Disabling Touchpad On Hp Laptop Windows 7

You can turn off the laptop’s touchpad in several ways: using the function keys, through the control panel or device manager, using special software. Disabling is usually required if a regular mouse is connected to the laptop and the touchpad becomes an extra input device.

Shutdown through the control panel

The first step is to figure out how to disable the touchpad on a laptop through the control panel. On most modern laptops, the Synaptics touch panel is installed, so the shutdown proceeds according to one algorithm:

  1. Open the control panel. Change the display to any icon. large or small. Go to the “Mouse” section.
    Disabling Touchpad On Hp Laptop Windows 7
  2. Switch to the “Device Settings” tab. It should have a Synaptics icon.

Here you can configure the behavior of the touch panel, as well as disable it completely. If you still use periodically touchpad, then set the touch panel to automatically turn off when you connect a mouse to the laptop. This is a very convenient feature that will allow you to forget about the inconvenience that occurs when the sensor and a regular computer mouse work simultaneously.

This method of disabling the touch panel will only work if drivers from the manufacturer are installed on the laptop. If in the mouse settings there is no way to disable the sensor, then you will have to use other methods.

Hotkey Shutdown

If you want to know everything about how to disable the touchpad on a laptop, then you can not do without information about hot keys. This is the fastest way to make the panel inactive: just press two buttons on the keyboard so that the sensor stops responding. Pressing it again will turn the touchpad back on.

Manufacturers assign different combinations to their devices, but usually you need to press the Fn button in combination with one key from the F1-F12 series. You can find the right key from the graphic image of the crossed out touchpad.

On ASUS laptops, the sensor is disabled by a combination of FnF7 or FnF9. Pay attention to the icon. the crossed out touchpad will help you make the right decision.

If you have an Acer laptop, press FnF7. This combination will work if a hand is pressed in the corner of the button that clicks on the panel.

To knock out the sensor on your HP laptop, double-click on the area at the top of the touchpad.

Usually the desired zone is highlighted by a small depression. The built-in mouse is also turned on by double-clicking.


On Lenovo laptops, pay attention to the F5 and F7 keys. One of them will have a crossed out panel, that is, if you press this key in combination with Fn, the touchpad will stop working.

Sony computers use the FnF1 combination. In addition, on Sony laptops, the Vaio Control Center application is installed by default, which also has a touchpad off function.


By default, Samsung laptops use a combination of FnF5. If you have a laptop of a different manufacturer, then look for the list of hot keys in the instruction manual or see the pictograms on the buttons. In addition, in some cases, for the hot keys to work, you need to install a special utility. for example, ATK Hotkey Utility for ASUS. All software can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s website for free, the main thing is to choose the right laptop model and OS version.

Using Device Manager

If the hot keys do not work, and you cannot or do not want to find the touchpad drivers for the laptop, then try deactivating the built-in mouse through the device manager.

  1. Press the WinR combination on the keyboard or launch the Run window through the Start menu.
  2. Run the command “devmgmt.msc” to open the device manager.
  3. Expand the “Mice and other pointing devices” or “HID devices” section and find the touchpad. It is usually signed as Port TouchPad, but other names may also appear.
  4. Right-click on the touchpad and select “Disable.”

If you cannot find the touchpad by name, turn off all available input devices in turn and check if the touch panel has stopped working.

Using third-party software

If you can’t disconnect the touch panel through the device manager, use the special software to block the mouse built into the laptop. The program is called Touchpad Blocker, you can download it for free from the developers site. The only drawback of this utility is the lack of localization, so before you start working with it, you need to figure out which parameter is responsible for what.

  1. Automatically run on startup. Automatically run the program at login. Check the box to start the application immediately after loading Windows.
  2. Show system tray notification. enable / disable the display of notifications in the system tray.
  3. Block accidental taps and clicks. block accidental clicks, that is, turning off the panel when entering text on the keyboard. When this item is activated, a drop-down menu becomes available in which you need to specify the time for which the touchpad turns off after pressing any key. For example, if you set 3 seconds, then during this time the touchpad will not respond to your actions.
  4. Also block move and wheel event. lock the button for scrolling pages, if any.
  5. Beep when click is blocked. sound notification when the touchpad is locked.
  6. Turn blocker On and Off. setting hot keys to turn on / off the program.

The application runs in the background, slightly loading the system. Unlike other methods, using the Touchpad Blocker program allows you to deactivate only at the time of typing, so you can avoid accidental pressing without completely turning off the touch panel.