Disable Fn Key On Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

One of my acquaintances recently bought a Hewlett-Packard laptop. The model is very successful and relatively inexpensive. Although at first I got used to a different layout of the keyboard layout for a long time (before that, he had been using a Lenovo laptop for many years).

But there was one problem. instead of the F1-F2 function keys, their analogs worked, which should only be activated after pressing Fn. I had to figure out how to disable the Fn button on an HP laptop. I will tell you the decision in the continuation of the article.

What kind of button is this?

In order not to allocate additional space for the location of the sound control keys, wireless modules, touchpad, etc., the developers of compact PCs unanimously decided to use a combination of function keys with Fn pressed at the same time to perform certain actions. In principle, everything is correct. But sometimes different troubles arise.

For example, instead of expanding the browser window to full screen, pressing F11 on the keyboard mutes the sound. And you can not immediately determine the cause of the “breakdown”, but spend time looking for a solution.

Shutdown method

We will have to be especially careful when reading the following instructions, as we will have to deal with BIOS.

  • To enter the BIOS, immediately after turning on the laptop, press F10 or Esc (depending on the device). Give it a try!
  • Now you need to find the section of the system configuration “System Configuration”, in which there is an item “Action Keys Mode”. In it you need to select the option “Disabled”.

Disable Fn Key On Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

  • Now we exit BIOS, having previously saved the settings. To do this, press F10, and then press the “Y” key (from English Yes).
  • We start Windows and check how the function keys work.

This method helped my friend. By the way, it works for laptops Packard bell.

Since I’ve started talking about disabling FN, then I’ll share the experience of similar experiments with laptops from other manufacturers.

For Asus and Samsung the instruction is very simple, but experience shows that there are specific models for which the method does not work. Need to try. Try pressing the following combinations:

  • Fn NumLk (the latter is responsible for activating the numeric keypad);
  • Fn Insert (may also be called Ins);
  • Fn F11 / F12 (test both options);
  • Sometimes just pressing NumLk helps (which is very strange).

By the way, the first item from this list may be useful to owners of laptops Fujitsu and Acer.

The author recommends:

We turn to Toshiba computers. In most cases, such troubles do not happen to them. But there was a case in my practice when the Fn key generally lived its own life and decided for itself when to work and when not to.

The best option is to install the “small” HDD Protection utility. It would seem, what does the protection of the hard drive have to do with it. But if you go to the section of the program “Optimization” and click on “Accessibility”, a window with options will appear. It is here that you need to deactivate Fn by unchecking the corresponding item. It remains only to save all the changes, and the computer can not even restart.

In this article, I talked about almost all brands. Forgot to mention Dell. Honestly, I have never met complaints about this manufacturer on the network (on this issue). But if you have a special case, I recommend trying the above methods. If the instructions do not help, I look forward to your comments for further proceedings.

I hope I have not in vain spent several hours writing this article. If it was useful to you, repost to social networks will be the best thanks. What if this information is also useful to your friends?