Error 1002 on Sony TV

Ditching Wi-Fi and switching to cable

If the TV refuses to see the router, or the equipment operates at different frequencies, it is possible to connect using a cable.

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If the above methods did not help, you will have to reset all system settings to exclude the possibility of viruses or the collapse of important files. This can be done through the “Restore and reset” item of the main menu.

Error code 2200 on Sony Bravia TV: reasons, how to fix?

Error 2200 Sony Bravia is a phenomenon that blocks user interaction with content. The main reason is considered to be a problem with the network. either the TV does not see the access point, or the provider has turned off the Internet. In this article, we will look at other reasons why a window with the code “2200” flies up on the screen, and suggest ways to solve the problem at home.

Disconnecting a network or internet connection

Often, problems in work happen due to small unknown inaccuracies that are solved by a regular reboot. Disconnect all equipment from the network for 10-15 minutes, and start the connection. Also make sure that online mode is available on other devices. phone or computer. If it is not available anywhere, then your provider is to blame.


If the firmware version is outdated, it is important to clean it up and install a new one. Updates usually work quickly, and eliminate a number of old jambs that often interfered with comfortable use.

Setting up DNS servers

Also, in such a situation, the mode of viewing your favorite films and channels will return manual debugging of the DNS server indicator:

  • click on the Home button;
  • open the network settings;
  • open the “Network Settings” section;
  • check the value of the IP TV and gateway in the “Network settings status” indicator;
  • open the network parameters;
  • choose a custom one;
  • open DNS;
  • enter this value there.

Instead of the specified key, it is possible to use universal combinations for the DNS server. or

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

How to fix error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV

Depending on what served as the basis for the appearance of the alarm message on the screen, we figure out how to fix error 2200 on Sony Bravia:

  • make sure there is a network connection and it works stably;
  • reboot all equipment. TV, tuner, router;
  • delete the access point and re-enter it.

If it does not help, you will have to move on to the following points.

Why Sony has error 2200 when connecting to the Internet

There are several circumstances that provoke the occurrence of such a problem:

  • the provider has disabled Internet access due to scheduled work or non-payment;
  • the signal is too weak or the router is too far away;
  • the router operates on a different frequency from the TV, and they have no way of making contact.

Does not turn on

Unfortunately, the owner of any TV device at some point is faced with the question of why the TV does not turn on. There can be many reasons for this. Some of them are determined by the characteristics of the light signal of the indicators lit on the front panel.

The first one indicates a lack of power, while the second indicates an on timer. The third one. reports that the TV is on. But, as noted above, some features of their work may indicate the type of breakdown leading to the inoperability of the TV.

Netflix Not Working on Sony Bravia TV? 5 Easy Fixes

There are 3 alert indicators

So, if the light on the panel blinks, then this is one of the main signs of problems: a blinking light, especially if the red indicator is blinking, indicates a software error. In some cases, the problem can be solved by yourself. For this:

  • the TV is completely disconnected from the network, even disconnecting the cable;
  • after a five-minute pause, turn it on again.

If the technique does not work anyway, then they turn to the masters. If the indicator blinks in a series of 8 flashes, then the reset procedure is carried out.

Constant blinking of the orange indicator in most cases is a clear sign of a software update. The latter can only start if the Smart-TV is connected to the Internet. The disconnection of the Internet connection sometimes leads to the freezing of the procedure, which is corrected by disconnecting from the network.

If a consumer is faced with an inoperative state of the TV due to a software update, he should take into account that:

  • the remote control does not work at this time;
  • the normal duration of the procedure is up to ten minutes, therefore patience is needed;
  • the TV can not be disconnected from the power supply or from the Internet.

If the TV does not turn on at the end of the procedure, then this is often a sign of incorrect installation of programs. Master’s help is the best solution.

Sometimes the TV turns off spontaneously when the screen goes out after a couple of minutes of work and after turning off does not want to turn on again. Most often, a similar problem is solved by resetting all settings to factory settings, since its cause is in software conflicts.

Error 1107 on Sony TV. What to do?

Do not immediately panic, often this error appears simply due to the non-working Sony servers, those. support confirms this information when requesting technical support. Turn off the TV from the power supply and periodically check the performance.

Alternatively, try changing the type of internet connection: Wi-Fi to cable. Some updates for SONY TVs don’t get along well with Wi-Fi. Having connected the Internet via a cable, the installation of new system files will start automatically. Additionally, restart your TV when changing the type of network connection.

We are trying to enter new parameters for your proxy. The TV needs to reconfigure the channel to connect to the Internet. Go to its settings.

  • Find a category with a mention of proxy settings in it.
  • Using a regular search engine like Google, enter the following combination: free proxy list.
  • The first few sites will contain all relevant proxy data.
  • Use them as new hotspots for the internet.

Finally, update and save the data. Choose only your own state as the required country. There is a possibility that only a subset of applications will be accessible. Find the optimal proxy to connect only the content you are interested in, while the main error remains unresolved or until the Sony server is resumed.

IP blocking

Also, the reason for the occurrence of network error 1107 in TV Sony Bravia may be the activities of Roskomnadzor, which has caused a stir among users recently. If the IP address of the TV accidentally falls into the lists of suspicious connections, then nothing depends on our actions. All that remains is to wait for the IP to be unblocked. Now active work is already underway to restore the normal operation of services that accidentally fell under the sanctions imposed against the Telegram messenger.

No picture

A fairly common malfunction with all Smart-TVs is the absence of an image on the TV screen. At the same time, we are not talking about the case when it does not turn on at all, but about the situation when there is sound, but there is no image.

Such a breakdown has two probable reasons:

In the first case, the only solution is to replace the broken block. Second, there are two solutions. At the first, the faulty LED is excluded from the circuit without replacement. At the second. change the LED bar.

Important! In some cases, more serious malfunctions of the matrix are possible. To identify them, you will need professional diagnostics, which on average costs about a thousand .

SONY servers

Connecting via SONY has never been reliable. Their servers are constantly crashing due to maintenance or unforeseen failures. All that remains is to hope for the speedy elimination of errors by the company itself. If it is possible to get through to the technical service, then be sure to ask about the server operation in your region or send a letter, as we reported above. just wait.

Disconnecting the network or internet connection

Since 2018, Roskomnadzor has blocked IP addresses that had a connection with Telegram. As a result, failures began to form on the sites. If you tried all the troubleshooting options, but the problem persists, then you just need to wait. Roskomnadzor will eliminate the mistakes that were made when blocking IP. To make sure that the problem occurs for this reason, write to Support SONY Bravia.

Restoring access to the Internet can be a trivial reboot. a router, a TV. Failures are normal given the amount of information transferred. The cause of their malfunction is often power drops. After a temporary and short power outage, wait a few minutes. And only then establish connections to the network.

Setting up DNS servers

For DNS to work correctly, you need to make changes:

  • open the settings by selecting “Home” with the remote control;
  • select “Network”;
  • open wireless and wired settings;
  • enter IP.

Use simple combination or

Ditching Wi-Fi and switching to cable

Internet connection problems can occur due to low Wi-Fi signal strength. Try connecting your device with a cable. And check the signal strength.

How to fix error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV

Options for fixing error 2200 on Sony Bravia suggests several options. about them below.

Error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV: reasons, how to fix?

Error 2200 Sony Bravia is a problem that Smart TV users occasionally encounter. The TV does not connect to the internet. How to fix this breakdown in this article.


Another option is to flash the TV to a new version of the OS. Even a relatively new firmware is not provided from the formation of Error. In such a situation, you need to make an earlier firmware:

  • go to “Home” / “Customer support”;
  • open the support section of the Sony website;
  • in the displayed list, select the desired firmware for the TV, download;
  • insert the USB stick you computer;
  • transfer the file with the downloaded firmware version to the USB flash drive;
  • turn on the TV, making sure in advance that no other devices are connected to it;
  • insert a USB flash drive;
  • on the “Home” button on the remote control;
  • follow the transition “Installation” / “Customer support” / “Software update”;
  • click the item “USB”;
  • follow the instructions displayed on the screen;
  • upon the start of the process, the orange LED will light up;
  • wait until the system fixes the problem on its own;
  • the system will automatically notify the user about the end of the process;
  • wait for the start of the reboot process;
  • then remove the USB storage from the USB port.

After the installation of the new firmware is complete, check your internet connection to make sure that the actions you take are effective. If you have tried all the options and the problem has not been resolved, the only option is to wait it out. The provider may have a technical problem.

The essence and causes of dysfunction in Sony Bravia

Usually, error 2200 occurs when you try to connect to the Internet, or while such a connection is working, when it suddenly disappears.

The reasons for the error 2200 are considered by Sony experts:

  • Internet connection problems (missing or unstable);
  • High load on your local network (high traffic level);
  • Exposure to external electronic devices causing network interference;
  • Problems with Sony servers (caused, among other things, by the actions of Roskomnadzor).

Most often, Sony Bravia owners encounter error 2200 when launching the YouTube application on this TV, when the TV signals error 2200. In other cases, when watching a video on YouTube, it suddenly disappears, and the user observes a message about the specified error.

Other solutions for error: 2200 on Sony TVs

It is noteworthy that many users have this problem after installing a new firmware. It is unclear why the developers are rolling out raw updates, because of which ordinary users suffer.

Don’t forget about technical work on SONY servers. The viable option remains to postpone all attempts to solve the problem for several hours. Also go to the forums. there users always unsubscribe about the work of the servers.

Disconnecting the network or internet connection

Restarting your TV, router, and router helps restore internet access. Failures are a common occurrence when transferring a large amount of information. Often, voltage drops lead to this result. After turning off all the equipment, wait 2 minutes. reconnect to the Internet. this is a standard procedure that many people neglect in vain.

Especially often the problem arises with a long continuous operation of the router.

Methods to solve error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV

  • Reboot the TV. The most rudimentary yet effective method on our list is to reset your Sony Bravia TV. If you encounter error 2200 on your way to the Internet, then you should not immediately panic and try to do something unrealistically difficult to solve it. To get started, just try restarting your TV. Yes, a banal advice, but some owners sometimes forget to perform such a simple action at the beginning.
  • Connect TV with cable / restart router. Many users on the network claim that not all firmware for Sony Bravia works well with wireless connections: the TV can spontaneously disconnect from the network, access the Internet every time, etc. etc. Try connecting your Bravia with just a cable from your ISP if you’ve used a wireless network shared by a Wi-Fi router before. Also, do not forget to reboot the router itself, as the fault may lie entirely on it.

We hope this article helped you deal with error 2200 on your Sony Bravia TV.

Error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV

Owners of Sony Bravia TVs may encounter error 2200, which appears whenever they try to connect to the Internet. Simply put, the TV can simply refuse to interact with any content on the Internet, be it some kind of application or basic surfing on the net.

Among other things, along with the code 2200, the following message is also attached:

Configuration failed on connection. An error has occurred. Please try again later. Error 2200.

Ok, let’s now talk about the possible reasons why this problem could arise. As a rule, the following is responsible for the appearance of this error:

Sony TV won’t Connect to Wifi Fix it Now

  • problems on the side of the user’s provider;
  • problems on the side of Sony‘s servers;
  • incorrectly set network connection parameters for the TV or the appearance of a bug in the network connection itself;
  • if the TV is connected to the “web” via a wireless network, there may be problems on the side of the Wi-Fi router;

In general, the error 2200 on Sony Bravia has rather trivial reasons and they won’t make you scratch your head. According to the reasons, there are a number of effective methods that can fix the problem. Let’s take a look at them.

Fixing the problem

To fix the Sony error, you will need to restart the TV, and take a few steps:

  • Turn off the TV and unplug the plug.
  • Disconnect modem and router from TV.
  • After a couple of minutes, plug the Internet cable back in, and connect the TV plug to the network.
  • Turn on TV.
  • Update internet content after 5 minutes.

The second method is used if there is wireless Internet in the house. TV error 2200 appears on a Sony Bravia TV (or other models) when the signal is lost due to radio interference.

To eliminate, use the following method:

  • Disable all other wireless devices that are installed in the home.
  • Connect the router to the TV via LAN connection via a wire.

If the malfunction is eliminated, then the reason is poor contact between the router and the TV device. In this case, you will have to use a cable to connect the equipment, or not turn on the TV at the same time with other wireless equipment.

How to fix Error 2200

Since for a domestic user error 2200 on Sony Bravia is in many cases related to the activities of Roskomnadzor, it will often be enough to just wait a while (usually up to a couple of days). During this time, Roskomnadzor itself usually unblocks addresses associated with servicing network tools not related to Telegram, and their work is restored in full.

Also, alternatively, do the following:

  • Turn off your router or modem for 1 minute and then turn them back on. Wait at least 5 minutes for your router to restore normal internet connection;
  • Unplug your TV’s cord from the outlet and then plug it back in, this may help solve error 2200 on Sony Bravia;
  • Test your internet connection, and check the network status (should be “OK”). This is done by pressing the Home button on the remote and selecting Settings. Network. Network Setup. View Network setting and status. Check Connection. Yes. If the test result is not “OK”, then your Internet connection is incorrect and needs to be adjusted accordingly;
  • Use the addresses of public servers from Google. Press the “Home” button on the remote control, then “Settings”. “System settings”. “Settings”. “Network”. “Network settings”. “Network connection settings”. “Specialist”. Enter the following public DNS addresses:

Then the internet content needs to be updated. Press “Home” on the remote control, and follow the path “Settings”. “System settings”. “Settings”. “Network”. “Update Internet content”;

  • Set the correct date and time. Go to your TV settings and set the correct date and time. For example, to set the clock, click on “HOME” and then select “Settings”. Select “System Preferences”. “Clock / Timers”. “Set. Hours “.

Also make sure that the option “Receive network / broadcast operator time” is not enabled.

This error appears when you cannot connect to the Internet or the Internet connection is unstable. This error may appear in certain situations, such as “I cannot see Internet video services,” “Internet suddenly disappears while watching video services,” etc.

Please follow the steps below to fix this problem.

NOTE: Each of the steps below represents a possible solution to this problem. Please check the network connection status after completing each step:

  • Restart your TV or communication devices using the procedure below:
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Disconnect the power plug of the TV.
  • Disconnect the power plugs of the router and modem.
  • After two minutes, reconnect the power plugs of the router and modem.
  • Reconnect the power plug of the TV.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • After five minutes, try several times Refresh Internet Content.

If you are using a wireless connection, it may be unstable due to radio frequency interference. Try the following:

  • Turn off other wireless devices.
  • Connect the TV to the router via a wired LAN connection.

If the above procedure resolves the problem, then an unstable connection between the TV and the router is the cause. Use a wired connection between the TV and a router, or do not use the TV with other wireless devices at the same time.

  • Make sure that the correct date, time and time zone are set on the TV (usually the setting is located in the Settings. Clock / Timers menu); the work of some Internet services depends on the correctly set time. If the TV is tuned to digital channels, the date and time are set automatically by a signal from the digital TV operator. If digital channels are not tuned in, set date and time manually. For details on setting the date and time, see the instructions for your TV.
  • If the TV has an older software version, the problem can be solved by updating the software to the latest version. Refer to the section: How to update the software.
  • Reset your TV to original factory settings. Refer to: How to reset your TV to original factory settings.
  • NOTE: After resetting your TV to factory settings, you will need to re-establish your wireless / wired network connection. The network settings are described below.

    How to connect your BRAVIA TV to your network using a wired connection. ? How to wirelessly connect your BRAVIA TV to your network.

    If your router has an older firmware version, it might be possible to fix the problem by updating its firmware to the latest version.

    NOTE: For details on updating the firmware of the router, contact its manufacturer.

  • Change the Default Domain Name Server (DNS) to Public DNS.
  • Press the Home button on the supplied remote control.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Press the Enter button.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • Select “View network status and settings” and write down the values ​​of the IP address of the TV and the gateway from there. This will come in handy in step 9.
  • Select Wired / Wireless Setup.
  • Select Custom or Enter Manually.
  • Enter the IP Address and gateway address
  • NOTE: The IP address is provided by the router and can be found using a computer. You can also just watch it on the TV. go through the steps to point 8 and select the “Easy” setting. In this case, the TV will receive an IP address and a gateway address from the router automatically, and you can view them in the “View network status and settings” menu.

  • Enter any of the following Public DNS numbers: or (Google DNS server) or (Yandex DNS server). Check with which DNS server you have the most stable and fastest connection.
  • NOTE: Using Public DNS can often speed up Internet routing and help fix the problem. However, it is recommended to write down your default DNS (Default DNS), which your ISP recommends to use, for possible future use.

    What to do if the TV breaks down; why is self-repair dangerous?

    Modern technology is very complex. For example, to restore the performance of a Sony Bravia Smart TV, you will need special repair equipment, which can only be entrusted to professionals. Usually, an ordinary user can only unscrew the bolts of the case and remove the rear panel of the TV. But even such actions can lead to serious negative consequences. For example, if the ribbon cable is soldered to the lid, it can be accidentally ripped off.

    To avoid such excesses, it is better to immediately contact the technical specialists of the official service center. Experienced engineers will carry out detailed diagnostics of the device, identify the exact cause of problems and replace defective parts.

    Why won’t my Sony Bravia TV turn on?

    Plasma, LCD and OLED TVs are always expensive to fix. However, quite often they fail only due to the careless attitude of the owners. For example, there are cases when dust accumulated in the body of a Sony Bravia TV from the famous Smart TV line caused a short circuit. and the equipment spontaneously turned off. There are other reasons as well:

    Perhaps the light in the house was simply turned off or a plug in the transformer flew out. If the TV does not turn on, the first thing to check is this option.

    Prolonged exposure to moisture, as well as frequent changes in voltage and temperature, accelerate the wear of any equipment. As a result, the motherboard becomes covered with microcracks, and its elements fail one by one. including the inverter circuit, which is responsible for turning on the TV.

    In rare cases, the operating system may malfunction. The incoming signal from the remote control is not perceived. and the TV turns out to be impossible to turn on.

    Samsung Repair Service Benefits

    The service center is equipped with the latest special equipment for working with IT equipment. You can leave a request for service around the clock. Repairs are carried out without weekends and lunch breaks. In this case, only original components from licensed suppliers are used.

    Workshops Sony service center Reaper is located in fifteen largest cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, etc. Call the contact number for a free consultation. The operator will answer all questions and familiarize you with the terms of participation in corporate promotions.

    Troubleshooting application problems

    Sometimes interruptions appear due to the installation of a new update. Some gadgets do not support firmware and start to glitch and freeze. Clearing memory goes like this:

    • launch the “Application” folder on the smartphone;
    • then select the line “Program Manager”;
    • open the “All” section and find the YouTube button;
    • Click on the “Clear data” and “Stop” buttons;

    Now turn on the utility and enjoy watching the content.

    What to do if YouTube stopped working on Sony Bravia TV?

    If the TV does not support the option, you need to determine the cause of the problem. For Sony TVs, the following methods are recommended:

    • free the cache in the internet / browser;
    • connect TV to mobile phone and use it as playback source;
    • remove new updates and return the phone to its previous state.

    Why YouTube doesn’t work on Sony Bravia TVs: reasons how to fix it?

    Faced with the question “Why doesn’t YouTube work on Sony Bravia TV?” The YouTube online platform is ideal for watching movies, TV series, vlogs and clips. Previously, the platform could only be used on a laptop or personal computer. YouTube is now available on modern TVs. There are problems with each service. If the program does not open on TV Sony Bravia, then you will need a quick guide. It is posted below.

    Cleaning Internet Content

    After a global software update, sometimes it crashes. It is easy to fix the situation using a system reboot and clearing the cache:

    • find the section “Internet connection” in the programs and go further;
    • click on the line “Settings”;
    • in the window that opens, select the “Delete cache” option and confirm the actions;
    • once again open the “Settings” folder and click on the “Network” button;
    • activate the “Update” option, after a couple of minutes turn on the YouTube program.

    This method is considered more versatile. Unlike a factory reset, it allows you to save files to the TV’s memory. On the contrary, cleaning the device to the factory state will require re-downloading the widget and setting the parameters.

    If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

    Why YouTube won’t launch on Sony Bravia?

    YouTube not working on Sony TV? Before fixing the breakdown, you need to establish the cause. YouTube is built-in on all Smart TVs. Turn on TV and watch media content online. The application is as convenient and versatile as possible for all models.

    If there was an error in the work, then the matter is as follows:

    • parameters in the service have been changed;
    • the TV is outdated and does not support the application;
    • software failure or outdated firmware;
    • the program has been removed from the TV;
    • technical work on the platform.

    Owners of equipment older than 2012 are deprived of the ability to use software. You can watch files on YouTube through a browser on your TV. Download one of the options or use the built-in application.

    How can you return YouTube to Smart TV?

    If the application icon disappeared from the main screen, follow the instructions. Use the unofficial version of the program:

    • download and install a similar YouTube widget on TV;
    • unzip the file to external media, sign the folder;
    • insert the USB stick into the TV ;;
    • immediately after switching on, activate Smart TV;
    • in the list of programs you will see the line YouTube.

    Connecting smartphone to TV

    If the program on Sony Bravia does not work, it is recommended to take a smartphone or tablet as a resource. The main activity is performed by a mobile phone. The TV only reproduces the picture.

    Sony Bravia TV Repair

    Only a real specialist can repair the Sony KDL 40w605b TV. This applies to devices of the entire line of Sony Bravo. The fact is that they are so perfect that any problems that arise with them are no less complex than computer breakdowns. Among the breakdowns that occur, there are the most common ones, which are described in this article. Most of them will require professional expertise.

    Error 2200

    Error 2200 often appears when updating software. It consists in the fact that the Internet connection via a cable does not work. To solve it, use a connection through proxy servers.

    Error 1002

    Among other errors that Sony LCD TV owners face, error 1002 can be distinguished. It says that the network connection is not occurring. To fix it, you need to change the connection configuration. Otherwise, only service will help.

    No picture

    A fairly common malfunction with all Smart-TVs is the absence of an image on the TV screen. At the same time, we are not talking about the case when it does not turn on at all, but about the situation when there is sound, but there is no image.

    Such a breakdown has two probable reasons:

    • problems with the power supply;
    • backlight inventory issues.

    In the first case, the only solution is to replace the broken block. Second, there are two solutions. At the first, the faulty LED is excluded from the circuit without replacement. At the second. change the LED bar.

    Important! In some cases, more serious malfunctions of the matrix are possible. To identify them, you will need professional diagnostics, which on average costs about a thousand .

    Troubleshooting Sony Bravia TVs

    Smart TVs of the Sony Bravia line, like any other household appliances, break down. This does not happen very often, but since we are talking about a high-tech product, breakdowns of these devices have their own characteristics. In particular, many of the problems are similar to those of the computer. And this means that the master who will have to deal with the repair of the Sony KLV 32s550a TV must be well versed with the software.

    This TV may have some problems

    One of the main reasons for Smart-TV’s problems is its integration with Internet networks, both wireless Wi-Fi and wired Internet. This integration leads to the emergence of the risk of infection by viruses. The latter are capable of causing:

    • lack of response to the remote control;
    • lack of an image;
    • lack of sound;
    • not being able to find an antenna;
    • unexpected shutdown.

    But the impact of viruses on the operation of software is not the only problem that owners of such TVs have to face. Mechanical damage is an equally common cause. The most common breakdowns due to shock, falls and exposure to water are:

    • TV does not turn on with a blinking indicator;
    • not working buttons;
    • the picture becomes monochromatic;
    • strong snow-like noise;
    • the screen turns black or white;
    • TV turns on or stops working after turning on for no reason;
    • no decimeter channels;
    • violation of synchronization between picture and sound;
    • problems with scaling the image relative to the screen size;
    • linearity violations;
    • clear signs of physical damage on the case.

    In this video, you will learn more about the repair of such a TV:

    • binocular microscopes;
    • vacuum grippers;
    • oscilloscopes;
    • multimeters.

    In addition to these tools, software specialists conduct software testing.

    There are breakdowns that cannot be fixed by other methods other than replacing the broken part. This is the case, in particular, with the breakdown of the matrix. Any damage cannot be repaired. Whether it is chipped glass, cracks or internal damage to the display unit.

    In addition to the matrix, the X1 Extreme processor also breaks down, which is responsible for how the image is displayed. It depends on him to increase the resolution to 4K HDR (that is, 3840 by 2160 pixels). Without 14-bit signal processing, the colors would segregate and the gradients would not be smooth enough. Thanks to the processor, even with an 8-bit source, you can watch videos with maximum quality. Replacing the processor can be quite expensive.

    TV SONY #Problem youtube fixed work 100%

    • power circuits;
    • backlight lamps;
    • kinescope modulators.

    Attention! All of these and some other parts cannot be repaired if damaged. What requires contacting a licensed service center.

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