Disassembled Iphone 6

How to replace battery on iPhone 5

As for how to replace the battery on the iPhone 5, this process is quite simple and quick, although at first it seems the opposite. We will provide detailed instructions for completing the task.

Step-by-step instruction

So, replacing the iPhone 5 battery is as follows:

  • At the bottom is the proprietary Lightning connector. There are two screws on either side of it, which can be removed with a Pentalobe screwdriver. Do it.
  • Attach the suction cup to the screen. It is important that it fits snugly against the display. Take the tool you took to pry on and pry the screen below the Home button with it. Pull the suction cup and remove the display, but not completely, just lift up.
  • Take the puckered screen in your hand along with the rest of the iPhone. Raise the display slightly as shown in figure # 3. Here you will see the battery, and under it the cable that goes to the Home button. It needs to be removed. This is done by prying on the brace, which is located below. Pry the bracket with any tool and use tweezers to remove it.
  • With the same tweezers, you can disconnect the entire cable. But you need to do this in a special way, move the bottom plate and pull it out, as shown in figure No. 4.
Disassembled Iphone 6
  • Make sure the ribbon is completely detached. If so, you can open the smartphone, but in such a way that the screen is at an angle of maximum 90 degrees from the rest of the body. It is best to attach the display to the box with an elastic band. This is shown in Figure 5.
  • Next, you need to remove the plate that secures the battery connector to the motherboard. It is fixed with the screws shown in figure # 6. This is done with a 1.6 mm Phillips screwdriver. Then this plate can be removed with tweezers or even manually. Do this and move on to the next step.
  • Under this plate is the battery connector, which actually secures it to the motherboard. It can be removed with tweezers. But this is also done very carefully, first the connector is pushed in, then removed completely. How to do this is shown in Figure 7. It is very important not to lift the entire socket, otherwise it will be damaged.
  • Then you need to unscrew 4 more screws. The one marked in red in Figure 8 can be removed using a 1.7 mm Phillips screwdriver. He will also help to remove the one shown in green. For the screw circled in yellow, you need a 1.3 mm screwdriver, and for the one highlighted in orange, 1.2 mm. After that, use tweezers to remove the plate that all these screws were attached.
  • Under this cover is the front camera cable. You, too, will need to detach it, first pry it off, and then completely remove it. This is shown in Figure # 9.
  • Nearby is the same display cable. It also needs to be removed in the same way as before.
  • There is also one more cable, this time, it is intended for the sensor. It will also need to be disconnected. This process is shown in Figure 11.
  • Now the screen can be removed from the rest of the case. Take the tool that is prying on something and slide it over the plate between the battery and the headphone jack. This plate will be pulled out in the future, so be very careful.
  • Pull out a small part of the tape with tweezers so you can see the top plate. Take scissors and cut it in half as shown in picture # 13.
  • This will form two adhesive strips. One of them should be pulled, and then the second. After that, the battery can be easily removed and can be removed. Before doing this, gently pry the battery.

To install a new battery, you will need to reverse the process, before applying adhesive tape to the back of the battery. The same is clearly shown in the below.

We disassemble for iPhone 5 / 5S repair

After several years of using an apple smartphone, people are starting to wonder: how to disassemble the iPhone 5? Someone will ask: why is this necessary? There are many reasons why iPhone fans do this. They can be listed almost indefinitely, but we will describe only three of them, because somehow you are not here for this.

The first reason is to give your device a unique fresh look. The fact is that over time, the back panel on your iPhone can get pretty worn out. And if you have a black version of the iPhone 5, then paint problems will definitely make you do it.

The second reason is a scratched protective glass, which prevents the sensor from working properly. The third reason is hardware problems. Poor battery condition, faulty Home and Power keys, or a broken screen.

A set of professional tools

All these problems make us think whether to carry the iPhone to a service center or disassemble the device ourselves. A trip to the service center can hit your wallet. After all, you have to pay for the materials and work of the master. Disassembling yourself is not as difficult as it seems, and besides, you can save a lot on this. In this article, you will learn how to disassemble iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s by yourself.

First, turn off the device. You start the same way as in the case of the iPhone 4 / 4s: unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of the iPhone 5. For the iPhone 5s, the disassembly procedure begins in the same way.

We take the suction cup and, with its help, raise the screen. Further, we move aside the structure with the screen, but not completely. Only the part where the Home button is located. For the iPhone 5s, you will need to disconnect the ribbon cables that lead to the motherboard from the Touch ID sensor. The top remains connected to the rest of the smartphone with a small ribbon cable.

Putting the screen unit vertically, unscrew the screw that holds the cable mount. Disconnect the cable with a plastic spatula. The screen unit is now detached from the case. If there were malfunctions with the Home button or the reason for the disassembly was a faulty speaker, screen sensor, broken glass, then we continue to disassemble the screen unit.

To replace the speaker, you will need to unscrew 2 screws and disconnect the contacts from the screen block. The speaker is now ready to be replaced. Remove the Home button from the bracket, and replace it if it was faulty. In order to replace the glass or screen, unscrew the screw on the metal base. After that, nothing prevents you from replacing the screen or broken glass.

In order to replace the Home button in the iPhone 5s, aka Touch ID, you need to pry it with a rubber spatula and carefully remove it.

If the problem was in the battery, the board, or you want to change the color of the case, then we continue the process of disassembling the iPhone 5. To replace the battery, you need to disconnect the ribbon cable from the board with a plastic spatula. Next, use the same spatula to pry on the battery and pull on the plastic tab (on iPhone 5s, Apple abandoned this tab). We remove the battery and replace it.

The battery in the iPhone 5s can be dismantled as soon as the Touch ID cable and the cable connecting the battery to the motherboard were disconnected without completely removing the screen unit.

Next, we proceed to dismantle the motherboard. At the same time, there is no significant difference between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. To do this, you need to disconnect the antenna connector module from the motherboard, which is located below. The next step is to unscrew the screw that secures the board to the case. After that, at the top of the smartphone, we find the screws that attach the contacts to the inner wall of the iPhone 5. Unscrew them. The motherboard is completely free and can be removed.

If necessary, you can detach the camera by unscrewing the 2 screws. If it was damaged or defective, repair or replace.

Next, we continue to dismantle the bottom module, which includes the headphone jack, earpiece speaker, bottom microphone, Wi-Fi antenna and Lightning connector. This is not difficult to do, but it will take some effort, since the whole structure is fixed with glue. You can also unplug the Lightning connector if there is any problem and have it replaced.

And now you have completely disassembled iPhone 5. If you need to replace the old case with a new one, only of a different color, or change some faulty parts, now it is quite easy to do it. For better smartphone performance, we recommend that you clean everything with a brush from accumulated dirt and dust. This is especially true for small gaps between keys or holes in the bottom of the device.

Iphone 5 fully disassembled

For comparison, a disassembled iPhone 5s.

Iphone 5S fully disassembled

Iphone 4 / 4S disassembly for later repair

We all are faced with the moment when the iPhone 4s stops working like a clock. There can be many causes of problems, and some of them cannot be solved by a simple flashing of the device, since they are no longer software.

Common causes of problems are: poor operation of the Power and Home keys, a broken back cover or screen after being dropped, and battery problems. All these problems can be eliminated without much difficulty if you know how to disassemble your smartphone.

You can, of course, take the iPhone 4s to a service center, while paying a lump sum, or do everything yourself. The main thing is to know exactly what and how to do so as not to damage the device. There is also another reason why people disassemble iPhones themselves, this is modding.

Modding is changing the look of your device to give it individuality. Everyone is wondering: how to remove the cover from the iPhone or how to change the battery? How do I open it? In this article, you will learn how to disassemble your apple device. To get started, you need special tools:

Two plastic PRY tools (cross handles straight handle);

  • Screwdriver;
  • Crosshead screwdriver;
  • Sucker;
  • Triangle playground.

Iphone 4s disassembly process

Turn off the iPhone by pressing and holding the top Lock button. Now we start disassembling. Take a hex screwdriver. And we unscrew a couple of bolts located on the bottom of the iPhone. After that, slide the back cover down and carefully detach it. If the cover was broken, put a new one and assemble the whole structure in the reverse order.

Next, to remove the battery, you need to unscrew the screw that holds the battery mount and pry the cable latch with a plastic spatula. Pull the plastic tab and remove the battery. If the battery was the problem with the iPhone, we change it, then put it back. In order to assemble the device, follow the entire procedure in reverse order. If the problem is in the screen or the Home and Power buttons, continue further disassembly.

We remove the sim card in order to start dismantling the motherboard.

After removing the sim card, unscrew the two screws above the battery cable. Disconnect the ribbon cable and unscrew another screw hidden under it.

The next step is to unscrew the 5 screws of the protective plate, which are located at the top of the smartphone next to the camera module. Detach the protective plate with a rubber spatula. We dismantle the camera module. Disconnect the camera cable. Dismantle the module itself.

Disconnect all cables at the top of the iPhone and unscrew the single screw. Removing the motherboard.

Removing the polyphonic module, you will have to unscrew one screw, after which you can freely remove the module. The next thing to do is remove the audio jack. Unscrew the 2 screws on the sides of the connector and the screw that secures the audio connector to the frame.

So, the last thing left to do is unscrew the screws around the entire perimeter of the iPhone 4s bezel to remove the screen.

It remains only to detach the front panel and disconnect the entire structure. If you need to replace the screen or protective glass, then now it is very easy to do after the operation to disassemble the device. Also, we can change our Home and Power keys if they were faulty.

The iPhone is completely disassembled. You can start replacing defective components. Broken screen, back panel, ill-fated buttons or battery, all of this can now be changed by yourself. And you can also do modding and give your phone a unique design. Now everything is in your hands.

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Contacting the service center

In general, getting liquid inside a smartphone case is one of the most difficult problems to fix. When a smartphone is dropped into water, short circuits occur inside the phone, gradually destroying more and more components. You will not be able to dry it properly yourself, since for this you need to disassemble the smartphone literally by screw. In service centers, iPhones are completely disassembled for drying and diagnostics, and all elements are dried separately.

Even short-term contact with water can cause “burnout” of connector legs, chips and contact tracks. Therefore, after drying and removing residual mineral dust, the service center will carefully examine the motherboard and cables under a special microscope. Engineers will determine the extent of the damage and suggest remediation measures. Repairing smartphones after contact with water is a lengthy procedure, so you have to be patient.

If you don’t think about it right away, then over time, the damage caused by the liquid will make itself felt. Many of the malfunctions with which the owners of iPhones come to the SC are caused by the contact of the phone with water, albeit a long time ago. The user dried the phone and forgot about it, and the remaining mineral deposits continued to corrode the internal elements. Therefore, it is vitally important to provide the right assistance to your smartphone in the first minutes after “drowning”. Do not rely on chance or luck, go to the service center immediately. Service engineers know exactly what to do in such cases. Remember that the sooner you help a wet iPhone, the more chances you have to “get out of the water”.

What should be done

So, the owner drowned the iPhone 6, what to do? Does it not turn on immediately after contact with water or stopped working only after a while? Regardless of the reason for the ingress of liquid inside the device, the smartphone must be rescued immediately. The fate of the phone depends on how quickly and correctly you act. Much, of course, depends on luck, but a number of recommendations will increase the chances of keeping your smartphone in working order.

I dropped my iPhone in water. What to do?

Take your smartphone out of the water immediately and turn it off if it hasn’t turned itself off. If you don’t have an iPhone, just as quickly open the case cover and remove the battery.

You can exhale, but you cannot relax. In these seconds, the fate of the device was decided. The turned on device under water could survive a powerful short circuit, and if water got inside the case, these short circuits can (and will) repeat until you turn off the power entirely. Since the battery cannot be removed from the iPhone, your situation remains extremely difficult. Even when turned off, source of energy remains inside, which does not need to receive commands from you in order to exchange impulses with water and fry a couple of microcircuits on the motherboard. Hours and minutes still count.

You need to go directly to the repairmen. On the way, make sure that the smartphone does not turn back on without your knowledge. In no case wrap it in towels or in any kind of cloth: this way you increase the humidity inside the case, which will increase the chances of saying goodbye to the gadget several times. Feet to hand and forward.

Don’t be in a hurry to get upset. The most important thing in this situation is that you did everything right. But what if you can’t go to the service immediately? What if you have to wait until tomorrow? From now on, the fantasy of home-grown geniuses can take over you. On the Internet that just do not recommend in such cases. They usually don’t think about their heads at all.

Water removal

It doesn’t matter if you disconnect the battery or not, the phone must be thoroughly dried. Dry your smartphone with a towel or other dry cloth. Do not wrap the iPhone for a long time; this will prevent moisture from evaporating. Place iPhone in a dry, warm place and wait at least 24 hours. Do not place your phone in the sun, as direct sunlight is harmful to mobile devices. It takes a long time to dry the smartphone, since a thin film of the remaining water or a microscopic droplet can cause irreparable harm to the iPhone. The minimum drying time is one day, but it is better to play it safe by waiting three or four days.

If after drying the phone turns on, then you are in luck, but you shouldn’t stop there. The danger is not the water itself, but the salts and minerals dissolved in it. After evaporation of water, all this remains on the contacts, microcircuits and conductive tracks. Under the influence of water vapor from the air, oxidation continues in those places where the internal elements were in contact with water. Therefore, even if the phone works smoothly after drying, it is better to take it to a specialist for cleaning and restoration. If the malfunctions did not appear immediately, then it is not a fact that they will not appear in the near future.

Traditional medicine and deceptive confidence

The assorted forums are full of tips on how to bring a drowned iPhone to life. On the surface, there are dozens of stories about the owners of devices who went through a few simple procedures and voila, a miracle happened, and since then everyone has lived happily ever after. Let’s not deny: in some cases, people are really lucky. Just hope to be the last thing you want to do when it comes to a smartphone for a thousand dollars.

So, you turned off and wiped dry the device with shaking hands. Never take a hair dryer in your hands: hot air will accelerate the evaporation of the liquid, but it can easily damage internal components and provoke accelerated destruction of contacts on the board. If you have a suitable screwdriver and you know what you are doing, you can try to disassemble the gadget completely. But what to do next?

Traditional medicine has come up with many ways to help drowned people, but one of them is many times more popular than all the others. Network wisdom says: if you put your iPhone in a container of rice, the next morning it will become dry even inside and will work as before. As usual with such recipes, this is partly helpful advice. And partly very harmful because deceiving.

The method is as follows. Immediately after the incident, you turn off the device, wipe it from moisture. Put as much rice as you can in a plastic container and put your iPhone inside. Including disassembled. The real sages add here that the container or package must be closed tightly. Keep the device inside for no more than 24 hours. After this time, you will need to thoroughly clean the headphone jacks and Lightning from rice crumbs. This completes the procedure.

What is really going on in this container? Let’s analyze the case when an iPhone is put there, barely touching the water. If nothing really got inside the case, in a day you take out a very lively, fully functional device. Rice absorbs residual moisture, including microscopic droplets remaining in the shallow openings of the housing. In particularly fortunate cases, this may indeed be sufficient.

I mentioned that rice is a very deceptive measure of salvation for a reason. He can and will absorb water. Only water is so, half the trouble. Much more dangerous are minerals and salts, which are inevitably dissolved in it. The liquid, evaporating from the boards and cables of the iPhone, will leave behind crystals that are invisible to the naked eye, but extremely dangerous for electronics.

Deposits of salts and minerals remaining on the board begin to oxidize upon contact with oxygen. The process is accompanied by the slow erosion of sensitive, vital parts in the device. The consequences for the user can be very different: from strange glitches that you want to blame on firmware problems, to real problems, like a sharply failing wireless module or loss of screen sensitivity with false positives.

Think evil repairmen are trying to intimidate you? Unfortunately, you are not the first and not the last who then comes to them after rice with a dead pipe. Believing in the healing qualities of cereals, people continue to use smartphones, not realizing that they carry a device sentenced to death in their pocket. One day something will refuse, and everyone will be offended. Even a service center, whose specialists will have to do several times more work on replacing contacts and chips.

Rice drying

Using rice when the iPhone won’t turn on after water is one of the most enduring myths. In fact, numerous tests have shown that rice does not absorb moisture well, and smartphones dry out faster outdoors. And since the speed of drying is important in order to avoid serious damage to the internal elements of the device, this method reduces the likelihood of saving the gadget. In addition, rice is stuffed into all holes, and rice dust penetrates inside, becomes sticky, additionally contaminating the already damaged contacts.