Error Code 10 Port Not Found Huawei

Unexpected network problem while accessing network resources Network error. Windows cannot access the computer.

Error code 0x80070035, Network path not found.

Error Code 10 Port Not Found Huawei

Diagnosis with standard tools did not help.

Client PC (PC02) running Windows 10, unexpectedly could not access the host computer (PC01), with a network printer.

Command ping successfully worked both ways PC01 successfully logged on to PC02.

Other PCs successfully logged in to PC01 and even myself PC02 successfully accessed the network resources of other PCs (with a slight nuance).

Checking the options for blocking by the firewall, the influence of malware, incorrect network settings, and blocking by the router showed that the source of the problem is PC02.

Entrance nuance has been determined PC02 to other computers on the local network, the entry was successful only on computers requiring authorization (login and password) during network entry.

On any other PCs that do not require a password when entering the network input, PC02 could go in, giving an error 0x80070035 Network path not found, while the team ping he saw these pc.

The user noted that the problem appeared after installing the next Windows 10 update.

A search of recently installed Windows 10 updates revealed a problem; in the latest Windows 10 update, a ban was introduced on the use of empty passwords to access network resources.

Those. in this case not PC01 blocked access, and Windows 10 on PC02 did not allow the computer to access any other pc over the network without using a password.

Symptoms of determining that you have encountered exactly the problem described in the article:

  1. Ping works successfully on both sides of each PC (PC01 and PC02)
  2. Other computers do not experience resource access issues PC01
  3. PC02 does not experience network access to resources with authorization on other PCs

If you have these symptoms, then go to the solution below, otherwise look for other articles with a solution to this error.

] Windows error correction cannot access the computer:

  1. Set a password for network access to a computer with network resources;
  2. Disable Group Policy Insecure guest logins to the SMB server.

The first option is more literate and preferred.

In our case, the second option was chosen, since it does not pose any threats to privacy on our network, and setting password access to PC01 could make access difficult for other devices on the network.

To disable the policy, open the GPMC by running the command gpedit.msc.

[Computer Configuration] ➙ [Administrative Templates] ➙ [Network] ➙ [Lanman workstation] ➙ [Enable insecure guest inputs] ➙ [Enabled]

If your problem occurred due to the installation of this update, then the network login to the necessary computer will be successful, the shared resources will become available.

For the future, keep in mind that in Windows 10 after installing updates, these are possible problems.