iPad or iPod device is not recognized in iTunes on Windows, AMDS may require a reboot.

You can see the following error message when connecting the device: “This [device] cannot be used because the service of the Apple mobile devices is not launched”.

Follow the following actions to restart AMDS:

  • Close iTunes and turn off any iPhone, iPad or iPod, which is currently connected.
  • Access to the command run simultaneously click the Windows logo and the R key on the keyboard of your computer.
  • Type of services.MSC and click OK. Service console must open.
  • Click the right mouse button on the Apple Mobile device and select the property in the context menu.
  • Install the type of starting a pop.Up menu for automatic.
  • Click to stop the service.
  • After the service is stopped, click the button to start the service.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Reload the computer.
  • Open the iTunes program and connect the device.

Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service

Follow Thures to Restart AMDS and See if ITUNES Will Respond.

STEP 1: Close iTunes and If You Had Connected an ios Device, Disconnect Its.

STEP 2: Open The Run Command on Your Windows Computer. You can do that by Pressing the Windows Logo Key and the R Key on Your Keyboard.

STEP 3: Type in “Services.MSC “And then Click” OK.”This Shoup Open The Services Console. Right Click on “Apple Mobile Device Service” and Choose “Properties.”

STEP 4: Set the Startup Type Popup Menu To Automatic and Click “Stop.”Click” Start “and then click” ok.”

How to fix “Apple mobile device service not started error”

STEP 5: Restart the Computer and Try Using iTunes AGain.

On a PC computer with Windows OS

The instructions differ depending on whether you have loaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store store or from the Apple website.

If you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store store

Follow the following actions to reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Usb Driver driver.

  • Disconnect the device from the computer.
  • Unlock the iOS or iPados device and go to the “home” screen. Then connect the device again. If the iTunes program opens, close it.
  • Press and hold (or click with the right mouse button) button “Start”, and then select “Device Manager”.
  • Find and expand the section “Portable devices”.
  • Find your connected device (for example, Apple iPhone), click his name with the right mouse button and select “Update the driver”.
  • Select the option “Automatic search for updated drivers”.
  • By installing the software, go to the “Settings” “Updates and Safety” section “Windows Update Center” and check if there are other available updates.
  • Open the iTunes program.

If you downloaded iTunes from the Apple website

Follow the following actions to reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Usb Driver driver.

How to fix “Apple mobile device service is not started” error

  • Disconnect the device from the computer.
  • Unlock the iOS or iPados device and go to the “home” screen. Then connect the device again. If the iTunes program opens, close it.
  • Press the Windows and R keys to open the “Perform” window.
  • In the “Perform” window, enter: %Programfiles %Common Filesapplemobile Device Supportdrivers
  • Press the OK button.
  • Click the Usbaapl64 file with the right mouse button.Inf or USBAAPL.Inf and select the option “Install”. Other files starting with USBAAPL64 or USBAAPL may be displayed. Install a file with the extension.Inf. If you are not sure which file is installed, right.Click the empty area in the conductor window, and then sequentially select the “View” and “Table” points to display the types of files. You need to install a file type “Information for installation”.
  • Disconnect the device from the computer, then restart the computer.
  • Re.Connect the device and open itunes.
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If the device is still not recognized

Check in the device dispatcher whether the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver driver is installed. To open the device manager, follow the following actions.

  • Press the Windows and R keys to open the “Perform” window.
  • In the “Perform” window, enter DEVMGMT.MSC and press the OK button. The “Device Manager” window should appear.
  • Find and expand the “USB” controllers section.
  • Find the Apple Mobile Device Usb Driver driver.

If the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is not displayed or the “unknown device” is displayed:

  • Connect the device to the computer using another USB cable.
  • Connect the device to another computer. If the same problem is observed on another computer, contact Support Apple.

If the Apple Mobile Device Usb Driver driver is displayed with the error symbol:

If next to the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, the icon is displayed. Or. Follow the following actions.

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One-Click Fix “Apple Mobile Device Service Failed to Start”

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How to Fix “Apple Mobile Device Service Failed to Start”

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Apple Mobile Device Usb Driver update

Your drivers in an updated state is a very important task if you want all your computer equipment to work correctly. When you connect an Apple device to the system, it can make you mention that you need to update a certain driver.

Given the fact that you should already be in the device manager, then follow the following:

  • Click PKM on Apple driver and select “Update Drivers”.
  • Next, select the option “Perform the search drivers on this computer”.
  • Now click on “Choose a driver from the list of already installed drivers”.
  • Next, click on the “Install from the disk”.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Now click the “review” and go to the directory
  • Twice click on the USBAAPL file. If you have a 64-bit version of the system, then this file will have the name USBAAPL64. If you do not see the USBAAPL64 file in the specified directory or there is no Drivers folder there, then look for it in the directory
  • In the window “Install the disk”, click “Open”, then click “Next” and “Complete”.
  • Windows will have to install the driver. If you see a message that states that the installed software “Windows Logo testing” did not pass, then click “Continue all the same”.
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Manual installation of Apple Software Update

If all the described methods have not solved the problem. Here is another way to force itunes in Windows 10.

  • Try to delete Apple Software Update in the control panel
  • Reload the computer
  • Find the ITUNES installation file (iTunes64Setup.Exe) and open it using any archiver (Winrar / 7 Zip)
  • In the list of archive files, find the Applesoftwareupdate installer.MSI and run its installation
  • After that, you can try to install iTunes, however, to start installing the installation, you need to use not iTunes64Setup.Exe, and itunes64.MSI, which can also be found in the archive window.
error, starting, apple, mobile, device, service

How to fix the lack of USB driver for Apple’s mobile device

Before interfering in the operation of the device manager and try to install the driver manually, you need to check the connection between the Apple device and the computer. Lack of a driver / device means that the connection is not established.

error, starting, apple, mobile, device, service

Make sure that you have a working cable to transmit data that is capable of transmitting data. In many cases, the cable is able to charge, but does not transmit data. If your cable is in working condition, try changing the port where the cable is connected to your computer. Also, turn off the cable and connect it again and check if the device is correctly recognized.

Reinstall iTunes

If ITUNES does not work on your computer, try to completely reinstall it, and not just update it to the latest version. 1) Open the start of the control panel removal of the program.

2) Select iTunes and Bonjour and click “Delete”.

3) Download the latest version of iTunes. Install the program in accordance with the instructions.

  • If you use a 32-bit version of Windows, download iTunes from here.
  • If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, download iTunes from here.
  • If you use the older version of the video card, download iTunes from here.

4) Then again connect the Apple device to the computer to find out if the problem is solved.

How to fix the error iTunes 45054/45075

First of all, when this error appears, you should make sure that you entered the system as an administrator, as well as check the stability of the connection with the Internet. It is also recommended to close other working programs to avoid conflict with iTunes. Sometimes a systemic failure can correct the reloading of devices (for iOS devices, forced restarts are used, and for the computer-standard).

ITUNES update

For successful operation of the program, you need to regularly monitor the updates, when the latest version of iTunes is released. You can check the availability of fresh options from the “Help” menu. “Updates”.

Disconnecting protective software

Antiviruses and firewalls can block the application processes, taking them for viral threats, so in order to confirm or refute the version that it is guilty of protective software in the iTunes error, it must be temporarily disconnected. If the failure has not reappeared, this fact is confirmed, then ITUNES should be added to the exceptions of the defenders of the system.

Launch of the program on behalf of the administrator

Error 45054/45075 often decides to launch the application in this way:

error, starting, apple, mobile, device, service

Cleaning the registry

The occurrence of an error is likely to also as a result of damage to the records of the register, so it is necessary to perform the procedure for their correction using special tools, for example Winthruster. The program will create a backup, and in the process of scanning will adjust the register. The procedure will be useful for the OS as a whole, since the performance of the system will be increased.

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IMPORTANT. You should not correct the registry manually, because even the slightest mistakes in the actions of the uninitiated user can lead to fatal consequences for the operating room.

Restarting the service of mobile devices Apple

Apple Mobile Device Service serves to determine the devices by the program, which is the condition for synchronization. Often it is the restart of the AMDS service that helps to get rid of such errors. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Close iTunes, turn off all connected devices;
  • We clamp the Win R keys at the same time, which gives access to the command line;
  • We drive a request Services.MCS, click OK, this will open the service console;
  • By clicking the right mouse button on the Apple Mobile Device Service, call the menu where we select the “properties”;
  • In the window that appears in the “General” tab, select the type of launch “automatically”;
  • Below, click the “Stop Service” button, and after the stop, click “Launch”;
  • We confirm the action, after which we reboot the computer and try to resume the work with iTunes.

Removing harmful programs

Viruses hid in the system can pretty much spoil system and software files, and if they do not get rid of them, they will do it again, interfering with the normal operation of the applications. It is necessary to start a deep scanning of the computer with an antivirus or the attending utility and remove malware, and then restart the computer and resume the work with the program.

Windows update

Ensuring the correct ITUNES operation, do not forget about the updates of the system. If you do not configure updating updates in automatic mode, then you can “refresh” Windows by means of the “Update Center” by moving to it from the “control panel”. In addition to the system, it is also recommended to update drivers and antivirus bases.

Removing temporary files

The clogging of the system does not lead to anything good, so regular cleaning from temporary files is required. The built.In Cleanmgr or one of the third.Party utilities will help get rid of unnecessary accumulations that allow you to effectively clean Windows from garbage. You can also manually delete the TEMP catalog:

  • In the user’s system folder there is a “Appdata” folder, where we should go (if it is not visible, you need to configure in the conductor the show of hidden files);
  • The catalog has a TEMP folder that must be removed;
  • If the temporary folder is not deleted, it is necessary to close all applications, in particular in the trias of tasks, and try again;
  • If “TEMP” is still in place, we delete all contained files from it or at least those that can be eliminated.

Reinstalling iTunes

Sometimes, to restore the performance of iTunes, not sufficiently above manipulations, and error 45075 continues to exist. In this case, reinstall the program by fulfilling the full removal along with all the accompanying elements using special utilities or manually, and then, having pronounced the fresh version of iTunes. Delete in addition to iTunes will need such Apple services:

After the exponents of Apple, it is necessary to check if there were traces in the “Program Files” or “System32” folders, and remove the remains. If it is impossible to delete some required files associated with iTunes, and the message that they are currently used by another user or application, you need to stop the processes in the “Task Manager”. Getting rid of the “tails” of iTunes, reboot the computer, then swing and put a fresh program.

In most cases, this method effectively eliminates the problem, but sometimes even it does not work, then Windows may be needed and its re.Installation, but these are already extreme measures to combat an error of 45054/45075. Reinstall Windows is a laborious process, and despite the help of the “installation wizard”, without skills, it is better not to experiment with this.

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