Do Not Come SMS On Mi Band 3

Configuring Mi Band 3 notifications for users is not clear. You can get an addition to the device, which is predominant in the number of functions. The user counts the steps, track the pulse, but receive on the bracelet, notifications coming to the smartphone. The article describes methods for obtaining a similar result.

Mi Band 3 notifications come. what to do?

Situations when messages stop coming to the tracker are common. They are not sent or simply do not appear on the screen or are not fully displayed. Many complain about such malfunctions and errors, because solutions have been found for a long time.

Notifications do not work

If you find a problem, the first thing to check is a checklist that helps you decide how to set up notifications on the xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet, like:

  1. The software has access to notifications and the right to work in the standard background mode.
  2. Setup through one special application.
  3. No restrictions in the initial mode.
  4. When using the application, autorun is activated.

Do Not Come SMS On Mi Band 3

The scheme of action is suitable for people who have at their disposal a phone that runs on the Android OS.

Does not show notifications

If the required notifications are not received on iOS smartphones, you also need to carefully analyze access to standard notifications. At the same time, you need to activate the Other item in the list. This will allow notifications to come from all built-in programs, and those present in the list.

How to enable notifications on Mi Band 3?

You need to go to the section with Notifications and the MiFit application. To activate the arrival of messages, the following actions are carried out:

  1. Going to Profile.
  2. Activity Goal is pressed.
  3. The desired goal or the necessary notifications are set.

If necessary, set the Do Not Disturb option. This is a useful feature that quickly blocks vibration signals. The only exception is the alarm clock, which is so necessary during the night.

How to configure Mi Band 3 for notifications?

In the scheme of actions aimed at receiving notifications on the phone, there is nothing complicated. Next, actions that are universal for many will be presented. There is a scheme of actions for receiving messages about calls received on a smartphone, about notifications on the WaCap, about SMS from social networks and about a simple disconnection.

Whatsapp notifications

To receive messages on the tracker sent from the Whatsapp messenger, you just need to activate it. Here is the sequence of actions:

  1. The device connects to a smartphone.
  2. The MiFit application is launched.
  3. Go to Profile.
  4. The name of the tracker is selected.
  5. The item responsible for activating notifications is activated.

At the end of the action, you will need to go to the section with application management and all the necessary ones are activated, for example, with Whatsapp.

Call notifications

By setting up and connecting calls, you can not disable or not activate their receipt in Russian. Each user will enable or disable the vibration function if desired.

Regulation consists in setting the number of seconds allocated for the signal. Here you can set the parameters, starting from 3 seconds and ending with 30. Using the toggle switch allows you to turn off or activate the option.

Phone Loss Notifications

In general, the user is allowed to make effective settings of a different plan. Among the most basic functions of them can be noted:

  1. Messages. Inaction.
  2. SMS.

In the first case, the tracker will vibrate after receiving a notification as soon as the general physical activity has been absent for more than an hour. As for the settings in the category, there are the following features:

  1. Messages. vibration when receiving SMS;
  2. Statistics. vibration, as soon as the required number of steps per day has been completed;
  3. Do not disturb. the device will not disturb with vibrational movements while its owner is resting;
  4. Loss of connection. the gadget begins to immediately give a vibration signal as soon as the connection with the smartphone is lost.

This is an overview of the basic settings of the fitness tracker. Each user is able to find the optimal settings in the instructions for the full use of the purchased gadget with the phone and connect them if it does not work.

VK notifications

If you set the correct settings and turn on the device with the clock in a standard way, the user will receive timely signals about calls and messages that come from this application and from other social networks. To configure notifications, you will need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Messages are included and displayed by moving the slider to the right position;
  • the function is configured when the smart tracker will automatically respond to notifications sent. when the screen is off, but the gadget is on and always on.

In the conclusion of such an operation, you need to choose the applications that a person needs and wants to feel them in the form of vibration on the bracelet. It can be not only VK, but all social networks that are downloaded to a smartphone and used by the owner.

To summarize

Gang trackers from this popular manufacturer are being bought up quite actively. Users are attracted by a huge number of options and versions of the modern Fit-tracker, each of which can be configured strictly at your own discretion. Any problem that arises can be solved quite quickly through the usual settings. And much can be done independently, without resorting to professionals, the main thing is to correctly turn on the device for communication.