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Differences Between Xbox One And

What is PlayStation 4 Pro?

In September this year, Sony introduced two new versions of the PlayStation 4, which were called Slim and Pro. Slim is a redesign of the standard model. It has smoothed corners and a more compact body.

The Pro version is a step above the classic and Slim versions. It is equipped with improved hardware and has great computing power. At the same time, it remains the console of the current, 7th generation and is fully compatible with all games that have been released, are being released and will be released for the PlayStation 4.

Standard and Slim models from the sale will not disappear and will cost the same as before the release of a more powerful “sister”.

4K and HDR support

Sony has repeatedly noted that the owners of the usual PlayStation 4 do not have the strict need to switch to a more powerful model. Pro is intended mainly for those who have already acquired a 4K-TV and want to use its capabilities to the maximum.

The table below describes the scenariOS of the PS4 Pro with content in different initial resolutions on different TVs (2K TV here. The usual screens with a resolution of 1080p).

In addition, the PlayStation 4 Pro (like the standard PlayStation 4 and Slim in some games) also supports HDR technology. This is a special aLGorithm for processing the color range of the image, which allows you to display more natural, rich colors and smoother color transitions.

However, supporting the HDR console alone is not enough. You need a special TV for this, and the most expensive OLED panels are equipped with this HDR.

Zoom to 4K

Games for the PlayStation 4 for the most part provide Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and do not have other modes, since the standard version of the console is still not capable of processing anymore. But this does not mean that when playing old games on the PS4 Pro and a 4K TV, you have to put up with low resolution.

First of all, some already released games will receive special patches that will add the ability to generate graphics immediately in the resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K). This is called “native” or “honest” 4K. At the moment, there are only two. The Last of Us and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Legendary Edition. But in the future it is expected that far more games will support such a 4K mode from the moment of release.

At the same time, those games that will not receive patches for “native 4K” (not all developers are ready to invest money and time in this) can rely on simpler updates. With them, 1080p games will adapt to 4K using a tricky scaling aLGorithm, the so-called chess upscaling. In fact, the console will receive the image in standard resolution and finish building it to a higher resolution, dividing each pixel into 4.

The same games that do not even receive such patches will work like on a regular PS4, in Full HD, except with a more stable frame rate.

Graphics Enhancement Modes on Full HD TVs

For those who are not yet ready to change their Full HD TV, the PlayStation 4 Pro may offer to redirect their computing power to improve the performance of games in standard resolution.

PlayStation 4 Pro can improve graphics in three different ways. The first increases the frame rate by raising the frame rate from standard 30 fps to 60 fps respected by PC players.

The second does not affect the frame rate, but improves the graphics as such: sharper textures are used, better post-processing mechanisms like tessellation and anisotropic filtering are used, interiors and landscapes become richer in small details.

Unfortunately, these modes will not appear automatically. In order to get tangible improvements, you will have to wait for the patch from the developers. Games that will definitely receive such updates in the near future are listed here.

There is one more option. The console will improve the quality of 1080p images using an operation called super-sampling. Its essence lies in the fact that the image is first rendered in 4K, and then compressed to Full HD.

Differences Between Xbox One And PS4

The same games that do not receive patches will work as usual, except that the frame rate stability can improve slightly.

Work with PlayStation VR

The increased power of the PlayStation 4 Pro also helps improve the graphics quality of the PlayStation VR helmet. However, also not without reservations.

Games designed for virtual reality, like regular ones, do not automatically get better graphics when launched on the PlayStation 4 Pro. They also need patches, and several games from the starting line (for example, Battlezone) have already received the welcome updates.