Disable Iphone Sync

Disable call log synchronization via settings

To ensure that the list of outgoing and incoming numbers ceases to be repeated on different iPhones, you can also use the device settings. Another thing is that there are many settings and there is no universal solution. Try and experiment. One of the methods will definitely work. Here they are all:

To begin with, on the gadget from which you want to remove the appearance of your call history, you need to go to “Settings. Facetime. Calls from iPhone”. Naturally, we turn it off, because if calls are duplicated on different devices, then their list will be repeated.

Disable Iphone Sync
  • Do not exit the settings and open “Phone. Calls on other devices”. Disable the item “Allow calls”.
  • Turn off iCloud Drive. You can do this in “Settings. Icloud. Icloud Drive”. It is this line that is responsible for allowing programs to store documents and data in the “cloud”. And the call log, in essence, is the same ordinary program and all call records are just synchronized via iCloud Drive.
  • The only thing to remember is that even if the slider has already been disabled in each of the items under consideration, it is recommended to turn it on and off again. Because software failures and “glitches” are also possible, more on that below.

    Use different Apple IDs

    The most correct and correct decision. We create our own, unique account for each gadget and the problem will disappear by itself. Yes, this will take some time, and it is not always convenient for various reasons, but later on there will be some advantages.

    In addition to the fact that the synchronization of calls on the phone will stop (which is already good!), It will be possible to use an iCloud account for each iPhone separately (and this is an extra space for backup), and in the future, protect yourself from various surprises (such as synchronization sms, Safari browser tabs and others).

    Registering a new Apple ID is a matter of 10 minutes, but that removes all the questions. However, if this method does not suit you for some reason, then there are other ways to remove duplicate calls, for example, through the settings.

    Calls from one iPhone are displayed on another. How to remove syncing?

    Greetings! When you have several iPhones in your family, then you are a very rich person, many people prefer to use one Apple ID account for all these devices. So what? At first glance, everything is really very convenient! For example, a game (program) was downloaded on one gadget, and it instantly became available on another device. Plus, there is no need to remember the data of several accounts at once. It would seem that happiness has come. Live and rejoice!

    However, it is not for nothing that Apple recommends creating a unique Apple ID account for each iPhone. After all, there are also enough problems with the simultaneous use of accounting (by different people on different iPhones). For example, iCloud backups. And if Apple ID is stolen, all gadgets on which this identifier is activated fall under attack.

    There is another problem that is associated with the use of one Apple ID on multiple iPhones is the synchronization of the call and call log. We’ll talk about this today.

    Conveniently? Sure. But this call log sync is only good when all these iPhones belong to you. Otherwise, questions are possible. We are all curious and suspicious people 🙂 But oh well, now it’s not about this, but about how to get rid of it.

    Options or what else you can do

    Just moving on to various “bugs” in the iOS system. As the technical support of Apple assures, it is not excluded that the firmware “gets crooked”. That is why, even if you have completed all the points above, the list of calls on different iPhones may continue to be duplicated.

    How to proceed in this case? You will have to resort to at least and completely reinstall the software for iOS to install normally. This can be done through normal recovery, but if something goes wrong, there is always a DFU mode.

    Finally, here’s another instant way to get rid of repeated calls on different iPhones. “just” turn off the Internet and that’s it. No internet. No synchronization.

    Icloud. Sync or other content of your devices

    The iCloud cloud storage service also has extensive data exchange capabilities between gadgets. By default, the server is allocated up to five gigabytes of free space. To configure the files necessary for synchronization, go to the Settings section and then uncheck those fields that you do not need to be publicly available.

    Synchronizing applications

    Regarding applications, the situation is slightly different, it is not enough just to transfer the program settings for transferring data between assistants, since the main data is stored in the internal memory of the device.

    Don’t worry, more and more programs store their data in the cloud or on a dedicated server. Of course, this brings some difficulties, in that when the Internet is turned off, you cannot work with the program.

    Apple’s official app for listening to Apple music also has a sharing function between devices.

    2. Disable synchronization of all devices

    In case you do not want that not only your phone is not synchronized with iTunes, but also all other connected devices from Apple. Disable sync completely in settings. For this:

    1. In the iTunes menu, open the “Settings” item and go to the “Devices” tab.

    2. At the bottom, check the “Disable automatic synchronization of iPod, iPhone and iPad devices” and confirm the action by clicking “OK” or “Save”.

    Done. Itunes will no longer open every time a gadget is connected and sync all your content.

    Create a media library on iPad and iPhone

    Music is one of the most important entertainment on modern gadgets. In order to sync devices, and then transfer music or, you can create a library in iTunes.

    First of all, you need to do this operation on the iPhone, then do the same with the iPad, remove the necessary files in the library. Now you can connect to them from different devices, but the storages will be unique for each of them. You can transfer photos in the same way.

    Synchronize calls between iPhones. How to disable it?

    Hello! When you have multiple iPhones in your household, many people choose to use one Apple ID for all of those devices. So what? At first glance, everything is really convenient! For example, you downloaded a game (program) on one gadget, it is immediately available on another device. And remembering the data of several accounts is also not required. It would seem, live and rejoice.

    However, if the iPhone is used by different people, Apple recommends creating a unique Apple ID for each of them. After all, there are also enough problems with such a simultaneous use of accounting. For example, iCloud backups. And if Apple ID is stolen, all gadgets on which this identifier is activated fall under attack.

    There is another problem with using the same Apple ID on different iPhones. It is call and call log sync. We’ll talk about this today.

    Brief description of the situation. When making a call from one iPhone, the data instantly appears on the other. The same situation with missed and incoming calls. They called you, you didn’t pick up the phone, and a notification of this is immediately displayed on all other iPhones with your account. It turns out that the call history and call log will be common for all iPhones on which your Apple ID is entered.

    Conveniently? Sure. But this call log sync is only good when all these iPhones belong to you. Otherwise, questions are possible. We are all curious and suspicious people 🙂 But oh well, now it’s not about that, but about how to get rid of it.

    How to cancel syncing between apple devices

    How to turn off iPhone and iTunes automatic syncing

    Apple has made sure that every iOS device, after connecting to iTunes, immediately goes to sync data. On paper, this is both convenient and correct. But in life, forced synchronization is often annoying. Below you will find two ways to disable this feature at once.

    The first method will disable synchronization with only one connected device, the second. For all iOS devices at once. In other words, in the first case, you can deny iTunes access only to your iPhone, but not to your iPad, in the second, you can deny synchronization of all devices at once.

    Prevent auto-syncing of one device

    1. Connect iPhone to computer using USB cable. Synchronization will start automatically;
    2. In iTunes, click on the icon with the image of your iPhone (on the left side of the screen, the white line under the player buttons). You will find yourself in the Overview tab, on the right you will see basic information about your device. The size of available memory, phone number, serial number, software version, etc.
    3. In the Settings section, uncheck the box next to Sync automatically if iPhone is connected.
    4. Click the Apply button for the changes to take effect.

    Now, after connecting your iPhone to your computer via USB, iTunes won’t open automatically and start the inevitable sync process. This setting is unique for each device. So if you want to turn off syncing for iPad, you will have to do the same steps again.

    Prevent auto-syncing of all devices

    A radical solution to the problem. No iOS device will sync automatically. But if you are bored with iTunes that opens every time, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. On the menu bar, click iTunes, then Preferences.
    3. Select the Devices section;
    4. Check the box next to Disable automatic syncing of iPod, iPhone and iPad.

    Done! Itunes will no longer launch and auto-sync when any of your iOS devices are connected.

    Don’t forget that disabling auto sync is a double-edged sword. Yes, iTunes will no longer be annoying with its appearance. But it will not back up your data to iCloud or computer. The consequences are obvious. If your device is lost or stolen, you risk losing important data. So, it is quite possible that you should not disable auto-sync at all.

    Using different Apple IDs

    If you are not using the second smartphone, then choose this option. It makes sense to use one Apple ID only when both devices belong only to you. In this case, you can disable synchronization on iPhone as follows:

    Create newApple ID;

  • Execute reset phone to factory settings and unlink the existing account;
  • After a full reset, bind a new ID.
  • So the two phones will work separately.

    How to turn off syncing between two iPhones, iPads, contacts

    Reading time: 1 minute

    Apple users who have several gadgets are interested in how to turn off syncing on an iPhone. On the one hand, it may seem convenient to link to one record and the complete identity of the devices. But you can look at the situation in a different way. Full copying of calls, contacts, messages, and other things can lead to leakage of personal data and confidential information, so let’s figure out how to disable synchronization between iPhones.

    Disconnection methods

    If two iPhones are considered as paired devices, then you can use one of the proposed methods:

    • Use different Apple ID accounts;
    • Configure sync options.

    Let’s describe each of them in more detail.


    If you want to use one account for two devices, you will have to complete the setup. It is done as follows:

    Go to your account in the phone settings;

  • Open the section “iCloud”;
  • Deactivate the “iCloud Drive” function.
  • Also, if necessary, turn off the following functions.

    • “Handoff”. Allows you to continue working on different devices. It is located in the “Basic” tab in the settings.
    • “FaceTime”. Disables incoming calls to the second gadget. Located on the main page in the settings.
    • “Messages and telephone”. This option should also be disabled so that calls and sms do not come to the device.

    In the same way, you can turn off the synchronization of contacts on iPhone.

    Turn off syncing between iPhone and iPad

    Unlike two phones, syncing between a smartphone and a tablet happens wirelessly via iTunes. There are two ways to deactivate the mode.

    • Via the iTunes client on a computer.
    • By turning off sync on iPad.

    In the first case, you can disable synchronization between iPhone and iPad as follows:

    Go to iTunes;

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Then click “Browse”, where you need to select a device;
  • Open “iPad Features”;
  • Uncheck the “Synchronize device with iTunes” line.
  • In the second, it is done differently:

    Open “Settings” on the iPad;

  • Go to your Apple ID account;
  • Go to the iCloud and iTunes settings, disable the function.
  • The phone will then not be paired with the tablet until this feature is enabled. Also, some users will find it helpful to know how to sync iPhone contacts.

    How to turn off syncing between iPhones

    The article below will detail two methods to help disable syncing between multiple iPhones. This can be done either by creating a new Apple ID record or by changing certain sync options.

    How to turn off syncing between two iPhones

    Users who have multiple iPhones usually use the same account for two devices. On the one hand, this is very convenient, since all information is synchronized between gadgets, that is, having installed any program on one smartphone, it will immediately be displayed on the second. On the other hand, this also duplicates information related to calls, messages, and much more, which can cause confusion for the user. The article will consider a technique for disabling synchronization between iPhone gadgets.

    Creating a new Apple ID account

    This option is ideal for users who take turns using the same device. It makes sense to use one account for two smartphones only if both gadgets are operated by you personally. In all other situations, the best option is to create another profile. This is done in this way:

    First of all, you need to create another Apple ID profile, only after that you can proceed to the next steps.

  • To link an account to a gadget, you will need to reset the device to factory settings. Before performing this step, be sure to take care of creating a restore point in case something does not go as intended.
  • After the device boots up, you will need to enter the new Apple ID account information.
  • Change sync options

    A user can use the same account on two gadgets, and the information on the devices will not be synchronized. This requires changing certain settings. Let’s take a closer look at how to disable synchronization in more detail:

      Go to the basic settings of the device and go to your Apple ID account.

    Open the “iCloud” section, then switch the slider opposite the “iCloud Drive” item to the “Off” position.

    The iPhone operating system has a special tool that allows you to perform certain actions on one gadget, and then continue them on another without losing progress. This function is called “Handoff” and is located in the settings in the “General” tab.

  • To turn off the tool, you need to move the slider opposite the inscription “Handoff” to the disabled position.
  • You can configure receiving calls in the “FaceTime” block. It is located in the same place as the previous tools. To leave any one phone number, you need to uncheck the boxes in front of all unused options under the heading “Your address.”. The same actions should be performed on the second gadget, only the phone number should be indicated not the one that was selected on the first device.
  • Exactly the same steps must be done in the “Messages” section. Do not forget to repeat the procedure on the second device.

  • In order to disable incoming calls, you need to open the “Phone” section in the main settings.
  • In a new tab, find the inscription “On other devices” and in the right window, move any of the two sliders to inactive state.
  • As you can see, turning off syncing between two iPhones is easy enough. To do this, you must either register a new account or change the sync settings. Both options have their disadvantages and advantages, so you should choose one of them, guided by personal preferences.

    How to sync iPhone to iPad: procedure and solutions

    The global trend is moving towards the fact that we have more and more gadgets. It will be convenient if the information on the iPad and iPhone is linked, that is, synchronized. How to sync or merge iPhone and iPad?

    Sync iPhone with iPad using iTunes

    So let’s figure out how to do it. In order to do this, you need to have two different accounts on the iPad and iPhone. From the first we will connect from the phone, and from the second from the tablet. In order to transfer data, you will need to use the data transfer tool in iTunes.

    How to enable iPhone and iPad sync?

    There are only two ways to sync your iPhone and iPad. The first way is to connect your iPhone and iPad to your computer with a cable and turn on the official iTunes app. The second way talks about the possibility, which is how to synchronize the iPhone and iPad using the iCloud cloud storage service. If you cancel actions on a separate device, then the changes will also be duplicated.

    How to turn off automatic syncing in iTunes

    It often happens that when you connect Apple technology to a computer, especially for users unfamiliar with it before, it becomes unpleasant for iTunes to automatically open constantly with attempts to synchronize everything and everyone.

    It should be said that often the device is connected just to recharge, and the computer automatically minimizes the current task and opens iTunes, which is far from always convenient.

    How to turn off the automatic opening and syncing of iTunes when you connect your iPhone or iPad, read below.

    In general, synchronizing everything constantly and as often as possible is one of the chips of Apple’s infrastructure. But in our opinion this thing is quite controversial, not everyone needs it so often, and many generally despise Apple for the need to perform all actions through iTunes. The problem of synchronization is especially relevant if you have more than one device, but for example, several members of your family are also synchronized with your computer. This is where the mess begins.

    But no matter what category of users you belong to, if you decide to turn off automatic synchronization, then you need it. And here’s how to do it.

    How to cancel syncing between apple devices

    Synchronizing applications

    Regarding applications, the situation is slightly different, it is not enough just to transfer the program settings for transferring data between assistants, since the main data is stored in the internal memory of the device.

    Don’t worry, more and more programs store their data in the cloud or on a dedicated server. Of course, this brings some difficulties, in that when the Internet is turned off, you cannot work with the program.

    Apple’s official app for listening to Apple music also has a sharing function between devices.

    Possible problems

    If you want to turn off synchronization in WhatsApp, when you roll back the system or try to open the messenger on a new device, you will be faced with the need to re-authorize in the service, as well as with the loss of all correspondence and files from them. The same applies to other programs and services that require authorization and storage of large amounts of data. Periodically, such programs, for example, instant messengers or social media applications, warn about the need to create a backup in order to save all the necessary data.
    Also, if the option is disabled, it may be necessary to restore data from previously saved copies when trying to open WhatsApp on another device. If this is not done, by opening the messenger window you will see empty dialogs.

    Instructions. How to turn off sync on Android phone and iPhone

    There are several ways to disable the exchange of information between devices. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

    Disable Google Drive data backups

    If, in addition to canceling data transfer, you also need to deactivate the copying of information, disable this option in the Google Drive settings. When the backup option is active, application data is automatically saved to disk; call log, device parameters. And content, SMS, messages from instant messengers or mail. A similar procedure ensures the safety of personal files in case of system failures, rollback of settings or an attempt to transfer information to a new device.
    If you don’t need this backup, you can deactivate it. To do this, go to the smartphone settings, find the “Personal data” section, then the reset button.

    To disable an option, do one of two things.

    • Uncheck the boxes next to “Data backup” and “Auto recovery”.
    • Switch to inactive mode the switch next to the “Upload to Google Drive” section.

    Disable for apps

    If you use a Google mail account to communicate between apps, you can also disable it through your account. To do this, use the following instruction:

    Open the phone settings by tapping on the gear icon in the menu, main menu on the desktop or in the notification panel.

  • Open the section “Accounts” or “Users”.
  • Select “Google”.
  • The email address attached to it is indicated next to the account name. If you use several profiles, select the one, the exchange of information on which you want to remove.
  • Next, you need to do the following.
  • Uncheck the checkpoints opposite the names of services and programs for which you want to disable data exchange;
  • Turn off the toggle switch next to the “Synchronize” item. Also click the button and deactivate the switches in this section. Do the same with all applications, the transfer of information from which you want to turn off.
  • How to remove syncing on WhatsApp

    Synchronization is an option that allows you to use applications on the same account from different Android devices. Basically, the process is carried out through authorization in services through a Google account. It opens and changes applications such as email, calendar, notes, games, and many others from different devices, such as smartphones and PCs. The option is very convenient, but it has a drawback. It requires an Internet connection and speeds up the battery drain. If you want to avoid this and want to know how to turn off WhatsApp sync, this article will help you find out how this process is activated and deactivated.

    Summing up

    The sync option is very important for active users who are accustomed to using programs for communication on all available gadgets. By enabling it, you will ensure the safety of storing contacts or important data from correspondence, and communication can be continued in any convenient version. However, for all its convenience, it is suitable for those who seek to conserve battery power and Internet traffic. If you need to turn off data transfer between devices, it is recommended to periodically save important data from applications to the cloud so that you can have it at any time.


    If you will not use Yandex.Disk, you can automatically cancel synchronization with your phone by deleting:

    Click on the shortcut and hold for about a second.

  • When “Delete” appears, click on the button and confirm uninstallation.

    Disable in app settings

    The first option is to disable synchronization between devices in the settings of the smartphone app.

    Disable synchronization of Yandex Disk with a smartphone

    Cloud services, thanks to synchronization, allow you to automatically create duplicate of the same data between the device in use and the server. It works both ways, and because of this feature, the function may not always be in demand. The article describes how to disable synchronization of Yandex.Disk with your phone.


    On an Android device, go to the installed Yandex.Disk application (it must be authorized with a profile):

    In the upper left corner, click “Ribbon”.

  • In the new window, click “Settings”.
  • In turn, go to the sections “Startup and”, “Updating the Offline section”, “Updating the section”.
  • Deactivate each startup item and.
  • In updates, click “Turn off”.
  • Go down below and delete the “Cached Data”.

    On iPhone, you can turn off photo sync via the app:

    Open Yandex.Disk, click on your profile icon and go to “Settings”.

  • Click on the “Startup” item and switch it to the “Off” state.
  • Additionally clear the cache.

    If you go to the Internet drunk, in the morning you will definitely find the installed Yandex.Bar.

    Unbind via browser

    If for some reason data comes to the cloud from a device to which you do not have access, you can untie it in the web version of Yandex.Disk:

    Launch any browser and enter disk.Yandex.Ru in the address bar.

  • Sign in with your email and password to the cloud.
  • Go to the access control page at the link https://passport.Yandex.ru/profile/access?
  • Enter the password again if required by security protocols.
  • Go down and find “Mobile Yandex.Disk”. Call it back.

    After that, on the mobile device, you will need to log in to the profile again in order to download data.


    You can revoke synchronization between your phone and Yandex.Disk on your mobile device or in the profile settings themselves from any device. The second method is suitable for those who temporarily do not have access to the phone.

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