Do I Need to Flash Samsung Xpress M2020 Printer

The Samsung MLT-D111S cartridge has a resource of about 1000 pages with 5% coverage and is compatible with Xpress M2020, M2020W, M2070, M2070W, M2070F, M2070FW devices.

See refueling instructions below.

Next will go the main points with comments.


Cut plastic rivets on one side.

Do I Need to Flash Samsung Xpress M2020 Printer

Using a straight screwdriver, remove the side cover on one side.

And on the other, gently prying the latches.

We divide the cartridge into two parts.

Remove one more side cover.

Remove the white gear.

We take out the primary charge shaft.

Remove the bushings from the charge shaft.

Unscrew the screws that secure the squeegee.

Remove the black gear from the magnetic shaft.

Unscrew the screws that secure the metering blade.

Unscrew the screw that holds the cover with the contact group.

With a straight screwdriver, disconnect the cover with the contacts.

Remove the dosing blade.

Remove the magnetic shaft.


Pour toner from the hopper into the bag. We remove the residues with a vacuum cleaner for toner.

Do the same with the processing hopper.

We wipe the cartridge case with a dry cloth.

We wipe the drum, squeegee and dosing blade with the same cloth.

We take a cleaning agent (for example, Mr. Muscle) and wipe the squeegee.

We clean the primary charge shaft with the agent.

Clean the dosing blade.

With a straight screwdriver, remove the burn from the metering blade.

And once again we wipe it with isopropyl alcohol.


We fasten it with screws.

It is advisable to apply a little bit of talcum powder or toner on the squeegee so that at the first start “everything went smoothly”.

Install the bushings on the primary charge shaft.

Install the charge shaft. The figure below shows the installed shaft.

Install the white gear.

We rotate the drum shaft to the correct position (shown in the figure below).

The correct position of the drum shaft is determined by the shape in the side cover.

Install the side cover.

We install the dosing blade and fasten it.

Install the magnetic shaft.

We install the bush (Bushing) on ​​the magnetic shaft.

We establish a cover with a contact group.

We fasten this cover with a screw.

Install the black gear on the magnetic shaft.

Gas station

We fall asleep 50-60 grams of compatible toner. For example, Samsung ML1210.

Pay attention to the springs.

Places for installing springs.

We connect both halves of the cartridge.

Install the side cover.

Place to install side cover.

Chip replacement

Change the chip. To use cartridges without chips, you need to upgrade the SL-M2070F / M2070FW MFP. For printers, there is no firmware yet.

Install the side cover with a chip.

It is advisable to drill holes in the areas of cut rivets.