Connecting rearview mirror with monitor

How to connect rearview camera to your rearview mirror with monitor

Hi there! Need advice on how to be practical, aesthetic and everything. In general, the bottom line is this: I ordered in China, mirror-recorder with video input and a camera in the room light. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the mirror

I saw the connection, the circuit, too, no questions.

ONCE! The miracle mirror-recorder has a cool feature. simultaneous recording from two cameras, that is the main and rear. To implement it. I need to have a constant plus on the camera, if I, for example, turn on the lights. One more thing: in order to “unfold” on the screen the picture of the rear camera when you turn reverse, to the mirror must come another plus wire on the red wire, which is with the tulip.

Now the situation is as follows: I brought the camera constant plus, and the conventional circuit (which was considered) instead of plus camera, powered plus on the red wire tulipane, it turns out that the camera takes constant pictures (running from the rear “cigarette lighter”), and when you turn on the rear, relay operates and the picture unfolds to the full screen. Everything would be cool, but the cigarette lighter always works, which means the camera, too. So I’m thinking, “one. “Dude, cut the crap, it’s the camera that takes the ground anyway, put both pluses to the relay controlled by the reverse.”

I remember 12 years ago, riding on the L200 paid attention to the fact that when you turn back, you run a great risk of creating a bad situation for any object, because they can not see, so were purchased rear-view mirror.Recorder and camera for rear view.

Has been driving with such a device for several years on another car and see only pluses. registers and records simultaneously what is happening in front and behind. When you turn on reverse speed displays the image from the rear camera on the entire display. Of course, there are more expensive versions with Android, navigation, etc I did not like one thing. not a particularly wide field of view rearview camera, which come with the recorder, and that the mock lights on it light up. Therefore, I bought the camera separately.

The seller assured me that it has a viewing angle of 170 degrees. (manufacturers slightly smarter say that it is the diagonal viewing angle). In the end, I am disappointed:

To put or not, the back camera, decides every driver himself. In this article we’ll tell you how to connect the rearview camera, and it’s up to you to decide whether you need it or not. Connecting the rear view camera requires some knowledge and skills, so not everyone will be able to do it on their own. But if you still decided that the installation of regular rear view camera is necessary for you, then use the tips from this article. With a small set of tools and basic skills of working with them, you can easily figure out how to connect the rear view camera.

Side mirrors, and your head rotated 180 ° will not give the desired effect, some little things, and maybe not little things, you may still not notice. And then you may begin disassembly with the owner of the scratched car, and it can cost you ten times more than installing a reversing camera. Further in the article we’ll look at what camera you can choose, whether you will suit the Chinese manufacturer, or whether you prefer something more solid. And also discuss whether it is possible to install a rearview camera with your own hands, and how to properly connect your chosen device.

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connecting, rearview, mirror, monitor

Types of mirror-recorders and the peculiarities of their choice

If we talk about the types of modern mirror-recorder, among themselves they will differ available functions, that is, electronic stuffing. The simpler and cheaper models have only the DVR function. In expensive versions may have the function of anti-radar, navigator, parking camera and other. The range from about 1300 to 14 thousand dollars. rubles, the main price range is 2-7 thousand.

When buying a mirror-recorder you should be guided by how much money you are willing to spend and what functions such a device should have. Characteristics, which should be paid attention to when choosing a mirror-recorder:

  • Parameters of the main and parking video camera. Capture quality depends on the resolution of the camera. Budget versions have cameras with a resolution of at least 720×480 pixels, and the expensive models. 1920×1080.
  • Recording format. Almost all modern devices are designed to work with video files in AVI or MP4 format, so the recorders work in this format.
  • Viewing angle. It is recommended to buy devices that have a viewing angle of not less than 120°. There are models with a viewing angle from 90 to 160 °.
  • Monitor diagonal. Usually it is from 2.7 to 5 inches.
  • versatility. It can be installed on any car model;
  • compact dimensions. As the whole device is located in the rear view mirror housing, there are no extraneous elements and wires obstructing the view;
  • appearance. The design is almost the same as a simple rear view mirror, so it blends in with the interior design and does not attract the attention of thieves;

Although the mirror-recorder has many advantages, like any other device, there are some disadvantages:

  • You should consider the peculiarities of the car mirror mounting;
  • In some cars, the rearview mirror is not fixed very securely, so it may not be able to withstand the weight of the new design;
  • In cheap models poor quality clips or rubber bands are used for mounting, so there is a possibility of disconnection of the device while driving on our roads;
  • If one of the devices in the composition fails, all other functions stop working.

Despite the presence of some disadvantages, most motorists still speak positively about the mirror-recorder, because it is much more convenient to use one device than several.

Car monitor mirror and rearview camera with wireless unit

Here’s a story about car monitor, designed in the form-factor of regular rear view mirror, camera and their connection to each other without wires

I have been driving for many years and I am quite good at maneuvering and parking in reverse, but, as many of you probably know, quite often there are situations when it is quite difficult to cope with one skill, especially when you have to twist in a cramped parking lot, and even as if by chance misted glass/rain/snow is trying to complicate the already difficult situation After several such cases I finally decided to get a rearview camera on the principle of “better with it than without it”.

Since my car doesn’t have cassette player with in-built display, in addition to the camera I faced the problem of choosing a car monitor for its connection. Cool solution from the viewpoint of not cluttering up the front panel is to have monitor hooked up to OEM rearview mirror. I had an experience of such device using as a video recorder before. After a short time of use the device was safely put “at rest”, t.к. I could not get used to its size and the inconvenience, in my opinion, almost nullified all the advantages. The main reason of all disadvantages for me was the way of fixing it to OEM mirrors, which made developers automatically make its size bigger than usual.к. a black box lens should look out from behind the regular mirror. Besides, no matter how well I clamped the device on the mirror, the reflection in it wobbled quite noticeably while driving and it annoyed me terribly. Irritated so much that I even made a separate attachment for it from the old mirror and thus hung it not “on” but “instead of” regular mirror, but it did not bring me the desired result, so the device has never stuck to me. After that I was not disappointed with the idea of using rear view mirror as a monitor, I just disliked its implementation in this way. By the time we were searching for the monitor for camera the Chinese started to fill with all their might the auto gadgets market with new realization of the old idea and decided to complete the “bumpy” design with new one as usual full-fledged door mirror mounted straight on the windshield. It became clear why they have not done so before, it was quite trivial. every brand cars often has its own individual mirror mounts (i.e., for example, for the cabin mirrors).ч. not always on the windshield), which brings some difficulties in equipping the Chinese mirrors with these very mounts. To solve this problem Chinese manufacturers started to produce several types of mounts which are currently most widespread for different brands of cars and offer them at your choice when selling your gadget-mirrors.

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This is the version of the monitor I decided to stop and try it in action.

over, to avoid cable pulling through the car interior, this “camera monitor” combination was supplemented by another useful invention for the lazy. a wireless video image transmission unit from camera to monitor

Screen: 4.3″ TFT Resolution: 800×480 Video format support: PAL/NTSC Number of video inputs: 2 Automatic screen switch-on function when image appears

In addition to the device itself, the set includes a windshield mount, theoretically designed for the “nickel” of the regular mirror (why theoretically. further below). ), a cable that combines both power and video source connection functions, and a decorative cover to attach the cable to the section from the mirror to the ceiling panelling

Externally, the device is very similar to the regular mirror, but still a little longer Mirror-Monitor has a small toning, so beloved by Chinese manufacturers. For comparison. a photo next to the regular mirror.

On the front is a single button, whose function is to adjust the brightness of the video, turn on / off the device does not allow. To the left of the button there is a brightness sensor peephole, to the right. LED to indicate the device

Behind, in addition to landing place for mounting the mirror, there is another eye, most likely designed for another sensor, but is it there or not I did not understand, at least no reaction to changes in lightening from this side of the device I did not notice. It is possible that this sensor, as well as the speaker, the grid under which is also present here, are installed in some other modification of a similar mirror.

The mountings are made entirely of metal

There is a catalog of possible types of mounts in the manual attached to the mirror. However, only three of them are available for ordering on the website: According to the manufacturer, these types of mounts should correspond to the following car brands

BUICK mount: Regal / GL8 / Firstland / Park Avenue / Lacrosse / ExcelleXT / Enclave / Encore Chevrolet: Cruze / Epica / Aveo / Malibu GREAT WALL: M4 / Harvard h4 / H5 / Florid / C30 / C50 / V80 FORD: Focus / Mondeo / Max / Fiesta / Explorer Honda: CVR / Odyssey / CIVIC / Crosstour / Spirior Hyundai: IX35 / MISTRA JEEP: Compass / Patriot / Wrangler Kia: Sportage / K2 LEXUS: 350 MAZDA: M3 / M6 / M2 2008 SUZUKI: SX4 / Crossover MITSUBISHI: Lancer / Outlander 2008 / Pajero / Lancer-ex NISSAN: Sylphy / Tiida / Qashqai / Teana / Livina / X-Trail / Qichen D50 / R50 TOYOTA: Highlander / RAV4 / Yaris / Verso / Crown / Prado / Gamay / Reiz / Camry / Previa / Corolla / Vios

Ways to connect rear view camera to monitor

Ways to connect rear view camera (view) to monitor

In this article will be a detailed description and drawn diagrams, as well as photos of rearview camera connection through wires and wireless modules, you will learn what is the excitation wire, dispel a few misconceptions and after reading the article your knowledge in this matter will be at a good level.

All rearview cameras have parking lines, and the cameras also output a mirror image on the monitor, so that you “brain” would see the familiar image, as in the mirror to which he is accustomed. Parking lines do not show the distance (just change the angle of the camera and the distance between the lines will be different), they are made for you to eventually adapt to the boundaries of the car and the distance to obstacles yourself thanks to the lines. The rear view camera as a front camera is not suitable.

The infrared illumination on the rearview camera outputs an image in color when there is enough light, and when there is not enough light, thanks to the IR illumination, it outputs an image in black and white approximately 5 meters away. So, their presence in the rearview cameras is relevant, unlike the recorders, where they are advertising the nature of “night shooting” without practical application, which can not be said about the LED backlighting on rearview cameras, better without them than with them!

The cameras are equipped with a 5-6 meter cord, if necessary, it can be extended (wires are not shielded, have 2 wires in simple cords and 3 wires with a field wire), as well as the power cord length of one meter (two wires, can be extended) to connect to the reversing light.

The wire of excitation (activation).This is the wire which activates the monitors in the rear view mode with the “plus” current. Excitation wire is necessary for regular car stereos and 7″ monitors. Excitation wire is usually not required for 3.5″ monitors. 4.3″ inches and on some OEM stereos the rear view is switched on by video signal. Don’t try to “cheat” by powering rear view monitors from excitation wire, because it will take longer to switch on the monitor (normal switching on takes 0.5 seconds, through the excitation wire about 3 seconds).

It’s not a good idea to install the rear view camera behind the car’s window, because this way the camera will be clean, as it will glare of itself, will not let you see the bottom of the car, because of the large viewing angle it will display unnecessary details of the car. If you want to prove that you can install a rear view camera behind the glass, this is your solution. Some car owners can solve the issue of cleanliness of the camera simply by bringing out the additional nozzle on the rearview camera from the rear window washer. Here’s a myth that your camera is of interest to vandals, junkies. not having cut the wires it can not be dismantled, therefore, it will not be worth anything in spoiled form, and the second point, in practice it is isolated cases, and who will buy it, even if it will be intact. Ask yourself a simple question: do you remove doors, antennas, side mirrors, fog lights, decals, because they are also of interest to vandals. Rear view cameras are not suitable as a camera for the recorder, leave the dream alone and do not waste your time on it. A good place to install the camera on the car can be chosen a place near the license plate lights, although the variety of types of rear cameras will allow you to choose other places to install a rearview camera: in the spoiler, in the license plate frame, in the bumper, in the lock latch, a regular camera in the license plate light. Only when choosing a camera, do not forget that some rearview cameras have a certain position for mounting, so it would not turn upside down.

  • in the license plate light socket or trunk handle or a place for the camera-damage is not caused to the car;
  • the camera in the license plate frame-hole for the cord is not visible, because it is behind the frame;
  • In-dash camera on the principle of an eye, it is convenient among parking sensors, in the lock jaw or just a body;
  • on pin-minimal damage, because the wire goes through the pin itself, inconspicuous, pin up installation;
  • overhead-cameras-have a certain angle and minimum size, often have a specific position for installation:
  • on-camera mounting brackets are convenient because the camera can be installed in almost any place, and the angle of camera tilt and image unfolding can be changed.
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Monitors can be installed as on the torpedo and under the ceiling with duct tape on the mount, and you can buy a monitor in the rearview mirror, which is installed on a regular mirror with self-clamping clips (turns out to be reliable). Some models of mirrors have a brightness and contrast setting. 7″ monitors and car stereos can flip and mirror the image. There are models that are installed under the ceiling or canopy.

Connectors for connection

Monitors and rearview mirrors have three plugs. One end is responsible for 12V power supply. The other two are responsible for the video signal. When connecting a single camera does not matter to the yellow or white bell. If you connect rear camera and front camera, the white plug will be responsible for the front camera, and yellow for the rear camera (and can be vice versa), and the front camera displays continuously, but when the signal from the rear camera, the monitor itself will switch the image to the rear view camera by priority.

Ways to connect

Connecting with wireless modules. There are two kinds of wireless modules: for RCA.Tulip bell and 2,5mm mini. jack on 4 pins for connecting navigation devices with input. No need to call them wai-fi or bluetooth, they have nothing to do with it, although they work on the same frequent 2.4GHz. When you connect with RCA one module is connected to the reversing light and the camera itself; the second module is connected to power and monitor. These modules are not suitable for head units and monitors which need an excitation wire. The second type of modules 2.5 mini. jack to connect the navigators. Here, too, only the module for the navigator is installed in front of the navigator, and it is already plugged into the charger from the navigator. Often the modules are even different in appearance (by manufacturer), interchangeable. Also, wireless cameras are not suitable for rearview cameras, which are installed by means of a pin, as in this case the camera has a different connector for the cord.

How to install a rear view camera into your car by yourself

Parking camera, allows you to park your car more accurately. This technical means, it is important to use the inexperienced drivers, so they can monitor the space behind the car.

However, such a camera is factory-installed on premium models, or on some cars in the configuration of “luxury”. If the car is not equipped with a camera, then many drivers mount the device on their own.

However, this process has its own nuances, which should be considered when installing a parking camera.

How to Choose the Right Rear View Camera?

When choosing a rear view camera, you should consider the following factors:

  • Severe temperature fluctuations. The camera, which is installed on the car, must operate stably in the temperature range from.65 to 65 degrees Celsius.
  • The vehicle will be driven in conditions of high humidity, dust or dirt. The camera must be protected from the effects of these negative environmental factors. In order for the selected device to function in extreme conditions, it must have protection against dust and moisture. Thus, it is recommended to install cameras having protection index IP 66, IP67, and IP In the index, the first number indicates the level of protection against dust, the second. against moisture. Cameras with IP68 are able to work under water.
  • The viewing angle of the selected camera should range from 120 to 170 degrees.
  • It is advisable to opt for a parking camera capable of transmitting color images. It should also overlay parking lines on the image.
  • The camera should work well in the dark, as a rule, that light which comes from license plate lamps or from fog lamps is enough to transmit clear images to the monitor.

In black and white it is hard to see the information in the image that comes from the camera. Lack of parking lines makes it impossible to estimate the real distance to the obstacle. In this case, the parking camera, in fact, becomes a useless accessory.

Considering the above factors, you can buy a really good camera, which will last a long time, and will be an effective assistant. However when buying a camera it is important to pay attention to its design, viewing angles and the type of mounting of the technical equipment.

Too wide angles of view will lead to strong image distortion and “fish-eye” effect.

There are regular cameras, which are made for a particular car model, mortar cameras (the camera is built into the rear bumper), universal cameras, and cameras, located in the license plate frame.

When choosing a camera you need to consider how it will look like in the vehicle, will you have to drill holes in the body or bumper, and whether the camera will be visible to outsiders (if you attach the device in such a way that it will be visible, then there is a high probability of theft of this expensive equipment).

Where to install?

Most often, the rear view camera is installed either in the car bumper or in the license plate light box. However, depending on the type of camera, it can be mounted on some body elements and even mounted into the license plate frame.

Regular cameras, which can be purchased for installation on a specific car model, are already “equipped” with a mounting mechanism. The driver has only to tighten the device, and make the necessary adjustments.

If, for some reason, you could not buy a regular device, you can install a camera or a universal camera. They are mounted on the bumper or license plate lights.

Their advantage is easy installation, but the disadvantage is the need to drill holes in the body or the bumper of the vehicle.

As a rule, a universal camera is quite visible, especially if installed on the trunk lid. When doing this kind of installation you should remember that the parking camera can be stolen. It is recommended to install the camera in inconspicuous places, so that it does not become an easy prey to intruders.

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Also, some drivers, in order to protect the camera from negative environmental factors, or to protect it from thieves, install it in the car interior, and attach it to the rear window. This type of mounting can not be considered effective, because the information displayed on the monitor will be incomplete, which reduces the usefulness of such a camera to zero.

Preparing for installation

Once you have chosen a mounting location, you need to prepare the vehicle for installation. It is necessary to remove the trunk trim and find plugs which allow you to carefully lay the cable into the interior of the vehicle.

You should also understand that the installation of a rear camera, involves removing some elements of the interior, as well as partial disassembly of the front panel.

In some cases you will have to dismantle the multimedia system in order to install and set up the rear view camera.

In the case of wireless parking cameras, you can do with “little blood”. You will only need to remove the trunk liner and bulkhead, and find a place to install radio modules.

Important! When dismantling the salon elements and removing the trunk liner, it is important to exercise particular caution, there is a high probability of breakage of clips and latches, and this will lead to a violation of the sealing of the salon, backlashes and creaks.

Fault lamp control system

Most specialists believe the most convenient way to power the camera is to connect the power wire to the left rear lamp.

Separate video camera offers a choice of several installation locations, convenient for the driver. Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab S6 with updated S Like this article? It is not superfluous will be equipped with a plus wire additional fuse 0.5. 1A in the chain. The camera will turn on when the car is started, and will operate continuously if the car has a pre-switch off all power. The back-up camera will automatically shut off when reverse gear is engaged.

Let’s consider mounting of mirror with build-in camera, as well as connection schemes of the detachable device to the monitor of multimedia system. In cheaper models, the recording quality in low light can be very poor. We are not considering installing the camera behind the rear window of the vehicle.

connecting, rearview, mirror, monitor

Some models of such devices may require the use of a through mount. Connecting a reversing camera to a tablet A lot of drivers use smartphones and tablets as navigators.

One Reply to “Rear view camera connection with your own hands to car stereo, tablet and navigator”

The normal viewing angle is. degrees. All wires running through the cabin and in the trunk must be secured and hidden. Although you should not rely too much on one video camera, because it also has its shortcomings include a slight delay, a limited viewing angle, not enough clear resolution. You just need to connect everything according to the instructions, which are necessarily attached to the device. This option will help improve image quality in low visibility conditions.

Installation options

These are all known as tulips. There are several methods to complete a car rear view camera review of favorite models: a separate camera, which connects to OEM multimedia system or without assistance to the installed screen, a set of cameras with a rearview mirror, which will display the image when driving in reverse.

There are quite specific ways of installation from the tuning category. They are difficult not only to park in reverse, but also in front. The easiest way to install video cable is its fixing on the left side of the car under the removed sill plates and floor panelling.

When reverse gear is turned on from reverse lamp it goes to back camera, and it sends signal to turn on monitor automatically, so you don’t need to do any additional manipulations. Resolution of video camera Although modern monitors allow outputting video with Full HD resolution and higher, rear view camera’s resolution is limited by resolution of x pixels. If it is not included in the package. you should buy it separately.

Functions and Features

Viewing angle of a rear view camera with a monitor in the mirror characterizes how well you will see objects located to the left and right of the vehicle. There are 2 options for installing a car mirror with a camera:

Many mirrors with a camera have a parking sensor, which makes it easier to park the car in cramped conditions. A special radar, which is installed behind the car and connected to the device by wires or Bluetooth, determines the distance to the nearest obstacle. Lines will appear on the screen, indicating the dimensions. If the device has a speaker, there will be sound signals. The parktronic function will be useful for novice drivers to facilitate maneuvering.

The size of the monitor built into the device can range from 3 to 6 inches. The larger the size of the screen, the smaller the area of the mirror allocated for review. expensive models can be equipped with additional devices and functions, such as a navigator, clock, video recorder. If the accessory has a built-in radar detector, the driver will be able to reduce speed in advance before approaching the means of control.

Today it is quite problematic to choose one best DVR in a rearview mirror with a camera, because the list of available options is very large. We have prepared our list of these mirrors, which, in our opinion, are the best models (in terms of price / quality / functionality / user reviews) in the low, medium and high price segment.

And so, our top 3 best mirrors with DVR and rearview camera:

It is quite difficult to compare these devices with each other, because they are all in different price categories.

  • Car DVRs Mirror with two cameras is a budget option (price from 1,990 in this store), which will please you not only the price, but also the quality picture in the day and night, as well as high performance (stable operation in ambient temperatures from.20 to 50 ° C). On Yandex service.Market this device has almost three dozen positive reviews.
  • The second position is occupied by gadget brand Artway MD-165 Combo-mirror 5 in 1 (guide price from 9 000 ), which will fit harmoniously into the interior of any car. His kit includes a mirror, DVR, waterproof rearview parking camera, GPS navigator and radar detector. Combined with a lot of positive user reviews, we can safely call this device “the golden mean”.
  • The flagship among the presented models is TrendVision aMirror (the price starts from 20 000 ), which has such a wide range of functions that even an advanced user would need more than a day to understand them. Of the features of this mirror-recorder can be distinguished Android OS, touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G-phone, GPS-navigator, FM-transmitter. According to reviews from more than 60 users of Yandex.Market this is the best DVR in the rearview mirror they’ve ever used.

But, as they say, any choice we make always varies between our needs and our capabilities. We hope that this article will help you choose a good DVR mirror with rearview camera, among the abundance of models and manufacturers.

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