Control Samsung Smart Tv From Phone

How to use your smartphone as a TV remote control

First of all, it should be borne in mind that TVs from different manufacturers have a lot, not only in common, but also different. Therefore, the methods of managing them are not the same. In general, a smartphone, like a remote control, influences the operation of a TV by means of special software. And to establish a connection, modern wireless technologies are required (selected depending on the TV model and software):

  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Infrared port.

The latest communication technology is considered to be outdated and is finding less and less use every year. However, it is still used today. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are the main communication technologies. On their application, the principles of functioning of a smartphone as a remote control for a TV are built.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your LG TV

To control this manufacturer’s TV from a smartphone, you need to download and install the LG TV Remote app on it. When scanning starts, the program detects an LG TV in range and connects to it via one of the wireless communication channels.

2 screens appear on the display. The first of them is an interface that allows you to adjust the volume, switch channels. From there you can go to the home screen, take a screenshot. Also from here it is easy to get into the list of all or favorite channels, turn on / off the 3D effect. The second screen presents a menu that provides access to installed applications.

The interface allows the user to slide his finger across the display while the mouse pointer follows on the TV screen. With this software, you can play multimedia files stored on your smartphone on TV and even play. In this case, the screen becomes a gaming field, and the display can be turned into a joystick controller.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Sony TV

In order to solve this problem, you need to download and install the TV Side View application. When opened, it automatically finds a TV in range and connects to it. The interface is designed in dark colors. It looks discreet and stylish, makes it easy to control the TV. Several screens are available for work.

On one of them, you can navigate between channels, adjust the volume and perform other standard functions. On the other, manage the files stored in the device’s memory. On the third, typing, viewing the program guide. Voice control and picture quality settings are also available.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Panasonic TV

To control this manufacturer’s TV from a smartphone, download and install the Panasonic TV Remote app. This software is rightfully considered the best in its category, which once again confirms the high Japanese quality. The interface is made in a minimalist style, there is nothing superfluous in it. At the same time, the functionality deserves the highest mark.

A distinctive feature of the application is the presence of swipes. All management is built on them. Switching between screens, the user gets access to the device files (they can be played on TV), navigation menu, settings. It is possible to use the smartphone as a game controller, enter online mode, turn on the sleep timer and much more.

Use your smartphone as a TV remote control

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Samsung TV

To solve this problem, you need to download and install the Samsung TV Remote app. The interface is designed quite simply and clearly. On one screen there are buttons for dialing the channel number, as well as keys for switching them and adjusting the volume, turning on / off the TV, sound, going to the navigation menu.

The second screen is the interface for controlling the multimedia functions of the TV: colored keys, joystick, access to favorite files or channels. It should be noted that advertising has been added to the application, which is a significant drawback.

Control Samsung smart TV from your phone

Samsung’s SmartTV service offers a range of features that provide enhanced content, personalized TV, movies and other content recommendations, connections to social networking services, and the ability to control your SmartTV using gestures and voice commands. We collect, use, transmit, and store information from SmartTV in the ways described in Samsung’s Privacy Policy. This supplement contains additional information on privacy protection techniques associated with some SmartTV features.

Recommendations and personalized content

Smarttv is designed to help you easily find and access programs and other content. For example, you can access information about live TV programs provided by your cable or satellite operator, as well as on-demand and third-party content providers through the searchable catalogs displayed on your SmartTV.

In the case of live TV programs, we determine the content available to you in part using your zip code. In addition, the SmartTV service helps make searchable catalogs and other SmartTV content more appropriate for you by highlighting programs and content that you may be interested in, such as episodes and episodes you missed, as well as new programs, applications and other content. Which, in our opinion, may interest you. We base these recommendations on the following data:

In addition, if you enable the collection of information about the streams viewed on your SmartTV, we may collect this information, as well as additional information about the network, channels and programs viewed using SmartTV. We will use this information to improve the quality of the recommendations offered in the SmartTV service.

Open the SmartTV settings menu to see options that may be available to you if you do not want to continue to receive customized SmartTV recommendations. If you turn off personalized recommendations, the information and content displayed in the SmartTV service may not be as interesting to you. Samsung will still be able to collect information about your use of SmartTV for the purposes described in this Samsung Privacy Policy.

You can control your SmartTV and use many of its features using voice commands.

If you enable voice recognition, you can control your SmartTV using your voice. For voice recognition to work, some voice commands (along with information about your device, including device identifiers) may be sent to a third-party service that converts speech into voice or the code required for voice recognition to work. In addition, Samsung may collect and your device may record voice commands and related texts so that we can provide you with voice recognition features and evaluate and improve their performance. Please be aware that if the words you speak include personal or confidential information, this information will be among the data recorded and transmitted to a third party when you use voice recognition.

If you do not turn on voice recognition, you will not be able to use the interactive voice recognition features, but you will be able to control your TV with certain preset voice commands. Although Samsung will not collect the words you speak, Samsung may still collect relevant text information and other usage data in order to evaluate and improve the service.

You can turn off the collection of voice recognition data at any time using the settings menu. However, it may not be possible to use some voice recognition functions.

Gesture control and face recognition

The SmartTV is equipped with a camera that allows you to use certain advanced features, including gesture control of the TV and use of facial recognition technology to log into the Samsung Account on the TV. You can close and turn off the camera at any time, however please note that these advanced features will not be available when the camera is turned off.

Gesture control. To give you the ability to control your SmartTV using gestures, the camera on the top of the SmartTV can detect your movements. This allows, for example, to move between panels, and also to zoom in and out. We record information about when and how gesture control is performed to evaluate and improve the performance of this control system.

Face recognition. The SmartTV camera also allows you to sign in to your Samsung Account or certain services that support facial recognition technology. You can use facial recognition instead of manually entering a password, or in addition to it, as an additional security measure. After completing the steps to set up face recognition, the image of your face is saved locally on the TV. It is not sent to the company
Samsung. If you delete your Samsung Account or no longer want to use face recognition, open the corresponding settings menu to delete the saved image. Although your photo is stored locally, Samsung may record that you set up this feature and collect information about when and how it is used in order to evaluate and improve the performance of this feature.

To provide personalized training advice, SmartTV services allow you to create a profile containing certain basic information about you, including your height, weight and date of birth. You can delete this profile at any time by following the instructions on the service settings screen.

Services for children

The SmartTV Services may provide educational and other content for children, however, we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children without parental consent unless permitted by law. If we learn that a child has provided us with personal information, we will delete it in accordance with applicable law.

Third parties and organizations

Please note that when you view or access applications or content provided by third parties, the respective service provider may collect or receive information about your SmartTV (such as its IP address and device identifiers), the requested operation (such as your request purchase or rental) and your use of the app or service. Samsung is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of such service providers. Be careful and review the privacy statements that apply to third party websites and services you use.

Please note that some features of the above SmartTV app may not be available depending on where you live.

Appendix # 12: SamRemote

An interesting software solution, which is a virtual push-button remote control for Samsung TVs. The app is completely free to use.

The program in question for controlling a TV from an Android phone requires that both the TV and the gadget work on a common Wi-Fi network. In addition, the first time you connect, you will need to enter the passcode required to pair the devices. You can find and accept (and subsequently withdraw) an accidentally rejected offer of the system in the All Share subsection, available on the Network tab. The applet offers a pretty nice interface that simulates a real keypad, and, of course, gives access to all the settings the user needs.

The program is fully compatible with the following Samsung lines:

  • C (year of issue 2010).
  • D (production year 2011).
  • E (production year 2012).
  • F (production year 2013).
  • K (manufactured in 2016/2017).
  • J-series.
  • F-series.

The C line also requires an internet connection. For lines D, E, F the All Share program installed on the TV.

Connecting LG TV to Wi-Fi

You will not have any difficulties and instructions on how to control your LG TV from your phone. Controlling an LG TV from a smartphone is also possible after the initial connection of the gadget to the TV. It is carried out relatively quickly, without the use of additional devices. You will need:

Having opened the list of available phone settings, first activate the transmission and reception of data over the Wi-Fi network, and then, looking into one of the additional sections, the Wi-Fi Direct option. In some cases, this parameter is located in the same place as the main function.

In the same order, but this time by going to the Network / Network subsection, enable the transfer of information via the Wi-Fi Direct protocol.

  • At this stage, the detection of devices ready for connection should start in automatic mode. When the list is displayed on the TV screen, select your smartphone in it, and then issue all the permissions necessary to establish communication. You may need to enter the passkey displayed on the TV monitor.

When the connection is finally established, you can start controlling the TV from the smartphone, which acts as a remote control in this case. Download any of the applications below, master the simple functionality and get started!

App # 5: Samsung Smart View

Another great app from the manufacturer. With the help of the program, which is distributed free of charge and does not contain any ads, you can use all the options available on a standard remote control. The application is not intended to work with other brands, on the other hand, it allows you to control not only TV, but also other Samsung household appliances. Among other things, using this applet you can transfer content stored in the memory of your smartphone to the big screen.

Of course, to start using the application, preliminary synchronization is required, otherwise you will not be able to control the Samsung TV from your smartphone. A distinctive feature of the product is the ability to create separate tabs for each managed unit, and then quickly switch between them.

Other advantages of the applet include:

Almost instant synchronization.

  • A handy widget containing the main buttons.
  • Easy turning on and off the TV using the virtual remote control.
  • Work with both Wi-Fi technology and infrared ports.
  • Fine-tuning and creating new buttons.
  • Backing up custom settings.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the initial setup of Smart TV. Nevertheless, it makes sense to consider a few special cases. Let’s show how the TV is controlled from a Samsung phone. You can set up the remote control for Samsung TV through your phone using one of the programs, but for now, about the principles of connection. Note that the ability to use the Wi-Fi Direct protocol is presented in all TV models with Smart TV support. It’s even easier with phones: the corresponding function is implemented by all smartphone manufacturers.

For TV ranges UE (Model 58J5200), H (Models 4203B and 5203), F (Model 5300), E (Models 550 and 557), EH (Models 5300 and 5307) and ES (Models 5500, 5507, 5530, 5537, 5550, 5557) in order to configure the connection, you will need to purchase a branded external module WIS12. Otherwise, the connection process is no different from the one described below.

Using the LS, M, N, Q, R lines as an example, we will illustrate the setting of the phone-TV connection:

Press the Home key on the remote control or, if it is not there, on the front panel of the TV. It is marked with a house icon.

Find the General item in the menu that opens. Click on the title to open the submenu.

Control Samsung Smart Tv From Phone

Go to the Network subsection, which is responsible for wireless connections.

Next, open Network Settings, most often this is the second item in the new list.

We continue to tell you how to control your TV using your Samsung phone. Controlling a Samsung TV from a smartphone is impossible without selecting the communication mode between the TV and the gadget. In the case we are considering, the Wireless option is suitable.

Find the desired Wi-Fi network on the next page of the network settings, then click on the title.

If the network is password protected, you will be prompted to enter the access code on a new page. As in all other cases, do not be too lazy to switch the layout, and also carefully monitor the case of letters: the system distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase spelling. Completing the task greatly simplifies the included display of entered characters. When finished, click OK / Done.

The data can be processed by TV for several seconds, sometimes up to a minute. If the password is correct, you will see a notification about successful connection. You can safely close the settings window and start mastering one of the remote control programs.

If an error is found, we advise, as usual, to first check the correctness of the data entry. After that, you can try to reboot the paired TV and smartphone, and if this does not work, reset the TV settings to factory settings.

We connect the iPhone via Wi-Fi using the example of the Sony Bravia TV

Now we will tell you how to control the TV through an iPhone. The TV remote control for iPhone, as a separate application, you can download for free. For now, a few words about the presets. Consider the procedure for pairing a TV and an iPhone using the example of one of the Sony models when using other TVs, the procedure will generally be the same.

To pair your mobile device and TV, you will need:

Turn on the Wi-Fi Direct transmission of information on the TV, and then wait a little until the passkey appears on the screen. You don’t need to close this window yet. On iPhone, activate Wi-Fi connection.

Select in the list that opens the network that was created by the TV, and when the offer appears, enter the access code in the edited line the same one that is still on the TV screen.

It will take a few seconds to connect. A sign of a successful completion of the process, the appearance on the touchscreen of a check mark, blue or greenish, next to the network name. At the same time, a dotted line between the TV and phone icons will appear on the TV screen.

Until all the above steps are completed, it is impossible to control the TV from the iPhone phone. If you find that it is impossible to establish a connection, before all other actions, we recommend that you check whether the password was entered correctly. Don’t forget to switch to Latin, Cyrillic characters are not accepted. Also, there is a difference between lowercase and uppercase letters, be sure to change case where necessary. The next steps to fix the problem are restarting both the gadget and the TV. If this does not work, it remains to reset the TV settings to factory settings and then follow all the steps listed from the very beginning.

In addition to using the iPhone as a remote control, you can transfer all kinds of multimedia content to TV: from movies to music and e-books; by connecting the iPhone to the TV. Special applications like iMediaShare and the nearest analogues will help to make the process easier. They can be installed and used in parallel with remote control programs, which will be described below.

Zaza Remote app

The program, like some of the previous ones, is quite universal: download and run it and you can control almost any TV model. The application discussed in this section not only answers the question of how to control a TV from an Android phone, but also allows you to control the operation of other devices, including DVD and BD players. An applet for iPhone and iPad is also available from the link below. The interface has not yet been translated into Russian, however, due to the excellent organization, it is intuitive and in the original language.

During the first launch, you will need to grant the product a number of permissions necessary for the operation, including geolocation and access to the gadget’s memory. The latter makes it possible to broadcast content stored on the phone to a wide screen: from movies and clips to music and photos. Synchronization of TV and smartphone is carried out automatically.

The program is available completely free of charge, does not impose additional subscriptions. It is suitable for both new and old versions of Android OS and can also be successfully installed on tablets.