Connect To Samsung Tv

How to connect a computer to a TV

There are two options for connecting your computer to your TV:

1. Image Duplication. The TV will display the same image as the monitor. The easiest way.

2. Viewing and. On the TV will be played only and which is stored on the computer. Quite a complex method, requires knowledge in the field of network configuration and file sharing.

Duplicating the monitor image

This article describes only the most common connection methods. If they do not suit you or you are having difficulty connecting, it is better to contact a specialist. For advice on Samsung technology, you can contact support.

The simplest and most modern way, high quality sound is also transmitted.

Both computer and TV must have HDMI connectors.

Requires HDMI cable for connection.

The cable is inserted into the TV and computer connectors.

Some laptops and computers use a Micro HDMI connector.

To connect such a computer or laptop to a TV, either a Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter is required

Or Micro HDMI cable. Hdmi

After connecting the cable on the TV, you need to select the HDMI source (on Samsung TV, use the “Source” button on the remote).

By default, the screen will be duplicated. If you want the picture to be different on the monitor and TV, adjust this setting in the operating system.

Method for old technology that does not have an HDMI connector. Only medium or low quality is transmitted to the TV. When connected this way, you may have to turn off your monitor (if your computer has only one VGA connector).

Both your computer and TV must have VGA connectors. Usually the connector is blue, but it can also be black.

Vga cable required for connection.

The cable is inserted into the TV and computer connectors.

Some TVs do not have a VGA connector. In this case, a VGA adapter is required. Rca (tulips). Such adapters come in different configurations and qualities, their cost is 500. 1500 rubles. Be sure to check the functionality of the adapter before purchasing.

One end of the VGA cable connects to the computer, the other to the adapter. The TV is connected to the adapter using tulips, male connector. If the adapter has “mother” connectors, then tulips “dad-dad” are also required.

After connecting on the TV, you need to select the AV source (on Samsung TV, use the Source button).

View and Photos

The method is suitable for TVs with DLNA technology. These are usually Smart TVs with internet connectivity. To find out if your TV is DLNA capable, check the specs or support.

To connect you need:

A computer connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable

Tv connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable

It is better to connect devices to the router via a cable, over Wi-Fi “heavy” ones will be played in jerks.

Pc software for creating DLNA server.
There are a lot of such programs, there are free and paid ones, Russified and English. The choice of the program is yours.

Some popular options on the Internet:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe in detail the connection algorithm, because there are more than 2 thousand different models of TVs alone. The general connection algorithm is as follows:

1. Connect your computer and TV to the router.

2. Open the ability to share your computer and share the folders with the files you want. An example of how to do this on Windows 10.

2. Install the program for creating DNLA server on your computer.

3. In the program, select the folders on the computer from which to play and.

4. In the program, select the desired file and find the item “Play to. “Or similar in meaning. Next select your TV.

In some programs, such an item may not exist. In this case, you need to select your DLNA server as the source on the TV. On Samsung TVs, this is done by pressing the Source button on the remote. Next, find the item “Directories of media resources” and select the files to view.

How to connect Smart TV to laptop

To begin with, it should be noted that both devices must be connected to the same network. As a rule, routers are used at home, to which all devices are connected. But, if there is no router, then you can organize a network using a laptop or smartphone. So, we have a router and a home network to which both devices are connected.

Connect your Smart TV to WiFi as indicated in the instructions. The laptop must also be connected to a router. Then a special application will help us to display content from a laptop on a TV screen. It is this that will connect the laptop to the TV via WiFi. There are also two ways here:

  • Built-in Windows Media Center Extender.
  • Third party applications such as home media server.

The first option is a built-in feature in Windows 7 and 8. However, you still need to install it. In the seven it is done like this. Open the Start menu and type Windows Media Center in the search bar. From the search results, select the one you want and open it.

On Windows 8, running the tool is slightly different. Move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner and start the search in the menu that appears. Write down the name of the program and select the required program from the results. However, it is worth noting that in some cases this tool may not be present in operating system versions 8 and 8.1. If the search did not return any results, then it should be installed. If you are using licensed Windows 8, then this will not be a problem. Just go to the official Microsoft website and download the updates you want.

Further, in both cases, the program setting is done identically. In the program menu, select “Media attachment”. Next, you will be taken to a menu called “Install Media Extender”.

Here, just follow the instructions on the screen. It should be noted that before proceeding with its installation, make sure that the TV and the computer are connected to the same network. Only then can you connect your laptop to your TV via a wireless WiFi connection. After installing and connecting the laptop to the TV, you just need to transfer the files to the media attachment, which will display them on the TV screen.

We connect the TV with Smart TV to the laptop :. How to connect a laptop to a TV via a Wi-Fi connection

Modern technologies are developing steadily. Smart TVs are already widely used today. However, not everyone had time to figure out how to connect a laptop to a TV via WiFi.

Of course, this can also be done using the already familiar HDMI cable. Such an interface is required on every modern TV and computer model. However, sometimes this is extremely inconvenient, since not every user has a PC near the Smart TV, and a laptop is not always at hand. What’s more, the HDMI cable costs money. In addition, it restricts the user’s movement, forcing to place the PC in close proximity to the TV.

Connecting a laptop to a TV using third-party programs

Setting up these applications is extremely simple. There are a lot of programs for playing content on TV. However, several of them are in the greatest demand:

  • Home media server.
  • Samsung Share.
  • Share Manager.

The second app may not work properly with other brands of TV. But, if you have a Samsung TV, then the connection will go through without problems. The home media server works most stably and fits almost all TV models. Therefore, we will consider the principle of configuration using the example of the first application. You can download it completely free. Over, connecting a laptop to a TV via a WiFi network and setting up the program is extremely simple.

After installation, launch the program. First of all, you should assign the TV, which will be displayed, or music. When you first start the program, a table will appear in which you need to select the type of device for playing content from the list.

This will be our TV, find the brand and the corresponding aspect ratio in the list. Click “Next”. At this stage, the program offers to share standard folders. But if you store in other directories, then you should specify them manually.

To do this, press the button with a big green plus. Now we just specify the folder with the necessary files. Click “Ok” and confirm the scanning of media resources.

After that, all the content that you launch in the program will be displayed on the TV. Now you know how to connect a laptop to a TV over a wireless WiFi network using a home media server. The rest of the programs work on the same principle, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

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We connect to the old TV

Connecting to old Samsung TVs is not difficult. The difference lies in the connectors. You can use SCART port, antenna input or RCA.

Outdoor antenna

When choosing an outdoor antenna, consider the recommendations:

  • Choose a device without an amplifier. Outdoor antennas do not need similar equipment.
  • Give preference to directional antenna types.
  • If you plan to set up digital TV in a country house, where there are rather difficult conditions for signal reception, then purchase wide-angle antennas.
  • For more challenging conditions, choose with a preamp.

Necessary equipment

From the equipment you need only an antenna and the receiver itself. But, if the TV set already supports Smart TV, then the receiver is not needed. When choosing an antenna, questions may arise, below we will consider the nuances and features of the equipment.


Scart has not been used in new TVs for a long time. This connector is found only in older models. To use this output you need an RCA adapter.

The presented output is available in all new TVs. Hdmi offers better transmission quality, providing good picture and sound. Connect the cable to the receiver and to the jack in the TV set.

Rf only applies to older devices. The tuner has two such inputs. In and OUT. The first is necessary for the encoded signal, and the second connects to the TV itself.

Most common connection problems

Common problems include the following problems:

  • The image is rippled or you see squares on the screen. The reason lies in poor signal reception. Check cable for damage and correct connection.
  • The image is black and white. You probably plugged the cable into a different connector. Also go to the receiver parameters and in the “Image” section set the automatic setting.

Indoor antenna

Many models of indoor antennas are supplied with an amplifier. This is due to the fact that the presented devices do not differ in high amplification rates.

If your smartphone, tablet or TV does not support Screen Mirroring

Use Smart View to transfer pictures, music or to your TV. The files must be in the internal memory or on the memory card of the smartphone / tablet. The program even works with iOS.

What is Screen Mirroring for?

Screen Mirroring mirrors the screen of a Samsung smartphone or tablet to a Samsung TV wirelessly. Everything you do on your smartphone or tablet will be displayed on your TV.

How to connect a smartphone or tablet to a Samsung TV via Screen Mirroring

If your smartphone or tablet is running Android 6

Press the Source button on the TV remote and select Screen Mirroring from the source list. If you have an N, M, Q, LS or K series TV, skip this step and go to the next.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings panel.

Select “Quick Connect”.

The smartphone / tablet will start searching for the TV. Select TV from the list.

Select “Smart View”.

The smartphone / tablet will start connecting to the TV.

After connection, an image from a smartphone or tablet appears on the TV screen.

How to set up Screen Mirroring

Check the Android version on your device before uninstalling.

If your smartphone or tablet is running Android 8, 7

Press the Source button on the TV remote and select Screen Mirroring from the source list. If you have an N, M, Q, LS or K series TV, skip this step and go to the next.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings panel.

Swipe again to expand the panel completely.

Swipe from left to right to open additional settings.

Click on “Smart View”.

The smartphone / tablet will start searching for the TV. Select the TV you want to connect to from the list.

The smartphone / tablet will start connecting to the TV.

After connection, an image from a smartphone or tablet appears on the TV screen.

How to connect a laptop to a TV

We connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI cable.

Connect the cable to the HDMI output of your laptop.

  • Insert the other end of the cable into the HDMI input of your TV.
  • On the remote control of your TV, press the button responsible for selecting the source of the displayed signal.
  • Today’s flat panel TVs, like computers, are digital devices. Through HDMI, it became possible to transmit high quality files simultaneously with sound transmission.

    High-Definition Multimedia Interface or abbreviated. Hdmi, in translation: high definition multimedia interface. Most cards provide the ability to connect a computer to a TV via hdmi.

    How to connect a TV to a computer via HDMI. How to connect HDMI to TV

    Shutdown. We turn off both devices so as not to burn the ports. We connect the computer (laptop) to the TV using an HDMI cable. Plug one end of the cord into the HDMI out of your computer and the other end of the cord into the HDMI in of your TV. To avoid degrading the picture and sound quality, do not connect the DVI output (via an adapter) of the computer to the HDMI TV input, and vice versa. The connectors must be the same.

    Loading. The cable is inserted. Turn on your TV and computer. Windows will boot on the connected computer. It will become clear that the TV is connected to an external source by the slight blinking of the screen. Do not forget to put the TV in AVI mode, it receives signals from an external source (connected computer), and not from an antenna. In AVI source mode, select the appropriate HDMI input of the TV.

    Setting up. To connect your laptop or computer to the TV, adjust the picture. On the computer desktop, open the context menu with the right mouse button.

    In Windows XP, select Properties, click the Options button. Click the “Advanced” button, select the appropriate value. The TV screen displays your computer desktop.

    With Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on your computer, right-click on an empty space, select “Screen Resolution”. Find the line “Screen” and choose the appropriate option. The connected TV is not automatically detected? In the same window, click the “Find” button.

    Wait for the TV search to finish. Set the maximum screen resolution by selecting “monitor” and “frequent screen refresh” in the tab.

    At the top in the “Screen Settings” we determine which screen we have the main (1st) and additional (2nd).

    You must click “Define”. You will see the number “1” on the TV screen, and the number “2” on the computer / laptop screen. To remedy the situation, in the “Screen Resolution” window, click on the screen “2”. Check the box “Make the main monitor” and click the “Ok” button.

    If necessary, in the properties of the map, adjust the resolution of the desktop size, color correction.

    Reboot. Restart your computer. Changes to settings will happen automatically.

    Connecting any headphones to your Samsung TV

    It often happens that a person comes home late from work and is tired. However, before going to bed, I want to watch TV, but how, because the whole family is asleep, and I don’t want to wake anyone up. The only correct solution in this matter would be headphones for a Samsung TV: wired or wireless. A convenient solution will allow you to watch TV in complete silence for others, without disturbing anyone.

    If wired headphones are limited by the length of the cable, then wireless ones function within the same room and even outside it. Despite all the comfort from using such a headset, it still needs to be connected. How this is done, what difficulties may arise and how to solve them, we will consider below.

    Which headphones are suitable for Samsung TVs?

  • Where is the headphone jack on TVs?
  • Headphone connection
  • Wired headphones
  • Wireless headphones
  • How to connect to smart TV system?

    Which headphones are suitable for Samsung TVs?

    The South Korean company has tried to equip its Samsung TVs with all the latest innovative solutions. Therefore, according to many users of the latest Samsung TVs, there should be no problems with connecting headphones. Over, this applies equally to the original headset from the company itself, and to other manufacturers of headphones for TVs.

    However, if your TV is not the latest version, then there may be problems connecting third-party wireless headphones to the TV. This means that these copies are suitable for connection only with their own Samsung headset. As for the wired options (a headset with a long wire), there are special solutions to the problem. Precisely, not even solving the problem, but simplifying it, whereby connecting headphones to the TV will become easier and more convenient. We will discuss further where to find the socket for connection.

    Wired headphones

    As mentioned, the process of connecting wired headphones to the TV is simple. We find a connector on the back, plug in the wire. The sound went into the headphones. The only thing is inconvenient to do it regularly. Firstly, the socket may become loose and then you will have to drag the TV set for repairs, and secondly, for many users, TVs hang tightly against the wall, which does not allow getting the ill-fated connector.

    In this case, a special device can help. A “digital converter”, which will have to be connected to the TV once, and all subsequent times to establish a wired connection with it directly, and not to climb behind the TV.

    Or there is a second solution, which is even simpler and more convenient. Using a wireless headset.

    Where is the headphone jack on TVs?

    Any Samsung TVs have a headphone jack. If earlier, TVs were oversized, and the headset input was located in front of the screen, now technologies are moving forward. Screens get bigger and more limitless, and all necessary connectors are located at the back.

    Answer: The 3.5 mm headphone jack in Samsung TVs is located at the back and is not difficult to find. A headphone icon is drawn next to it.

    Headphone connection

    If it is not difficult to find the connector, then many people succeed in connecting the headset itself not the first time. This is due to certain features of this process.

    Correctly connecting wired headphones to your TV is not difficult. We stick the wire into the connector and that’s it. But with wireless, you often have to tinker, especially if you do it yourself at random. Then you have to wander for a long time in the vastness of the TV set menu. Therefore, it is better to use this article and understand how to properly connect any headset to Samsung TVs.

    Wireless headphones

    There are a lot of wireless headphones for TV. Different in appearance, convenience and connection method. However, the views under consideration, in a priori, should be suitable for any TV. But not in the case of Samsung. The company deliberately made sure that customers grab the original products, and not buy a competitor’s headset. For this, all Samsung TVs have the ability to connect only with their own products. How to connect a bluetooth headset, consider below.

    What to do then with the rest of the wireless headphones, because you don’t want to buy a new headset because of a new TV. There is an exit. You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter with which you can connect any wireless headphones. These transmitters differ only in the number of connected devices, from which their differ.