Difference Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Electronics of almost all leading manufacturers is in great demand in the Russian market, which is not surprising in the conditions of the rapid development of technology, which today significantly affects the life of a modern person. One of these gadgets is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 multi-functional bracelet.

The manufacturer of this product has proven itself perfectly, showing consistently high rates in quality and ergonomics. There are many who want to buy an original smart fitness bracelet, but now the question arises, how to check and reliably determine just a copy from the original. Not knowing what to look for, verifying authenticity will not be easy. For this reason, this article contains all the main points that you need to know preferably before making a purchase. In addition, some of the nuances will not be superfluous to keep in mind when purchasing other electronic equipment, since they affect many similar products.

It is equally important to adhere to three basic rules, how to protect yourself from buying a fake not only fitness bracelet, but also other devices:

Difference Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Product unpacking

The first thing you should pay attention to to verify the originality of the purchase is the packaging. The manufacturer packs his original version of the bracelets in a white box. But less often can be found in gray (in such devices were sold the first released series). On top of the packaging of Mi Band 2, only a photo of the product is printed, without any labels. On the end two sides, which are parallel to each other, there is a print of the original logo of the manufacturer Xiaomi, and an information insert is glued to the bottom of the box. Such a sheet occupies about a third of the entire capacity.

If you have to deal with gray packaging, then it has only the company logo on top and a sheet with information below. There should not be gaps, cuts, or other damages to the polyethylene sealing of the box on the original packaging unit.

Device check

After the box is checked, the turn comes to questions whether Xiaomi Mi Band 2 really is in the hands and how to distinguish the fake of the unpacked device.

Verification of the actual originality:

  1. Today, most copies of Mi Band can be connected to the Mi Fit application, so this is clearly not an indicator. You can check the connection on the spot, before buying, by going to the application, connect the gadget and go to the Profile menu. Mi Band. MAC address. The bracelets of the first version of the release have a preset value of 88: 0F: 10, while the second generates addresses completely randomly. That is, you need to make several connections to distinguish the original from the copy, and if the codes drop out all the time the same in the second version, this indicates a fake.
  2. The definition of fakes is also possible to the touch. Xiaomi, by definition, uses only high-quality material, so the strap of the bracelet is almost velvety, soft and light.
  3. On the back of the capsule of the gadget in the original is the manufacturer’s logo.
  4. The fake bracelet is notable for its elongated charge contacts. It is difficult to determine by eye, so it makes sense to compare it with a charger.
  5. There is a difference on the reverse side of the heart rate monitor. the LEDs are located next to each other forgery, and the original ones should be at a distance.
  6. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 originals with a high level of moisture resistance, so they do not need to be removed when washing dishes or taking a shower (you do not need to experiment with boiling water). When checking this item, the copy will immediately fail.

Difference in work

Xiaomi gadgets are faked even using some programs. In the case of Mi Band, this is a kind of Y2. If you look for a bracelet via bluetooth, in the list of available devices it will be called that way. Y2. Most likely, you will have to connect the Fun Do Braclet application in the work, unlike the original device that works with Mi Fit. The thing will also differ clearly by the localization curve, since the translation into Russian is very lame, which, however, can prolong the life of optimists a little. some of the suggestions are really funny.

A fake bracelet is essentially lacking in quality, but it is efficient and even correctly produces results, with a small error of up to ten units.

Certain differences between the original and fake bracelets in his work cannot be visually seen if the user does not have a certain experience. The contrast of the watches differs. the copy has less, which is not very comfortable in the daytime. The heart rate sensor determines the values ​​correctly, the fake pedometer also with an error within fifteen steps.

In general, he has the right to life, but how long such a thing will last. largely depends on its careful handling, since it is not designed for the same loads as the original.