Download Playlist On Lg Smart Iptv

Playlist Download Instructions

To download your own playlist, enter the application and click on the button Settings home screen

Download Playlist On Lg Smart Iptv

The application supports two options for loading playlists to choose from:

  1. Download via link (external playlists)
  2. Download from the site using a one-time code (internal playlists)

A user can have any number of external playlists and only one internal playlist with live and VoD streams.

To download via the link, enter the section Content settings screen, select subsection External playlists and press the button Add. Enter the desired name of the playlist and a link to it in the appropriate field, then click on the button Save.

The external playlist tile will appear on the main screen of the application, the playlist will be loaded every time you click on this tile.

To download using the code, enter the subsection Are common settings screen and press the button to get the code. A one-time code is valid for 24 hours (or until a new code is generated)

Enter it on the site here and click Add device

Then select a playlist on the computer using the button Open and load it by pressing a button Save

After loading the playlist, a tile will appear on the main application screen My playlist

Recognized playlist channels are displayed on the channel bar with logos. Learn more about channel auto-recognition here.

Downloading a new playlist will overwrite the old one. If you need to download the playlist through the site again, there is no need to receive a new access code, provided that you have not cleared the browser cookies.

Attention! For internal playlists, only playlists that comply with the officially documented format standard can be used. m3u. External playlists allowed m3u, xspf, asx and pls playlists. You can learn more about the m3u format here. For the correct download, the playlist must be encoded utf-8