Disabling Fn On Lenovo Ideapad 330s Laptop

The main advantage of the device is mobility. It can be used at work, on the road, at home, in cafes and other places, without reference to the work surface. Because basically it is chosen by people who prefer comfort and lack of restrictions. For the full functioning of all programs and utilities, equipment is connected to the world wide web. We will talk about popular methods that enable Wi-Fi in Lenovo devices, and we’ll talk below.

Wi-Fi setup on Lenovo with OS installed

If the Windows 7, 8, XP, 10 OS is already preinstalled on a personal computer, then connecting the Internet on it will not be difficult. The main thing is that the equipment functions correctly, and the transmitter provides a sufficient signal.

To do this, use the OS Mobility Center. You can call up the menu through a combination of buttons on the keyboard. Win and X. Simultaneous use of them will open the Center. If you have version 10 of Windows, then you can start the Center through the search bar.

Disabling Fn On Lenovo Ideapad 330s Laptop

Most likely, an inactive specialized icon “enable wireless network” will appear in the window that appears. Click on it and you will be able to use the world wide web for your own purposes. If there is no such icon, you should open the computer settings and select the “network and Internet” tab, activate it in the “wi-fi” category.

Turning on Wi-Fi on Lenovo devices

There are two more ways to connect wi-fi to your computer. by pressing the function buttons or using the special switch. Different models of laptops differ in characteristics, but they do not particularly affect the entire process of gaining access to the World Wide Web. We bring to your attention detailed instructions according to which wi-fi is connected.

Method 1: enable using hotkeys

The manufacturer recommends installing on new models only version 10 of Windows. On them, pressing the key combination Fn and F7 starts or disables the limited mode “airplane”. But there is a possibility that such a combination in some situations will help to connect to Wi-Fi.

Very often you can find information about the use of:

  • Fn and f5
  • Fn and f9

Such functional combinations are most often used on computers of this company; at the moment there is no information about other options.

You must click on them once and look at the result. If the manipulations did not lead to any changes, then reboot the device.

Method 2: with a special button

Many products of this company are equipped with a special regulator, the purpose of its inclusion and disconnection of networks. Let’s figure out how to enable wi-fi on a lenovo laptop with a mechanical option.

First, check if it is present on your equipment, maybe you or people around accidentally switched it. Most often it is located on the front, but can be found at the end or the inside of the case. This switch is necessarily marked with the corresponding icon.

If you find, then make sure that it is in the correct position with the “on” value. In case of correct display, you can try to disconnect and reconnect access again. You will probably need to restart your computer completely if changes are not displayed on the monitor.

Brief information about Lenovo Energy Management

This is a special application that is responsible for power management. If the Internet does not work, then you may need to install additional software. With it, the functional buttons become active and the task is solved.

Very often the problem is a turned off module on the device. You can connect it exclusively by the keyboard method. This is exactly what the Energy Management utility from a similar manufacturer will help. You can download and install the utility from the official resource of the company, and after installation, be sure to reboot the system.

The advantage of the application is the inclusion of a module in automatic mode after a reboot, and the user will not have to worry and think about how to enable it on a Lenovo laptop.

How to connect Wi-Fi to a Lenovo laptop if there is no connection sign?

There are times when all actions are carried out, and the Internet is not connected. Probably the problem is hidden in the turned off module or the lack of current drivers. Below we will tell you how to enable wifi on a Lenovo laptop through updating the adapter and downloading the latest software.

Reinstall adapter

Our tips will help you quickly figure out how to enable the windows 7 wireless network. To do this, click on the “start” button with the left mouse button and then on the “control panel”. If you are the owner of 8 or 10 versions of the OS, then use the right side of the mouse.

In this category, we are interested in the “Network and Sharing Center.” After navigating to the desired folder, click on the position that is responsible for adjusting the characteristics of the adapter. Here you will see all the ways that wifi on Lenovo is turned on. A gray shade in the icon indicates that the system is not functioning. How to set it up is simple, it turns on with the help of a computer mouse. A change in color confirms its activation.

Checking the relevance of the wifi driver and the serviceability of its work

If the desired icon is not displayed, this means the absence of the correct software. To check the relevance, start the Control Center and select the “troubleshooting”. “network adapter” position. The process starts only as administrator. Upon completion, the system will give you information about the possible causes of the problem.

Driver installation

To update the software, you must run the “device manager” and go to the network adapters, determine the correct position (it contains the words “Wireless” or Wai Fai). If the icon does not appear or is marked with a picture in the form of a triangle, then you need to download the driver. To do this, click on the name with the mouse and select “software update” with automatic search. This option is suitable if you connect a Lenovo laptop to a local cable from the provider.

Another method is to download all the drivers yourself and transfer it through the media to Lenovo.