Data transfer from iPhone to Android Xiaomi

Full guide for transferring data to Xiaomi smartphone

If you are the owner of Xiaomi, try to use the following ways to transfer data.

Through Bluetooth

Bluetooth transfers files between devices without installing additional applications.

How to Transfer Data Android to iPhone & iPhone to Android. Photos, Videos & Data (Free in 2022)

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both gadgets.
  • Select materials and press the program via Bluetooth.
  • The smartphone will begin to search for available devices. At the end, click on the necessary.
  • On the accepting gadget, slip “accept” and expect the completion of the process.

Mi Drop app

The program is designed to exchange files on Xiaomi mobile devices, other companies have similar programs.

  • The device where the files will be sent, turn off from mobile Internet, activate the Wi-Fi access point on it.
  • Open the Mi Drop program on the acceptor, click the “Get” button. Wi-Fi should be turned on.
  • In the information sending information, select the necessary files and click “Send”. For transmission, select Mi Drop in the opened tab.
  • Click on the icon of the necessary gadget from the list of detected devices. Wait for the end of the program.

QR code

In Xiaomi devices, the telephone directory assigns a QR code for each contact contact. You can transfer the numbers using this utility.

  • On both smartphones, turn on wi-fi.
  • Click on contact and scroll the page to the image of the QR code.
  • On the accepting smartphone, go to the “tools”, select the “scanner”.
  • .By pointing the camera to the QR code, you will move the contact to the device.

Through the Mi account

For each Xiaomi user, the company allocates 5 GB in a free cloud storage. To access the “cloud”, create your own Mi account. To do this, go through standard registration, which includes email address and password. After authorization, you can provide data for entering the cloud storage of your device to any Xiaomi user.

Cloud storages

Creating an account in Mi Cloud allows you to place data in the cloud. The service is necessary for transferring files to another device, for example, when buying another Xiaomi phone. To transfer the information from the cloud storage to another smartphone, go from the device to the desired Mi account and Mi Cloud.

Pre-registration in the Mi account is required!

  • Enter the system using a personal login and password from a mobile device.
  • With the correct execution of the procedure, you will get to the home page where the amount of free memory is indicated. The standard volume is 5GB (if necessary, increases at an additional fee).
  • In order for the data to start loading into the cloud, go to “Settings”. “Synchronization”. “Mi Cloud”.
  • In the window that opens, select data for synchronization.
  • On the home page under the user’s nickname on the right is a niche indicating the categories copied from the phone. Here, files from the gallery, messages, recordings from the recorder, phone numbers are automatically saved here.

Transfer over the SD card

You can also use the removable drive to transfer data between devices.

The transfer can be carried out using applications such as Appmgr III (App 2 SD), Link2SD, Minitool Partition, Foldermount, etc.

Most of them will require a user’s Root right to work.

  • Insert the SD card into the device.
  • Follow: “Settings”. “All applications”. Sorting named. “Documents”.
  • Download and install the program for moving files.
  • Using the instructions of the program, we move the necessary materials to the SD card.
  • After installing the card to another device, all transferred files will be available on it.

Data transfer between devices

The Xiaomi smartphones with firmware Miui 7 and above have a special function for transfer. “Transfer”. Data is transmitted using Bluetooth.

  • Go along the path of “settings”. “others” (or “additional”). “transfer”.
  • Select “I am the Sender” or “I am the Recipient” depending on the role of the smartphone in the program.
  • Determine the type of copied files. The program is available in the following categories: files located on the memory card, applications, contacts and system settings.
  • After choosing a receiving smartphone, the transmission process will begin automatically.

Data transfer via backup

Backup is easiest to produce through the MIUI operating system. This method allows you to make local backup, as well as backup using Mi Cloud.

  • Go to “Settings”, from there to “Additionally” or “Expanded settings”.
  • Select “Restoration and Reset”, click “Local backup” (here you can also choose a Backup according to the schedule and Backup Google).
  • Create a backup, highlighting the necessary materials. Expect preservation.

For transmission, you need to enter one Mi account on both devices.

To synchronize data on devices:

  • Enter the Mi account on the second smartphone.
  • In “Settings” click “Restore using a backup”.
  • Indicate the recovery point and transfer the saved data.

Mi Mover transfer

The application is used only to transfer data to Xiaomi.

Transfer can occur from any smartphone with the Android operating system.

  • In “Settings” open “Expanded settings”. “Mi Mover”.
  • Select “I am a recipient”-a QR code will appear on the screen.
  • Scan the QR code with a defender smartphone.
  • Select the section for transmission and send it to the addressee.

Mi Mover allows you to exchange exclusively information sections (photos, audio, video files, applications, etc.D.), individual files cannot be transferred.

Through Shareit

The application developed by Lenovo allows you to transfer files between smartphones of any firms supporting Wi-Fi.

We transfer contacts, calls, SMS, photo and video to the phone

Most information on the phone is stored on SD cards. However, they are not present in all models. Since the beginning of 2017, the fashion for flagships has appeared, which does not provide for the expansion of memory. The most striking phone representatives without the ability to insert a memory card are iPhone.

Apple’s phones were never produced with the expectation of expanding the storage. Due to such features, the transfer of data causes a serious headache, especially if their volume exceeds 100 GB.

But thanks to special programs, the owners of the phones do not even have to install additional software: to send contacts, calls, SMS, photos and videos through your native phone utilities based on Android and iPhone.

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Google account

Android operating system was created by the American company Google, which has provided a special data storage program. Users will not have to take additional actions with it to access their files from any device.

This will need to create an account. Often, android telephone owners create it even when activating the device. If this was not done in advance, you can create a profile through the settings at any time:

  • Go to the “Parameters” application (on the phones of different companies, the names of applications and points differ, but remain logically similar).
  • Find the section “Users and accounts” and click on plus or select “Add new account”.
  • Step by step to fill the opened fields: “e-mail”, “name”, “surname” and move on.
  • Come up with the name of the new user. The main requirement is uniqueness. If the system has an account with an identical login, the error “such a name is already busy” will be displayed “. Also nickname will be tied to a mailbox @gmail.Com, which is created automatically when registering an account. It will come to him news related to Google. After confirming the user name. Go further.
  • In the window opened, enter a password, which consists of at least 8 signs. If the password does not have a minimum of 1 large letter, digit and special symbol, the program will give an error. The resulting combination must be written in a reliable place. It will be problematic to restore it, especially if the account is not tied to the phone number.
  • Enter the phone number and confirm it through the code that will come to SMS. This step is not necessary, but the binding to the number makes the account more protected and will not allow the attackers to change the password unnoticed.
  • The last step is consent to the rules of confidentiality and the conditions of use. After that, the account is officially considered created and tied to the mobile phone.
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The main advantage of using Google Account is the ability to synchronize phones and quickly transmit information between them. This can simplify the transition from one phone to another. After loading the backup on the new device, the necessary files are downloaded automatically and displayed in the storage.

Synchronization is done on request or automatically, downloading files for a given period. To start the autonomous creation of backup copies of the system, you should:

  • Go to the “Settings” application and find the item “Synchronization. This menu usually contains information about the profiles saved on the phone.
  • Among the falling list, find Google. If this is the main account in the operating system, it is automatically displayed at the top of the list on some phone models. For example, in the branded Miui system from Xiaomi, the Mi Cloud application will be displayed in the top.To. It is it that is the main thing for creating backups and transferring them from android to Android.
  • The menu that opens is given types of content that are available for synchronization. The most frequently used among them: “Documents”, “Contacts” and “Calendar”. Having set up an automatic jump in information, it is enough for the user to log in to the new phone and enable synchronization. After that, all the information saved in the cloud will automatically load.

How to transfer data to a memory card

If the broken smartphone and the novelty support SD flash drives, you can transfer the information via it. Content on the card is exported through the “conductor”. You can not cut and insert the files: so the system folders will be deleted, which means Android will stop working.

You can transfer video, photos and music, but you need to note them in the corresponding folders or find them in one of the manager’s tabs. Visually, conductors differ, but in all modern phones there is such a tab. For example, in the smartphones from Xiaomi in the Conductor application, a page with the sorting of files by type: photo, video, documents, music, ARC, loading and archives automatically opens up.

To transfer data from phone to memory card:

  • Insert the SD flash drive into the device.
  • Go to the “conductor” and select the files that need to be exported. You can move them in stages. For example, first go to the Video tab and transfer this type of file to the flash drive. Then repeat actions with music, photo, ARC, documents, SMS and MMS.
  • When the necessary files are selected, click on the “copy” button that appears below. There is an option to simply cut, but in the initial folder they will disappear. If you do this for the first time, it is not recommended to cut files immediately, t.To. With any error, their restoration can become a problem.
  • When everything is copied, go to the SD card folder, which is separately located in the “conductor” and click “insert”.
  • After the load is completed, all content will appear on a removable medium. It can be removed from a smartphone and moved to another device. The only requirement for the new smartphone is SD support support.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Xiaomi. Detailed instruction

In almost 100 % of cases, after acquiring a new mobile device, it becomes necessary to transfer information packages from the old gadget to a new. There are several proven ways how to transfer data from iPhone (iOS) to Xiaomi (Android). They are all simple in implementation, even difficulties should not even arise in newcomers.

Description of the Mi Mover application

Mi Mover is a corporate application from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which simplifies the data transfer process from one smartphone to another. You can use it on any gadget that operates under the control of the Android operating system. You can transfer data packages from any gadget, but they disappear on the Xiaomi smartphone.

Note! To move information using the program, you need to install it on both devices. On Xiaomi devices, this utility is installed initially. You can find it by going through: “settings”. “extended settings”. “mi mover”.

Difficulties in using the utility should not arise, but it cannot be applied when transferring data from the iPhone, since these smartphones work on the iOS operating system.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Xiaomi

The transfer of contacts from iPhone to Xiaomi is possible in several other ways. To transfer data packages from a mobile device on the iOS operating system to a smartphone on Android, you need to perform several simple actions.

Data transmission using e.Mail gmail

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Xiaomi using the Gmail electronic box:

  • It is necessary to turn on the iPhone and go to the settings (the application has a sulfur gears), find additional settings of the mail customer, where to deactivate the synchronization mode with the cloud storage of iCloud. The operating system will offer the user several shutdown options.
  • Go to the Apple product account settings, where you need to assign the Gmail service used by default. In the dialog box that opened, log in under your account.
  • To synchronize data packets with Google services, you must click on the “account synchronization”, after which all stream information will come to the mailbox.
  • Connect the Xiaomi smartphone to a wireless Internet, enter your mailbox and copy all the information from there.

Note! This method of moving data allows you to exchange not only text files, but also multimedia, for example, videos, photos.

Using a personal computer and iTunes

The transfer of data from the iPhone to Xiaomi can still be carried out using the iTunes and PC application. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • Run the utility and connect a smartphone to it on iOS.
  • Wait until the system recognizes the device. Open a page on which all information about data packages saved on a mobile device will be displayed.
  • In an additional window, go to the information section where to activate the contact synchronization mode.
  • In the dialog box opened, select the Google Contacts parameter. The utility will request information about the account, after which all contact information is imported into the cloud service.
  • Go to your Google account with Android devices.

Using iTunes to transfer data

At the end, it is imperative to activate synchronization, which will automatically transfer data to the gadget memory.

Note! Unfortunately, Bluetooth cannot be used to import information between these mobile devices.

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Using the Yandex application.Moving “

You can still move contacts from your iPhone using the Yandex application.Moving “, you can install in Arrstore. After starting it, a dialog box will be displayed on the gadget screen where the button will be located to start using.

Important! The application will require the user to enter the data account account with the Yandex account, then the digital code will be displayed on the screen, which need to be used when moving information on Xiaomi.

Also, the application must be installed on the Android Smartphone, enter your account and activate the information transfer mode in the “Settings” item. For additional authentication, a digital password will be requested to move data from one device to another.

Note! It does not matter which model of a certain brand of the phone is owned by a person. Be it iPhone se, 7 plus or Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, gadgets of the series, the approach remains the same everywhere.

How to throw contacts from iPhone on Xiaomi using Move to

To transfer contacts from the iPhone to Xiaomi, you need to take the following events:

  • Save on your iPhone Free Move to.
  • Launch the utility, and then go to the menu section where the application is set up. Select the information transfer item to the device operating on the Android operating system. After a request for contact imports, you need to re.Confirm the performance of the action.
  • The Xiaomi screen will display the digital code that is necessary to conjure these two mobile devices. If the digital combination of numbers is not displayed, then there was a failure in the application of the application, or the iPhone was previously tied to the account used.
  • On Xiaomi, enter a password in a highlighted dialog box.
  • To start transferring data, you need to slip to the “Continue” button.
  • Be sure to wait for the end of the contact transmission. You cannot open third.Party applications in parallel, the operation indicator of the operation is displayed on the screens.
  • At the end of the procedure, the user remains to configure the working parameters of the new mobile device.

How to transfer contacts

The best way to transfer contacts is the use of the iCloud service. The algorithm of actions:

  • We go through the computer to the official icloud website, enter the identification data of Apple ID;
  • Open the “Contacts” tab;
  • Click on the image of the gear, oh and then select “Export VCARD”;
  • In memory of the computer, a file with contacts in VCF format is copied. Transfer this file to the Android Smartphone;
  • On the Xiaomi smartphone, we go to the “Phone” application, select the “Contacts” section;
  • In the settings, select “Contact Management”, then “Import from the Memory of the Phone” and indicate the placement of the file copied from the computer. The contacts will be displayed in the phone book.

To postpone contacts, you can use special applications available for free download in Play Market and AppStore.

Data transfer from Android to iPhone

Of course, you can use standard means by copying all photos, video files, documents and other data first to the computer, and then upload them using iTunes to the “apple” device, but this will take a fairly large amount of time. And, to be honest, not very convenient. Especially if you are not an experienced owner of PC or do not have it at all at your disposal. Fortunately, Apple took care of everything: Move to iOS is a great solution to all our problems! However, it was not in vain that we wrote a separate article on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. If it is better to move the data using the above utility, then for contacts described in another article. Before starting the procedure, pay attention to the fact that the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi point, and all applications that can somehow use the Internet were turned off on them. If everything is in order, we can proceed:

  • You have a new, not yet activated iPhone? Then we go further and with the initial setting you should open the “Programs and Data” screen, where you need to slip along the point marked in the screenshot; If you or anyone else previously used this device, you will have to roll back the settings to the “purchased” state. This can be done as follows: go to the “Settings” menu; Go to the “main”; Select there the item “Wipe out content and settings”; Confirm the intentions by slipping by the “Wipe the iPhone” button; return to the point under number 1 and execute it.
  • Click on the “Continue” button;
  • The code should appear on the screen of your iPhone if you correctly executed the first item;
  • Enter it in the application “Move to iOS”;
  • Wait for it to be completed. It is forbidden to switch to other applications;
  • After some time, this will happen on the iPhone;
  • As soon as you see the inscription “Transfer completed”, you should start the initial setting of your gadget;
  • Just follow the instructions on the iPhone screen and at the end of the settings you will see that all the data was successfully copied to your brand new smartphone running iOS.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated here. The main thing is to comply with the simple recommendations written in our article and follow the step described by step and then the question of how to transfer data from Android to iPhone itself will exhaust itself.

Tired of the iPhone, I want to change the mobile platform or there was a need in the second smartphone based on Android/Windows Phone? Today we will talk about how to quickly transfer contacts from iPhone to Android (or other OS). Four universal ways that will help in the export of the Contact Books.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Xiaomi. Detailed instruction

Some users may have a question about how to transfer data from iPhone to Xiaomi. Xiaomi flagships are now practically not inferior to “apple” devices, and in some points they even surpass them. However, difficulties may arise with data transfer, because devices work on different operating systems and use different programs for synchronization. Below we will consider all methods of transferring data from iPhone to Xiaomi.

Iphone data transfer to Android Smartphone

A few years ago, to acquire iPhone meant to emphasize its high status, because Apple gadgets exceeded the products of competitors by an order of magnitude. Today the situation has changed. Many manufacturers produce smartphones that are not inferior to iPhones in quality and functionality, but in some parameters even surpassing them. Over, they are much cheaper. That is why many users decide to change the iPhone to Xiaomi smartphone. However, in this case, it is necessary to ensure the transfer of data not just from the device to the device, but from one ecosystem to another. Before buying a new device, with its characteristics, photos, descriptions of functions, if possible to personally test the features of the Android operating system, and only after that make a final decision.

Working with a device and a SIM card

The most common way of export/import of contacts involves moving them between the phone and inserted SIM cards. Everything is implemented quite simply, but first you need to start the contact management menu. You can quote experienced users: “To start any hidden menu, you need to clamp the functional button of the touch panel under the device display”. The Xiaomi manufacturer noted the desired button with three horizontal lines.

After starting the desired menu, it is necessary to act as follows:

  • You need to open the section “Import and export”.
  • The Import block allows you to move contacts from the SIM card or your device to Google and Mi accounts.

The option of imports from the drive suggests that the device contains previously exported format data there.VCF, what is called vcard. After pressing this button, confirming importing, the user activates the VCARD data search process in a smartphone.

data, transfer, iphone, android, xiaomi

If the data is imported from the SIM card, then after choosing an account where the transfer will be carried out, you will need to choose one or more records. To note several records at once, you should not just press any of them, but squeeze before the appearance of cells designed to set marks.

  • The export block allows you to form the same VCARD by placing it in the phone, and if you transfer contacts to the SIM card, when pressing the device will immediately notify the number of records that can be displayed.
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Also, through the “Import and Export” menu, contacts with SIM (devices) through various system and installed programs can be sent: SMS, Bluetooth, Email, as well as Skype, WebMoney Keeper or official applications of various social networks.

The last point “Import to the Mi Account” allows you to transfer between MI and Google accounts.

How to transfer contacts

The best way to transfer contacts is the use of the iCloud service. The algorithm of actions:

  • We go through the computer to the official icloud website, enter the identification data of Apple ID;
  • Open the “Contacts” tab;
  • Click on the image of the gear, oh and then select “Export VCARD”;
  • In memory of the computer, a file with contacts in VCF format is copied. Transfer this file to the Android Smartphone;
  • On the Xiaomi smartphone, we go to the “Phone” application, select the “Contacts” section;
  • In the settings, select “Contact Management”, then “Import from the Memory of the Phone” and indicate the placement of the file copied from the computer. The contacts will be displayed in the phone book.

To postpone contacts, you can use special applications available for free download in Play Market and AppStore.


Any iPhone user clearly uses the Apple ID account, which is necessary for downloading applications from the AppStore store and to synchronize the contents of the device with a remote ICLOUD cloud service.

Data transfer from iPhone to Xiaomi

Some users may have a question about how to transfer data from iPhone to Xiaomi. Xiaomi flagships are now practically not inferior to “apple” devices, and in some points they even surpass them. However, difficulties may arise with data transfer, because devices work on different operating systems and use different programs for synchronization. Below we will consider all methods of transferring data from iPhone to Xiaomi.

How to move photos and videos

Photos and video files are easiest to “throw” into a cloud with iPhone, and then download in the internal memory of Xiaomi.

Here is a list of cloud services that you can use:

  • Google Photos is the most convenient option. It is enough to download the Google official application on the iPhone, go to your Google account and enable the auto.Loading of photos and videos, and then click the “upload all photos and videos” button. Then install the application on Xiaomi and go to the “Photos” section. All the photos will be there.
  • Yandex.Disk. A certain amount of free free space (up to 20 GB), where you can transfer multimedia from the iPhone, and then download to Xiaomi.
  • Flickr is a free photo hosting, on which you can “pour” all your photos and videos with iPhone.

Reference! Photos and video files can also be transferred “by the old fashioned way” using a computer and a USB service.

data, transfer, iphone, android, xiaomi

How to transfer contacts and calendar

Unfortunately, it is impossible to move the contacts automatically, you will have to do it manually. You will need a computer, Internet access and iCloud service.

After the actions done, the contacts will appear on your Xiaomi.

Now let’s figure out how to transfer the calendar data:

  • In the iCloud settings on the iPhone, allow the synchronization of the calendar.
  • Go to the site icloud.Com and go to the “calendars” section. In the list, select the one you need to transfer, and on the right of its name click the “Share” button.
  • Now press Public Calendar and copy the link that has appeared.
  • Open the browser and insert the link, only replace Webcal with http. After that, download the calendar file.
  • It remains to connect it to the Google Calendar: go to the calendar website, select Other Calendars-Import Calendar. And open the just downloaded file.

After that, all the events from the calendar on the iPhone will appear on Xiaomi.

Music transfer

It is very easy to transfer music files if they are all downloaded in mp3 format. It is enough to copy them first on the computer, and already from there. To your Xiaomi.

If the entire library of music files is stored in iTunes, you need to download the purchased music locally.

Reference! Previously, the Google Play Music application could be used to transfer, but it stopped its work in December 2020 and it was replaced by “YouTube Music”, in which this function is not available.

  • Download and run iTunes on PC.
  • Go to the program via Apple ID.
  • Connect the iPhone via the original USB cable and wait for the device synchronization.
  • Now click on the “file”. “devices”. “transfer purchases C (name iPhone)”.
  • Then go to the “Library”. “Music”. “Download” and wait until the files are stored locally on the computer.
  • All music will remain along the path C: \ Users \ Username \ My Music \ iTunes \.
  • Now it is enough to connect your Xiaomi and transfer the music to the internal memory of the smartphone.
data, transfer, iphone, android, xiaomi

Moving all data through the iPhone Transfer program

This program will quickly transfer all contacts, local music, photos and video files.

  • Download the desired version of the iPhone Transfer under your operating system on PC.
  • Connect both smartphones to the computer using original USB cables.
  • Launch the program and put a box in the line “recognize devices automatically”.
  • Check that the iPhone is displayed as the “source device”. And Xiaomi. As “targeted device”. If not so, click on the “Switch” button. So that the devices change places.
  • Now check with ticks those files that you want to transfer and click “Start copying”.

Thus, it is possible to move data from the iPhone on Xiaomi, and it is not so difficult to do it if you follow all the recommendations presented above. Select the necessary method and transfer the necessary files, and if you do not want to move everything separately, just use the iPhone Transfer program.

Methods of transfer from iPhone

Iphone and Xiaomi do not have common applications, so use Gmail application for file transfer files.

  • In the email settings on the iPhone, disable synchronization with iCloud. Remove the checkmark in the item that offers to remove the list of subscribers.
  • Gmail is assigned in the account on the iPhone by default.
  • Synchronize data with gmail. After that, it will become possible to copy contacts, photos and videos to the specified email address. To do this, go with Xiaomi to the same Google account and copy the necessary files.

Additional software

To transmit data between the Xiaomi and PC device, you can use not only the application on the smartphone, but also the PC program. Software is called Mi PC Suite.

  • Synchronize the computer with a smartphone or tablet;
  • Do data recovery;
  • Update the firmware on the device;
  • Gain access to the gadget’s memory;
  • Get the device for Internet access through PC.

Soft Mi PC Suite to use the program, you need:

How to move from Android to iPhone | Apple Support

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