Difference Honor 10 From Huawei P20

Many devices on the smartphone market today are very similar to each other.

It also happens that a pair of identical phones comes with different names and a price tag.

Even stronger in this regard are the Honor and Huawei devices. It’s time to figure out who copied whom. and which smartphone is better to choose.

Who is Huawei?

Huawei Technologies. one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

Initially, the brand produced telecommunications equipment, network devices, base stations and hardware. Later, the company began to engage in the development and production of consumer electronics.

Among it are Huawei smartphones, Mediapad tablets, watches and sports bracelets.

Who is Honor?

Honor. A sub-brand of Huawei, under which smartphones, tablets and wearable electronics are produced.

It turns out that Honor is such a company-in-company, wholly owned by Huawei.

But why then such troubles? There must be a reason why Huawei disowns Honor and simultaneously owns it.

Where do Honor smartphones come from

Since 2010, the division Huawei device begins production of the first line of its own smartphones IDEOS running Android OS.

A year later, sales of Huawei smartphones increased by 500%, exceeding the mark in 20 million pieces. Later, the company entered the top three in smartphone sales, second only to Apple and Samsung.

In 2011, Huawei thought about creating subbrand: a separate company that would allow to capture an even larger market share without creating direct competition.

And she became Honor.

Honor released its first smartphone in mid-2013.

And since 2014, Honor smartphones began to be sold outside of China: devices were available in Malaysia and some European countries. Soon they appeared and .

Today Honor is represented in more than 100 countries.

Ok, but why create Honor?

The lack of retail chains in most cases allows reduce the price of devices and become a leader in terms of price and quality in the corresponding segment.

Besides this brand targeted at young audiences. Promotion through social networks and online sales also contribute to progressive positioning.

In short: Honor is a youth brand with a correspondingly low price.

Difference Honor 10 From Huawei P20

We have already seen something similar in BBK, producing low-cost smartphones Oppo, Vivo and “iPhone killers”. Oneplus.

Or u Xiaomi with an affordable brand line Redmi and Pocofone for Europe.

What are the similar and different smartphones Honor and Huawei

Huawei P8 Lite and Honor 8 Lite

What are similar: same software. On devices, visually similar Android shells, an equal package of pre-installed software and services.

What is the difference: logo, design and iron.

Sometimes devices released at the same time differed in just a couple of technologies or supported communication standards. So, Huawei GT3 and Honor 5C differ in the presence of a fingerprint scanner in the first.

It happened that all the chips were the same, but there was a difference in processor power and memory size. For example, in Huawei P8 Lite and Honor 8 Lite. There were absolutely identical models with different inscriptions on the back cover, like Huawei GR5 and Honor 6X.

Huawei GR5 and Honor 6X

At the same time, under the Honor brand, they were always sold more affordable devices with a low price, and Huawei devices were positioned as advanced devices with manners on the top segment.

Now, the top flagship of Huawei is a technological filling with the latest achievements of the company, and one of the Honor novelties is a player in the middle segment, which mainly bribes with a price.

Huawei GT3 and Honor 5C

Some can upgrade to devices with a class higher, while others go down to a more affordable line without much loss of device chips.

Maybe Apple should start its own sub-brand to sell affordable iPhone counterparts?