Differences of iPhone X and XS and XR

Comparison:- Apple iPhone XR- Apple iPhone XS- Apple iPhone XS Max- Apple iPhone X

Communication between devices in mobile networks is carried out through technologies that provide different data transfer speeds.


Size, thickness and weight

iPhone XS iPhone XR Screen diagonal, inches (in one inch 2.54 cm.)

Length, see.

Width, see.

Thickness, see.

Weight, gram

5.Eight 6.One
Fourteen.36 fifteen.09
7.09 7.57
0.77 0.83
177 194

If you often use a phone to view social networks than for calls, it is better to choose a smartphone with a larger screen diagonal. Based on the tables, the advantages of the iPhone XS are: phone thickness and weight.


iPhone XR iPhone X The name of the display

Description of the display

Screen resolution, pixels

Pixels for an inch


Maximum brightness, cd/m²

Liquid Retina HD Super Retina HD
LCD Multi.Touch ACPLE for the entire front panel. With a diagonal of 6.1 inches and IPS technology OLED Multi.Touch display for the entire front panel. Diagonal 5.8 inches
1792 × 828 2436 × 1125
326 458
1400: 1 1000000: 1
625.0 625.0

To whom we will give it prefer? Judging by the table, the iPhone x is better in the indicated characteristics.

Camera. She is better, albeit without an optical zoom

If the nominal number of “eyes” is important to you, then alas. In the iPhone XR, there really are one module less than the “dozens”.

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If the quality of the photo and video is important to you. You will be surprised the same as I was surprised: the camera in the iPhone XR perfectly photographs and shoots video in 4K.

I have already tested the camera of this smartphone, and among the pictures I inserted one frame made on the iPhone X. You can see the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and make sure that no one guessed which picture of all is taken on the iPhone X, and not on the iPhone XR.

Extra options

Have not yet decided? Take a look at additional parameters. We will not evaluate them, but perhaps they will affect the choice.

Iphone XS iPhone XR SIM card

Image stabilization

Video recording, frame rate

Zoom when recording video

Protection against water



Headphones connector

Support for two SIM cards (Nano SIM and ESIM) Support for two SIM cards (Nano SIM and ESIM)
Double optical image stabilization Optical image stabilization
HD video 1080p with a frequency of 30 or 60 frames/s HD video 1080p with a frequency of 30 or 60 frames/s
Two.Time optical zoom, 6 multiple digital zoom 3 multiple digital zoom
The degree of IP68 according to the IEC 60529 standard (immersion is allowed to a depth of 2 meters lasting up to 30 minutes) The degree of IP67 according to the IEC 60529 standard (immersion is allowed to a depth of 1 meter lasting up to 30 minutes)
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
Facial recognition using the Truedepth camera Facial recognition using the Truedepth camera
Lightning Lightning


The difference in the price of the basic models of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. 23 thousand. Are there any differences between devices of such a difference in price, you decide.

differences, iphone

For iPhone XR in Russia:

For iPhone XS in Russia:

  • Iphone XS 64 GB. 87 990
  • Iphone XS 256 GB. 100 900
  • Iphone XS 512 GB. 118 990
  • Iphone XS Max 64 GB. 96 990
  • Iphone XS Max 256 GB. 109 990
  • Iphone XS Max 512 GB. 127 990

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Iphone XS is protected by IP68 standard. In the predecessor, this indicator corresponds to IP67.

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In practice, the key difference between standards is as follows:

differences, iphone

Apple assures that the iPhone XS water process was tested in a variety of liquids: juice, water, wine and beer. With a smartphone, you can calmly dive to the bottom of the pool without worrying about its performance.

However, when water gets into the gadget, you lose your guarantee. This is written on the official website of the company.

What is the difference between the iPhone XS from XR

The main difference between the iPhone XS and XR. Smartphones belong to different classes. Apple’s corporation does not officially divide its communicators into budget, middle class and top modifications. But in this case, XS can conditionally be attributed to the flagships, XR. To the average segment, a more budget version, if you can say this about the iPhone.

External characteristics. In almost everything when comparing the iPhone XS and XR, the advantage remains for XS, but not absolutely. First of all, the differences between the case: the XS has a polished steel frame (stylish, cool), XR is matte aluminum (resistant to scratches). The main material is hardened glass from both smartphones. XS moisture protection is higher, IP68 standard (XR. IP67), which increases the depth of immersion, but you should not swim with any of them. Significant bonus XR. A greater selection of colors. Bright, juicy, saturated colors of the case will help to make the world around brighter. You see, there is something to think about!

The capabilities of the screen are one of the main indicators that should be taken into account by determining which iPhone is better than XS or XR. The advantages of XS are Super Retina HD technology, which involves a better, clear picture. In turn, XR. Diagonal 6.1ʺ (5.8ʺ in XS), but below the resolution and number of pixels per inch, the absence of 3D Touch technology, the usual users.

Extra options. We highly recommend holding every smartphone in your hands before buying. This will make it possible to compare the iPhone XS and XP, to understand how it lies in your palm, what tactile sensations causes. You can visually compare the framework, guided by your impressions, and not generally accepted opinions. Some are annoyed by a thicker frame and “bangs” XR, it is invisible to others.

Cameras. Front chambers are absolutely identical. The main camera XS is double, uses a double optical zoom, six portrait lighting options. XR. Only one wide.Angle camera, ordinary optical and digital zoom, lighting in three versions. The possibility of subsequent editing photos using artificial intelligence is provided in both models, great photos are obtained. Naturally, the differences are significant, but whether it is worth overpaying for it. You decide.

Technical filling. The most significant difference between the iPhone XS and XR is precisely in the appearance and quality of the display module. But many characteristics have practically no differences. In both devices, the A12 series processor is installed, therefore, performance is identical. XS involves large in volume options for pre.Installed memory. Up to 512 GB. Autonomy XR is slightly higher, but not critical.

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The results of the comparison are quite obvious, but the conclusions can be drawn different. It depends on your preferences and capabilities do not forget that the iPhone XS is significantly more expensive than a budget brothers. The difference of 15-20 thousand is quite significant, but the possibilities are different. Decide what to choose, definitely, you.

Iphone X vs XS: Big Difference! (2022)

Iphone XS

Very controversial and boring model. The minimum (64 GB) costs 70k, that is, ten more expensive than classic x. The advantages there are just this amount: a little more powerful, a little better the camera, holds a little longer, a little cooler screen.

differences, iphone

All the pluses are barely noticeable, so you should take only in one case: if you do not care about these 10k. Over, for 67 you can buy an iPhone x for 256 GB and never steam about the fact that the storage will clog. And also. Save on the cloud. There is a feeling that even such pumping in comparison with the 64-gigabyte x will be more noticeable than all the advantages of XS.

differences, iphone
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