Connection of digital television to a TV without a prefix

In a simple language about how to configure digital channels on LG TV

During 2019 in Russia, digital television will completely replace analogue. Broadcasting on analog channels was discontinued on April 15. To continue watching your favorite programs, you need to reconfigure the TV to the reception of digital channels.

To understand how to reconfigure the TV to digital television, you need to find out if there is a DVB T2 reception module in it. LG models released in 2012 and later are equipped with digital modules. These devices can take digital broadcasting without additional equipment.

Important! For the transition, the TV must be equipped precisely by the DVB-T2 module. DBV-T tuner will not be able to take a new broadcast format. You can clarify the module version in the operating instructions.

If the documentation for the device is not preserved, it can always be found on the official website of the manufacturer www.LG.Com.

When the prefix is ​​optional or not needed

In addition to the above-mentioned television standards, they become popular Smart-TV and IPTV-the main direction of which is the signal transmission using network technologies. Consider each of the ways in more detail.

Air television

If the TV model is equipped with the DVB-T2 standard, then you can watch digital TV. How to connect digital television for free without a prefix:

connection, digital, television, prefix
  • Put at home an antenna of the decimeter range, directing it towards the nearest relay or TV tape.
  • Combine the antenna with the TV through the cable.
  • On the remote control, click the “menu” button.
  • Go to the search section of digital channels and use automatic search.
  • Save the found channels.

Cable tv

The difference from digital in one. The signal is transmitted not through the air, but through the cable. The standard is also different, therefore, for receiving a cable TV, the TV must be equipped with DVB-C/C2. The cable to the house is provided to you by the provider, along with the connection, setting and providing services. To get a cable house, you need:

  • With the provider, conclude a contract for maintenance and provision of cable TV services.
  • Get a Smart card with a CAM module and connect it to the TV.
  • Connect the cable from the provider to the TV.
  • Registered new subscriber via a Smart card gets access to the selected tariff
  • Automatically search for channels.
  • Save changes.

IPTV via PC connection to TV

TV can be connected to a computer as a second screen. Now, even if there are no LAN ports on the TV, Wi-Fi Adaptors and Smart-TV options, the computer will be able to broadcast the IPTV channel flow. To configure IPTV:

  • Connect the TV to the computer and remove it as an additional screen.
  • Matter PC with the Internet via cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Download the VLC application for PC (or analog), which works with streaming IPTV.
  • On the provider’s website, find the IPTV sheet, the link to which add to the “Stream” section of the VLC player.
  • Run the flow and switch to the desired channel.

Smart TV

If your TV model with Smart option, you get a full Internet exit, where you can implement not only IPTV, but also a ton of online cinemas. For settings:

  • Connect the TV to the router via cable or by Wi-Fi.
  • Set VLC through the app store and configure the IPTV by the method specified above.
  • Also update, download applications for entering the movie and make accounts there.
  • To register such accounts, you need to create an electronic box in advance, since it will be needed to create each profile.
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Connection options

As a rule, the prefix for digital television for the old TV has no connection method. “tulip”. There are a couple of minimum connections to the receiver of our old-TV old man. Some of them are given below.

The often used version of the connection to the number TV and the old TV exists. This method is called a “bouquet of tulips”. Working and good option, does not leave in trouble and copes with the given task.

The RCA-Cabble is connected according to the following scheme:

  • Turn off the supply of power to the TV and the receiver using the stretch of the fork from the outlet.
  • Connect a cable or wire in Russian speaking into the connectors we need. Look around the marking on the plug on the plug. For what? But not to confuse, where the hole is responsible for the sound, and where for the image. Or another story: nests 3, and cable 2. See marking names.
  • Put the prefix and conduct an antenna to it. This is a cable from the antenna.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings menu. There is a network in the settings function and you need to switch to “AV”.
  • After installing the prefix and connection, we move on to the settings of television channels. For an exact attitude, you need to observe the length of the cable, otherwise there is a risk that the channels will be bad. So you will set up on the desired frequency.
  • All settings were successful? Then press the OK button and save on the digital console.


A connector, which often comes across a TV and prefix. Once he was European. Something in the likeness of the version through “tulips”, but more modern. Connection to the TV will be simple, if there is such a nest has a digital prefix for the TV. Otherwise, you will need to buy an adapter that is suitable for this model of numbers.

connection, digital, television, prefix

How to connect the attachment to the network in stages:

  • First place the antenna. It will be located above, where you reach. Direct so that it is closer to the relay.
  • Disconnect from power supply.
  • Next we figure out the receiver. We take the cable and insert the plug into the digital console, after which to the TV.
  • Connect the TV to the outlet, that is, give the network.
  • We take the remote control and click the “menu” on it after which the AV mode also sets on the network.
  • “Catch” television channels and save them by pressing the key on the “OK” console.

It is possible that the TV is so old that the AV nests may not be at all. And this is on such old people in the form of “birch”, “horizon”, etc.D. However, you do not need to despair, because at such a moment you can connect a digital console.

Connection via antenna connector is a way out of the situation.

It seems to be a modern world and problems of this type have faded into the background, but no, no. A huge number of prefix without high frequency cannot go out to the TV signal. They may have access to the antenna, but, unfortunately, this is another component. Then, you should purchase an RF modulator.

  • The antenna plug includes in the receiver.
  • Connect the prefix to the TV via a modulator using the “tulips” scheme.
  • Next, the cable that goes from the antenna turn on to the TV.

Programs that exist, also need to be configured. But the sound quality and image with the video will leave the “best” than with AV. Of course, old-fashioned old men cannot be high-quality in terms of material. You don’t even need to talk about it.

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Through HDMI

Surprisingly, on old TVs (not precisely the USSR), you can go to the exit of the channels through HDMI. See what nests and wired connectors. Only one cable needs here, he immediately conveys both video and sound.

There is no loss of quality and is suitable for HD permits, that is, a show on a large screen. But, if the prefix is ​​old, then the HDMI entrance may not be, so there is already what is stipulated above.

Above use was mentioned how to configure the prefixes to the old TV. This item is carried out after the digital broadcast is connected. And in the settings you will receive standard programs, or that are in the prefix itself:

But standard channels are given to people and this does not depend on broadcasting and payments. 20 channels have two multicompers where there are channels:

  • “First channel”;
  • “Russia 1”;
  • “MATCH!”;
  • “NTV”;
  • “Channel 5”;
  • “Russia K”;
  • “Russia 24”
  • “Carousel”;
  • “OTR”;
  • “TVC”;
  • “Ren-TV”;
  • “SAVED”;
  • “STS”;
  • “Home”;
  • “TV3”;
  • “Friday!”;
  • “Star”;
  • “WORLD”;
  • “TNT”;
  • MUZ-TV.

Adding local television channels

How to set up 20 channels on a TV? In your area and focusing on your region, free television of 20 different television programs can be publicly available for your receiver.

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to watch local channels without a prefix, several simple actions are performed and the search for television programs is launched.

Make sure that the signal of the generally accepted standard is under the device. The meter and decimeter range. Signal is summarized:

The next stage, search for analogue television channels.

Focus on all the above instructions.

The main difference is that the “digital signal” point must be replaced with an “analog signal”.

How to connect digital television on many LG models? To do this, activate the settings “only digital”.

Connecting and setting up TsET channels for a TV with a tuner

Connecting a TV with a tuner to TsTV is very simple.

  • You should turn off the TV receiver from the network
  • Connect the cable from the antenna of the DMV range to the corresponding nest on the TV.
  • Connect the TV to power and turn on the button from the remote control.
  • Start the technical setup and search for channels.
connection, digital, television, prefix

Nun digital television is also easy. On television models, the determination of the frequency range is automatically made when choosing a type of reception (antenna, cable or satellite TV), others require manual installation of technical parameters.

Advice! Therefore, before hiring for work, you should carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions.

All TV models with a tuner implemented functions of automatic and manual search for channels. To make a search, you need to go through the remote control to the tuner menu and start the desired function.

Essential TV shows DVB-C without console

If you are already using the services of a television company that has already automatically switched to a modern broadcast format, then to connect a TV to digital television without a prefix you need a TV with support for special TV formats.

All television receivers that have been released since 2014 have already been equipped with these formats. You should not apply special efforts to activate and view new channels. Just insert the cable of your broadcaster into the corresponding connector, in the “Source” section, select the type of broadcast and go to the settings where start the automatic channel search.

Unfortunately, if you have an outdated format of technology, then you will still have to purchase a special receiver.

Advantages of connecting digital television without a prefix

The main advantage of the connection method we propose. There is no need for the prefix. Thus, you save about 2 thousand. Rubles once or reduce the monthly fee for the cost of renting a device.

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How to scan digital TV and analog TV on LG 55UJ63 Smart TV

Other important advantages of connecting television without a prefix:

  • A simple intuitively understandable integration with the possibility of recording broadcasts, stopping them and rewinding;
  • Flexible setting up available channels with the ability to expand the standard proposal with thematic packs;
  • Convenient viewing control using a single remote control.

The application is available for most modern LG and Samsung TVs. By using wireless technology for connecting the Internet, the clutter of your apartment with wires is reduced.

The choice of TV supporting digital TV without using the prefix

Basically, due to the fact that more and more new TV models appear daily, we will try to start by teaching you to choose and identify the device that will work with the number.

Modern television broadcasting standards are divided into the following types:

  • DVB-S (new generation S2). Satellite television.
  • DVB-C (C2). Cable TV.
  • DVB-T (new multiplex DVB-T2). Air digital television.

The main rule that you should adhere to when choosing a digital TV is the possibility of working with the DVB-T2 standard

It is important not to confuse. We often come to us letters in which subscribers have televisions with the DVB-T standard, in which case the device will be able to accept digital television, but it will only catch the first 10 channels of the multiplex 1. Find all 20 free it will not be able to.

Also be careful when choosing a TV in stores. Unscrupulous sellers will guarantee the reception of digital television on it without a prefix, but in fact everything will be different. Or the device will catch only a dozen channels.

connection, digital, television, prefix

Choosing a model

If you would like to check your TV or want to learn about TVs taking digital broadcasting without the help of the prefix in advance, the following should be done:

  • In the upper menu of our site, find the “Equipment” tab “.
  • In it you should choose the section of the selection of TVs.
  • A special table will open. In it we have entered the most popular models in our country, which do not require a prefix during work.
  • If you need to find any specific model, then its number should be entered in the search field. The algorithm will independently bring you the result or report that there is no such TV, therefore it will be necessary to buy a prefix for it. On the example of the LG TV

In general, most modern TV models are already equipped with a digital broadcast receiver and are able to independently catch channels. The most popular firms, in our modest look, are as follows:

  • Samsung. They have a huge number of TVs supporting DVB-T2. We wrote more details in the article about setting.
  • LG.
  • DEXP.
  • Sony.
  • Thomson.

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