Create a Minecraft server on Android

How to Create a Server in Minecraft PE

I don’t know if there was an article about this here, but I’d rather tell you.So how to create a server for Minecraft Edition? start!

Download Mine-MP (Can be downloaded from mobogenie or play market or here).Installed, now you need to pick up the load for Mynah.If your server will be for 0.10.5 and below, then click on Sofy (Recommend), and if it is for 0.11.0 (any build), then press Development.So-ss downloaded, and now we write the name of the server, description (port do not change the recommended), to enter SEED: Press advanced, you open the second panel, it will “name world”, “SEED” and other advanced settings (they also do not change), write SEED (if you want) and now click save, and all, the server is created and will appear start server and stop server button, start is turn on the server, and stop is turn off.

I also want to say that when the server is on you can not install plugins (they simply will not work).Install the plugins can be 2 ways:1.In the Mine top right corner will be a picture of a computer and a button beside it, you click the button next to:Then the panel will pop up, and it says Plugins, now you open a totally free plugins, at first you will see only 4 plugins, but this is not all, but only the most popular and basic!To see the other plugins you “have to” run your finger to the left or right, then you will open other plugins, in the right tab will be tabs “popular plugins” and “all plugins”, and on the left side will be tab “categories”: admin-right, economic plugins, fun plugins, etc.д.!To download and install simply click on the plugin, it will be installed automatically!What would delete the plugins just press the button unnistal or look for folders:Scard (someone will be “phone”)?Mine?Plugins, there will be all your plugins and you can remove unwanted!Now 2 way:There where plugins are provided in Mine all plugins are in English, and the Internet is full of Russian plugins.To install them: download from the internet?go to Downloads?take the path: Scard-Mine-Plugins (if you do not have a folder Plugins, then create a!)?Now you drop the plugin into the plugin folder (the plugin can be either compressed or in the form of a file, but change in no case nedo neither neither the one, nor the other)!They will work!)

Well now, click in Mine “start server”, go in and voila, the plugins work! Now how to make yourself admins: go to the server / register (if you have installed a plugin to register), now leave the server and go into Mine, then click on the computer image (top right corner), and you open the console server command, then in the console, write:op “nick” (without the quotes) and you write yourself admin!;)

Well, I’ve told you all the basics. Although.To find out the server IP just go to Mine?start server?At the bottom will be written IP of your server and the port (if you have not changed in the beginning) will be 19132, now just give someone your IP and play with your friends or strangers!

P.S.I would not advise setting the server to 0.11.0 build8 because it lags there. I had a lot of bugs on there as well!And if you have questions feel free to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!;)

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Key Features

One server can connect up to 10 players, giving you the opportunity to play in team battles, as well as single matches. Once you create your server, you can set a password on it, so that no one unnecessary can come to you. Download the app to your phone and have fun playing with other players.

On our website you can download the Android application Multiplayer Master for free.

Guide: How to build a GOOD server (for MCPE!)

I, the owner of this article, use all the given official commercial names only for information. Copying this article as well as use of its material is strictly prohibited by law!

What does it take to make a good server for MCPE?

Misconceptions of beginners.

With mine you can create a server for free.

This is a gross mistake. The TV is used ONLY FOR CONTROL of the server! You’ll have to buy slots on your hosting however you want. One of the most popular hosting. Mcpehost, but I do not strongly recommend it. There will be frequent problems with RAM and lags. Some of the best hosting. Pemaps and

As soon as I create a server, it needs to be PR’d.

No, no and no! Do whatever you want. Call your friends, friends server masters, dig on forums, install plugin compilation (without plugins in general the server will not hold a second) and download spavens. Bottom line is this: at the time of the PR, the server should be completely ready!

Donation system is mandatory on any server. Without it you will not survive.

Reasonable on donat and all donat forever.

Here is my statshikka the most buyable donat (all donat forever):

Vip. /fly, /heal, /god. 20 to 50.

Creative. gamemode 0/1/2/3. 50 to 150.

Admin. All commands Creative/Vip /kick, /ban, /ban-ip, /tp. from 150 to 250.

Do not sell the donation above the creatives to dubious parties.

If you still sold an administrator or a schoolboy and he had time to reboot and set half the server. Off you go to the console and do everything there. Oh, yeah, do not forget to ban a schoolboy))). But remember. if you sold a donation to a schoolboy. Doesn’t mean he’s a griefer. And so, good luck and cool servers.

P.S. There is no such thing as free hosting. There is one, and that’s on PC.

P.P.S Write if you know a free hosting forever in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев)))))))))))))

How to start a server

After the user clicks on the button “save”, he can run the canvas, which he got. For this there is a special application called mine which you need to download.

Once it has downloaded, click on the button “Save service”. Waiting for it to finally load. It is worth looking at the button called “IP Address”.

It will display the address, with which the user can go to the necessary service. It should be copied and written down, so as not to lose it in the future.

Basic manipulation with the creation of the service and its saving passed, the only thing left is to run it. To start, you need to open the game Minecraft and go to the tab called “Servers”. Click on the “Add” button and enter the address of the canvas that the user has just downloaded. If can also be called an interesting name.

Port is the code by which users can go to it. If the developer of his own service wants to invite someone, he can give them these numbers. By entering them in a special window in the game, the user can go to the desired item.

Thus, the user has not only created his own server, but also launched it. The process is fairly simple, if in general to understand how the game works, what opportunities it has and so on.

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Please note! Do not lose the code and address from the created server. If you lose it, it will be quite a problem to find the right canvas in the future.

How to create and run an official server:

1) Create a folder anywhere on your PC, put the downloaded file inside.

2) Create a text file called start

Open this file with notepad or any other text editor, put the following line inside.

Warning the name of the server file is specified in the line, in this case minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar, if you have renamed it or you have a different version, change the name to the correct.

Other values:Xmx1024M. maximum amount of RAM the server can consumeXms1024M. the amount of RAM the server uses right at the startup.nogui. disables the display of a nicer server window which shows a list of players and a graph of the server load, this window in certain cases can severely load the server, I recommend it is not used. If you want to see the server window like this then just remove nogui from the line.

Save the file, rename it to e.g. start and change the extension.txt to.bat file, if you don’t have the option of changing the.txt when renaming, then enable this option in the system: instruction

create, minecraft, server, android

Warning : important point, all versions before 1.17 worked on Java 8 and version 1.17 is already running on Java 16, server 1.18.x works on Java 17, so you have to manually install the right version of Java and start the server on it.

So, if you just save and run the start.bat, then the server will start on the system version of Java (installed by you or not by default in the system), maybe it will be version 8 (e.g. jre1.8.0_301), but if you want to specify a specific version of Java for your server (e.g. for 1.17), then the contents of the start.The bat must contain the path to the right version of java, an example:

Where C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-16.0.1\bin\java.exe address to the java executable file.exe 16 version of Java.

Now run the resulting start file.bat, the window will close immediately, this is normal.

3) Next to start.bat file will appear eula.txt, open it with the editor, change eula=false to eula=true inside. save it.

4) Run start.bat, if the server window or console appears, then everything is working, but the server is not yet configured, close it. (although it already works and even created your game world)

5) Carefully configure the server, you need to specify the correct IP, as well as if you have a pirate, turn off the license check players, be sure to read the settings section

Server foundation in Minecraft: Edition for friends

To form a server for a small group game you will need an android device and a free wi-fi connection.

Step 1. First, you need to go into the phone settings and go to the “All” tab.

Step 2. Next, you need to enter the “Wireless Networks” section. To do this you need to click on the tab “”.

Step 3. All that remains is to connect the access point in the appropriate tab.

After all these steps, you can safely go into the game and gather your friends. They will connect to the created access point and get into the desired world. Server is ready.

Founding a server in Minecraft: Edition for friends

To form a server for the game in a small group you need an Android device and a free wi-fi connection.

Step 1. First it is necessary to enter into phone settings and go to the tab “All”.

Step 2. Next, you need to enter the “Wireless Networks” section. To do this, click on the “” tab.

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Step 3. It remains to connect the access point in the corresponding tab.

After all of these steps, you can log in and get your friends together. They will connect to the created access point and enter the desired world. Server is ready.

Setting up the server:

Go to the basic settings, close the server window if it is open.

1) Open the server file.With the text editor there are basic server settings.

2) If you have a pirate, then what would let you on the server, find the parameter online-mode=true and change it to online-mode=false

3) Specify the IP of your server in the server-ip=You can specify the IP of your PC on the internet (do not forget to open ports), IP in Hamachi, the local address of your PC if your players are in a network (connected to the same Wi-Fi or wire) Instructions how to configure Hamachi.Instructions how to play on the network

4) Value. max-players=20 sets the maximum number of players, all other settings you can easily find by searching on google.

5) The file is a lot of settings, many are clear without translation, others are understandable if you translate the translator, as well as you can use the wiki.

Installing and configuring the server Minecraft PE

Now quite quickly gaining popularity Minecraft Edition. The version for phones is almost the same as the one for PC. Windows 10, for example, already has support for playing the game over the network in conjunction with the phone version. and more often the question: “How to make a server for minecraft PE?”. Today I will tell you about two ways to create it.

First, let’s break down the first option of creating a server. It is suitable for playing with friends, small company. The way is based on the “distribution” of Wi-Fi.

Next, the players connect to your access point (as to a normal Wi-Fi network) and in the tab of world selection they will have your world.

Now for more advanced server creation. If you want to make a public server or even a project, this is the way to do it. And a nice addition: with this method you can install plugins for a comfortable game.

Parameter Description
Server port Server port. I recommend leaving it at default (19132)
Server name Name of the server itself.
Server Description Server Prefix.
MOTD Message when you enter the server.
Eneable Query Allows players to check the status of the server. Best left enabled.
Announce player achievements Allows players to achieve Achievements.
Gamemode Game Mode.
Hardcore Hardcore mode. If you die, you will be banned.
Enable PvP Enable/disable PvP
Allow use of Fly-in-Survival mods Allow to use fly in survival.
Difficulty Complexity. Affects the number of mobs and their equipment.
Maximum players Number of players.
Spawn protection The number of blocks that can’t be destroyed on the spawnpoint (located in the spawn private area).
Whitelist A white list intended for entering certain players into the server.
Parameter Description
World directory World seed.
World seed Seed for generating world.
World type Sip world. There are DEFAULT, SUPERFLAT and OLD.
Generator Settings World Generation settings (only for Super Flat).
Auto-Save Automatic saving of the world. Best left on.
RAM Allocated memory for the server. The more the better.
View distance Restriction in loading the terrain.
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