Connecting Iphone To Sony Bravia TV

Modern mobile phones with the Android or iOS operating system on board can perform all the functions of a computer, and can also replace a digital camera. It’s just not very comfortable to watch pictures ands shot on a mobile phone’s camera on a small screen, just like an interesting movie or sports broadcast from the Internet.

Interesting content is best viewed on a large screen. And the ability to connect a mobile gadget to a TV receiver is a good solution. The user will be able to views, photos, films, launch various games, open websites on the Internet, and also demonstrate presentations on a TV panel through a smartphone. How to connect the phone to Sony TV. we will tell further.

Connecting Iphone To Sony Bravia TV

Device Connection Methods

There are several ways to connect smartphones to Sony Bravia TV, designed to solve a particular problem:

  • using the phone as a remote control to control the TV panel;
  • launch of specialized media content;
  • use as a full-fledged smart set-top box.

The connection algorithm depends on the selected method. The most common options are wired via HDMI / USB port and wireless over Wi-Fi network.

It is difficult to organize a wired connection between a smartphone and a TV, as devices may not be equipped with the required connectors or support for such a connection. Due to compatibility issues with wired methods for connecting smartphones to Sony Bravia TVs, we will further consider the wireless method.

Wireless connection via Wi-Fi Direct

The process of connecting a mobile gadget to Sony’s TV is divided into two stages: activating the Wi-Fi Direct service on the TV and setting up the phone connection.

There are several points that should be clarified before starting synchronization.

  1. Not all Sony TVs support the Wi-Fi Direct option. About its presence / absence should be found in the instruction manual.
  2. When connecting certain models of smartphones, you will need purchase special wirelessUSB adapter

Sony TV panel setup guide

The preparatory procedure is to launch the Wi-Fi Direct service on the TV. On models of Sony-branded TV panels, manipulations to activate this option may vary slightly in the sequence of actions. After all, the menu in different series of devices is organized in different ways. The main thing to do: the built-in module Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct must be turned on during setup.

Next, open the Wi-Fi Direct service settings window. There are two ways to connect to the phone: “Manual” or “Options WPS / WPS Parameter”. The WPS option is not supported by all Wi-Fi Direct compatible phone models, therefore Recommended activation method “Manual”. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Using the remote control, go to the item “Wi-Fi Direct Settings”.
  2. Then select the “Manual” setting mode.
  3. In the settings window go to the item “Other Methods”.
  4. The system displays the SSID and WPA parameter values. They need to be rewritten for further input when setting up the phone.

Wi-Fi setup on an Android smartphone

In the settings of your mobile device Sony Xperia, Samsung or any other phone you need to go activate function Wi-Fi and enter the connection keys recorded from the TV.

After pairing the devices, you can transfer the media content stored in the smartphone to play on the TV. Over the network, viewing gallery content is available, for example. Can be used iMediaShare software application for viewing on a large screen collections from a smartphone, as well as other multimedia applications.

IPhone setup

Setting up a connection on an Apple smartphone is similar. You must enable Wi-Fi and select Direct-xx-BRAVIA in the list of available networks. Then enter the password set by the TV. The connection will be established in a few seconds. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure.

Special applications have also been developed for the iPhone, allowing you to comfortably display on a large screen. For instance, iMediaShare, DiXiM.