Connecting your iPhone to an LG TV

How to connect your iPhone to your LG TV

For more than a year the main device in human life is a smartphone. This small gadget allows a person to stay connected in any circumstance, through the use of mobile communication and the Internet.

Despite the fact that the iPhone or any other smartphone is a standalone device, owners often feel the need to pair the gadget with other home appliances. The main goal is to expand the capabilities of the device. By connecting the iPhone to the computer, a person can, for example, transfer photos to the PC and process them in comfort, as well as copy music or video files. But why to pair the iPhone with the LG TV?

Let’s highlight a few features that become available once the iPhone is connected to the TV receiver:

  • Viewing online content (movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts) on the big screen.
  • Presentation assistance.
  • Displaying photos and videos from your phone’s gallery on your LG TV screen.
  • Listen to music through the TV-receiver’s more powerful speakers.
  • Organizing a video connection.

So the main advantage of connecting iPhone to TV is the use of the big screen. After all, it is not always convenient to watch films, or communicate with a loved one via video call on a smartphone. Especially when you are holding an older iPhone with a small display.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, which are guaranteed by the pairing of two devices, each user can come up with his/her own end goal. But the outcome of the connection is the same. the organization of viewing content of one kind or another on the big screen.

Connecting via Wi-Fi Direct

WI-FI Direct media transmission method from your phone to your LG TV will allow you to do without cables, adapters and other complicated, and sometimes expensive tricks. The main requirement for the TV. it has the appropriate wireless module; fortunately, this transmitter is equipped with almost all modern models of the South Korean manufacturer. Using a direct connection allows you to do without an intermediate element in the form of a router: you only need to properly configure your smartphone and TV. Respectively, there is no need to check whether your TV belongs to the Smart line, which certainly requires a router for synchronization.

There are several ways to synchronize the two devices. After having a clearer understanding of each of them, the user can choose the most suitable one for him/herself

Wi-Fi Direct technology

This method is very convenient, here you do not need to use wires or additional set-top boxes, adapters, router. Only a wireless WI-Fi connection is sufficient;. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • for the TV. the presence of a built-in adapter that allows wireless connections and supports Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • for a smartphone. Android version at least 4.0.

In addition to the mass of advantages, the method has some disadvantages. One of the main ones is the increased load on the battery of the smartphone, which will make it discharge faster. The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • Open in order in the cell: “Settings”, then “Wi-Fi”, “Advanced settings”, and after “Wi-Fi Direct”. It will start automatically searching for available networks, so you need to immediately start installing on the Smart TV;
  • To start the menu using the remote control;
  • find the “Network” item;
  • select the section “Wi-Fi Direct”, activate it.

Next, you will need to set the security code:

  • Find “Security Key” section in the program;
  • think of a strong password, enter them;
  • on the phone to find the login of the access point created on the TV, start connecting to it (the password will be required).

The next step is synchronization. When one of the devices will find the other, it is required to select the model displayed on it and approve all confirmations.

After 5-10 seconds the phone and TV will be connected. You can perform the necessary manipulations. To send files to the monitor, you need to go to the gallery, click on the desired one, select “Send” in its settings, in the list of applications will appear the TV data, which must be selected.

Miracast program

The modern Miracast standard allows you to connect your phone to the Smart TV using wireless data transmission. When the procedure is successfully completed, all the content available on your smartphone (any media files, including your favorite apps) can be streamed on the TV screen.

The method has its limitations:

  • Smart TV supports this interface;
  • One router at both devices;
  • smartphone supports Miracast functionality. You can check it by searching in the usual settings or by lowering the curtain on the screen, looking for the option “Cast” (or “Miracast”). If it is not available, it can be downloaded from Google Play by entering in the search box. “Miracast WI-FI Display”.
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If all the requirements are satisfied, you can start connecting:

  • launch the TV menu;
  • select: Settings;
  • activate the “Network”;
  • In the Miracast menu, move the cursor to ON;
  • turn on the found (or downloaded application) function in the smartphone.

After the final stage, the mobile will find the TV and it remains only to confirm all the actions for the final connection.

How to output photos and videos from iPhone to TV to watch movies?

What to do if your TV or set-top box does not have AirPlay support built in? We will work via DLNA. To connect your iPhone to a Samsung, Sony, or LG television, you will need to install a separate program. You can find a lot of them on the AppStore, but I personally use TV Assist.

  • Turn on your TV or launch a set-top box and connect to the router’s WI-FI network.
  • Also connect your iPhone to the wireless signal
  • Launch the TV Assist application and click the monitor icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Choose your TV or console from the list of available devices for playback
  • Then we go to the “Video” section of the application and open the folder on your iPhone, where the movie we want to watch on the big screen is located.
  • And choose the video you want
  • The file will be opened in the application and will be converted to the format supported by your TV. After that we press the “Play” button

Then this video will start playing on the TV directly from the iPhone.

In the same way it is possible to output photos or music, which is on the iPhone.

Main methods of connection

Owners of smartphones often wonder how to connect the iPhone to the TV. Given that such devices are distinguished by a wide range of functionality, the connection can be carried out in different ways:

  • Using an HDMI cable.
  • Using an analog wire.
  • Using various alternative devices.
  • Wireless method.
  • Via USB.

Each method stands out for its technical capabilities and features. So, when connecting iPhone to TV with wires you can get different results. In one case, transmit only photos, and in another, watch videos, as well as perform various operations.

Using Wi-Fi

To connect wirelessly, the TV must have Wi-Fi Direct. It is present in all modern models. Lets you set up a direct connection between your TV and phone. Additionally, on iPhone 6 or any other model, install the iMediaShare application or Twonky Beam, but only if the TV is Samsung. Download the required utility from the Apple Store.

  • enter the TV menu and go to the “Applications” category;
  • find Wi-Fi Direct and start it;
  • The screen will display the name of the network and the code;
  • Open the available Wi-Fi connections in the smartphone;
  • choose the appropriate option, enter the password that is lit on the TV screen.

Connecting via HDMI

Many owners of such smartphones are wondering how to connect their iPhone to the TV using HDMI. The technology is quite popular, so there is nothing to be surprised about. This connection is possible, but you need to buy a special adapter Apple Digital AV Adapter, which has an HDMI connector. The difficulty is that all iPhones are equipped with a connector “Lightning”. It is an exclusive development of the company and without the presented adapter you cannot connect to the phone.

To connect, perform the following steps:

  • Turn both devices off;
  • connect the adapter to the phone, and from it pull the wire to the TV;
  • Turn on the smartphone and TV;
  • The devices automatically find each other.

If automatic setup does not work. It will be necessary to set the required parameters manually:

  • In the iPhone settings, activate data transfer using HDMI;
  • On the TV, it is necessary to set HDMI as a signal source;
  • In 15 seconds the image will appear.

This method provides the best quality of viewing.

We use an analog cable

Let’s look in detail at how you can connect the iPhone to the TV with an analog cable. However, this method is not the most popular, because it does not provide a high quality picture, but it is perfect if the TV has no HDMI output.

You can make the connection using this cable:

  • Composite.Using the composite method of connection, you don’t have to especially understand. Insert the tulips into the TV, the other end into the smartphone (but you still need the Digital AV Adapter for this). No additional settings are required, just switch to AV mode on the TV.
  • Component.With iPhone version 5s and above, to broadcast the picture to the TV is available with a component cord. To do this, follow the same steps as with the composite wire.
  • VGA.Can you connect your iPhone to your TV with a VGA cable? But you will need to use the Digital AV Adapter. And this method is available for iPhone version 6 at least.
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Using additional devices

You can use alternative devices to connect the iPhone to the TV. Often used:

The Google Chromecast device provides a connection between the TV and an iOS smartphone. Visually similar to a regular flash drive. The Chromecast is connected to your phone with a cable and to your TV with HDMI connector. Using this device, you can watch movies, play games, browse the Internet, listen to music.

There is another way to connect the iPhone to your TV via WI-FI. to use the Apple TV box. The connection is not complicated at all and everyone can do it by themselves:

  • Launching Apple TV. Using WI-FI or Bluetooth connection between the device and TV.
  • Connecting iPhone and Apple TV using WI-FI.
  • On the smartphone select AirPlay.
  • Find the set-top box in the list and click on it.
  • The screen will show AirPlay Mirroring function and after activating it the TV will show the picture from the phone.


The solution is universal, but has certain limitations on functionality. Connecting iPhone to TV via USB, you can’t duplicate content on the big screen. The TV will accept the phone as an ordinary storage device. This option is relevant only if you want to play the files stored in your smartphone, for example, to show photos to your friends or watch an interesting film in the evening.

The connection process is quite simple. Using the adapter cable, connect the devices to each other. Then we enter the TV menu and set the source of the signal from USB.

Connecting through HDMI

The most common option is an HDMI interface. With this connection, the TV acts as a projector. You can watch a film directly from your iPhone, but you’ll need to buy the appropriate adapter. This plug is commercially available, but not everywhere and it does not fit into every iPhone model. Additionally, you need a Lightning cable with a power supply, which comes with every phone.

Using an adapter like this you can broadcast YouTube videos from the iPhone display to the TV monitor, while controlling the broadcast from a small screen.

The pairing algorithm is very simple, because it is done automatically. We only need to connect the devices by inserting cables into the connectors. If there was a settings failure, then you will have to configure the connection manually.

Manual setup involves activating the feature on each gadget.

Wireless connection

The most practical way to synchronize devices. No need to buy and connect the wires and other additional equipment. Allows you to expand the capabilities of synchronization, but is mostly available on TVs with a Smart platform.


With AirPlay, you can stream content from your smartphone, stream video or duplicate the iPhone screen to your LG Smart TV. It is important that your TV equipment supports AirPlay technology.

To view your smartphone screen on your TV requires:

connecting, your, iphone
  • Connect devices to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Find “Screen Repeat” on your smartphone in the control menu.
  • Choose a Smart TV from the list.
  • On the TV screen, you’ll see a password that must be entered on your iPhone. After that the screen will start to be displayed on the TV.

In order to stop the broadcasting of the screen, simply select the “Stop broadcasting” item in the “Repeat screen” menu.

All LG Smart TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi module, so it’s easy to connect your iPhone to them:

  • Install the special LG Smart Share app on the TV-equipment. It’s free.
  • For iPhone, download the iMediaShare application from the Apple Store.
  • Connect both devices to the same home Wi-Fi network.
  • Tick the item “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen” in the main menu of the program.
  • Select the media content you want to watch from the TV screen.
  • Press the ” Bearning ” button to start the playback.

The same scheme can be used to synchronize devices using the iPhone application Twonky Beam.

Apple TV

This method of wireless synchronization requires a special equipment. the Apple TV set-top box. It is connected via Wi-Fi.

Before setting up, it is important to update the operating systems in the devices to avoid errors.

  • Go to the Apple TV menu, find “Settings”, then “Remote Controls and Devices”.
  • Connect the iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV, and bring both devices close to each other.
  • On your iPhone, you will see the notification ” Pairing “.
  • Next, you will need to enter a PIN code, which will appear on the TV screen. To avoid the need to enter the PIN code every time, go to the security settings of the Apple TV and remove the “Ask for password for AirPlay” option.

At this point, check the connection by running on your iPhone any video or photo.

Google Chromecast device

If your TV does not have a Wi-Fi adapter, you can use the optional Google Chromecast, which looks like a flash drive.

  • Google Chromecast hardware plugged into the TV’s HDMI connector.
  • Download Google Home on your phone.
  • Connect your devices to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the app on your iPhone. Specify your Google account in the settings menu.
  • The app automatically looks for devices that are turned on and ready to use. You should find LG TV in the list of found devices and press “Next”.
  • A code appears on the TV screen, which must be entered in the application on your smartphone. Synchronization will occur.
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If the connection fails

Problems Solution
Your TV and phone are not connected through a wireless connection This error may be caused by not connecting to the same wireless WI-FI network. In order to get the bundle of gadgets back to work, you need to reconnect your smartphone and Apple TV to the same network. After that refresh the connection and make sure both devices are stable.
No connection between the TV and the phone with a wired connection In case TV doesn’t find iPhone in the list of connected devices, you should check if the HDMI or USB wire is working. If the adapter has been used for a long time, there could be a breakage with its connection or contacts. In this case, the wire will have to be replaced with a new one. Otherwise using of products can provoke general system failure which can be corrected only with the help of professional.
Error when connecting the Lightning to the TV If TV does not see the connected iPhone or displays a system error when using Lightning, you should verify the originality of the used wire. Apple equipment is a closed system and excludes the use of non-original products.

Connecting to TVs of different models via iPhone is possible both wired and wirelessly, but it is important to remember that most manufacturers support this type of connection when installing the appropriate utilities. If there is no connection, the user should immediately find out the cause of the problem, which most often lies in the malfunction of the equipment. After that, it is recommended to buy the original wires to replace the incorrectly working. However, you should be careful. if you have purchased products from a different manufacturer, the system may refuse to connect. Also buying non-original products can lead to a rapid failure of the device or the system, on the basis of which the connection works between the phone and TV.

Why connect your smartphone to the TV?

Ordinary TV without Internet access has very limited functionality. with its help you can only watch TV programs on available channels. However, this narrows the choice, the quality of television content continues to decline. If you understand how to connect the iPhone to the TV, you can significantly expand its capabilities. The following functionality becomes available to the user:

  • Viewing all kinds of movies and videos from YouTube. You can watch them on the big screen and enjoy the picture and sound quality. In this case, the TV is used as a monitor to which the picture is transmitted.
  • Internet-singing. You’ll be able to visit any websites, look through social networks, search the necessary information and display it on the big screen.
  • Video calls with modern messengers. The TV screen will display a clear picture, this will make communication with friends and family much more pleasant.
  • Conducting business video conferences, especially important for office workers.

Can I connect my iPhone to my TV if I have a regular model at home with outdated features?? No problems with the connection, as there are several ways to do it.

Which connection is more reliable??

Each connection option has its own features and advantages, so the choice depends only on available options. Wireless communication via WI-Fi using apps will be the most comfortable to use, but it is not always available.

Wired connection via different types of jacks limits the opportunities to use your smartphone, but sometimes this is the only way. If your financial resources allow, you can buy a special add-on, which allows you to turn even an outdated model of TV into a modern Smart TV.

Choose from a variety of connectivity options to extend the capabilities of even our older LG and Samsung models. There is no need to buy an expensive new TV, if you can access the Internet via a smartphone with minimal additional investment. No need to hire a professional to make the connection, you can do it yourself with no problem.

Find your TV and iPhone connection to enjoy the benefits of watching your favorite movies on the big screen. This is just one of the uses of modern Internet television.

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