Engineering Menu Huawei Y9

Engineering Menu Huawei Y9

We provide services for obtaining codes to unlock the bootloaders of Huawei and Honor phones. Recently, huawei has changed its policy on unlocking bootloaders and interfering with phone software. It became impossible to receive a free code.

For which models can I get the code?

Any Huawei phone models supported Honor and new 2018 models 2019 running on new firmware with the latest security patch.

Huawei Honor V10 View 10 BKL-L09
Huawei Honor 10
Honor 8X (View 10 Lite) JSN-L21 JSN-L22
Huawei Y7 2019 DUB-LX1 DUB-L01
Huawei P30 Pro VOG-L29
Huawei P30 Lite MAR-LX2
Huawei P30 ELE-L29
Huawei P30 Lite MAR-LX1
Huawei Mate 20X EVR-TL00
Huawei Mate 20 Pro LYA-L09 LYA-L29 Laya-L09 Laya-L29 Laya
Huawei Mate 20 HMA-L29 Hima-L29 Hima
Huawei Mate 20 Lite SNE-LX1 SydneyM-L21 SNE-L01 SNE-L21
Huawei Nova 3 PAR-LX1 PAR-L01 PAR-L21 Paris
Huawei Honor 8X (View 10 Lite) JSN-L22 JSN-L21 Johnson
Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX1 JKM-L21 JKM-LX3 JKM-L23 Jackman
Huawei P20 Pro CLT-09 CLT-L29 Charlotte
Huawei P20 EML-L09 EML-L29
Huawei Mate 10 Pro BLA-L09 BLA-L29
Huawei Mate 10 ALP-L29 ALP-L09
Huawei P Smart 2018 2019
Huawei Nova CAN-L01 CUN-L01
Huawei Nova 3 PAR-L21
Huawei Nova Plus MLA-L11
Huawei Nova 3i INE-L21
Huawei Nova 3i INE-L21
Huawei Y6 Prime
Huawei Y7
Huawei P9 EVA-L09 EVA-L29
Huawei P9 Lite VNS-L31 VNS-L21
Huawei P9 Lite Mini SLA-L22
Huawei Honor 7 TRT-LX1 TRT-L21
Huawei Honor 10 V10 Note 10
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 WAS-L21 WAS-L01
Huawei P8 Lite 2017 PRA-LX1 PRA-L11 PRA-L01 PRA-L31 PRA-LA1
Huawei Honor 9 STF-L09
Huawei Mediapad M5

How to get Huawei and Honor bootloader code

1) Order the bootloader code for huawei and Honor by imei phone from the Huawei factory database (no matter what the firmware and security patch are, all models are supported)
Terms of receipt of the code: 1-3 days. TEMPORARILY NOT WORKING.
Cost: 80.0 white rub (2500 grew up. rub) 40

2) Reading the code from the phone through the program at a meeting or remotely (requires a computer, Internet, cable, phone). Important: the firmware must be with a security patch dated April 1, 2018 or earlier. Payment is made after a successful code reading.
Dates: 5-10 min
Cost: 10.0 white rub (400 grew up. rub)

  1. Download, unzip and install (the official program for HiSuite phones) it will install the driver download the program.
  2. Download and install the flexihub program download.
  3. Get a SIM card and flash drive from your phone. Turn on the phone and connect to the computer via usb cable.
  4. In the dialing number, select: ## 2846579 ## For the engineering menu to appear, sometimes you need to wait 20-30 seconds.
  5. Choose ProjectMenu, where you need to select the following items:
    -Background setting
    -USB Ports setting (select on 2 models on some models)
    -Manufacture mode
    -Confirm / Close. this action is not required on some models.

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How to unlock bootloader Huawei and Honor?

Instructions for entering the received unlock code (after entering the code, all user data will be deleted, save all important data in advance):