Deep Reboot Xiaomi Mi Mix2s

Deep Reboot Xiaomi Mi Mix2s

Compared to MiUi.oxygen os, in my opinion it is much better. It is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, has a minimalistic design, as close as possible to a bare android, and also has more settings compared to xiaomi. There is still enough processor for any content that can be found on the Play Market. He also pulls emulators. Regarding throttling, the chip starts to deflate after 40 minutes of pubg in 60FPS and HD textures. This I consider one of the best indicators. With balanced textures, there is no throttling with the same framerate. There are no questions on the camera. Immediately put the google port on the camera and everything suits. After the 7th iPhone, the charge holds much longer. But I still have to recharge it in the middle of the day (but here I personally would only have needed a battery with a capacity of 8000 mA / h or more), it all depends on your manner of using the smartphone. The native Dash Charge power supply does wonders. You can not put the phone to charge at night. It will charge during breakfast. There are no questions to the display, it is excellent. Hidden monobrow on amolede is not visible. I was very pleased with the cover that comes with the kit. This is not just a rubber crib as in xiaomi. It has hard protruding edges along the edges and a soft touch on the side. Android 9.0 arrived immediately when I got it out of the box in November 2018 (hi Samsung)

The lack of stereo sound is a little annoying after apples. You can do it yourself, but it is not known how long the speaker will last. The inability to reconfigure the silent switch to other needs. GPS is felt to work more slowly than on apples.

In general, for his money, this is one of the best devices at the time of 2018-2019 for the same apples, Apple asks for much more, while some will be much inferior to him in all respects.

Performance. Memory size. Processor speed. Screen brightness. 16MP camera Internet speed and WiFi. Responsive fingerprint scanner.

I didn’t notice any flaws. Unless the screen is small compared to my previous Xiaomi MiMax. Xiaomi screen is 30% wider.

I’ve been using it for more than a month. During this time, 2 firmware flew by air. Updated to 9.0.3. There were no glitches even once. Battery consumption of 7% per hour with active use at a brightness of 75% (video, games, navigation, Internet, etc. any action when the screen is working). Installed about 250 applications. Often I use about 25 of them, the rest every 1-2 weeks. All “flies”. The phone is really very smart. Took at the end of 2018 for 35.000r. I have no regrets. Phones of any other manufacturers with similar characteristics cost from 48.000 rub.

Iron, heating and throttling, shell, cameras, case materials, price, complete case.

Battery, mechanical keys (backlash), stock camera application (poor post-processing).

I bought this unit on Ali in August last year. I have been using it since September. Smartphone. rocket. Without glitches and brakes. In 4 months, only 4 reboots: three when updating the firmware and one when configuring DrimSIM. For all the time of work, only one application crashed and it was most likely connected with the crooked hands of the developers of that application. The device rolls over all existing mobile games on ultra graphics, even the most gluttonous. I caught LTE and 3G with all the operators, although I have a version for India and China. He came with the Chinese HydrogenOS firmware and easily flashed to the global OxygenOS even with stock bootloader. I really liked the complete case, which protrudes above the screen in the corners, which gives the screen protection from scratches (although one rather deep scratch on the screen already exists). The Dash Charge charger allows you to charge the device in 1 hour 10 minutes to 100% and 63% in 30 minutes. The camera even with stock applications gives good pictures with good detail, contrast and color reproduction. And with the Google Camera app, snapshots have become gorgeous. Still, in the stock camera application, post-processing is lame even after updating to Android 9 with OxygenOS version 9.0.2. A significant minus. accumulator battery. By 3-6 hours (depending on the intensity of use) the day already has to be put on charge. But Dash Charge helps to quickly charge the phone. Or you can carry a portable charger with you. I also note that the memory in the device is not expandable due to memory cards, so you need to think a hundred times whether a version with 64 GB of memory is suitable for you. For me, even 64 at the beginning of 2019. very little.

Build Build quality is high. Nothing creaks, not backlash. It is nice to hold in your hand, BUT it will slip out of your hands only like that, so I bought a protective case with a rough surface. Screen Screen color reproduction is excellent! Ranges of brightness, resolution, etc. Really, the eye rejoices. Camera During the day, the camera takes excellent pictures, compared with the iPhone and other flagships. Autonomy of work I actively use the phone (calls, social networks, instant messengers, etc.). There is enough work for 1.5 days. I do not feel any inconvenience. at work, at home and in the car, there is a proprietary charger that can in a matter of minutes “fill up” phone!) They have already written about fast charging repeatedly, but this happens really very quickly! Performance Everything works very fast! It fulfills on 5 all the most complex and latest games. There were glitches several times, but with 20 running applications and 700 tabs in the browser)) OxygenOS An excellent and very convenient system with many settings: icon colors, themes, font sizes, etc. Very cool!

A camera for shooting at night is not at all suitable.

Guys, perhaps this is one of the best smartphones for today! I own it for more than 5 months. Before that, I had many different smartphones, there is nothing to compare. The last One Plus 3, but it is also peppy, has survived a lot and has never failed! Several times I was in the water))

Incredible performance, there is no application that he could not pull. Everything is very fast and convenient. Oxygen os deserves special attention, nothing more like for example in samsung or lg, the shell is lightweight and intuitive. It shoots pretty well.

I didn’t really like the camera, it is certainly not disgusting, but obviously not the flagship, here s9, p20pro is clearly better.

It works at the speed of light, even its heavy games do not exist under its characteristics, it drags everything. The screen is super-duper. There is support for APTX codecs. Charges in an hour! Used to be very cool! Already updated to Android 9.0 Pie. The Oxigen 9.0 shell is also very good! A lot of useful settings.

nit-picking than disadvantages: there is no wireless charging, the screen for this price could be reached up to 2K, the second speaker is not enough. The camera is good, but not great. There is no slot for an SD card, but with a capacity of 256 GB, it is stupidly not needed.

The monobrow in width is very much in topic, about 1/3 of the width, not like a stub, almost the entire width of the screen. By the way, you can hide it in the settings.

The smartphone is decent. Gorgeous screen, good color reproduction. True, the camera is average, on my Samsung it was better.

Face recognition is beyond praise, as someone wrote here, as if there wasn’t at all, but no, everything worked. I tried on other faces. In the dark, the screen will light up if the camera does not see the face. The power of the processor. 845 dragon, eats everything and doesn’t even drink everyone. I won’t say much about the battery, like norms. 256 GB memory dosvidos memory cards.

I don’t like the camera a bit in the dark, maybe I just find fault. But still the shots are on top,

In general, YES and only YES.

The phone is excellent. Camera fire, one of the best. Snapdragon 845 just destroys everything flies. Ergonomic, comfortable. In general, the best phone on a naked android

Not all applications are optimized for bangs and 19: 9 format

Stylish glass body, lightweight, most powerful filling and excellent camera

I still doubted whether to take it or not. In fact, only the price tag was embarrassing, otherwise everything was fine. The screen is bright, everything is set up, you do not need to clean and restart at all. there is a lot of space and in 3 weeks it never hung, which simply cannot but rejoice. It is comfortable in the hand, the scope of the little one. At first I did not think to take the camera as a plus, but after the update it changed and became even better. In general, this is the most powerful-comfortable smart, which is pleasant to use.

Performance, operating time, camera, appearance, quality and audibility of the subscriber, communication quality.

Maybe in bright sun a little lack of screen brightness.

In the reviews, the sound from the speakers is scolded, for me it is such a loud voiced sound. As always, 1 released a balanced device. Cool gestures, turned off the buttons and mastered in 5 minutes)) very convenient.

The battery, the speed of work, the network holds well, the fingerprint and facet works without complaints.

Again, the software is incomplete: the screen may turn yellow and the light sensor is buggy and the camera applications may work normally, or they may lose focus.

I use it for the second week, before that there was Oneplus5, before that 3T, progress is noticeable, of course, but not breakthrough. In terms of price / quality ratio, well, maybe Xiaomi will be at the level, but this is when it will be, but here it is already sold everywhere. Bought for 33, I think it’s just fine. The kit comes with a silicone case, it saved three times already, it was especially scary when the device flew about 3 meters parallel to the ground at a height of forty centimeters, turned over several times, and the glass and the back panel are intact) but I’ll change to a rougher one, the stock in my hand still slides.

It works quickly, the screen is excellent, there are no questions about the hardware. Silicone case included. I liked it, I did not have to look.

Compared to my previous Oneplus One, changes in the system in places upset. there is no setting for a smooth increase in ringer volume, there is no separation between ringer volume and notifications. The camera writes raw only in pro mode, which must be turned on each time separately. Nothing bothered yet.

So far, in general, satisfied. Charge mode “surfed, read, called” enough for a day and a half. This is neither a plus nor a minus, just a note.

Incredible speed. There was no such response to user requests on any new device. The amount of RAM allows you not to think about accidentally closing any application at all. I kept YouTube, pubg, xc, l2r, spotify, and a lot of software in the background. Nothing was closed; switching between them was instant. The connection to the game server (previously launched) is so fast that even the notification does not have time to display. I consider the absence of any “branded” Android services and modifications, ala sams, xiaomi and others like them. Objectively, I can’t evaluate the battery, as I usually poke around in the system and turn off all unnecessary Google stuff. But my phone almost does not turn off, with 90% it keeps until late at night. In constant play mode (the most demanding pubs, l2p) it works for about 5-6 hours. Charging. not from this planet. The percentage grows before our eyes literally, in about 10 minutes 30%, in half an hour 70%. For an hour with a penny full charge. The fingerprint scanner works faster than anyone on the market, unlocking is instant, sometimes it feels like you haven’t touched yet, and the phone is ready for commands. I noticed that the NFC module works very quickly. At a decent distance from the cash register (5-7cm), the transaction is already triggered. But this is a subjective opinion, for the last time I used NFC in the first generation xperia z lagging that way in 15. An ingenious solution of one plus. physical button for adjusting the operation modes of notifications and calls. Very comfortably. It gives a good sound in the headphones, but again subjectively.

Now about the unpleasant, but not critical. The first thing that catches your eye. the smartphone is not so frameless. Compared with the same oppo find x, galaxy note 9, meizu 16. Structurally, bangs were not so necessary, because from the bottom of the screen there is a black strip of the case, which could well be moved up and integrated into the camera. But this is nitpicking. A much more serious problem is the sound of the spoken speaker, microphone, and main speaker. You hear nothing, or rather hear, but disgusting, with the slightest noise in the background. The interlocutor also hears you. External speaker without comment. will only go for the sound of an alarm clock and a call (which, in principle, is its main function among adequate people in 2018). The camera relative to competitors is VERY dependent on the lighting and directness of the user. So if you are not able / do not want to sit a couple of hours on the forums and roll a third-party Google camera (which will be released only in the fall). the phone is definitely not for filming, the maximum face on Instagram and photo documents. Very easily soiled. The native film from the factory immediately turns into a washed-out opaque wall, even if you wash your hands every 10 minutes. So I recommend immediately to buy the official glass with an oleophobic coating. Well, defeat the back wall with a cover / bumper.

A smartphone for people who need a workhorse, a very strong horse. But she can only fulfill her main function. pull the cart into which to harness. No need to make a photographer out of her or “luxury item”. Are you only interested in business calls, long Akum, fast charging, and a ton of applications without brakes? Take it. Rest. wrong address.

High-quality assembly, support for all frequencies, a bright and juicy screen, battery life, excellent shooting \ photo at night and daytime, optical stabilization, high-performance iron, an adequate price for China \ PCT compared to other brands.

Bad location of fingerprint scanner, monobrow. but you get used to it.

I’m completely satisfied with the phone, before that there was OnePlus 5 8 \ 128. I decided to change it due to the amount of permanent memory, because I listen to music and a large library. The OnePlus 6 8 \ 256 A6003 really liked the camera, especially as it removes at night and daytime, due to optical stabilization. I am glad that there is hardware support for all frequencies that are necessary for maximum mobile Internet speed, and more precisely: A6003: LTE band 1 (2100), 2 (1900), 3 (1800), 4 (1700/2100), 5 (850), 7 (2600), 8 (900), 12 (700), 17 (700), 18 (800), 19 (800), 20 (800), 25 (1900), 26 (850), 28 (700), 29 (700), 30 (2300), 32 (1500), 34 (2000), 38 (2600), 39 (1900), 40 (2300), 41 (2500), 66 (1700/2100), 71 (600). Once a month, an OxygenOS update arrives with security patches. You can install custom firmware. I like that OnePlus has support, you can always leave a bug report / feedback and you are really answered your requests, release fixes. The charge holds the whole day (standby mode), while all is included: synchronization, navigation, mobile Internet. Squeezed almost 6 hours of the screen. The hardware is the most modern. no lags. I recommend it to those who like to listen, shoot and enjoy fast work.