Epson printer prints with stripes what to do

What to do if the Epson printer prints with stripes?

When the Epson printer prints with stripes, there is no need to talk about the quality of documents: such defects make prints unsuitable for further use. There can be many reasons for the emergence of a problem, but almost always they are associated with the hardware part of the equipment and are quite easy to eliminate. About what to do and how to remove horizontal stripes when printing on a jet printer, it is worth talking in more detail.

Print defects. Not uncommon when using jet and laser printers. Depending on what exactly caused the problem, they will look different on paper in different ways. The following options are most common:

  • The Epson printer prints with white stripes, the image is shifted;
  • Horizontal strips of gray or black when printing appear;
  • Some colors disappear, the image is partially absent;
  • Vertical strip in the center;
  • A defect along the edges of the sheet from 1 or 2 sides, the stripes are vertical, black;
  • The stripes have characteristic granularity, small points are visible;
  • The defect is repeated at equal gaps, the strip is located horizontally.

This is the main list of defects that are found that the printer owner may encounter when printing.

It is also important to take into account that the elimination of malfunctions on laser models is easier than on inkjet.

Problem with ink and cartridges

The main reason why the printer prints in stripes lies in an insufficient level of ink or damage to the cartridge.

Checking the level of ink

To check the margin of ink for printing:

epson, printer, prints, stripes
  • Install the Epson Status Monitor 3 on the computer;
  • Open a text editor or document for printing and at the same time press Ctrl P;
  • In the “Printer” section, select the connected model, whether it is the Epson L110/ L210/ L312, and click on the “Properties” or “Settings” key depends on the version;
  • Pass from there to the Maintence tab and select Epson Status Monitor 3;
  • A window with information about the ink level in the cartridge will appear, which will look like a graphic image.

When a continuous ink system is connected to the printer, it is also SNPC, it is enough to determine their level by looking at transparent containers connected to Epson L355/L364/L805. If stripes appear during color printing, then one of the colors is over.

Damaged cartridge

  • Leaks on the case or compartment where cartridges are installed;
  • Pollution in the holes of the air fence, which is why ink begins to act intermittently and defects of the press are manifested.
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Epson L3110 printing lines | troubleshooting guide

It will not be possible to eliminate leaks manually, so the best solution would be to replace the cartridge. If the problem is in pollution, then they get rid of them by washing the capacity. Dried paint can be served, which will temporarily eliminate horizontal stripes on the documents.

Inappropriate ink

Когда полосы появляются на струйном принтере после дозаправки, то проблема связана с неподходящими чернилами. For each printer, a special set of ink is produced, and in case of trying to replace them with an affordable option, a violation of printing occurs.

If a laser printer prints in strips

The causes of the malfunction

  • Toner ends.
  • The cartridge is non.Cell.
  • Overflowing the toner waste bunker.
  • Damaged by the photo bank.
  • The metering blade is incorrectly installed.
  • The contact of the photo bus and magnetic shaft is broken.
  • The magnetic shaft is damaged or an extraneous item fell on it.
epson, printer, prints, stripes

Paint (toner) hit the fur. Parts of the printer

This problem usually arises with old printers (which have more than once refuel/changed cartridges). This reason can be eliminated in different ways (of course, it also depends on the model of your printer):

  • Take advantage of the special. Treatment sheets and sets for the printer (bought separately in special. Shops);
  • Open the printer cover and look with her own eyes. If the remnants of the toner/paints are visible on rollers and fur. Parts. Gently wipe them with a dry cotton wool (by the way, it can be slightly moistened with a windows for washing windows (alcohol. It is extremely not recommended!)).

We clean the dry cotton swab dirty places

Please note that extraneous items could also enter the shaft and videos: dust, pieces of paper, etc. All this, too, can be the reason for the junction of paper and appeared. Strips on printouts.

Incorrectly selected settings

Most printers have several print modes. They differ in the speed of transferring prints to paper and their quality. For example, it makes no sense to print texts in maximum quality. You use more printer capabilities, while getting almost the same result. In turn, choosing a standard quality when working with photos and other color files, you get an image in a lower resolution than you could. This leads to the fact that a bright and realistic pattern on the monitor does not look so beautiful and attractive on paper. Often when working in standard mode with color materials, you can see stripes. To avoid the problem, go to the printing process settings on the computer and choose the maximum print quality and high resolution manually. This can take time, but usually eliminates the strips and allows you to maximize the capabilities of the printing device.

Advice! If you use a photo paper, be sure to indicate when setting up the printing process which sheets you choose. Matte or glossy. Often the PAs provide for different operating modes in accordance with the type of paper selected.

The printer will crawl

Possible reasons:. Air in cartridges or a train;. Transmitted a train;. One or more cartridges does not work;. A printing head is clogged;. Poor ink.

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Solution options:. Pump air and make sure that the SNPC in the working position is installed at the correct level;. Visually check the location and gasket of ink train;. Clean the printing head with the help of the driver;. Visually examine the cartridge (whether it is sealed, whether the ink is leak on the side of the valve when lifting cans with ink), if there are problems with it, then the cartridge must be replaced if it is in ink. Completely replace them.

Signs:. The presence of strips on the printed image possible reasons:. Air in the cartridges of Ily Schleif;. Transmitted a train;. One or more cartridges does not work;. A printing head is clogged;. Poor ink. Solution options:. Pump air and make sure that the SNPC in the working position is installed at the correct level;. Visually check the location and gasket of ink train;. Clean the printing head with the help of the driver;. Visually examine the cartridge (whether it is sealed, whether the ink is leak on the side of the valve when lifting cans with ink), if there are problems with it, then the cartridge must be replaced if it is in ink. Completely replace them/Frequently-out-kuestens.Html#Q1

The printer will crawl

epson, printer, prints, stripes

Noticed that the jet printer began to crash heavily? Stripes for printed photos and documents do not paint them at all. The problem is common, but solved.

So why the printer will catch? There can be many reasons for this:

How to fix lines in printout. How to clean a printhead

  • Air in the print head, cartridges or loops (interferes with the passage of ink);
  • Train transferring;
  • System leakage;
  • Breakdown of one or more cartridges;
  • Clogging of the print head;
  • Low.Grade ink.

What to do if the printer crashes when printing? Naturally, the methods of eliminating the problem depend on the cause. Possible solutions to this issue:

If you have a jet printer

The reasons for the “striped” press

These are the main causes of the bands when printing with a jet printer of any brand:

  • Ink end.
  • Ink has dried up inside the print head.
  • The printing head is dubbed.
  • The print head is faulty or its train is out of order.

Next, we will figure out what to do if your jet printer began to print in stripes.

Elimination of the problem

  • Run the printer control utility (if you do not have it, install it from the disk that was attached to the printer when buying or from the manufacturer’s website);
  • Open the section “Service” or “Service”;

This is how the “approximate ink levels” tab in the HP printer control utility

In systems of continuous supply of ink (CNPC), the level can be evaluated visually, since banks are transparent.

If ink comes to an end, the cartridge must be replaced or seasoned.

Printing heads in jet printers can be in a cartridge or in the printer itself.

The first option is implemented in the bulk of Canon and HP models, the second in Epson.

If you have a printer of the first type. To solve the problem, you can simply change the cartridge.

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In cases where the replacement is inappropriate (the cartridge is not fully used), or is irrelevant (replacing the print head in Epson printers is comparable at the cost of buying a new printer), you can try to solve the problem with cleaning.

At home, it is best to do this programmatically:

  • Insert a sheet of paper into the printer, start the control utility and open the “Service” section (“Service”).
  • Clean the printing head and check the DYUZ (nozzle or, in other words, “spray guns” from which ink emerges). There are such options in the service programs of printers of any brand. Here are a few examples:

Advice! If the problem has not been solved, cleaning should be repeated 1-2 times. When and this does not help, you can remove dried ink to print heads with chemical liquids (at home, Mr. Muscle is usually used for this).

If you have SNPH, make sure that the holes through which air enters banks are free. If filters are installed in them, check if they are polluted.

If the air passes through the filters with difficulty, they need to be replaced or removed.

Advice! If you rarely print, it is enough to turn on the printer at least once a week to prevent the ink. It is not necessary to print, since after turning on a print head, a little paint is pushed through the nozzles. In a week she does not have time to dry out.

Cleaning the print head also helps in the case of its importance, which happens after changing or re.Refiling cartridges.

Make sure the print head is in good condition.

If cleaning, including manual flushing with liquids, does not help to solve the problem, most likely the head or related parts (loops) have failed.

Breakdown of the printed mechanism more often arise due to inaccurate circulation during removal, and sometimes spontaneously, especially if you often print a lot.

Only replacing a faulty part will help to eliminate problems.

Why is it easier to solve this problem when the Canon or HP printer prints in strips? Because, as we said, their printed heads are placed in cartridges.

It is enough for you to simply replace cartridges with new.

However, remember that their price can be 50–90% of the printer cost. The high cost is explained by the fact that the print head is much higher than the capacity with ink.

In case of breakdown of a printed device in Epson or in another model with a printing head in the printer itself, you will have to contact the service.

How to prevent stripes

In some cases, it is very difficult to diagnose a cause without knowledge and necessary data. Therefore, if you notice striped on paper when printing, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Indicate the model, show the sample of the stripes, attach a duz test, try to help.

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