Difference Between Sony Playstation And Xbox

Xbox One vs PS4: “filling” and design

As we said above, both Xbox One and PS4 have two separate hardware versions.

The Xbox One S has improved the design of the original Xbox One by reducing the weight of the device and replacing the giant PSU with an internal power supply. Also unlike the previous X-box, the Xbox One S includes a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray player. It is capable of upscaling 1080p games to 4K, but only if you have a TV that supports that resolution.

The Xbox One X is slightly heavier than the Xbox One S, but still significantly smaller than the original next-gen X-Box. In addition, it is much more powerful than its predecessor. And it also has a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray player that not even the most sophisticated playstation (the Pro) can boast. In addition, after the release of Xbox One X, Microsoft actually took the title of “most powerful console” from Sony.

Now let’s move on to the features of the “children of Sonya”. The PS4 Slim is the smallest mainstream in existence and serves as the base Playstation 4 for most consumers. Often replacing the original PS4 entirely. It doesn’t even support 4K resolution, but it can still play every game in the impressive PS4 library.

The PS4 Pro was the original 4K console that came out a full year ahead of the Xbox One X, but Microsoft’s X-Box ultimately surpassed it in tech. While the PS4 Pro supports native 4K gaming, it doesn’t have a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray player.

Therefore, when comparing on this parameter, when asked which game console is better. Xbox One or PlayStation, the advantage will be on the side of the product from Microsoft.

Meet Xbox One and PlayStation 4

To begin with, Sony offers two more separate PS4 versions: the PlayStation 4 Slim, which has a smaller size, and the PlayStation 4 Pro, which has a more powerful main and photographic processor with 4K support.

In the other corner of the ring, we have Xbox One with such “pumped-up” options as Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which also boast compactness and the fact that they are “friends” with 4K.

This means that if you already own a fancy 4K HDR TV, you should probably opt for the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X to enjoy the highest visual fidelity on your console.

However, if you plan to play on a TV with a more modest 1080p resolution, then it’s wiser to choose the Xbox One S or PS4 Slim, which are cheaper.

We cannot make the choice for you. But we can tell you about the differences!

The question of which is better. Xbox or PlayStation, has remained relevant for almost fifteen years. And the one who gives you an unambiguous answer to it is likely to be subjective.

Eighth generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One were released in 2013, replacing the PS3 (discontinued in spring 2017) and Xbox 360 (discontinued since 2016).

Both Sony and Microsoft’s current generation game consoles have a solid fan base and deciding which one to go for can be darn hard.

To help you make this impossible choice, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the key differences (and similarities) to keep in mind when buying an Xbox One or PS4.

Ps4 vs Xbox One: photography comparison

Now let’s compare the photographic performance of the Xbox One S versus the base playstation, and the more powerful Xbox One X and PS4 Pro consoles.

The Xbox One X has the edge in terms of resolution and texture detail, but it’s hard to see the difference in most games so far. Take FIFA 18 as an example. It plays well on both PS4 and Xbox One X, and despite the difference in specs between the two consoles, the differences in game play are minimal.

Here, take a look.

An analysis of the two versions by Digital Foundry suggests that the only real difference is the slightly more detailed rendering of the grass (!) When playing the game on Xbox One X. Although it is possible that for you this is the most fundamental moment when playing football simulator.

Overall, the Xbox One X is certainly capable of displaying high-quality photography better than the PS4 Pro due to its more power. However, looking at FIFA 18, it is clear that the “best photography” parameter is not relevant for every single game. This factor is highly dependent on individual developers.

However, the Xbox One X is definitely a more promising option for those interested in getting a better 4K gaming experience, so to speak, in the short term.

While the Xbox One X seems to have an edge over the PS4 Pro, when it comes to the Xbox One S and PS4, the leaders are changing. And do not forget about this when comparing which is cooler. Xbox or PlayStation.

Xbox One vs PS4: connectivity

You won’t be able to upgrade your Xbox One’s internal hard drive, but the PS4 does. Both consoles allow external hard drives, but the Xbox One has more ports on the back.

The Xbox One S and X have the same ports, each including two HDMI ports, and each has two USB 3 ports, IR outputs, optical audio output, Ethernet ports, and of course a power cable. Which is compatible with both x-box.

Ps4 Pro and PS4 Slim have similar inputs, although they are slightly different. Each has a single HDMI output, a single USB port on the back (and 2 on the front) and an Ethernet port. The only difference between Pro and Slim is that Pro has optical audio output, while Slim does not.

Difference Between Sony Playstation And Xbox

One of the most compelling reasons for the PS4, though, is that both versions allow users to swap out the original internal hard drive with any other of their choice.

All Xbox One and PS4 versions support 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet. So no matter which console you choose, you don’t have to worry about network compatibility.


The Xbox 360 is available in 4GB and 250GB sizes, while the PS 3 is available in 160GB and 320GB sizes. So, you can immediately see that the difference in the hard drive is significant. In Playstation 3, you can put a lot more games and multimedia files on your hard drive than Xbox. As you know, the more memory, the safer the disks, right)? Thus, you can not worry about scratches and storage of discs, of course, within reasonable limits.

Playstation 3 is usually more expensive due to the increased volume of hard drives and costs from 11,000 rubles. In contrast to the high cost of PS 3, Xbox with 4GB. Memory costs from 7500 rubles. But it is worth remembering that Kinect is purchased separately and it costs from 4000 rubles. But since PS 3 is more expensive, does it have more features? And it’s true on Sony Playstation 3 you can play Blu-ray discs with movies and more. It follows that you can still overpay for Sony and choose this particular console. But don’t rush yet, we look for differences further.

Which is better Dualshock 4 or the new Microsoft gamepad

Gamepad in the modern gaming industry. The face of the console. It depends on what features it has and how convenient it is that the impression strongly depends, both on the gameplay and on the console in general.

Microsoft did not change much of the almost perfect Xbox 360 joypad (although some sources claim that the new gamepad has about 40 improvements). This is the right decision. The gamepad is truly the best on the market. Here are its significant improvements: moved the menu button, changed the cross, tweaked the sticks, removed the “hump” for the batteries at the back, added an infrared port and made a number of small visual changes. Yes! They also added vibro to the “triggers”. This should increase the level of immersion in the gameplay.

Competitors, in turn, took into account all the shortcomings of dualshock 3. And made a gamepad, which should be in a new generation console.

The Dualshock 4 has become wider, has more sensitive sticks, and fits better in the hands of its predecessor. Just like the predecessor, it has a built-in battery (although there are many complaints on the network that the charge is enough for 6-8 hours of play). He also has a touch panel, the purpose of which depends on the application or game. There is a built-in speaker that makes a deeper immersion in the game. Sometimes, however, you can get scared: you play for yourself, play and once! Some kind of sound from the joystick. Suddenly.

The Dualshock 4 also has a built-in light indicator that recognizes the Playstation camera and which is able to change the light, in Killzone Shadow Fall, it informs about the state of health. The downside is that the indicator is constantly on. (Added: with the release of firmware 2.50 and higher, it is possible to change the brightness). Just like the competitor, it has a built-in headset jack. The dulshock v2 version released in 2016 has an additional indicator light and its sticks are more resistant to wear.

Which is better ps4 or xbox one. Let’s compare competitors.

For the fifth year now, the new generation consoles represented by the playstation 4 and xbox one delight their owners. But for someone who did not immediately buy a Nextgen console, but decided to wait until they “warm up” and get rid of children’s ailments, the question is. “which is better than playstation 4 or xbox one?” remains open. On our site there are already reviews of each of them: an Xbox one review and a Playstation 4 review, as well as reviews of more powerful versions: PS4 Pro and Xbox one x. In order for our readers not to get into the same situation as the hero below, let’s compare the consoles and decide which one deserves a place on your TV.

Read on for a more up-to-date comparison: which is better than xbox one x or ps4 pro. Comparison of charged consoles, as well as comparison of all versions of xbox one.

But first, let’s make a small digression. Even if after reading this article, you still have doubts about which console to buy, a little advice to you: both playstation 4 and xbox one can be rented in almost any more or less large city. For example, we are engaged in the rental of playstation 4 consoles in the city of Minsk. By renting a set-top box, you can decide for yourself what suits you best even before purchasing.

After reading this article, you will no longer be in the same situation as the hero in the below:

Ps4 vs Xbox one: Round one. Whose iron is better

The details of the “stuffing” are described in the reviews dedicated to each of the consoles (specifications for Playstation 4 and specifications for xbox one). At first glance, it may seem that the filling of both representatives of the new generation is identical, and that it is not worth focusing on here. Yes, the parameters are almost identical. But, there are a few interesting points here:

Playstation 4 uses the newer DDR5 memory standard, while xbox one has the older and slower GDDR3 memory. Doesn’t save xbox and the available additional ESRAM with a volume of 32 MB. In addition, the xbox one has 5 GB of RAM for the needs of games, the remaining 3 GB for the OS (Added: this ratio has already changed). The competitor has this figure of 7 GB and 1 GB, respectively.

Also, the Japanese woman’s photographic core is slightly more productive than 1152 scalar cores versus 768 cores for the xbox one. So in some games, the number of FPS (frames per second) differs clearly not in favor of xbox.

In favor of xbox one, we can say the following: it is only in theory and ps4 is more powerful than its competitor. And each game must be considered individually. It all depends on how complex or simple the process of creating and optimizing a particular game for a particular platform and operating system, respectively.

And at this stage, a number of cross-platform games such as Project CARS, The Witcher 3, Battlefield: Hardline and others, on the brainchild of Microsoft show 3-7 frames per second less than on the Japanese woman. Even the latest software update, after which xbox one began to support DirectX 12, did not help per second)

Don’t forget that some of the boxing games can only be played at a maximum resolution of 900p. The fourth “Sonya” confidently shows 1080p in all games.

Ps4 and Xbox one exclusives look great.

It also happens. True, the gap is not always that great.

Complete set of consoles:

Let’s compare the complete set of consoles.

The playstation 4 standard bundle includes:

Power cable

  • Single ear headset
  • Usb. Mincro USB cable
  • Dualshock 4 gamepad
  • Hdmi cable
  • Documentation
  • The console itself
  • In turn, the xbox one kit consists of:

    Kinect 2.0 (not available in later versions)

  • Xbox Life subscription (30 days)
  • Headset
  • Gamepad with batteries
  • Hdmi cable
  • Power Supply
  • Documentation
  • Console
  • As you can see above, the set-top box from America is richer. And the for the standard equipment, in turn, are already about the same. Plus, the capabilities of kinect 2.0 are really impressive. And the standard headset of the xbox one is better.

    Appearance. Complete set of consoles

    Such an important parameter as the appearance of the console is, of course, a controversial point. So which xbox one or ps4 console looks better. It’s up to you to decide. Especially my opinion. Playstation 4 looks more modern. The beveled edges of the ps4 look more futuristic than the big black box, besides, the xbox one power supply is not built into the body of the console and is just another big black brick. Perhaps the engineers felt that because of this, the likelihood of overheating the console would be lower. But for more than 2 years, the smaller Playstation 4 with built-in power did not have such problems, but some users smoked the xbox one of a certain batch (xbox one smokes,). The truth is in the past. Now the technical process of both consoles is perfected and such problems do not arise.

    Updated: Microsoft has announced a new look and feel for its console and an updated gamepad. We already have a review of the xbox one X and a comparison of the slim versions of the competing xbox one s and ps4 slim consoles.

    Is Playstation 4 relevant in 2019?

    There was a lot to say here, but I decided it would be easier to record a about it:

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel, there are many mores about ps4 and about games.


    An important criterion when choosing a console is the convenience and functionality of the joystick. There are some differences to draw conclusions here. In the PlayStation 3, the shape of the joystick resembles the shape of a computer analogue, and the device itself is not inferior in convenience and functionality. The shape of the Xbox controller, unlike the PS, is more recognizable, with a unique design. The joystick is very comfortable, with naturally located buttons. Both the Xbox controller and PS 3 controller have vibration functionality. 7 joysticks can be connected to the playstation at the same time, and unfortunately only 4 to the Xbox.

    The Xbox 360 gamepad has one huge drawback, which can be a very strong selling point against the box. The joystick is powered by two AA batteries. For convenience, batteries can be purchased, although they also tend to discharge. The same cannot be said for the PlayStation controller. It has a built-in battery that is charged from the console itself using a USB cable. When fully charged, the device should work for about 30 hours. As you can see, if for someone the characteristics of the joystick play an important role, then already at this stage, the game lover will be able to decide which is better than xbox or sony.

    Access to network resources

    The manufacturers of both consoles provide the opportunity for players to play online. The only difference is that PS 3 owners can do it for free, while those who prefer Xbox 360 are forced to purchase an Xbox Live Gold account for about 5 per month.

    Both consoles are equipped with their own virtual world. With the playstation, it is possible to diversify the appearance of the character and communicate with other characters, you can also play many mini-games. The “box” does not provide such opportunities, with it you can only edit the avatar.

    Hacking opportunities

    For many gamers, this criterion may be the most important when choosing which is better than xbox or ps3. The high price of licensed games stimulates the development of pirated production of games for consoles. For this criterion, the Xbox is far ahead of the PlayStation. Hacking Xbox is possible in two ways, such as flashing the drive or by installing FreeBoot. After flashing on Xbox, you can play a huge number of games recorded on disc. Freeboot is a special chip that is installed on the motherboard of the console. The FreeBoot installation method makes it possible to play using external storage media, most often using a USB flash drive. The cost of the drive’s firmware is absolutely justified if compared to the price of one licensed game. Only 1,500 rubles. You can install FreeBoot for 2500.3000 rubles.


    Unfortunately, neither the Xbox nor the Sony PlayStation can boast the same photo quality as a modern computer. The images that both consoles give out are not bad and do not differ much from each other. Therefore, judging by this criterion, it is impossible to say for sure which is better than xbox or ps. Although a potential buyer should be aware that the systems of gaming devices are still different. For the Xbox 360, the system was purposefully developed by ATI. This undoubtedly provides developers with tremendous opportunities, both in optimizing games and in using the system itself. In turn, Sony uses an adapted card from PS.

    Accessories and optional equipment

    Both consoles have the ability to connect a large number of very expensive accessories. For example, a special device Kineckt has been developed for the “box”, which allows the player himself to perform the functions of a joystick. An accessory called PlayStation Move is also available for PS 3.

    A significant advantage of Sony is the ability of the console to work with additional non-proprietary equipment. If the gamepad from the console suddenly breaks down, you can always replace it with any other. For Xbox, such a replacement is not available, since the device works only with branded accessories.

    Which is better xbox or playstation?

    With the arrival of winter, picnics in nature gave way to games near the hearth. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for game consoles increases precisely during the cold season. But, as you know, before sitting comfortably on the carpet in front of the TV with a joystick in hand, potential buyers of consoles need to decide which is better than xbox or playstation. The choice is further complicated by the fact that at the moment both set-top boxes are in the same price category. And therefore, giving preference to one or another game console, it is important to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

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