Error 116 Samsung Tv

Error 2003

Occurs when you cannot download applications from Samsung Apps. In this case, resetting Smart Hab settings helps. Sometimes, error 2003 occurs when there is a network problem. You can try this option:

  • Select “Menu” on the remote control;
  • “Net”;
  • “Network status”;
  • “IP Settings”;
  • Dns Settings;
  • “Enter manually”;
  • And enter Or

Netizens say these simple steps are great for solving the problem.

Error exe 001

In case of this error, a window appears on the screen with the inscription “Unable to connect to the server. Please contact Samsung Service Center. ” This signals the owner to update the software.

The firmware can be updated by installing updates via the Internet, or by downloading the updates to a USB drive, and then reinstalling it on the TV receiver.

Internet installation requires a wired or wireless Internet connection.

On the remote control, press the “Menu” button, then select:

  • Section “Support”;
  • “Software Update”
  • “Update Now”.

After that, you should wait a while. Tv Smart will independently find and install updates, no additional action is required. After installation, tv will reboot by itself.

If updates are downloaded first to a USB flash drive, make sure that it is in good working order, with a size of at least 1 GB. During the installation of updates, you can not touch the USB flash drive and turn off the TV.

Error code 012

This error also pops up with old software. The latest software can be downloaded from the official Samsung website by entering the TV model into the search bar.

Doesn’t start

In case Smart TV does not start on Samsung TV, the first thing to do is to check for Internet availability. If network problems are not observed on other devices, there may be problems with the adapter, router or TV settings.

To begin with, unplug the router and the TV receiver from the network, you must unplug the power plugs from the sockets. Check if the router is working properly. After a few minutes, connect first the router and then the TV.

In this article, we will look at how to fix error 012:

The problem may be in the memory congestion of the Samsung Smart TV. You should look at the amount of free memory and, if necessary, uninstall applications.

Smart will not start in case of failure to install applications from Samsung Apps. Apps need to be reinstalled.

Smart will not turn on if flashing is required. Try updating software.

In this case, you need to go to the Samsung website, enter the model of your device and download the new software to the USB flash drive. After downloading it should be installed on the TV.

Lost internet

First, you should check if it is on other devices and, if not, contact the provider to fix the problem. Next, you need to make sure that the router is working, then turn off and after a few minutes turn on the router, and then the TV. Switch off by removing the plug from the socket.

If everything is in order with the Internet on other devices, you can contact Samsung support, in case, and check if there were any problems on their servers.

Check your TV’s network settings.

Often there is a need to reset the settings to factory settings, this is done simply:

  • The “menu” button is pressed on the remote control;
  • The item “Support” is selected;
  • Hereinafter “Self-diagnosis”;
  • Then “Reset”.

In the windows that appear, a code of four zeros is entered. 0000.


With such a problem, you should adjust the sleep timer settings, check the performance of the remote control, the serviceability of the adapter. Check router settings, disable sleep mode. If this does not help, contact the service center specialists. Often, the TV receiver starts to reboot when the motherboard fails.

Tv software update as a solution to problems with SMART TV.

Faced a situation where the TV successfully connected to the router, but I could not enter Smart TV, an error popped up (described in more detail in the article). The solution was found in the TV firmware update. You can update the firmware not only via the Internet (this is the easiest software update option), but also using a USB flash drive. To do this, you need to go from a computer / laptop to the website of the TV manufacturer, find the model of your TV and after downloading the latest firmware copy it to a USB flash drive, then select the software update from a USB flash drive in the TV menu. In the future, always use the latest software on your TV.

Samsung Smart Hub. Appearance and general principles of work

It’s easy to get into Smart Hub: just press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control and the corresponding screen will open on the TV screen. Smart Hub can be controlled either with a standard remote control or with any device on Android or iOS OS. We will talk about this separately, but for now let’s look at the main screen of Smart Hub.

Error 116 Samsung Tv

Let’s continue our inspection from the search bar. Searching on TV is called “global” for a reason, or, as they say in Samsung, “search all over”. When you enter a search query, the TV starts searching on the Internet, on DLNA servers of the local network, and among installed applications. Internet search is carried out through Yandex.

Let’s start the browser. It can be called complete in Smart Hub. You can open up to five windows at the same time, Adobe Flash is supported. And, best of all, the browser does not “slow down” both during loading and while scrolling through them. While browsing the site, we did not encounter any slowdowns and “freezes” that often happen on television.

I really hope my article helped you! Please share the link with your friends: Contacting those. Support.

An extreme way to solve problems with Smart TV. Contacting the support of the TV manufacturer. In my practice, there was a case when Smart TV did not start on the TV. When choosing Smart TV, the TV just showed a black screen and that’s it. Everything possible was checked, but Smart TV did not work. I had to turn to those. Support from the TV manufacturer. I thought that I would have to wait a long time, explain, but everything turned out to be pretty quick and efficient, the fact is that the manufacturer can connect to some TVs remotely. Those. In those support they asked me the serial number of the TV, remotely connected to it and solved the problem. The problem turned out to be in the software of the TV and I as a user would not have solved it. As a result, Smart TV started working, but the thought that the manufacturer could easily connect and climb on the TV did not leave me, because some models have a camera, i.E. You can be spied on. But this is a topic for another article, the main problem with SMART TV has been solved.

In this article, I described all the problems I encountered in setting up Smart TV on a TV. If you have other solutions or questions with setting up Smart TV, you can write about them in the comments.

I really hope my article helped you! Please share the link with your friends: Factory reset your TV.

Since we do not consider it necessary to read the instructions for the TV and are used to setting everything up empirically. By trial and error, it will not be superfluous to use the factory reset function. There are times when you or your / someone else’s child pressed something on the TV control panel, as a result of which Smart TV stopped working or any other problems with the TV appeared. But to understand and return everything as it was is more difficult than to set up from the beginning. Know that every TV has a factory reset feature that will restore all settings prior to the time of purchase.

How to flash a TV

The next thing to do to update your Samsung TV is:

Turn on the TV, click on “Source”, go to the “TV” mode, press the “Menu” button and follow the path “Support”. “Software update”. “By USB”.

  • The scanning procedure will start, after which TV will inform you which version of the software it has found.
  • If the version of the installed software is lower than the version on the flash drive, you need to flash it. To do this, click “Yes”. Copying files will start, after which the TV will display a message about a successful upgrade.
  • You can also familiarize yourself with the Samsung TV firmware.


    To flash a smart TV, you need a flash drive, respectively, you need to make it so that it can recognize it. To do this, you need to do low-level formatting to the FAT32 file system. The main type of file system supported by TVs. It is better to perform this operation using the “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” utility:

    Insert a USB drive into the appropriate port, run the utility.

  • In the upper drop-down list, select your drive, in the second. Select the type of the FAT file system. In the “Volumelabel” field you can set a new name for the flash drive;
  • Click on the “Start” button, the program will warn you that all data from the drive will be deleted. Confirm by clicking on the “Yes” option.
    The formatting process starts.
    When finished, a message appears with information about the results.
    After that, copy the folder with the firmware to the USB flash drive.

    How to update a Samsung TV via a USB flash drive. How to update your browser

    The browser is getting an update with the release of new firmware. Since this is not always the case, you can go to Smart Hub and check for updates for it, or download a third-party.

    Before changing the browser to Chrome or Yandex.Browser, you should make sure that the existing TV model supports one of them.

    How to update the firmware of a Samsung Smart TV

    To start the procedure, you must:

    Press the “Source” button on the remote control, select “TV” as the broadcast source.

  • Here, press the “Menu” button, and follow the path “Support”. “Software update”.
  • Select the “Over the network” item. On the right is the number of the current firmware, which you need to remember for the future.
  • Select “Update in standby mode” and set the desired value.

    After that, one thing needs to be noted. Smart TV will check for firmware on the official website two hours after switching to standby mode.

    If a new version is found, the device will automatically start the procedure, that is, it will turn on itself, the screen will light up, and after it is updated, it will go back to standby mode.

    That is, if the exact time is indicated in the TV settings, for example, two o’clock in the morning, the TV with the software will work exactly at the set time.

    Users on forums often write that the TV turns on itself in the middle of the night. In order not to sin on voltage drops. You just need to transfer the value of this menu item to the “Off” position.

    Where to download the firmware

    To download the latest update file, you must:

    Go to the official Samsung website, click on the search button in the upper right corner and enter the model name of the desired TV. If a matching model is indicated in the recommended ones, click on the “Support” button;

  • The site will automatically move the user to the menu where they need to click on the “Show more” button.
    The next step is “Downloads and Manuals”.
    Select the desired file from the “Downloads” list.

    Can I flash a Sony TV myself?

    Sony TVs are some of the best in the electronics market. The secret of their popularity lies in their versatility: in addition to conventional analog and digital television, they support the installation of applications, playback of multimedia from a USB drive, and Internet access. With the expansion of opportunities, new needs appear. Like a computer, the Japanese company’s TVs need a systematic software update.

    How to flash a Sony TV yourself: instructions

    Sony TV firmware can be updated in two ways: via the Internet and using a USB drive.

    Manual download of updates directly via the Internet from the TV menu is as follows:

    Check for new software versions.

  • Check out the content of the update offered by the TV.
  • Select “Yes” to continue.
  • The device will estimate the size of the downloaded files and report the estimated download time.
  • Confirm download start.

    During boot, the device can be used normally. When the TV completes it, it will offer to start the installation process.

    The software installation takes an average of 30 minutes, during which you cannot use the TV, turn it on or off, or press any buttons on the remote control: this can lead to a serious failure and the need for professional repair.

    If you do not have the opportunity to connect your TV to the Internet directly, or for some reason you do not want to use the above method to update the software of your TV, then you can download the required firmware version from a USB flash drive.

    It is recommended to download the update from the official Sony website. Please refer to your TV model number to find the files you want. You can see it on the sticker in the lower left corner on the back of the device. The number consists of a 10-digit alphanumeric code.

    To download the firmware to a USB flash drive and install it on the TV, use the following tips:

    On the Sony website, enter your TV model in the search bar.

  • Go to the “Product Support” tab.
  • Select “Downloads”.
  • Click on the latest software available.
  • Transfer the downloaded file to a USB drive with a capacity of more than 1 GB.
  • Insert the USB stick into the TV.
  • In the TV menu, select “Software update from USB media”.

    Further installation of the firmware from a flash drive does not differ from the update downloaded via the Internet directly from the TV.

    What is firmware and how to determine its version on Sony TV?

    Tv firmware is understood as the built-in program that controls its hardware. Interacting with the device, the user sees a firmware shell in front of him, thanks to which he “communicates” with the device.

    There are several reasons to update your device’s firmware to the latest version:

    • Improved stability of work;
    • Acceleration of “response”;
    • The emergence of new and optimization of current functions;
    • Bug fixes for previous versions.
    • To get the most out of your Sony TV, you need to constantly check for updates. This can be done automatically or manually.

      If you have a permanent Internet connection, the best solution would be to set up an automatic check for updates to your TV. To check for the latest software and enable or disable the device’s ability to download it yourself, follow these steps:

      Turn on the TV.

    • Press the HOME button on the remote control.
    • In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” section.
    • Go to the Help menu.
    • Scroll down to the “System Software Update”.
    • Use the “Check for system update” function.
    • If necessary, change the value of the “Automatic software download” parameter to “ON” or “OFF” accordingly.

      After following the above instructions, the TV will check the available software and, if a new version is detected, it will offer to update.

      Problems with firmware. Why it doesn’t work?

      Potential firmware update problems most often arise during the download or installation phase. The most common among them are:

      • The TV does not automatically update the software, although this function is enabled;
      • The device does not see the flash drive with the update;
      • Error downloading or installing firmware;
      • Tv stopped working after update.
      • If you encounter any problem during the software download phase, you need to check your internet connection. If the network is working properly, and the TV is not being updated, then perhaps the firmware for your model has not yet appeared in the public domain.

        When the device does not see the USB stick, make sure that the USB stick you are using has one partition, which is formatted with the FAT32 file system. Also, problems may lie in the device connector itself.

        If you cannot find an obvious cause for your problem, contact the service center. It is better to refuse the idea of ​​self-repair.

        Flashing a Sony TV is not a complicated but responsible procedure. If you are not sure that you are ready to conduct it personally, then it is recommended to entrust the system to carry out it yourself by enabling the automatic update function.

        Error 116 samsung tv

        Samsung Smart TV is a multimedia center with access to a huge amount of media content on the Internet, a point of communication and communication, the ability to exchange information on communication capabilities equal to the functionality of a smartphone. And it would be foolish not to use this function if it is on your TV. It should be noted that Smart TV does not stand still and is replenished with new functions and capabilities, and in order to use them, you must regularly update the TV’s firmware, otherwise, after a certain period of time, you may receive a window with the error Cannot connect to the server. Contact a Samsung Service Center. In order to fix this error, you need to update the TV firmware.

        There are two ways to update the firmware:

        1 Update Samsung TV Firmware via Internet.

        2 Update the firmware of your Samsung TV using a USB stick.

        Update Samsung TV Firmware Online.

        To use this method, your TV must be connected to the Internet (using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter). If this basic condition is met, press the “Menu” button on the remote control, then “Support”. “Software update”.

        Then “Update Now”.

        The process of downloading and installing the update will start, after which your TV will turn off and on. This procedure must be repeated several times so that the update used is the most recent. After that, you can fully use the Smart TV function.

        Update Samsung TV Firmware Using USB Flash Drive.

        This method requires:

        The first step is to check the format of the USB flash drive, it must be FAT32, if this is not the case, the USB flash drive must be formatted in FAT32. How to do this is described in the article How to format a USB flash drive, external hard drive / How to change the file system of a USB flash drive, external hard drive.

        After that, you need to go to the Samsung website and enter the TV model in the search bar.

        Find your TV model and click on it. Go to the “Support” tab, click “Additional downloads”.

        Download the firmware for your TV.

        After the download is complete, open the downloaded file with two mouse clicks. In fact, this is an archive, unzip the files to a place convenient for you.

        Copy the resulting folder to a USB flash drive.

        Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the TV, if you have two or more USB inputs, insert the USB flash drive into USB with the inscription USB HDD.

        Start the software update by going through the TV menu items “Menu”. “Support.” “Software update”. “via USB”. “Ok”. The TV will check the USB for the firmware file and ask for confirmation to update.

        Attention. During the firmware update:

        After installing the latest firmware version, you can fully use the Smart TV function.