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Inkchip Wic Epson

Universal Service Program Inkchip WIC Damping of a diapers for Epson jet printers, designed to quickly hug diapers (absorber) at home, without the need to appeal to the specialists of the service center.

We propose to postpone the trip to the service center and use our Inkchip Wic program, which will help to reset (drop) the design of the exhaust ink and thus eliminate the error. The process is quite simple and does not require special technical skills or knowledge.

L120, L130, L132, L210, L220, L222, L300, L310, L312, L350, L355, L360, L362, L364, L365, L366, L375, L380, L382, L385, L386, L395, L396, L405, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, L455, LID L456, L475, L485, L486, L495, L550, L555, L565, L566, L575, L605, L655, L800, L805, L810, L850, L11110, L1118, L11119, LISTRED, L1300, L1800, L3050, L3060, L3070, L3100, L3100, L3100, L3100, LAR L3101, L3104, L3106, L3108, L31110, L31111, L3114, L3116, L3118, L3150, L3151, L3152, L3156, L3158, L3160, L4150, L4158, L4160, L4167, L4168, L5190, L519L

XP-100, XP-102 103, XP-200, XP-201 204 208, XP-202 203 206, XP-205 207, XP-210, XP-211 214 216, XP-212 213, XP-215 217, XP-220, XP-225, XP-230, XP-235, XP-240, XP-243 245 247, XP-255 257

XP-30 33, XP-300, XP-302 303 305 306, XP-310, XP-312 313 315, XP-320, XP-322 323 325, XP-330, XP-332 335, XP-340, XP.342 343 345, XP-352 355

XP-400, XP-402 403 405 406, XP-410, XP-412 413 415, XP-420, XP-422 423 425, XP-430, XP-432 434 435, XP-440, XP-442 445 445. XP-452 455

XP-510, XP-520, XP-530, XP-540, XP-55, XP-600, XP-610, XP-620, XP-630, XP-640, XP-700, XP-710, XP- 720, XP-750, XP-760, XP-800, XP-810, XP-820, XP-830, XP-850, XP-860, XP-900, XP-950, XP-960

WF-2010, WF-2510, WF-2520, WF-2530, WF-2540, WF-2630, WF-2650, WF-2660, WF-2750, WF-2760, WF-3720, WF-3730

WF-7010, WF-7011, WF-7012, WF-7015, WF-7018, WF-7510, WF-7511, WF-7515, WF-7520, WF-7521, WF-7525

WF-M1030, WF-M1560, WF-1100, WF-30, WF-310, WF-320, WF-40, WF-435, WF-500, WF-520, WF-545, WF-60, WF- 600, WF-610, WF-620, WF-630, WF-645, WF-840, WF-845, WF-T42WD

BX300F, BX305, BX305 Plus, BX310FN, BX320FW, BX525WD, BX535WD, BX600FW, BX610FW, BX620FWD, BX625FWD, BX630FW, BX635FWD, BX925, BX935FWDD

TX300F, TX320F, TX510FN, TX515FN, TX525FW, TX600FW, TX610FW, TX620FWD

epson, printing

785, 825, 890, 895, 900, 915, 925, 935, 950, 960, 1280, 1290, 1390, 1400, 1410, 1430, 1500, 2100, 2200, 820U, 830U, P50

TX650, TX700W, TX710W, TX720WD, TX730, TX800FW, TX810FW, TX820FWD, TX830

R240, R250, R260, R265, R270, R280, R285, R290, R330, R340, R350, R360, R380, R390 R1900, R2000, R2400, R2880, R3000, R3000, R3000

PX650, PX660, PX700W, PX710W, PX720WD, PX730, PX800FW, PX810FW, PX820FWD, PX830

RX520, RX530, RX560, RX580, RX585, RX590, RX595, RX610, RX640, RX650, RX680, RX685, RX690

C60, C61, C62, C70, C80, C82, C110, C1150, C1160, C760, C860

DX3800, DX4000, DX4200, DX4800, DX5000, DX6000, DX7400, DX8400, DX9400F

CX2800, CX2900, CX3100, CX3200, CX3300, CX3400, CX3700, CX3800, CX3900, CX4000, CX4100, CX4200, CX4700, CX4800, CX4900, CX5000, CX5900, CX6000, CX7300, CX7400, CX7700, CX7800, CX8300, CX8400, CX9300F, CX9400FAX

SX200, SX210, SX218, SX230, SX235, SX400, SX410, SX420W, SX430, SX440, SX510W, SX525WD, SX535WD, SX610FW, SX620FW, SX600FW, SX600FW

TX200, TX210, TX220, TX230, TX235, TX320, TX320 WorkForce320, TX400, TX410, TX420, TX420W, TX430, TX435, TX550W, TX560WD, TX720 ARTISAN720, TX820 ARTISAN830

NX200, NX210, NX220, NX230, NX300, NX330, NX400, NX410, NX420, NX430, NX510, NX530, NX620, NX635

1430, 50, 700, 710, 720, 730, 800, 810, 830, 837

PX-045A, PX-046A, PX-047A, PX-048A, PX-049A, PX-1001, PX-1004, PX-101, PX-105, PX-1200, PX-1600F, PX-1700F, PX- 201, PX-203, PX-204, PX-404A, PX-405A, PX-434A, PX-435A, PX-436A, PX-437A, PX-501A, PX-502A, PX-503A, PX-504A, PX-505F, PX-535F, PX-5600, PX-5V, PX-601F, PX-602F, PX-603F, PX-673F, PX-7V, PX-A640, PX-A720, PX-A740, PX- FA700, PX-G5300, PX-K100, PX-K150, PX-M650A, PX-M650F, PX-M680F, PX-V700, PX-V780

PM-D800, PM-D870, PM-G4500, PM-G850, PM-G860, PM-T960, PF-71, PM-3500C, PM-3700C, PM-400, PM-4000PX, PM-A820, PM- A840, PM-A840S, PM-A890, PM-A920, PM-A940

650FN, 82WD, 85nd, 900WD, 940FW, 960FWD, 1100, 510, 520, 530, 560W, 570, 620f

EP-10VA, EP-301, EP-302, EP-306, EP-4004, EP-702A, EP-703A, EP-705A, EP-706A, EP-707A, EP-708A, EP-709A, EP- 774a, EP-775A, EP-776A, EP-777A, EP-801A, EP-802A, EP-803A, EP-804A, EP-805A, EP-807A, EP-808A, EP-901A, EP-901F, EP-902A, EP-902F, EP-903A, EP-903F, EP-904A, EP-904F, EP-905A, EP-905F, EP-906A, EP-906F, EP-907A, EP- 907F, EP-976A3, EP-977A3, EP-978A3, EP-979A3, EP-M570T

ET-1110, ET-14000, ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-2600, ET-2610, ET-2650, ET-2700, ET-2710, ET-2712, ET-2720, ET-2750, ET- 2760, ET-3600, ET-4500, ET-4550, ET-4700

Product description

Attention. The program is in the testing stage, therefore it is designed for experienced users who know how to copy, extract from the archive, etc. If you consider yourself one, pay and discard!

Run the Epson Reset Tool program and click in it button “get the counters”

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If the meters are displayed, click the “Form Closes” button, copy the code in the window that appears.

Go to the placement of the order and enter the copied code in a special field.

After payment of the order, you will receive a discharge key, copy it.

In the program, click “Introduce the discharge key”, insert it into the window that appears and press the OK for reset

Click in the program button “Discharging counters”

How to print pvc card with epson l805,T50,T60,P50 by Tech Just 4 You

Turn off and turn on the printer, counters dropped.

Epson Adjustment Program programs for dumping diapers

We have collected a selection of 115 free Epson Adjustment Program programs for different printer models and All-in-One Printer. This program is necessary to reset “diapers” (absorbers) of EPSON devices. Most of them were checked by me personally in our service center.

In each archive you will find text files that describe the features of the work of a particular program for resetting diapers. For example, some of them will not work without translating the system time of your PC on the date of creating the program file (the date can be seen, for example, in the file properties).

Important: there are no universal programs, so carefully look in the description of the program, for working with which models of printers/All-in-One Printer, it is intended. Select your device below and press the download link:

1410 Download
1500 Download
B300DN Download
B500DN Download
C110 Download
C120 Download
C41 C42 C43 C44 C45-C46 Download
C58 Download
C59 Download
C63 C64 Download
C660 Download
C67 Download
C670 Download
C76 Download
C79 Download
C82 Download
C83 C86 Download
C87 C88 D88 Download
C880 888W98 Download
C90 Download
C90 Indonesia Download
C90 Singapore Download
CX1390 Vietnam Download
CX1500 Download
CX2800 Download
CX2900 Download
CX3100 Download
CX3500 3600 3650 4500 4600 Download
CX3700 3800 3805 3810 DX3800 3850 VR12 Download
CX3900 Download
CX4100 4200 4700 4800 DX4200 4250 4800 4850 VR10 Download
CX4900 Download
CX5500 5505 Download
CX5700 Download
CX5900 Download
CX6900F Download
CX7300 Download
CX8300 Download
CX9300F Download
G800 Download
L100 Download
L200 Download
L350 Download
L800 Download
ME600F Download
PM210 Download
PM215 Download
PM250 Download
PM270 Download
PX660 Download
R1400 Download
R1800 Download
R1900 Download
R200 R210 Download
R2000 Download
R220 R230 Download
R240 R245 R250 Download
R2400 Download
R260 Download
R270 Download
R290 Download
R3000 Download
R310 Download
R350 Download
R390 Download
R800 Download
RX420 Download
RX510 RX500 Download
RX590 Download
RX600 RX620 RX630 Ver21 Download
RX610 Download
RX640 Download
RX650 Download
RX690 Download
RX700 VR11 Download
S22 Download
SC480 Download
SC580 Download
SC63 SC64 Download
SC680 Download
SCX4900 Download
SCX5100 SCX5400 Download
SCX6300 SCX6600 Download
SP1410 Download
SP2000P Download
SP2100 Download
SP870 1270 Download
SP890 1290 Download
ST Pro9600 Download
SX100 SX105 Download
SX200-SX205 Download
SX400-SX405 Download
T10 Download
T11 Download
T1100 Download
T20 Download
T27 Download
T30 Download
T33 Download
T50 Download
T50 ett Download
T50 WIC Download
T60 Download
TX100 TX105 Download
TX121 Download
TX125 Download
TX200 Download
WorkForce 2010 Download
WorkForce 3520 Download
WorkForce 4095 Download
WorkForce 60 Download
XP200 Download
XP30 Download

If you have not found your device in the table, do not be discouraged. I can recommend two more programs Antipampers 2.06 and antipampers 2.07 that support the following Stylus devices:

Khuzing a diaper without a trip to the service center

New software Inkchip WIC will help to simply and quickly reset the level of ink in the absorber. The program can be downloaded for free on the official page, while for its activation you need to purchase a code. With it, you can literally solve the issue in just 10 minutes without contacting service specialists. To do this, you will need a USB cable and a computer with Windows OS. Download software, run it on the computer, correctly select a series and model of your printing device, and then enter the code. After that, the electronic level of ink in the system will drop to zero.

  • You can purchase the code for the future, given that it has no expiration date. Just use it if necessary, and continue printing.
  • Using the program, you increase the printer service life. It will help you avoid the situation when ink is filled with a printed mechanism at the most inopportune moment.
  • Software is safe for your printer and computer. In search of a free version of the program, you can get to the option with malicious.
  • You save time. Instead of sending the PU to the service center, solve the problem yourself and much faster.
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By the way, when software dumping the diaper, do not forget to check the condition of the absorber. Because in some cases it can be really crowded. To inspect the element, you need to open the body of the printing device. As a rule, it is enough to push the rear or side wall. Some users were able to completely make their lives completely easier, getting a pipe for waste ink into a separate bottle outside the printer. In this case, when reset, you do not have to check the state of the “diaper” and clean it (and only a specialist can do this!), also you will no longer face the danger of ink entering the case. Which option is more suitable for you? The choice is yours!

Epson diaper reset is the best program!

Hi all! Today I will show how to drop a diapers on the Epson XP-302 printer, but on this example you can drop on other models. In relatives, the printer began to print in black and yellow. They gave it to repairs, they told them that it was impossible to make him, they needed some codes well, I decided to figure it out.

At first I thought, I will do several calibrations and will decide everything But the printer began to give out such a message: the service life of the absorbent ink of the lining expired.

Began to google what it is in general) on the Internet there is a program for resetting Epson meters, called Printhelp, but it requests codes that you need to buy! Well, this is not the case) but on some printers to drop the Epson diapers for free.

If Printhelp has not dropped your counter for free, then on the Internet there is an Epson Adjustment Program program (Epson forbade it).

If the program does not help, then you can try SSC Service Utility or Antipampers. We launch a program for resetting an Epson diapers. It is called Epson Adjustment Program. So if suddenly it does not work for your printer, then you are looking for another version.

And so, after launch, select the model and port:

If there is no model, it’s okay, we just choose how mine.

epson, printing

The main thing is that the drivers are installed. Otherwise, the program will not see the printer port. Click OK and then select Paricular Adjutment Mode.

Choosing Waste Ink Pad Counter. This is an ink counter and diapers.

Put all the checkmarks and click Check, thereby we will check the counters.

I already dropped the counter and managed to print a certain number of pages. But if your printer swears on a diaper, then in the lower field you will have a value of 100%. Choose the upper counter and press the Initialization, t.E. Reset of the Epson counter.

Turn off and click OK. Next, the following plate will appear, turn on the printer.

Click OK, after it turns on and we can check. Select the upper box and press again check.

As you can see, the emitting of the Epson diapers is successful! But do not forget, not a little Epson gives out such a mistake. In the reset, I also recommend cleaning the gasket located under cartridges.

Adjustment Program. A program for resetting a diaper in Epson printers

This program is free and allows only a few clicks of the mouse to perform a software discharge (zeroing) of diapers and the level of ink on printers from the CNPC of the company Epson.

There is full support for models L210, L110, L300, L350, L355.

After downloading, we unpack the archive with the program. It does not require installation, so after unpacking you immediately need to start the executable Adjprogcracked file.EXE.

Launching the Epson Adjustment Program program to reset diapers in Epson printers

The main window window will appear where you need to choose a printer model.

Choosing a printer model in the Epson Adjustment Program program

Detailed step.By.Step instructions with images are also in the archive with the program.

Program version for Epson L130, L220, L222, L310, L360, L365, L366 is located here.

Resetting the design of the spent ink of Epson printers (overflow of “diapers”)

When the Epson printer is turned on, when cleaning the printing head with regular means (through the driver), the printer consumes ink. These ink merge into a sump in a foam special sponge. The printer counts the number of purges and when the counter is overflowing the printer falls into an error. “Service is necessary”.

Standard indication. The indicators burn in red, drop and paper.

Epson WorkForce 635 Printer Video.- Duplex Speed Challenge

Foamen can be extracted and washed. Or, easier, you can remove the drain out into the container.

You can reset the message using a special program. Adjustment Program for Epson. For each printer, it has its own.

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Before starting the program, you need to change the date.

In general, you need to reset diapers

On the example of a diaper reset for Epson T50

Launch the service program

Choosing Particular Adjustrment Mode

Launch Consumables Maintenance Counter (in other versions of Waste Ink Pad Counter)

Click Check. The program interviews the printer

If everything is fine. Show the counter overflow

Put the ticks. Main Pad Countre, Platen Pad Conter

Click Initializatiion. After the end. The program will ask you to turn off and turn on the printer.

Meter reset instructions: Artisan 700, TX700W, PX700W.Launch the Adjprog program so that this image appears. Click “Accept” (“Accept”)

Click on the “Special Settings mode” button “. “Particular Adjustment Mode”.

Select the Consumables Maintenance Counter option (“Consistent Service Materials”).Then click the “OK” button:

Mark/Select the fields “Main Pad Countre” and “Platen Pad Counter”, then click the “Check” button to get the current information about the meter.Now mark/select the same points and click on the “Initialization” button (“initialization”).

Press the “Aceptar” or “Accept” button (“accept”) to drop the counters.

That’s all. Now turn off and turn on the printer again. To leave the discharge program, click the “Ready” button.

Now click on the “Previous” button (“previous”).

Printer manufacturers do not want you to use the printer meter reset. They prefer you to buy another, more new printer from them. Therefore, they united with suppliers of antivirus and anti.Scion programs to announce these programs for zeroing a printer counter as a virus or Trojan!

They substantiate this by the fact that these resetters actually gain access to the chip inside the printer and dump the counter to zero. No other program does this, and therefore they can say that this is a suspicious program. There is no virus in these files. Thousands of people around the world use software discharge data, save your printer from disposal!

Make sure you buy discharges from a reliable source, as there are many free discharge programs that contain viruses! We supply this software for engineers working for the same manufacturers! They consider this in the simplest and most effective way to reset the printer counter. You can be sure that we supply only high.Quality resetters.

Save the file in the folder on the desktop disconnect all antivirus and anti.Pioneer programs that can be launched.

Unpack the file to another folder on the desktop. Calculate the number of files that are in this new folder. You should have as many files as in an archive file.

If you have fewer files. Disconnect antivirus at the time of reboot. (Do not forget to turn on the antivirus/anti.Scion along after reset).

Run the exe file (usually Adjprog.Exe).

The destination and the port must be selected automatically

Select Partial Particular Adjustment Mode

In the Maintenance section, select Waste Ink Pad Counter (worked out ink counter) OK

Then click initialism (initialization)

When the inscription Please Turn Off the Printer appears (please turn off the printer):

Change the date for today’s. Ink pillows are now resurrected.

It is impossible to open the resulting file:

  • You should have software for unbearable
  • You can download from here for free: http: // www.Win-RAR.COM/Download.HTML
  • Disconnect the antivirus/anti.Scion along

A file with absent files was received:

When starting the program. Nothing happens:

The launch of the EXE-file shows the error file is missing:

  • Disconnect antivirus software
  • Replace missing files from a ZIP file
  • Contact the sender to obtain missing files
  • Error when starting a file

The date is wrong. Indicate the correct date

  • The printer must be connected to the same computer
  • The program will not work if the printer is connected to the network
  • The program will only work when using a USB cable

Paid and free dumping of diapers

Unfortunately, not all models supported by Printhelp Printering Printers can be dropped free of charge (the same applies to the flashing). When you try to perform this procedure, the utility can request a special service code that must be purchased from the developers of Printhelp (the program has instructions).

In the “Supported Printers” tab, you can see if the procedure for resetting the diapers is free for the existing printer model (if there is a green tick opposite the model, then the discharge is free if the image of the dollar is paid).

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