Disabling Windows 7 X64 Hibernation

Disabling Windows 7 X64 Hibernation

Gamers can use the Russian game windows 7 from the author of KUTA 2019, created from the official windows 7 x64 professional in Russian, here you can download Windows 7 by CUTA 2.4 x64bit Professional torrent for free, so that you can easily install on a gaming netbook, computer and play with the highest FPS in your favorite toys. This 64-bit build of Game Windows 7 SP1 pro after installation will occupy a minimum of space, therefore we recommend installing it on a hard drive. SSD Only important updates UpdatePack7R2-15-06-2019 and the necessary tweaks are added, all unnecessary is also cut out, for maximum optimization in games.

Update Date: July 2019
Windows 7 Version: Professional SP1 x64
Interface language: RUS Russian
Tablet: present on the desktop
Image Folder Size: 4.37 Gb

Minimum device requirements
Support for DirectX9 graphics card;
1 GHz processor frequency;
2 GB of RAM;
20 GB of unallocated space on the HDD.

For the new build of Windows 7 Professional Gaming x64, which we offer to download on our website, a licensed image of Seven SP1 VL with integrated updates, settings and tweaks was selected to improve the performance of the machine and increase its performance. The operating system is translated into Russian. Its main purpose is gaming devices, the advantage will be the availability of SSDs on a PC.

What assembly includes
Update Pack 7R2 dated June 15, 2019;
IEv11 browser;
“Firewood” for USB and NVMe;
Gamer theme Game OS;
Settings are included to increase device performance;
Disabled unused components that open during OS startup;
The USB and disk icons are changed, the background image of the system start is replaced.

Settings and tweaks
The assembly of Windows 7 Professional Gaming x64 can be downloaded with a torrent file with the following services disabled:
Remote registry
Diagnostic policy
Registration of errors;
Enter a tablet computer;
Software Compatibility Assistant.
The following settings were applied to the operating system:
The icons in the Control Panel have increased;
Hibernation mode is off;
UAC off;
The desktop, computer, and folder icons have changed;
Browser auto-update is turned off;
The cores of the processor cores are off when powered from the network;
A file extension display has appeared;
The fixed size of the swap file is from 2 to 4 GB;
Auto audio equalization is turned off;
Turn off auto-update system;
There is a planned power supply for the device to increase productivity;
Optimized OS start;
Window animation turned off;
Turn off HDD shutdown;
There are power management elements.
Among the tweaks there were the following changes, tweaks were added:
Improving performance;
Increasing the priority of active processes;
Not allowing to unload the core and “firewood” in SWAP;
Stopping the device connected via USB after safe removal;
Improving the performance of NTFS;
Accelerating DirectX3D.
From Windows 7 Professional x64 some applications and programs have been removed. For example:
Windows Defender;
Media Center;
Windows Error Reporting;
Power Efficiency Diagnostics;
Mobile PC
Application Experience;
Memory diagnostic
Customer Experience Improvement Program.

What has been changed
In Game Seven, an update pack 7R2, compiled by Simplix, was added. Also, the system parameters and its performance has been improved.

Integrated Firewood for USBv3
The following drivers can be found in the OS:
Fresco Logic;

Integrated Firewood for NVMe
Samsung NVMe Controller;
OpenFabrics Alliance Generic;