Disassemble Iphone 7 Photos

How to disassemble Iphone 6 plus do it yourself

Apple does not stand still, and now, on September 19, 2014, the new Iphone 6 plus model was released. She has a 5.5 screen. the largest of all models. You probably think how to disassemble iPhone 6 plus? Follow the instructions step by step and you will succeed. To get started, turn off the phone. Remove the two 3.6 mm screws near the light connector.

For the next step, you will need a special iSclack gadget or suction cup. If you purchased a mechanism for safely disassembling an iPhone 6 plus, get ready to carry out the following manipulations.

ISclack has a depth gauge, take it off, it is not needed by such large phones. After you close the handle of the device, the jaw with suction cups open. We insert the iPhone between the Velcro, above the Home button. Open the handles, Velcro is compressed. Press harder so that they fit snugly against the display.

Securely attach your mobile and squeeze the ends of the handles together. The suction cups will open by pulling the top of the screen along, separating it from the bottom. These actions are enough to safely open the iPhone without harming the cables. Carefully disconnect the device and set it aside.

With a suction cup, your next steps should be like this: press it firmly against the screen, above the “home” button. Make sure everything is tight. While holding the bottom panel with one hand, with the other, pull the Velcro up, separating the screen from it.

Disassemble Iphone 7 Photos

Take your time, make a little effort, the display fits snugly against the body. Using a plastic screwdriver, gently press the back cover down while pulling the Velcro up. Carefully carry out these frauds to properly reveal the phone. Pull the suction cup to release the air inside and remove it.

Using the top as a hinge, pull the home button out of the bottom. While following these steps, disconnecting the front panel assembly, hold it at a ninety degree angle.

The clips on the display form a partial hinge that allows the model to swing open like a book. During assembly, align the clips just below the top of the rear housing. Then slide the display up, the edges should be flush with the panel below.

Next, disconnect the mounting screws holding the metal bracket, and remove it.

Attention, during the following four steps, make sure that you remove only the cable connectors, and not their sockets in the motherboard. While holding the display, disconnect the front camera cable, loudspeaker speaker, home button and data display with a plastic screwdriver.

When you assemble, the data cable may suddenly move away from the connector. You will understand this on a blank screen and white lines. To solve this problem, reconnect the wire and reboot the mobile device. Last, remove the processor cable for image processing. After, you can easily remove the top panel.

Unscrew the screws from the plate holding the battery, and remove it.

Using a plastic screwdriver, carefully lift the battery connector out of the socket on the motherboard. If you pull the card slot, not the connector, there is a chance of breaking it completely.

Bend the sticky edge out of the lower right corner of the battery. To do this, use your fingers or blunt tweezers. Be careful near the battery if you puncture it, chemicals are released and a fire breaks out. Slowly pull out the adhesive tape without twisting it or tearing it. If you feel resistance, pull it to the lower right corner, avoiding the sharp edge. Repeat the procedure with the next tape in the left corner and in the center. When done, remove the battery freely.

And now you know how to disassemble iphone 6 plus.